Transitions in After Effects - Volume 1

Reece Parker, Animator & Illustrator

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9 Videos (2h 42m)
    • Promo

    • Intro

    • Labeling

    • Timing

    • Paper

    • Animation 1

    • Animation 2

    • Animation 3

    • Conclusion

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About This Class

Learn smart, clean, and smooth 2D vector transitions in AE with Reece Parker. 

- Follow along on my exact uncut work flow.

- Insight on animation techniques. 

- Pick up AE tips and tricks.

- Have some fun, share some laughs. 

Prepare to get schooled. 

Find my work at:

Icon designs by the talented Jordan Wilson, Find his work at:

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This is not a real workshop but is much mora like sitting side by side a Pro an watching his the creativity process on an Ae project. It is not always easy keeping in focus all this time but I find it very useful. Thanks Reece!
Love this class, full of great tips!
Daniel Niemand

Always learning, always exploring.

Great class even if it's a bit long! For me it was great because honestly I just wanted to see the insight of a pro animator and learn a few tips and tricks. I don't recommend it if it's your first time using AE.





Reece Parker

Animator & Illustrator


Reece Parker is a director, animator, & illustrator based in Seattle, WA. When he's not doodling or moving stuff around, he's riding his skateboard or hanging out with his wife. 

Reece has worked with the rad folks at Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Reddit, Adobe Cloud, & the Gates Foundation to name a few.

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