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Transform Your Space With Joy: How to Bring Joy Into Your Home With Feng Shui Inspired Design

teacher avatar Mina Yang, Feng shui & interior design consultant

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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8 Lessons (32m)
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About This Class

Reading Ingrid Fetell Lee’s Joyful: The Surprising Power of Ordinary Things to Create Extraordinary Happiness, I found myself nodding my head repeatedly. I felt like I had found my tribe as she told anecdotes about people who practiced the “aesthetics of joy.” Here were people who played with their environment with zeal and creativity, who sometimes took their passions to absurd extremes.

From my experiences in feng shui and design, I understood what they were trying to do and why these shifts in their environment could bring about such delight. The book got me thinking about how ordinary people could take these lessons and design joy into their homes. Fetell Lee starts to go there, but that is not her focus. I pick up where she leaves off to show you how you too can practice the “aesthetics of joy” and create a home that makes possible more joy in your life.

I show you how to

-bring more energy;

-create harmony;

-cultivate feelings of freedom;

-induce play;

-transcend the ordinary;

-create occasions for renewal and celebration in your home and life.

Spread the joy and share with your friends and family!

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Mina Yang

Feng shui & interior design consultant


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1. Joy course intro: welcome to transform your space with joy. I'm so happy you're taking this time to learn how to bring more joy into your home and life First, a quick introduction. My name is being a A, and I am a certified French way and design consultant over in the book and created several E courses on my unique design approach, which I call Bunch Wayne's by your design. A combined age old fung shway in modern design principles to help my clients create homes that support their best life. I was inspired to develop this course after reading in grade for Italy's new book Joyful. The Surprising Power Off Ordinary Things to create extraordinary happiness. I had previously enjoyed her Ted talk and was eagerly awaiting the release of her book. You did not disappoint, the book confirmed. Many of the things I had been preaching in my own design work and in my courses in the book for Telly fleshes out what she means by the aesthetics of joy, with anecdotes about people in places that put it to practice, sometimes to extreme or absurd lengths, and even with scientific data about why and how the aesthetics of joy works. If you're familiar with my book or other courses, you'll know that I'm not a big believer in bunch waste. More superstitious aspect. Rather, I take funds waste premise that our surroundings play a big role in determining our health , fortune and well being to help people to create optimal home environments that support their daily routine and aspirations. In this course, I start with the main idea communicated here in this quote from Patel. These book Troy isn't hard to find it all. In fact, it's all around us. Rather than practice meditation for decades in order to achieve nirvana, we came instead surround ourselves with tangible things, some as small as a pinch of glitter that immediately lift our moves. Although Fratelli does make a few design recommendations throughout her book, that is not her focus without where she lives. Off join you how to bring these joy inducing elements into your home. My core sticks inspiration from for Italy's book in terms of chapter headings and overall philosophy, but it is informed by my experiences in design. I take her ideas about the main components of joy, energy, harmony, freedom, play, transcendence, renewal and celebration and demonstrate how to design them into your space, of course, is not a systematic, step by step instructional manual for funds, way or interior design. It's instead a mini course that hopefully gets you to look at your environment differently . That gets you recognizing the things that bring you joy as well as take away joy. I hope that thinking about joy brings you joy. Enjoy the course and your space transformation. 