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8 Videos (22m)
    • Why House Sitting is Perfect for Travel Lovers

    • What Is House Sitting

    • House Sitting Websites

    • House Sitting Website Considerations

    • The Most Important Part of House Sitting!

    • Course Project

    • Thank You & Final Words

    • Instructor Introduction


About This Class

This house sitting course talks about how to become an international house sitter and travel longer, cheaper and live like a local.

House sitting enables you to travel longer, cheaper and live like a local! You get by far better understanding of the place you are visiting when you get travel tips from the locals, meet your new, helpful neighbors and do grocery shopping to get to know real local cuisine.

How does following travel plan sound like?

6 weeks in Brooklyn, New York

2 months on a beach property in Ecuador

2 months in Central London

3 months in wine region in France

3 months in Spain

2 months in the Dominican Republic

2 weeks in Singapore

1 month in Sydney Australia

That travel plan was possible because of house sitting! I have traveled the world with zero accommodation cost for years now! Last year I spent 11 months house sitting saving me tens on thousands of dollars. My accommodation cost for last 12 months was mere $700, and I stayed in my dream city and beach locations.

House sitting suits anyone with holiday plans: you can do it for few nights and even to a year! It suits singles, couples and families alike. I have house sit on five continents so there is bound to be a house sit in your dream destination as well!

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How to Travel Longer, Cheaper and Live Like A Local

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Travel Longer, Cheaper and Live Like a Local - House Sitting

Online Freelancer: Upwork Proposal

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