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Train Machine Learning model with IBM Watson, Core ML, Swift

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18 Lessons (2h 11m)
    • 1. IBM Watson

    • 2. Registration to Watson API

    • 3. Training your first Machine Learning Model

    • 4. iPhone App Launch Screen

    • 5. App UI/UX Design

    • 6. Working with Image Picker

    • 7. Integrating CoreML & Trained Model

    • 8. Demo of second app to classify traffic signs

    • 9. Launch Screen Design for Traffic Sign Classification

    • 10. Model Training for Traffic Sign Classification

    • 11. Completed Model Training

    • 12. Developing Mobile App to classify traffic signs

    • 13. Demo app for Dog Breed Classification

    • 14. Model Training for Dog Breed Classification

    • 15. Dog Breed Classification app design

    • 16. Model Training for Rare Coin Image Classification

    • 17. Rare Coin Classification: App

    • 18. Chocolate type Classification


About This Class

Apple recently announced their partnership with IBM to leverage IBM's Watson service to train machine learning models for CoreML. So that mean you now can build apps that leverage Watson machine learning models on iPhone and iPad, even when your device is offline. Your apps can quickly analyze images, accurately classify visual content, and easily train models using Watson Services. 

With this video series you will learn to onboard with not only pre-trained Watson models but customize and train models that continuously learn over time.

In Apple's own words "You can build apps that seamlessly integrate with IBM Cloud using the IBM Cloud Developer Console for Apple. This allows you to quickly tap into Watson Services for Core ML, as well as other IBM cloud services including authentication, data, analytics, and more. The console provides a catalog of starter kits designed for common frameworks that integrate with IBM Cloud."

This makes it easy for any app developer to get on-boarded with training their models without going through extensive learnings about Machine Learning algorithms. Knowledge of machine learning is great but to get started quickly and to roll out product in market with intelligence built in is awesome. 

So in this video course we will learn to leverage power of IBM Watson to create some really sophisticated models and use them in our apps in no time.