2. Joy course m: welcome back to transform your space with joy. In this first lecture, we will be looking at energy. Some of you may be asking, How do we see energy? Well, this next light should answer that question. As for Italy tells us, color is energy made visible. You've probably experienced this yourself. You walk into a spot with lots of white, a dash of blues and greens, and you immediately feel calm. These colors generate arrest full energy. Or you may have poured preschools in the school with lots of natural light and bright colored art on the walls gave off just the right vibes for your energetic toddler, even though we might into it, that color is energy. As for Telly points out, many of us are chroma folks more comfortable wearing all black and painting our walls gray than in embracing the rainbow of possible colors around us. So how do you bring more color and therefore more energy and joy into our space? One easy way is to just add pops of color around your space. You might feel like a red couch or a purple wall is too much color, even if you love white or soft gray, you can still incorporate into your space burst of joy, also known as color. In this bedroom, for example, the all white walls and betting get a lift from the pink flower in the bronze sconce. Without these little pups, this room would feel cold and devoid of energy. Just a little color. Here goes a long way. Accessories providing easy means of adding color While we might want to keep our couch color neutral like the great one here to ensure longevity, we can easily swap out cushion covers and calibrate the energy of the room according to the season or two removed. We might want warmer colors like reds and oranges in the cooler months and cooler colors like blues and greens. In the warmer months, we might be in need of more energy when we're feeling down. Writer. More saturated colors can give us the additional jolt of energy we seek here. Know that the colors of the cushions turquoise, yellow and a dash of red are taking from the artwork on the wall. All right is an excellent source of colors. Not only do they add visual interest to your walls, they can also inform the other colors in the room. If you're not sure how to put turquoise, yellow and red together in a space, look at the artwork that does and copy the right tone, saturation and combination of colors. Besides cushions considered throws basis bulls and rugs as your color dash energy conveyors we saw in the last slide how colors for accessories can be pulled out of an artwork. Fabric is another great source of colors for your room palette. You might not think of purple, yellow, orange and pink as playing together well, but you can see how these colors on these cushions co exist nicely because they share the same patterns and textures in the right saturation. Thes colors can sit comfortably together. Next to these Christians, you might hang a photograph of a sense it that feature a similar set of colors. Or you might pull out the orange that becomes a bowl that holds fruit as long as the colors in the space speak with one another and are connected by some thread, such as these cushions with color swore radiate energy. Maybe that there is one color that you love above all others boldly feature that one color here, the fire engine red is featured on the wall in the chair against a great backdrop. This red has the energy of fire and passion and will surely influence the energy of the room. You might similarly feature teal in a mostly white broom or terra cotta in a Beijing room. Think about how you want a room to feel in terms of the energy level and then find the color that has that energy fact on you universally deploy that color on walls, furniture, bedding and accessories. One thing to note is that we want to balance the intense color with less intensity elsewhere. If the room on the slide were all red, our eyes would tire and there would be too much energy in the room. The room works because of the cool and mutual gray elsewhere. Neutrals, especially white, help to balance out intense colors and set the rate energy for space. At the end of each Lector, I will provide some action steps. You can take the implement what you've just learned. Ah list. Easy to challenging steps that immediately bring joy into your space. Ese is determined by the required expenditure of money. Time and effort come with color. An easy step you can take is so about your couch cushions, Rugs and other accessories were more colorful versions. A medium step is change out or add art with a zing of color. Challenging step. This ain't or paper the walls. Thanks for watching. See you in the next lecture. 3. Joy course m: welcome back to transform your space with joy. In the second lecture, we'll see how the state of harmony helps to open up possibilities for joy. So what makes a par money? Harmony is achieved when there's a balance or order among various parts, and there is an overall coherence of many disparate things. Auras for Italy. But sit order is a tangible manifestation of a vibrant harmony off disparate parts, working in concert to sustain the graceful balance of life. You can see on the slide a series of indentations on the outer shell of a building. One indentation might not be all that remarkable, but when you have rows and rows of them repeating and creating an ordered pattern, the wall exudes both vibrance and serenity. This kind of harmony between the parts is the opposite of disorder and chaos. A room that is filled with junk, for example, puts off positive energy and brings stress to its occupants. One of the easiest ways of achieving balanced order is through symmetrical design, architect designers and artists of all kinds. You symmetry at the macro and micro level. You can have a building as monumental as a Taj Mahal in which each half is exactly the mirror of the other half. You can also have salt and pepper shakers