Transform Client's brief into actual Web Design successfully

Muhammad Ahsan, UI UX Visual Designer 10+ Years

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15 Lessons (1h 51m)
    • 1. Introduction to Web Design project handling

    • 2. Interpreting client's brief with real world examples

    • 3. Getting design direction from competitor's website

    • 4. How I bill my Web Design clients

    • 5. How to get design direction of any Web Design project

    • 6. How to improve your design with feedback

    • 7. Stealing from your inspirations successfully without copying

    • 8. Selecting typefaces for your Web Design project

    • 9. Color scheme experiments for Web Design

    • 10. Using and making components and symbols in Web Design

    • 11. Design will improve with time

    • 12. Collaborating with developers on Web Design project

    • 13. Performance optimization and lazy loading

    • 14. Web Design project deployment and after sales service

    • 15. What to do NEXT?


About This Class

This class is all about PRACTICAL WEB DESIGN stuff. A lot of designers and even developers don't know how to handle and deliver a Web Design project starting from the client's brief to inspirations and how to transform client's specs and design inspirations into an actual Web Design

This class got your covered. It will teach you

  • How to read and interpret client's Web Design brief
  • Learn from competitor's analysis and inspirations
  • How to steal from your inspirations
  • Setting up design direction for your Web Design project
  • How your website design improves with time
  • Overcoming collaboration problems with Web Developers
  • Delivery of Web Design project
  • Performance issues, image optimizations and lazy loading tips
  • How to provide client with after-sales services

This class don't teach you about the design tools but the whole process where I have shared the story of my last two Web Design projects from start to finish. I am going to share with you all the tools, tips and techniques i use to deliver a web design project successfully.

I am hoping to see you inside. Let's begin