Transform Your Modern Calligraphy Style One Step at a Time | Molly Suber Thorpe | Skillshare

Transform Your Modern Calligraphy Style One Step at a Time

Molly Suber Thorpe, Calligrapher & Graphic Designer

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3 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Transform Your Lettering: One Step at a Time

    • 3. Tag me! @mollysuberthorpe

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About This Class

The "one step at a time" approach is my favorite exercise for modern lettering artists who are looking to transform their style, or add more styles to their repertoire. In this video, I'll walk you through it in real time, and give you detailed commentary and tips as I go.

The exercise is also a great way to break out of habits you've developed over time that can make it hard to create fresh-looking work. We'll talk about how to critique your letters PRODUCTIVELY, then make target changes so that you can create a unique lettering style you really love.


I created this exercise for my intermediate and advanced workshop students, and find that they get something new out of it each and every time. It's ideal for all types of hand lettering, such as dip pen, brush marker, fountain pen, and even pencil. I am demonstrating using a pointed calligraphy pen fitted in a straight holder (linked below).


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