that come as a set. An interior design symmetry is used at the level of the floor plan having identical chairs here, for example, as well as at the level of accessories. Having the four identical chairs around a rectangular table creates a grouping that feels cohesive and balanced further. The repetition of its parts make a nice visual rhythm through repetition. The curvy arm rest set up a dynamic tension, with its contrast against a cleaner rectilinear shapes in the space. The most symmetrical shape of all is a circle and circle zehr, wonderful to have in a space. Balloons, polka dots, bubbles and balls are all circular, and they bring delight. Enjoy to people of all ages. Circles in a space help energy flow more gently and smooth out sharp angles that her people shins and eyes 90 room in particular. Circular tables allow for conversation among equals. People often find it easier to converse with people who are sitting at an angle from them, which is how they're seated at a circular dining table. In addition to 90 tables. Consider using circular coffee tables and end tables, lamps the mirrors. I've already mentioned repetition and visual rhythm a few times. An obvious way of connecting the spread things is to repeat them, either literally or through theme and variations. Here, the hanging light is nice enough. Repeat, it just is. The windows are repeated and the light becomes part of a larger pattern. Notice here that not only the lamps but also other visual elements, are repeated. Black lines, rectangular shapes and glass all add up to a balanced composition of regularly repeated motifs. You can do this with the repetition of an object, like the lighting pictures here, or by carrying colors, textures, shapes and materials throughout a space. Perhaps you want to have pops of yellowing, the cushion in the art and in the rug, or a chevron pattern in the curtains and rugs or metallic finishes in the art and accessories. Here's an example of how satisfying order, balance, symmetry, repetition and rhythm can be. In a little wall vignette, the's eight photographs show snowy peaks. Although the images differ, they are all in black and white and framed identically in Black Square photos and square frames in neat rows of force. Fuel orderly, imbalanced. Having just two of these photos would provide balance and symmetry well by repeating them eight times. We also get a feeling of rhythm on an even higher level of order. So what are some things you can do to bring harmony into your space? An easy action step will be created. Connection between different parts of the room by repeating a color or some other theme. If you have seashells in a glass jar, put up a drawing of a shell on the wall. If you have different pink items scattered throughout the house, gather them up and make a collection in one room. Ah, medium step would be to rearrange your room. Perhaps the armchairs can be repositioned to be more symmetrical. Perhaps the mismatched photos of your family can be reprinted in black and white and hung in black frames. A more challenging step will be to buy circular furniture or other major pieces that will bring greater balance into your space. Thank you for watching See you in the next lecture 4. Joy course m: you know, welcome back to transform your space with joy As much as we crave order imbalance, we also want to break free of constraints. Although our homes provide a necessary sense of shelter, we want to feel like there are heads of freedom in our space. Why does freedom matter? According to Fratelli, we fight so hard for freedom because it enables us to pursue joy as well as everything else that matters in life. So how do we incorporate freedom into our space? One way is to have open spaces and loss of it. With this hilltop home, there is little dividing the great outdoors from the indoors with its glass walls, a majestic view high above other signs of human life, this house almost makes you feel like you could take flight. Now most of us can't afford multimillion dollar homes in the Hollywood Hills, but we can replicate some of the qualities of this home. The first is to open up space in your home, right, Nick Lottery. Get rid of extremist things, keep the decor minimal. The more stuff we have in our surroundings, the more we feel hemmed in and stuck a freer and lighter by reading yourself off stuff. The other lesson to be learned from this house is the importance of natural light because of the generous amount of glass here, the house is flooded by natural light. When you think about incarceration, which is the opposite ST from freedom, you probably imagine for yourself a dark, confined cell with little or no natural light. Open up whatever windows you have to bring in maximum natural light. Don't block any parts of windows with heavy furniture. And make sure that the draper you use for light control and privacy provides just the right coverage for the window and no more. The openness of the house we just saw makes the occupants feel like they're part of nature . We've mostly lost our connection to nature in modern times, their climate controlled homes. Which is unfortunate because studies