Trap Music Production: Drums, Baselines, and Melodies

K Theory Music, DJs / Producers

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7 Videos (47m)
    • Introduction

    • Templates and Samples

    • Drums

    • 808s - Part 1

    • 808s - Part 2

    • Hook and Melodies - Part 1

    • Hook and Melodies - Part 2

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About This Class

Trap music is dominating festivals everywhere, and in this new class with DJ/producer duo K Theory, you'll learn how to build trap beats of your own. From drums and basslines to hooks and melodies, this class provides the structure for professional sounding and subwoofer-rattling tracks. You'll get K Theory's take on:

  • Templates and Samples - organizing your program for efficient and effective beat making
  • Percussion - understanding go-to drum patterns
  • 808s - designing 808 patterns to make your track boom
  • Hooks and Melodies - creating chord progressions and using synths

At the end of the class you'll create an 8-bar loop that will provide the building blocks for full song. In a follow up class K Theory will teach you the art of composition and arrangement.  

It is recommended that you have a basic understanding of digital music production (any digital audio workstation will suffice) to fully utilize the lessons in this class. 

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Great introduction to the Theory/Terminology. Gets you right in and feeling comfortable with the various plugins and processes, making sure to keep it generalized enough that you can use your own program and follow along, while being engaging enough that you don't feel the "classroom boredom"
dope af
Really great course with a lot to take away, even if you don't normally use Reason. Although this course has made me want to pull out my old copy of Reason 5 again.





K Theory Music

DJs / Producers

Imagine all the genres of music as the stars in the universe & then those stars collapsing into a giant ball of musical matter and then being reborn into Electronic Hip Hop, that is K Theory...

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