Transform Your Space for Baby: A Guide for New Parents in Creating Your Best Home | Mina Yang | Skillshare

Transform Your Space for Baby: A Guide for New Parents in Creating Your Best Home

Mina Yang, Feng shui & interior design consultant

Transform Your Space for Baby: A Guide for New Parents in Creating Your Best Home

Mina Yang, Feng shui & interior design consultant

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8 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Baby course Intro

    • 2. Baby course Mod 1 Pt 1

    • 3. Baby course Mod 1 Pt 2

    • 4. Baby course Mod 1 Pt 3

    • 5. Baby course Mod 2 Pt 1

    • 6. Baby course Mod 2 Pt 2

    • 7. Baby course Mod 2 Pt 3

    • 8. Baby course Conclusion

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About This Class

Congratulations on your upcoming baby!

As excited as you are, you’re probably feeling a bit nervous, wondering if you’re ready for the big changes coming your way. Have you got the right crib? Do you even have a crib? Do you need to babyproof your entire house? Will your baby hate you if you don’t have an Instagrammable nursery ready for her? How are you going to pay for the endless array of baby products your friends swear by?

Fret no more! My new e-course, Transform Your Space for Baby, breaks down the components of a safe and happy home for a baby and shows you what’s important and what you don’t need to worry about at all. I share with you everything about preparing a home that I wish I had known before I had my two kids.

By taking the course, you will be able to answer all of those nagging questions:

-What do I look for in a crib?

-Do I need a bassinet, glider, toddler bed, etc., etc.?

-What should I put in a baby’s room?

-How do I ensure my baby’s safety at home?

-How do I maintain my own identity and stay calm in the face of all these new responsibilities?

Most of all, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing that your home is ready for your new bundle of joy. Instead of scrambling in a mad panic at her arrival, you can enjoy quality time with your baby--lots of cuddling and staring wondrously into each others' eyes--from day one!

Take the course, follow its recommendations, and then enjoy the rest of your pregnancy, knowing that you got this. Enroll today!

