Transforming Character Design With Proportion | Brian Shepard | Skillshare

Transforming Character Design With Proportion

Brian Shepard, 2D Game Artist and Illustrator.

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7 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Your Assignment

    • 3. What Big Teeth You Have...!

    • 4. Body Builders

    • 5. Facial Features

    • 6. Negative Space

    • 7. Funhouse Mirror


About This Class

Fantasy characters come in all shapes and sizes, not unlike real people. Some are tall and lanky, others short and squat, some have huge eyes, and still others have incredibly exaggerated features. Have you ever stopped to wonder why that might be?

This course is about proportion and learning how this element of character design is used to emphasize or downplay certain features. We'll be exploring various well-known characters and examining why they are built the way they are, as well as doing some drawing exercises of our own to understand the importance of space on a character.

The lessons are designed with beginners in mind, so you don't need to bring any prior knowledge to this course. I'll be performing demonstrations with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, but all you really need is a simple drawing instrument to follow along. Your assignment is something that can be completed with digital or real-world tools as well -- the choice is yours.

This class is the third entry in an ongoing series about character design and art style. Be sure to check out the previous courses on color theory and shape language!