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Dan Rubin, Designer + Travel & Lifestyle Photographer

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20 Lessons (1h 13m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Project: Capture 5 Iconic Shots

    • 3. Equipment Overview

    • 4. Using A Smartphone

    • 5. Using A Digital SLR/Mirrorless

    • 6. Using A Film Camera

    • 7. Introduction To The 5 Shots

    • 8. Shot 1: Birdseye

    • 9. Shot 2: Off The Beaten Path

    • 10. Shot 3: Middle Of The Road

    • 11. Shot 4: Signs Of Life

    • 12. Shot 5: Postcard

    • 13. Introduction To Editing

    • 14. Editing The Birdseye Shot

    • 15. Editing The Off The Beaten Path Shot

    • 16. Editing The Middle of the Road Shot

    • 17. Editing The Signs of Life Shot

    • 18. Editing The Postcard Shot

    • 19. Wrap Up

    • 20. Explore Photo Classes on Skillshare

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About This Class

Use your camera for discovery! This new one-hour class with photographer Dan Rubin takes you on an exciting scavenger hunt through NYC as he reveals 5 favorite photo styles and editing tips — plus hints for iPhone, DSLR, and film cameras alike. Whether you capture your city, hometown, or an upcoming exotic vacation, photograph a place with fresh eyes.

The camera is a tool for capturing memories, and when used thoughtfully, it can also be a way to connect with places and people on a deeper level. This class is a scavenger hunt to capture the 5 essential, iconic photo styles that Dan uses on assignment:

  • Bird’s Eye View
  • Off the Beaten Path
  • Middle of the Road
  • Signs of Life
  • Iconic Postcard

You’ll see examples of Dan’s work in all of these styles for inspiration, learn some light editing tips for that final polish, and then you'll capture your own shots using the prompts as a guide.

This class is perfect for amateur photographers looking for camera tips, intermediate photographers looking for creative prompts, and even pros seeking inspiration.


What You'll Learn

  • How to think like a travel photographer. Travel photography is not just about taking pictures of a place; it’s about seeing the story of a place and then telling that story through images. Dan’s unique approach to this philosophy will help guide you when planning your next project. He will give you useful tips to keep in mind while on location to help you find, compose, and take professional photos no matter where you might be traveling.
  • Choosing the right camera for the job. Travel photographers need to travel light. This means packing your camera bag with ONLY the essentials, but what are they? Depending on the project, the best camera may be the one you have in your pocket. Dan will teach you the advantages and drawbacks of the most commonly-used camera types to help you choose which one best fits your adventure. You no longer need to spend thousands on a camera to get a great picture; you just need to know how to use the ones you already have.
  • Must-Have Accessories. Small, lightweight, and utterly indispensable, Dan shows you the accessories he never leaves behind. Want a shallow depth of field but only have enough room for your camera phone? An add-on lens can turn a point and shoot iPhone into a versatile tool for perfectly capturing an image. Ever wondered how to take long exposures without expensive equipment? Dan’s shares his thoughts on a few indispensable tripods that fit in a pack and go anywhere.
  • Basic Editing Apps. Once you’ve got your pictures, you might want to enhance them with a little photo editing. Photo editing software can be costly or just confusing. Dan shows you how to achieve professional-looking photos with just a few taps using nothing more than a few apps from the App Store. Also compatible with Android, these easy-to-use apps allow you to change the white balance, adjust the colors, and more without having to learn Photoshop.
  • Telling Your Story. Craft a compelling photo series that conveys the personality of the places you’ve traveled to by using all of these techniques to find the thematic relationship between your photos. Learn how to evoke the tone and feel of a place by using composition, lighting, and basic editing to create images that transport the viewer and transcend the typical tourist snapshot. Take photos that do more than remind you where you’ve been. Tell a story about how that place felt.