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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. House Sitting Intro

    • 2. Before House Sit

    • 3. During House Sit

    • 4. During House Sit part 2

    • 5. Course Project

    • 6. Thank you & Final Words

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About This Class

This house sitting course talks about how to become an international house sitter and travel longer, cheaper and live like a local.

House sitting enables you to travel longer, cheaper and live like a local! You get by far better understanding of the place you are visiting when you get travel tips from the locals, meet your new, helpful neighbors and do grocery shopping to get to know real local cuisine.

How does following travel plan sound like?

6 weeks in Brooklyn, New York

2 months on a beach property in Ecuador

2 months in Central London

3 months in wine region in France

3 months in Spain

2 months in the Dominican Republic

2 weeks in Singapore

1 month in Sydney Australia

That travel plan was possible because of house sitting! I have traveled the world with zero accommodation cost for years now! Last year I spent 11 months house sitting saving me tens on thousands of dollars. My accommodation cost for last 12 months was mere $700, and I stayed in my dream city and beach locations.

House sitting suits anyone with holiday plans: you can do it for few nights and even to a year! It suits singles, couples and families alike. I have house sit on five continents so there is bound to be a house sit in your dream destination as well!

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How to Travel Longer, Cheaper and Live Like A Local

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Nina Kolari

Online Freelancer & Business Owner, Trainer


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Travel Longer, Cheaper and Live Like a Local - House Sitting

Online Freelancer: Upwork Proposal

Upwork Freelancer Success

I work with entrepreneurs and business owners helping them monetize their skills and knowledge and sell online.

My courses cover online marketing tools, how-to courses, selling as well as travel.