have shown that we perform much better when we maintain this connection. Even a few plants in our homes can create this connection. More plants and healthy ones at that bring life in oxygen into our homes. They simulate finis of freedom for all the hours we spend in the Great Indoors. Sometimes it's not possible even to have plants or their parts of the home where there is no access to sunlight. Even artwork referencing nature can help maintain our connection to it. Your prints of birds and plants bring the vivid colors of nature indoors and add a pop of energy to this part of the room by grouping the similarly framed pictures that are based on a common thing. Reestablish a rhythm of similar colors, shapes and textures. I bring in bits of nature indoors week. Reconnect with our primal Selves and get a taste of freedom. If you have outdoor space, set it up so that you can use it on a regular basis. Set it up for entertaining, dining, lounging and meditating. Spending time outdoors resets something in us, making it possible for us to get back into the groove of the rest of our life. Plus, things look, smell and taste better outdoors. Let's go over some easy to hoard action steps. An easy action step is to get some plants for your home. You might also want to get other natural elements into your home, perhaps as artwork or fabric with nature. Image res. A medium difficulty action step Mr Redo your drapery to maximize natural light in your home . Another important oneness to de clutter and open up the visited. Two more negative space. A challenging, ashen step is to set up a poor areas that you can regularly use and start using them. Thanks for watching. See you in the next lecture. 5. Joy course m: welcome back to transform your space with joy in this lecture, we're going to play. We see Children play, but we lose our capacity to play as we grow up. Why is playing point at every age? Patel Lee points out, Play is one of the greatest means of accessing delight with deep roots in human life. Play leads laughter, Fabrice bonding over shared enjoyment. How do we design playing to our environment without creating a juvenile space? It doesn't take much to bring a smile into a space. Small Khoisan que figurines can delight you where you least expected this smiling cow was. Its black spots can pick its place next to more adult accessories such as black and white photos and surprising, unwitting visitor art can be full of fun and mischief. The Monkey Pop Art and the Cat Mermaid can add whimsy to an adult space that takes itself too seriously. Colors and shapes on these works are more vibrant than on more grown up pieces, adding a zing of energy to the space. You can imagine that a few works like these in a room would letting the mood of a space considerably if the previous example, seem to juvenile. To fit your grown up sensibility, you might consider something like the mobile here. Taking its cue from Baby Mobil's, this sophisticated piece retains its sense of movement and Lindsey in this space, the mobile cast that shadow that changes throughout the day. It also provides the orange pop of color that gets picked up elsewhere in the room. Playful pieces don't need to be just the level of accessories. Furniture can also be funny and surprising. This outdoor bench looks like a cartoon. Something as prosaic as enough for bench can make people stop in their tracks and pick note of their environment. Even in a more sophisticated space, furniture can show a sense of playfulness. This tuft itself I looks bulbous, like a collection of bubbles, even while managing to fit into this elegant room. It's a sofa that is crying out to be touched, maybe even jumped on. The stuff approves that playfulness and sophistication are not mutually exclusive. That even a very grown up groom can showcase wit and whimsy. The easy to challenging passions that's replay are easy. Bring into your space little accessories whose primary attributes one. These can be silly salt pepper shakers, a snow globe collection or a cat question. Medium hanging artwork that makes people smile. There are lots of inexpensive pop art posters that have the right spirit of fun challenging fine furniture that has a fund shape or unusual feature, such as a lamp are shaped like a horse. What unsure? Covered in polka dots. Thank you for watching you in the next lecture. 6. Joy course m: you know, welcome back to transform your space with joy. In this lecture, we will be talking about transcendence. What difference in this mean in the context of space and joy? There were experiences that make us feel like there's something greater than us in the universe. We might get that sensation in a lofty cathedral or up on a mountain peak. After a rigorous hike, transcendence often involves being a pie, defying the loss of gravity, embracing the possibility of a heavenly world up above. Now we put that something. Kly Ah, gleeful body isn't ascending one when we're joyful, were buoyant, were walking on air were high on life. So how do we defy gravity and reach will skies in our homes Even though most of our activities are at the floor level, we want to be thinking about height