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Trap Music Production: Drums, Baselines, and Melodies

K Theory Music, DJs / Producers

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7 Videos (47m)
    • Introduction

    • Templates and Samples

    • Drums

    • 808s - Part 1

    • 808s - Part 2

    • Hook and Melodies - Part 1

    • Hook and Melodies - Part 2

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About This Class

Trap music is dominating festivals everywhere, and in this new class with DJ/producer duo K Theory, you'll learn how to build trap beats of your own. From drums and basslines to hooks and melodies, this class provides the structure for professional sounding and subwoofer-rattling tracks. You'll get K Theory's take on:

  • Templates and Samples - organizing your program for efficient and effective beat making
  • Percussion - understanding go-to drum patterns
  • 808s - designing 808 patterns to make your track boom
  • Hooks and Melodies - creating chord progressions and using synths

At the end of the class you'll create an 8-bar loop that will provide the building blocks for full song. In a follow up class K Theory will teach you the art of composition and arrangement.  

It is recommended that you have a basic understanding of digital music production (any digital audio workstation will suffice) to fully utilize the lessons in this class. 





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K Theory Music

DJs / Producers

Imagine all the genres of music as the stars in the universe & then those stars collapsing into a giant ball of musical matter and then being reborn into Electronic Hip Hop, that is K Theory...

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