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1. House Sitting Intro: I traveled for 11 months and I had seven destinations. And guess what? I paid zero for accommodation. Yep, that's pretty amazing. For 11 months in three continents, here's the list of my destinations New York, Portland, London, Panama, Ecuador, Dominican Republic and Spain. That's pretty impressive when one night in New York can cost hundreds of dollars and I paid nothing. When I was in New York, I stayed in beautiful, upmarket apartment and I was there for six weeks. Same for London. Beautiful four bedroom house in a perfect error of London, also stating hard Panama Central America beach property in Ecuador with the 50 meters walk to the beach and talk about Dominican Republic. Perfect Caribbean experience. And now I am in near Allehanda in Spain again, house sitting and pay nothing for my accommodation. Want to know more? I thought you would. This course enables you to travel longer, cheaper and the dream destination you always wanted to visit 2. Before House Sit: in this video, we gonna talk about how sitting practicalities and especially what you should be doing before you agree to a house. It So the first is off course review to house. It is the house that really something you want to do house the location. What about the pets? Doesn't really fit with your travels. Can you really commit to the house? It And what kind of feeling you got when you spoke with the house owners. If everything matches and you gonna go, you have agreed with the house owner that you will do the house it. The next step is to do the agreement. Although this is not necessary. I highly recommend having some sort of written agreement. That kind of outlines what you've agreed. And in the agreement, if you use, let's say, trusted house sitters, you can download a template from the website. It is also an agreement, but it's also a good reminder off things that the House owner and you need to consider for the assignment. I know many House owners actually don't want the agreement. They believe that trust is you know enough and I kind of agree. But it's always good to have things, something in paper, especially in long term House. It's if it's over three months, you just not going to remember what you agreed three months ago about some bills or whatever. So it's good that things are in paper in black and white, that nobody has to worry and try to remember what was agreed three months ago. I personally always suggest having agreement. There has been only two cases when the House owner decided that it's not necessary, which is perfectly fine, because they were also very experienced House owners. So it worked out really well in the end. But as a new house sitter, I highly recommend having an agreement with the House owner along with the agreement or something that may, perhaps should be in agreement is expenses. Are you gonna pay for electricity, water, Internet? Maybe something else during the housing? I general speaking, never pay any expenses unless I'm doing a long term house. It if you do you agree to pay expenses. Just make sure that you know roughly how much before you actually sign up for the house. It it is just good to know roughly what you can expect to pay, let's say, for electricity and winter time or for air corn in tropical environment, it can be surprisingly expensive, so just make sure you know this beforehand before the house it it's always good to do. Relocation research on this kind should be done even before you sign agreement or agree to do the house it so that you really know what would you Getting into remote location could mean that there's nobody in 10 kilometers radius. Or maybe there's a neighbor in 20 meters so remote or central, all these kind of words can have different meanings to different people. So just make sure you really know where are you going? Another example. If somebody else might be okay, walking one kilometer to a shop, where s you made up? Be agreeing to that, especially when it's tropical environment. So just double Jack. What is the real location and asked, perhaps a coordinated. So jacket on Google maps where it actually is, what kind of services? A nearby. And of course, before the houses, you need to do your travel arrangements. Generally speaking, I arrive one day early for the house it and leave one day after. But there was also one house it where I arrived four days before because the house owner really wanted to show me around in the area. Make sure I'm comfortable with everything before they go on a holiday. Talk about these things before you actually book your flights on pay for your flights, and the house owner is probably the best Italian would just the nearest airport or train station or bus station. So do Jack with them what were the best thing? And also check if they're gonna pick you up from the airport, or if you need to make your way all the way to the house on your own. So flight dates off course, crucial in house. It's and if possible, and it might be best to get flexible flight ticket, although those are more expensive. But it also gives you flexibility. If something changes. One of the best websites for flies I find a sky chi scanner dot com because it kind of searches multiple websites and combines the best prices in one place, go the sky scanner dot com to check flight prices. And in the travel arrangement, one crucial part is insurance. Always get travel insurance. No matter where you go, it can save you tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars because things can go really wrong. So just make sure you are insured to travel in the destination you're going. And also make sure that the house owner has a sufficient insurance when somebody else is staying in a house. If you do use the agreement, this is already mentioned in there. So this is one of the reason why it's good to have agreement in place because it kind of it forces both parties to think about all these different aspects off the house it 3. During House Sit: this video. Talk about practicalities when you are already in the house, but the house only still percent, so you probably arrive one day early. So let's talk about what you need to consider and talk about then. So the first thing is house manual, and that is a manual off. How what happens in the house? When does it happen? And it includes garbage collection, male animal care, emergency contacts and all the rest, so that this is something that the house owner should prepare for you. The more thorough the better. But some House owners also a little bit struggle about this, but the basic things that needs to be there are relating the animal, the emergency contacts, the basic things about running the house. Read it while the owner is there, so you can always ask questions. Clarifications. You can add your own nodes and so on. As animals are so critical in house sitting, go through pet care in detail, so make sure you really understand what is their rooty, what kind of things they like. What do they dislike? All health problems should be discussed and also situation when things go bad, so if you do need to go to the vet, try to get a good understanding. What should you do if that happens? And what if it is really serious? One of the good things I always do is I asked if the emergent conduct person who's actually location, if I can call them and get them to come to the vet with me if things are really serious, because that emergency contact details usually knows the animal and they know the family really well and they would have way better understanding what is the best thing to do in emergency situation? I've had to go to the vet multiple times of various animals. Sometimes it has been very critical, and that can happen to you as well. You just need to be prepared and let the emergency person and or the owners to know what is going on. Something that all also needs to be discussed is emergencies so off course for the bed like I mentioned, but also for the