and light. One of the most powerful elements in design occupies the higher elevations of our homes. Not only does light allow us to function even after the sun has said it also emits energy and basis space with its glow put crystals, medals and faceted glass in the path of its race. And you have a magical object that shimmers and shines from up above fabulous hanging ceiling fixtures can completely transform a space. It's like a smaller version of the sun in our homes. Luckily for us, the price of gorgeous chandeliers ingredients, but knicks have come down a lot recently to earthly prices that many of us can afford was the seamy light is a glow. Look at the lighting off the rest of your space. Make sure that all functional areas air well. It and Focal Point said this art are also adequately lighted. CNN mixture helps to turn our attention upward. What else might help less emphasized the critical plane in our homes, Tall windows or, in the absence of them, currents not go from ceiling to floor to create the illusion of bigger windows. Helped to emphasize criticality accident walls like the brick wall or black wall in this photo. Also, take our eyes up the vertical plane. Note also the tall, skinny black faces on the simple, unadorned white pillar that actus arrows pointing to the sky. Once their attention ships words, you might want to look at something on the ceiling. There's a reason why Michelangelo painted his divine images on the Sistine Chapel ceilings . Seeming provides another plane that can pick a space out of the ordinary into the transcendental. I wouldn't recommend decorating deceiving as ornate Lee is the one in this photo. Still, the scene in usually goes neglected, and there's so much I realized, potential of their after you team got the lighting fixture considered painting wallpapering or apply tin tiles or reclaimed wood on the ceiling. The more visual interest we designed into the ceiling, the more our eyes were tricked into thinking that the space is polar and richer. This makes even more sense in a bedroom, a room in which we spend most of the time lying in bed with our gaze naturally turned upward. Much of what I've discussed has really been done in this room on the floor to ceiling curtains, framed the large windows and make the wall seem taller. The white of the ceiling contrasted to the buttery cream of the walls. Help to make the ceiling feel even higher. The beings take our eyes even further upwards up the slope of the ceiling, where a charming wouldn't chandelier at the highest point shines down on the space below. This is a room that has its occupants looking up and being open to the possibility of transcendence. So here are the action steps for transcendence. Easy category considered changing up your light bulbs. My light bulbs that emit the right warms of light is dimmable and environmentally. Currently, there are such a variety of bulbs now that buying them seems to require a PhD in physics is actually quite simple. Boat Google Reviews of bulbs By searching poor best light bulbs for home or a specific room in your home, you'll find that just changing the bulb in transformed appearance and function of your lighting. Fixture the medium category. Change up your lighting fixture and or add lamps throughout your home. Buy a new seeming fixture for a couple of 100 bucks. We're handy and you know what you're doing. You can probably change it in under an hour. Otherwise, call an electrician's and have them installed dimmers while they're at it. In the challenging category. Hang up your curtains to spanned the whole wall from ceiling to poor. Dress up the ceiling while you're stretching upward painted stencil it or clad it. Thanks for watching. See you in the next lecture 7. Joy course m: you know, welcome back to transform your space with drain. In this lecture, we discuss renewal and celebration. Although we are seeking to design more joining Torrey Space, we should acknowledge that life won't always be a picnic. It presents downs. It's Evan flow, and it's cycles of good and bad. Renewal is about coming back from the bad, and celebration is about sharing these good times with loved ones, Mel B. Writes. And then you won't. We find a kind of resilience and ability to bounce back from difficulty by reigniting the optimism and hope that rises within us when we believe that joy will return. We are evolving a cycling through different versions of ourselves all the time. Our environment should reflect our evolution rather than stay stuck in one version of our home design renewal into your space. What I mean by that is to have things in your space that are fluid. Accessories can be switched out. Art can be rotated after living was a certain arrangement for a number of years trying moving things around this by rearranging your furniture, you might discover a whole new way of living in your space changing seasons. Spring natural opportunities to change your space. We want warmer colors, more tactile textures, reminders of nature. In the colder months, we want the warm throws, the evergreen branches on the smell of cider to contract the cold grayness outside in the summers. On the