Meet Your Teacher

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Mina Yang

Feng shui & interior design consultant


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1. Baby course Intro: welcome to transform your space for Baby And congratulations on your exciting journey ahead . I'm honored that you chose still, it may be part of this precious time in your life. My name is Meena Yang. I'm a certified function way and design consultant, a mother of two Children, a 10 year old boy and a five year old girl whom you'll be seeing a lot of in these videos. Their arrival changed my life totally and completely. I wish that I had known then what I know now. So I thought I would take at least a knowledge I have about designing spaces, which is my area of expertise, and bundle it up into a neat little package to help out those of you who are about to embark on the most stressful and blissful journey of your life. I can remember what it was like awaiting the arrival of each baby when I imagine you experiencing some of those feelings excitement, nervousness and a great big love for someone you haven't even met yet. You're probably looking at baby states with their pictures of lovely nurseries on an endless array of cute baby products and wondering what you really need and can you afford it all? So in this course, I'm going to demystify baby spaces and help you to prepare your home for the new addition to the family. There is a lot to figure out his do parents, but at least your home will be ready. And if you have already brought home the baby, don't despair. Babies catch really see beyond a few feet ahead of them in the first few months anyway, and they don't even need a crib at the very start. Much of what I discussing this course becomes more relevant in a few months into the baby's life. So you still have time. Let me first give you an overview of the course. I divided the material into two modules, the baby's room and the rest of the house. As you can see, we spend the first module going over baby, care for the baby room decoration and preview some of the changes that happen as babies grow out of babyhood. In the second module, we discuss other areas that baby spend time in outside of their room, and then the last two parts were really for the parents. Is this new parents need tender loving care just as much as babies. I would advise going through the entire course from beginning to end and then returning to earlier sections as needed, so that you can anticipate what's coming as your baby grows in and out of new faces. Before we get into each topic, I want to explain my design philosophy for parents, my recommendations in this course and based on what I call a cease ranking of priorities. As you can see on the slide, safety is at the very top. Our most important responsibility as parents is to keep our Children safe and healthy, and that is a more awesome responsibility than we can imagine before babies arrive. So I prioritize safety over all other considerations. In the rest of the course. This often means that style, which is listed last, is compromised for the sake of safety. Next are easing economy, and sometimes thes two are interchangeable in the order of priorities. If we have generous budgets, we can purchase items that make parenting tasks somewhat easier. Having a video monitor, for example, can bias peace of mind warmer out of earshot from the baby. But he can be an additional and burdensome expense or buying a more expensive crib with adjustable height settings can ease some of the back strain of lifting the baby in and out of the crib. Therefore, I provide tips for both Greater East on economy and you choose, which is more of a priority for you. No, that parenting is hard work physically, mentally and emotionally. You should strive to find some east wherever you can, but not if it causes financial strain. Style is certainly a consideration, but only after safety ease and economy have already been addressed. On the lecture on decorating the baby's room, we will be discussing style much more extensively. Even with decorating safety, East and economy will factor into the discussion. There are several resource is beyond the video lectures provided with this course. I have populated my Pinterest boards with hundreds of pins to let you see a wide array of styles and designs for your baby rooms and more. I will be referring to specific boards throughout the course. I started my Facebook groups so that people who are we working their space have a community with whom to share their ideas, restorations and challenges. Please sign up providing a budget spreadsheet template in Google sheet as well as an Excel sheet to enable you to keep track of your expenses. It's easy to let her spending get out of control when we're transforming a space. Instead of stressing out about money, you should be focusing on your baby during this precious time. Always enter expenditures and tally them up once a week or every two weeks. To be on top of your budget, especially, will give you important information about what you can afford, what you can do without, please download attached. PDF with a list of vendors, websites and products that I mentioned in the class, including the sites mentioned on this slide, you might want to bookmark on my Pinterest board and Facebook group for easy access during the course. If you would like more hand holding through this process, I am available to work with you one on one at any time. While going through the videos, feel free to contact me through my website to set up your complimentary half our video call to see if you might want to work with me in the following videos. I've laid out then point issues. Parents should considering preparing their homes so you can relax and enjoy knowing that you're already doing a great job as parents. See you in module one, part one. 2. Baby course Mod 1 Pt 1: Welcome back to transform your space for Baby. This is the first lecture of the first module. The first module is all about the baby's room. The first part focuses on the special baby gear for the