house and with housing that is always a local contact person who usually has to spare key if you lose yours. If you can meet the emergency contact in person, it just gives a face to both parties, so they know you are. You know who they are, in my experience of only few times being able to actually meet them in person. But I've spoken to many that many off them over the phone. So they called up the day late there just to make sure everything's OK and just to introduce them and let them know that let me know that they available if I need something and the last point here, I have told about money, so I usually have the homeowners leave me a bit of a kitty for any old expenses that may arise. And then it's good to talk about what is okay to buy. Obviously, it's nothing you know, violating personal from that money, but it is for the animals or the house. Just make sure good understanding what the money is really for. I few times had to use the money to buy some emergency things for the house. It's very important that you keep the receipts and made a kind of note what the money has been spent on. The longer the house it, the more likely you're going to spend their money. So it's really good day to actually have 1 84 with all the money that you spent. What day? What if waas for and why? I guarantee that will be a lifesaver. A couple of months later, with the House owner arrives back home. 4. During House Sit part 2: Okay, let's talk about what to do when the House owner has actually left and you are on your own with the animals in the house. The most important thing for the House owner, it is to know that everything's OK back home, so do keep regularly in touch with the House owner. Most often it is email. Sometimes it could be a Skype call or some other way, but you can check this with the House owner on. Figure out what is the best routine going forward. I personally always sent an email after the first night. The House owner has been away just to let them know everything's good in the house. Animals are happy, and everything's okay after that, it's usually once a week when I email homeowners and letting them know everything's good and what I do every time I send photos, a swell photos of the animals, photos of the blooming flowers in the garden, you know something to remind them about home and let them know that everything's okay and there's no problems on one of the things you probably have discussed already before. The house on the left was the routine. The pet likes to have. It is really good to keep that the same. So if they always eat seven in the morning, just keep the routine the same that the food is there. 7 a.m. Every morning. Pets are happy when the routine stays the same. So I do think it's the house sitters. Responsibility changed their routine to match with the animals, not vice versa, because on the animals front they are still at home and happy. But you are new person to them, so it is best if you adjust yourself to match the animals. I guarantee there'll be way happier pets as well as most house. It's our with animals. Give pets time to get to know you. So some I mean, I've had a Labradors who just trump all over me from the second I walked in and they were my best friend from that moment on. But some pits actually might take few days time to get to know you, and that is okay. Just give them that time. Let them come to you versus you, forcing you to them. If pets might also be sad because the householder is not there. So it is important for you to make sure. Try to make them happy again. What I actually do. I give them a lot of treats. Eso nothing works better that a little bit driving in the first few days. So do check with the house owners. What other? What other favorite treats that cats and dogs love and give them plenty in the first few days. And if emergencies happen, handled those as they arise. Make sure that you have the house owner's details. Emergency contact it has on your mobile ready to call so you don't have to go through papers to find those things. Make sure that everything is ready. Ive something happens that includes local emergency services number at those geo mobile. So you are ready to go If if something goes wrong, it is also good to actually take a photo off the emergency contact details on home owners. Contact details and send those to your emergency contact person. So maybe it could be your your friend member of your family. This is so that somebody else also have these details. If for whatever reason, you don't have access to those. So just cover your bases. Make sure you have all the details and somebody else also has all those details. If, in case you lose your mobile, you lose your home key and everything else as an example. Um, one thing I worry every time I do housing is if I lose my mobile and I lose the key to the whole, then I lose everything. I have no way off getting to the house or actually going in and reading the manual. For that reason, I always send house owners details and emergency contact details and the person with the key to my family members. So if everything really goes badly and there's always somebody I can contact so that I could get back to the house and look after the animals and also consider what if something happens to you while you are there, Can the house owners actually contact somebody near you to let them know something's happened? Or can somebody contact? The house owner is letting them know something's happened to you, and somebody else needs to go into the house and look after the animals. It may sound that this has been too much, but accidents do happen, so it takes two minutes to get this done. And then everybody has everybody's details, and there's no need to worry afterwards. And like I mentioned earlier already in another video, do you get some money from the house owners for some of the basic expenses buying pet food or something else? Make sure you keep track. It just makes life easy and very clear for you and the homeowner when they returned back home. 5. Course Project: So now you reviewed all the course videos, and it's time to do the course. Protect it won't take too many minutes, but he will help me, and it would help you and everybody on the course. When you do that, you could make the most off the course when you actually do the course project and introduce yourself the community we can all learn from each other. So it is pretty important that you everybody does the course project as well, and that's the best way for me to help us. Well, when you introduce yourself and let me know how I can actually help you, so do take the effort, and I make the effort as well. 6. Thank you & Final Words: Okay, You reach the end of the course. Congratulations. I'm so happy you took the course, and I'm happy you finished the course. This well, I hope you also did the course project because that's the best way to get to know the community and get some help for me and the community as well. If you love the course, I would let's see a thumbs up on skill share. So all the other students confined the court easier as well. It would help me. And he helps just everybody on skill share as well. If you think I can improve something on the course, maybe there was a question that you weren't sure about it. Do you use the community board for that? And I'll come and help you out and answer your questions. So, do you reach out? Because I love to hear where all my students come from and also to hear if there are any other courses I could make that will really help you with your online business. So thank you again towards you, my course. And I look forward to seeing you Another courses. Well, I have loads. Of course. Is no skill share which, as a premium member, you have a free access. So all you need to do is to click my profile and then click all the courses you want to take and then click enroll. It's that simple. Thank you very much for supporting me and taking this course, and I look forward to seeing you in other courses as well.