Travel Illustration: Draw a Scene from your Favorite Place

Sarah Shaw, Artist & Educator

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8 Videos (24m)
    • Introduction

    • Your Illustration

    • Brainstorming

    • Researching

    • Sketching & Drawing

    • Exploring Materials

    • Adding Color & Texture

    • Final Thoughts


About This Class

Join illustrator, educator and adventurer Sarah Shaw for a 25-minute class that explores travel illustration! Take your drawing materials outside or travel vicariously through your photographs as you create a unique scene from your favorite place, whether it's from home or abroad. 

This class will encourage you to think creatively-- first envisioning and brainstorming details about your favorite place, researching imagery, and using those ideas to construct a dynamic composition. Anyone can excel in this class, even if you're convinced that you can't draw. Believe me, you can.

We'll explore techniques for sketching compositions, drawing with pen, and applying bold colors with either watercolors or markers to make your scene come to life. Your final projects can be framed, gifted, or scanned into a header for your travel blog or website. There are so many possibilities! Take this class and illustrate your story.


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This course was concise and very informative. Loved the snippets of each step of the creative process. Thanks for your volunteer service Sarah. What a great way to capture memories. Love your style. The zine as a final departure gift is a great idea. Looking forward to applying your shared tips to the White Mountains of NH. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Keep your art and these classes coming our way. The video was very professional. Maybe you could share how you did that as well. Can you make a zine of Portland,Maine?
Enjoyed this class. Good presenter, and lots of ideas and inspiration.
Recommended with some reservations. The presenter is great and the video is professional quality. This is not a beginners class. It assumes that you know drawing basics and can already sketch. It will inspire beginners to ,earn to draw and may interest an experienced artist to try something new. Just my opinion but the first video has some really annoying music in the background that detracts from what the presenter is trying to say. Thankfully the music is not repeated during the rest of the class.





Sarah Shaw

Artist & Educator

My name is Sarah Shaw, and I'm an artist and educator from Portland, Maine. In 2010, I graduated with a BFA from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, I worked and studied in South Korea for three years, and most recently, I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Cartagena, Colombia. I primarily create series of illustrations, daily drawings, comics and graphic stories based on daily life abroad.

Besides illustration, I work in a variety of media and materials-- I sew, crochet traditional Colombia...

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