room that are necessary to ensure a safe and happy babyhood. You're probably wondering what gears new parents should purchase. There is a booming baby market trying to hawk everything to new parents ashes to get it just right in every segment of the market. There are things that are absolutely necessary and other things that never get used at all . Not only do you end up spending money better saved for other expenses, you're stuck with gear that you can't even give away for free on clutter is a huge problem for parents. Preempt clutter by not buying things you don't need. In terms of the baby's room, the only baby specific gear you need are the crib and changing station, so we will be discussing these in the rest of the video. It's nice to have a glider when you're nursing the baby, although my wore out its welcome a year into the baby's life, I did in mind since I got mine used from a friend. So this might be a good thing to get on Craigslist, which is generally a great place to find baby gear, since parents are dying to get rid of things they no longer need if we don't want a glider at all. Ah, comfy armchair is a great option for nursing in the early years and then for reading books together later on. Ah, bassinet is another nice to have item, but it's only useful. For the first few months. I ended up just using the bassinet setting on the stroller for the first few months of a baby's life. It was convenient because I could easily roll my baby from one location to the next without waking her. Make sure to put the brakes on the stroller if you do likewise. As soon as she was big enough to sleep in a crib in her own room at about three months, she was done with the bassinet, and the stroller became just a stroller. There were a variety of accessories that are useful. I found the white noise machine, for example, to be hugely helpful, since my baby's room was in a noisy part of the house. Depending on your environment, you'll find these items useful or not. So let's talk about the crib. This is by far the most important baby here to get Your baby will spend the majority of 24 hours sleeping, and much of that time will be sleeping in the crib, where you can't really keep an eye on her. Therefore, the safety of the crib is of paramount borns. With that, it might I recommend repeating the kiss mantra to yourself when shopping for a crib. Keep it simple and standard. Crips come in a variety of shapes, styles and price points. And although it might be tempting to buy the unique, over shaped Scandinavian model or the ornate antique piece with intricate wood carving, don't do it. It's hard to find sheets for unusually shaped crimson mattresses on a bigger sheets made to fit city mattress composed suffocation risks for the baby. Intricate woodwork can catch a baby's clothes, resulting in accidents. Therefore, a simple and standard crib works best to ensure your baby safety. If you buy a new crib from a reputable baby products retailer, A most likely complies with the safety standards issued by the government in 2011. If you buy a used crib, it is up to you to make sure that it is a safe as it needs to be. Yes, you feel sturdy and stable with no drop down rail, and he should have all the screws and parts it came with. Originally, check the standards outlined in the U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's website for more details about the space between slats , height of post, etcetera. I provide the link in the attached document. When it comes time to dress the crib, you're probably wanted to fill it with all the flounces, stuffed animals and prettiness we associate with babies. Here's an instance of where style and safety come into conflict with one another. A crib like the one pictured here, piled high with blankets, pillows and toys, presents a major suffocation hazard. SIDS or Sudden Infant Death syndrome is a real worry, especially in the first few months. Ah, crib filled with extraneous material like this one composed real dangerous for a baby who is unable to fully control his motions. Ah, bumper can present a suffocation hazard in the early months and then later become an aid in helping a bigger baby climb out of and potentially fall from the crib. A bed skirt can collect dust under the crib, and the baby might develop an allergy to the resulting dust mites. I gather babies don't need pillows and blankets only get kicked off in their sleep, and they all pose potential suffocation risks. Instead, keep the crib sparse, swaddle on infant for your security and warmth, and put a bigger baby in a sleep sack, which will keep her much warmer than a blanket that she's bound to lose in her sleep. Use a sheet that is fitted perfectly for the mattress, which is also perfectly fitted for the crib so that little hands don't get trapped between the mattress. Thank rib. What a waterproof layer beneath the sheet to protect the mattress from an over full diaper or spit up a TV male is also a nice option that manufacturers now provide to keep the baby from chewing the paint off the crib. Don't put anything else in the crib or even out of the crypt within a baby's reach. Three feet or so babies have been known to choke themselves on course from baby monitors. Once you have the right crib in the right bidding, where should we put the crib again? Safety is key here. The floor plan on the slide. The door is at the bottom right hand corner, the other doors to the closet. I indicated a one of the best positioning for this particular room. From here, the baby can see who is entering the room but is at a distance from the Windows. Two is less ideal. This is the baby sight line to the door is not as direct as for one. Three is a big no no, says the window poses many hazards for babies, baby skin choke or suffocate on course from shades or drapery. When they're bigger, they can potentially climb out of the crib and fall out of a window. Even for older folks, vanish way experts consider placing a bed next to a window as bad positioning. Since our chief loves to strongly to the outside. So place the crib in one, if possible