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Transform your dreams into realities

Isabel Soto, Spanish entrepreneur

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6 Videos (10m)
    • 1. My intro

    • 2. Class intro

    • 3. Dealing with dreams

    • 4. Setting Goals

    • 5. Planning

    • 6. Ending


About This Class

The first class will be about learning how to transform your dreams into realities by working with them as goals.

This class is just about a mix of exercises I did and the steps I followed that really worked for me in order to improve my life and make my own dreams come true. I want to share with you my tips and tricks to find my purpose in life and being able to live from what I love to do.


First we will be deciding from all the ideas in our heads... wich ones we like most.

Then we will transform the ideas in actual goals.

And planning how to develop those goals we will achieve those goals.

Transforming our first dreams into realities.





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Isabel Soto

Spanish entrepreneur

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