other hand, we want cooler colors like blues and greens to bring down the temperature. Smooth finish, honed marble or metallic surfaces. You're good to the touch, and we want a record to be sparing. Minimal clutter seems to close in on you. When it's too hot. Consider having boxes of seasonal items for your home tucked away in a closet. When the time is right to pull out your warm did it throws where you're sort of blue glass basis over and April are good times to signal the change in season in your home. I'm creating this course just around Christmas night, so I'm hyper aware of how the holidays highlight the cyclical nature of time. Every year, my kids and I buy new ornaments during the post holiday sales together. So although there's a lot of the same every year, we also have a little bit of the new, and as we unpacked ornaments were reminded of the past. Our holiday rituals involve a celebration of the past and in anticipation of the future, being more sensitive to the aesthetics of joy. I also realize this time around how the holiday season foreground so much of what we have a really discussed in this quarter's during a time of year, when the days are short and the temperature low. The Christmas season incorporates joyful elements to get us over the hump off winter and hold out until spring. There's an abundance of lights and colors, trees and weeds spring the outdoors and symmetry can be found on the tree, the balls and countless other decorative elements. The brilliant pops of red and gold add warmth, stockings and gift sir. Filled with toys for play on the star Atop the tree current, our gaze upward Christmas holidays designed for maximum joy as we usher in the New year and start all over again. Part of the joy of the holiday season is a sharing of joy with our loved ones, and that brings us to celebration. The collective experience of joy tell the explains. Celebrations marked the pinnacles of joy in our lives. Note how this beautiful wedding reception incorporates everything we've been looking at. In this course, there's the energy emanating from the color combination of pink, yellow, blue and wait. There's the harmony that comes out of repeating the table settings and bouquets on the overall symmetrical decor. There's a freedom of being in the open outdoors, with the vast guy and ocean as the backdrop with case a quick giant lollipops. The sky with the sun and clouds opens up the heavens to make possible a transcendental experience featuring flowers, which represent the cycle of life. We see blossoming and renewal at work. And finally, the many settings and seats invite others to partake in the joy, even in a home. On a less momentous occasion than a wedding, you can design celebration using similar principles. Have a dinner party like the one in this photo. We get the table dressing. There is symmetrical design rhythm through repetition and emphasis on verticality, with the plants and models and an abundance of natural elements. Whether you celebrate with 200 or two of your closest friends, what's important is that you practice the aesthetics of avoidance, set the right mood. So what are the action steps of renewal. A celebration. An easy action is to change out your accessories into core for the change of seasons and holidays. A medium action step is to throw a party and incorporate the things you've learned about the aesthetics of joy in the part of the court, then savour the joy of spending time with your loved ones. A challenging action step is to look at your home and you as you evolve and change up the space in more fundamental ways to reflect where you are now and who you aspire to be. Thanks for watching See you in the final lecture. 8. Joy course bonus: way. Welcome back. This is the final lecture of transforming your space with joy. Congratulations on making it this far. I now you've discovered wasted design joy into your home recognize draw and big and little things all around you. If you feel like you want to make more fundamental changes to your space and want to learn more about my design method, check out my other offerings have provided links to all of these as well as to the totally book on the attached appendix. My e book. Transform Your Space, Transform Your Life, gives you an overview of My Fun Shwe inspired design method with step by step instructions and tips to help your rethink and transform your home. My e courses transformer space with color and transform your space with key focus on just the color and slow aspects of design. I provided basic lessons on color theory, composition, a bunch way, principles of harmony and flow to help you design a space that feels and looks great. They also have a series of YouTube videos that provide free quick tips on design. It spread my channel to learn about new videos which I upload regularly. You can also sign up for my email list to learn about other new courses and blocks coming down the pike. This course will be free forever. Please spread the joy and share with your family and friends. It gave me great pleasure to put this course together. Now it's time to Sarah goodbyes, wishing you enjoys many occasions to rebel Enjoy.