to. If one is not possible. And never three. You're the crib. You want to have a changing station, you can buy a changing table that comes with a matching dresser, but that's not absolutely necessary. Changing pad does the job adequately until the baby becomes too active and square meter stay put. At that point, I found that a travel changing pad on the floor was the best option. While my cell Miss Little, I cleared off a bathroom counter and put the changing pad on it. My son would entertain himself by looking at himself in the mirror. Here he is winking at his own reflection. Make sure to have all the necessary accessories nearby, said just extra diapers, diaper cream wipes and a small toys to distract the baby. I had a sink right next to the pad, so I would just wash my hands after changing him and placing him safely on the floor. If you don't have a sink nearby, be sure to also have a hand sanitizer. I use the disposal bin for PEOPIE diapers and have plastic bags on hand for the mess your stink, your diapers, which I took immediately to the outgoing trash. It's also a good idea to have extra changing pad coppers and extra clothes for the baby on hand, since you never know when a baby will spontaneously started fountain at the changing table . In addition to the changing station in the baby's room, I recommend that you have many stations in other parts of the house where the baby spends a lot of time. Air yourself the extra energy of running back and forth just to change the baby. Have a portable changing pad or even a towel on the basket containing diaper cream wipes and extra diapers at every major baby hub for efficiency. You are the takeaways from module 1.1. When thinking about how to set up a baby's room, think safety first style last. Make sure that the baby's crib complies with safety guidelines and is situated in the right place. Necessities like changing pads and accessories in the right place for greater East. Thank you for watching See you in Module 1.2. Decorating the baby's room 3. Baby course Mod 1 Pt 2: Welcome back to transform your space for Baby. This is the second part of the first module in this video will break down the different components of decorating a baby's room. I'm sure you've been getting excited about creating a cute, cozy room for your little bundle of joy. I'll help you by sharing with you. What to keep in mind when designing your baby's first room. A baby's room can be broken down into five components. Flooring, walls, windows, furniture and accessories. It's tempting to buy all the Cubist things and have the room overflowing with little baby knickknacks. But that's not necessarily the best thing for either you or the baby. Even in decorating. We want to keep in mind the cease ranking of priority safety first, then easing economy and style last. That doesn't mean you can't inject some great style into the room. They're now so many options available on the market today that you are more than capable of creating a design that is safe, comfortable, economical and stylish. You might also be wondering about colors in terms of the color palette for the room truce, a palette that doesn't show dirt easily other than that there is little agreement about what colors are best for beings. Honestly, the baby's room is more of a statement about the parents. Taste, not the child's. Any combination of colors will be stimulating to a baby, since everything is new to her. And although some color combos are more soothing than others, a baby who is doing everything she is supposed to be doing will be plenty tired when it's time to sleep. Regardless of the color scheme, let's begin with flooring. A baby spends a lot of time on the floor, and because the baby is there, you will also be sitting on the floor right next to him, so make sure the flooring is clean and soft. It's not a bad idea to ban shoes in the house, especially while the baby is crawling and putting everything into his mouth. Yes, that's not possible. Ban shoes in the baby's room. At the very least, there are three options for babies flooring. We got thes jigsaw puzzle foam mats because you're soft on babies, knees and adult backsides, and they clean up easily. Once my five year old is no longer interested in sitting on the floor to play. I will get rid of them, since they're looking worse for the wear. After 10 years of use and abuse area rugs, they're definitely more stylish. But they can be difficult to clean, and there will be spills and messes. If you ups for an area rug, make sure to get one that can camouflage stains, perhaps one with darker colors and patterns. Carpet tiles are a nice compromise, since you can remove single tiles to either clean or replace. Floor has a great collection of styles that your baby can grow into. This is by far the most expensive option of the three, but the most flexible and long lasting. I don't recommend wall to wall carpet, which tends to harbor lots of germs even with repeated vacuuming, and will be difficult to clean. If you already have wall to wall carpeting, get a professional to come in and deep clean the carpet before the baby arrives. Wall treatments can make a big statement in a baby's room. There are a 1,000,000 options when it comes to wall treatments. You can do one or a combination of the treatments on this list. A couple of things to keep in mind when deciding on a wall design. Your baby will not be a baby forever. In fact, babies don't stay babies for very long, so putting up a wall paper with teddy bears on it might result in a lot of work a few years down the line. When your kid doesn't want anything to do with babyish things, there are now removable wallpaper, which might solve that particular problem. Or you could pick a more classic design that your baby could grow into. I like decals for kids rooms because they're very easy to apply and easy to remove the trees. And the slide probably took less than an hour to apply and would go well with almost any color in design style. There are also three D D council market for things like butterflies and flowers that provide tactical, a swell as a visual interest. I also like having a part of the wall dedicated to kids art that could mean hanging clothes lines with close mons to hang the art of the day. We're having sticky boards where kids can stick repeal off their masterpieces. You could also paint a while using blackboard paint, but please do wait until the baby is no longer putting things in her mouth before you hand her a jock. When it comes to window treatments, there some safety concerns to be aware off. I love long drapes in most rooms, but in a baby's room, big imposed suffocation risks. Also, babies and toddlers love to hide in and pull on long drapes. It might be the case that babies are more of a danger to your walls than the drapes are to the babys. Either way, Joan let currents reached the floor in a baby's room. Another important safety issue has to do with the courts for shades and blinds. Babies and toddlers are a risk of strangling themselves on these cords. Make sure to install a bracket for long courts if you don't already have one, and always wrapped the cord around the bracket. As shown in the photo. The final point about window treatment is about their functionality. Naps are very important to a baby's development and two apparent sanity. The occurrence or shades with blackout options and hang them outside the perimeter of the window to that ledge does not leak through. When it comes to furniture and accessories. There are things that are necessary, less necessary and completely superfluous in the category of must have we already discussed cribs in the last video. I also mentioned that gliders are nice, but a regular armchair is justice. Good for nursing and cuddling with your baby. Storage is an absolute necessity. Babies and later Children come with a lot of stuff, and there is never enough storage install story genus that have both closed and open storage and start encouraging her baby from an early age to put things away in the open storage. I like the stories unit for My Chea, pictured on the slide, which is nice and low and comes with different containers that can slide in and out of each cubby. Among the nice to have items. Junior sized table and chairs are fun for the kids, but for the most part, the tend to gravitate toward the Florida play on our fine without the little furniture that they quickly outgrow. Anyways, address your is useful if you already have one babies closer so tiny and they change sizes so quickly that I found it more useful to have baskets of clothes in key spots such us next to the crib bath and all the changing stations. I eventually installed a closet system with drawers and shelves in the kids closets to maximize storage among accessories. Mobil's and Lights will get a lot of the baby's attention, since she will be spending so much of her time on her back in her crib or on the floor. There are lots of fun Mobil's on the market, but you can also make your own Google how to make a baby mo bile, and you'll find too many creative options. The white noise machine we used also had a projector, which would project pictures of cute animals for a set amount of time and worked essentially like a mobile. You can keep the ceiling light you already have, but installing a dimmer switch could prove to be helpful and winding down your baby. At the end of the day, you can see lots of examples of baby rooms on my Pinterest Ford baby rooms. Keep in mind, though, that most of these styled rooms have more bedding than I would recommend in light of the safety issues. Also, these rooms were styled for the photo session, and I can guarantee you that as soon as actual babies and Children started to inhabit thesis basis, they didn't look nearly as good. So use these photos as a source of ideas, not as a standard. To measure up to your first priority as a parent is to keep your child safe and healthy. And if you never get around to painting polka dots on her walls, she probably won't even miss it. It's really as tall Er's and his kids that they start expressing their own personalities and preferences. At that time, you and your child can design a space that is really about him. More on that. In the next video, the most important takeaways from this video are Always consider safety ease and economy, even one decorating the room. Florrie should be clean and comfortable for babies, and they're adults. Safety first, especially when it comes to window treatments. Don't worry if the room is not instagram or the you'll have more important things to worry about. Thank you for watching part two. See you in 0.3. Looking ahead 4. Baby course Mod 1 Pt 3: Welcome back to transform your space for Baby. This is the final part of the first module, Port Three. Looking ahead in this video, we'll see how the baby's room may evolve as the baby grows out of babyhood, which is not very long at all. As a wise person once said, with Children, the days are long and the years air short. Before you know what your baby will be, a toddler bursting with energy and personality. When the baby becomes a toddler, her room will need to be tweaked on. These tweaks can set the foundation for the changes that you and your child will make together over the years. The biggest change comes when your baby outgrows his crib at around two years, sometimes a little earlier. Sometimes a little later, your toddler will be too big or too adventurous to stay in the crib. You have a few choices at this point. The first is to convert your crib into a toddler bed, and this is the option you're planning to go with. Be sure to buy the extra pieces for the conversion of the time you by the crib. It's very difficult to buy the exact parts at a later date. And although a good number of parents comfort their crib into a toddler bed, I've seen very few take the third option and convert it into head and foot boards of a full sized bed. Not many cribs look good as head and foot boards, in my humble opinion, so keep this in mind when your crib shopping. The other options make use of twin or larger mattresses. I just put my baby's big kid mattresses on the floor so that they didn't have far to fall when they world off their mattress in the early years is a guy I used to stay on the mattress. I moved them to their big kid twin beds. The trundle bed, as pictured on the slide, also allows toddlers to sleep closer to the floor, and it's a nice extra bed to have for future sleepovers. Bunk beds air useful for multiple Children. But be aware that a child has to be at least six years old to occupy the upper bunk. One of the major changes that you will notice when your baby becomes a toddler is that there is more of just about everything was started out as just a few toys for the baby begins to take over the baby's room on the rest of the house. I have more tips later in module to to handle this excess stuff. For now, you should plan on having ample storage options in the baby's room to contain and hide the mounds of stuff that accompany today's middle class. Childhood storage units can be installed before the baby's birth. When you have more time and energy for assembling I Kia units or shelves from whatever brands you prefer, even if they are mostly empty for the first year of the baby's life, know that they will quickly be brimming over with things. I have penned several ideas for storage in Children's rooms on my Pinterest board toddler rooms. There are also examples of well designed rooms for you to browse and to find inspiration in the link is in the attached document. Finally, I want to stress that whatever we design into the child's room will determine to some extent activities that the child will engage in. If you have a space in your child's room dedicated to art and books, your child will make art and read books in her room. Do you remember I suggested putting an art wall or a blackboard wall in your baby's room in the last video? These walls will play a much bigger role in the toddler years. Has your toddler brings home her finger paint her tissue paper masterpieces from preschool ? How proud do you think she would feel if she could immediately stick them up on her wall for everyone to admire? I especially like the sticky boards from three M that allow your toddler to stick in pure with ease. I have included this product in the attached to list. This are walkin later. Allow your big kid to put up posters of his favorite bands or movies. It opens up a space in which your child can express his personality as it involves over time. Reading to your child is one of the best methods to instill in her a love of reading. Having a book shelf stocked with good Children's books and an armchair in which you cuddle and read to your child every night before bed ensures that your child makes positive associations with books. The books will change as your child grows, but hopefully her love of reading will remain constant is important as it is to have books and art in your child's room. It is imperative that you don't have any electron ICS, innit? Studies have shown that kids who have TV's tablets, computers and phones in their room fails to get adequate sleep, which visa? They will struggle to keep up in school and are more prone to depression. They will probably need a laptop when they get bigger and have school assignments that require Internet research. But until then, keep electron ICS out of their room. It is hard enough to control the consumption of video games and shows. Once they are exposed to the endless content available to them, it is almost impossible when they have access to them in their own rooms. The takeaways from this video are the biggest change to the baby's room is moving from a crib to a bed. Design, art and books into your toddlers room. Electron ICS out of it. Let your child start to take the lead in the designer for room. Thanks for watching. I'll see you in module to 5. Baby course Mod 2 Pt 1: Welcome back to transform your space for baby. We're now at the beginning of the second module, which is dedicated to the spaces in your home outside of the baby's room. Part one of module to is on baby hubs. Although baby spend a lot of time in their rooms sleeping, they spend their waking hours in other rooms of the home, especially when you are busy and need to keep an eye on her. The main baby hubs are the kitchen bathroom play areas in the living or family room and outside areas. I'll be discussing each of these in turn your baby. Then your toddler will enjoy spending time with you in the kitchen while you prepare meals , he will try to mimic you or go exploring in all the mysterious and fascinating cabinets. You can install safety latches on all the lower kitchen cabinets to protect the baby, or you can do as I did. I moved to the plastic ware and toys into the lower cabinets and drawers. This was also convenient in that when the kids got bigger, they could get their own plastic cups symbols out. Do make sure that anything dangerous, such as knives and toxic chemicals are kept out of their reach. Knowing that your kids will get into everything. It's a good idea to keep healthy snacks in the lower cabinets. Here's my little girl in the snack country. I keep the hollowing candy in a high cabinet that my 10 year old can't reach even when standing on a stool. One last thing to remember about babies and kitchens is that there will be messes, lots and lots of messes. So right now might not be the best time to install that beautiful wallpaper you've been. I rather make sure everything in the vicinity of the Babys dining area is washable, indescribable. When the baby is little, it's actually easier toe washer in the kitchen sink. As you can see in this photo, why she outgrows the kitchen sink. You also need to keep her in a plastic baby best until she can sit up on her own. What babies are very slippery, and they can drown quickly to watch her at all times. Keep all items you need to wash and dress her within an arm's length, as well as a few toys to keep the baby entertained. You can get mesh bags to hang all the toys in between bath times. Other play areas will be wherever everyone else's. So if your family congregates in the living room, baby will want to be there, too. In the beginning, a blanket to lie on with something hanging overhead will be plenty of stimulation. As she gets bigger, she might like hanging out in an activity or bouncy chair. Was starts crawling. You'll have to contain the baby to make sure she doesn't go up the stairs or get into other trouble. When no one is watching, you might have to install safety gates or put up a playpen. If you can't keep your eyes on her constantly, it's a good idea to have a basket or container of toys. Wherever the baby tends to hang out, whatever she finds in her path will become a toy. So if you don't want her to break your precious crystal basis, move those out of sight and put a basket of colorful balls there instead. Even from a very young age, babies love to be outdoors. If you have an outdoor space at home, spent part of the day there, we got a lot of use from our portable outdoor blanket. Lay the baby under a tree on the blanket, and he will be content staring at leaves for a good amount of time. Even when they get bigger, they should be coaxed outdoors to get away from all the screens that begin to them indoors . The other nice thing about having kids outdoors is that they can make a big mess and keep the mess mostly outside. The takeaways from this video are anticipate where the baby will spend time and put safety measures in place. Make sure to have a direct sight line from you to the baby Hubs. Provide stimulation for your baby. If all else fails, take her outside. Thank you for watching. See you in part two of module to 6. Baby course Mod 2 Pt 2: welcome back to transform your space for baby. In the last two parts of this course, we turn our attention to you. The parent. I know that you want everything to be perfect for the new baby, but if you give and give without restoring yourself physically, mentally and emotionally, you will ultimately be too depleted to be fully present for your child. In order to take care of you, you need to court in off some areas in the home as non baby zones. Keep these areas free of toys and messes and train your baby early on to respect to these spaces. As your special zones in particular, make sure to draw boundaries around spaces in your home where you work. Rest. And if you have a Quittner, connect with him or her. If you don't have a partner, be sure to reserve time and space to connect with other adults. Whether you have a platonic or romantic relationship with them, raising a baby can get very isolating. If you intentionally set aside some time for other people, even if only for a couple of hours a week, you'll have something to look forward to and be replenished and ready to be present for your baby again. If you have the luxury of having a dedicated workspace at home, make it pretty and completely free of baby thinks the daily grind of taking care of the baby can take its toll, and they can make all the difference in the world to have the space and time to attend to your own development, professional, financial, creative or otherwise put up inspirational sayings or beautiful art to look at while you're working towards your goals. Organize your desk so that everything you need is within reach. Create a focal wall that is directly within view of your seat. You don't give up all the rest of your identity. When you become a parent, create a space that will allow you to keep being who you are when you are not parenting. Whether you have a partner or not, it's important to keep the master bedroom a grown up sanctuary. You have to rest in between caring for the baby to recharge your batteries. This room should not be filled with baby pictures or have a play area for baby. It should be tranquil and rest ful. Consider painting and or changing the bedding. If the color palette is not rest ful, generally neutral colors such as grazing bages and cooler tones such as blues and greens are more soothing in the warm tones, such as reds and oranges. Void high contrast or dramatic color schemes intercourse in your bedroom. Also, make sure to have blackout drapes or shades to allow you to rest in complete darkness when your body needs it. If you do have a partner, do you connect with him or her in and out of the bedroom? Having a baby can put a lot of strain on a relationship. If you have a space where it could be, just the two of you reconnecting us to adults and continue to feed energy into your relationship, you will both be better equipped to be great parents for the baby. If you want to spend some of the time before the baby's arrival, creating a beautiful office or master bedroom to ensure you have space is set up to working . Relax, check out my Pinterest board that has many examples of well designed offices in bedrooms. If you want to know how to achieve these kinds of looks, in your own home. Check out my e book and EQ Wars. Transform your space, transform your life all links and provided in the touch Document. The takeaways from this video are taking care of. A baby is a huge job, and it starts with taking care of yourself. Be sure to designate time and space for you and don't feel it with anything baby oriented. Connect with other adults in and out of the house. Thank you for watching. I'll see you in the last part of the second module. 7. Baby course Mod 2 Pt 3: Welcome back to transformer space for Baby. This is the last part of the second module on the part where I give you a reality check. You've now seen lots of pretty pictures of baby rooms and fantasized about what life with a baby is like. Well, I've got news for you. Life with kids is messy. This is a picture of my kids room after they lost their screen privilege while in recent Saturday afternoon they ended up having a blast, creating a fort in their room, deliciously gathering cushions and blankets from any other room in the house. When they were done, they were much less enthusiastic about putting things back where they belonged. I could have gotten mad at the mess, clean up the mess myself, or resigned myself to the less than perfect to look of my house. I've mostly resigned myself story, daily mess the designer, and he still gets annoyed a times since my vision of what my house should look like and the actual reality are so far apart. But I do know better that my kids can't have fun at home if I'm constantly putting my aesthetic sensibility over their curiosity and creativity. There are some tactics to help you cope first and foremost, put away anything that you would be heartbroken to lose. Kids are destructive, even if they're not meaning to be. Put precious things high out of their reach or completely out of sight. You can enjoy them again in 10 to 15 years, depending on your kids energy level. Be realistic in designing your home. An all white minimalistic court with white carpet is just asking for trouble. Design your home so that it's more casual and forgiving. Colors on the walls, drapery that can be washed, rugs that can camouflage stains. I'll go a long way in maintaining your sanity from early on. Show kids how to put their toys away and set up the expectation that they will do most of their own cleaning. You'll still end up picking up after them, but the more you insist on them cleaning from early on, the less you will do as time goes on. Finally, the less you own, the less stress and aggravation you will have over the mess. This is easier said than done with Children in the home every Christmas and birthday, well meaning family and friends will send truckloads of presence for your little ones. Then there are all the other kids birthday parties with their goody bags full of plastic drink. It's what starts out as a few rubber balls and chew toys in the beginning multiply exponentially within a matter of a few years. At a certain point, you look around and realize there are more toys in your home than in Santa's workshop. There are ways to manage this to minimize the impact on the environment and your sanity. It might be helpful to think about the three R's of conservation. First, try to reduce the number of toys that come into your home. Ask friends and family to pitch in with cash to collectively by one big toy. Such is a special Lego set, rather than a dozen smaller toys. Another option is to ask them to buy memberships to museums and zoos rather than things reuse by someone with kids slightly older and slightly younger, so that you can get Castoffs from the older kids when they're done with their toys and gear . And you can pass these on to the next kids in line. When your kids were done with, um, this saves you a lot of money, keeps trash out of landfills and ensure Say you continue to get rid of old things as new things come into the home. If you don't have anyone to whom you can donate to use kids things, consider giving them to a nearby day care center. Larger donation centers such as Good will get so many donations that much of it ends up getting thrown out, whereas at a day care, you know that other kids will use and enjoy your kids. Castoffs. Recycle. If toys are broken or past its usefulness, put them in the recycling bin. Don't let them stay in your home, Taking up precious real estate Now that you've come to the end of the second module, I'd like to speak for the baby's since they can't do it themselves. Please always remember how precious your baby is. Always put him ahead of your aesthetics or your things, no matter how treasured they are. Babies and later Children want to spend time with you. They want you next to them on would rather have you? They're making mud pies with them than to have your way trying to earn more money to buy them. The fanciest and most expensive toys teach Children to value a few things rather than to always be desire ing more and more stuff. We live in a time of big environmental challenges, and if we don't change your consumption habits, your Children will be compelled to confront some parts realities when they grow up. Parenthood is the most challenging and demanding job you will ever have. A swell as the most rewarding acknowledged that it's hard and you're doing your best. Take a deep breath and know that nothing may be perfect. But that's okay. Just the fact that you took the time to complete this course shows you already love your baby. And that will make up for all the bumps in the road up ahead. Thank you for watching. I'll see you in the final conclusion. 8. Baby course Conclusion: welcome to the conclusion of transform your space for Baby. Congratulations on completing the course. You've hopefully gained a new level of knowledge to help you prepare for the arrival of your baby. In addition to all the information I've been parted in these lectures, I hope that you've gotten some perspective and feel reassured that you can handle the new challenges coming your way. Although the course is over, I hope to hear from you in the future. Please send me photos and use of your new life is apparent. You can reach me in a variety of ways. All the links are in the attached document on my website. You can sign up for my email list and send me an email through the contact page. You can also sign up for a free half our design consultation. If you'd like to work with me directly, please, like my Facebook page so that you can keep updated on my offers and products. I would also be so grateful if you could leave a review of the course on my page. If you'd like to be involved in a community of other like minded designers, students and parents, please join my Facebook group. You can follow my design adventures on Instagram. I am always adding new boards and pins on Pinterest. Please see my boards for 80 s for your space. This course is part of a series Of course is called Transform your Space. If you'd like to learn how to design a home that supports your best life, check out my E course or e book. Transform your space. Transform your life Ah, guide to creating your best home using flash way inspired design. I also have short YouTube videos that focus on one small aspect design. I am thrilled for your upcoming adventure. I wish you the best of luck and thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me play a small role in your journey into parented. Thank you and good luck.