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Traffic Generation Step-By-Step For Beginner To Expert

Jimmy Razo, Learn-Implement-Earn

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22 Videos (3h 28m)
    • Traffic 01TrafficNoCostMethodsA

    • Traffic 02TrafficNoCostMethodsB

    • Traffic 03TrafficKeywordResearch

    • Traffic 04TrafficSquidooA

    • Traffic 05TrafficSquidooB

    • Traffic 06TrafficSquidooC

    • Traffic 07TrafficHubpages

    • Traffic 08TrafficFreeBlogLiveJournal

    • Traffic 09TrafficArticleSubmissions

    • Traffic 10TrafficFacebookPagesA

    • Traffic 11TrafficFacebookPagesB

    • Traffic 12TrafficTwitter

    • Traffic 13TrafficPinterest

    • Traffic 14TrafficGooglePlus

    • Traffic 15TrafficRSSSubmissions

    • Traffic 16TrafficAnswerSites

    • Traffic 17TrafficForumMarketing

    • Traffic 18TrafficPressReleaseMarketing

    • Traffic 19TrafficDocumentSharing

    • Traffic 20TrafficClassifiedAdvertising

    • Traffic 21TrafficGuestBlogging

    • Traffic 22TrafficBlogCommenting


About This Class

Without a doubt traffic is the life and blood of your business. No traffic equates to no sales period. It's not just a case of getting traffic, but sourcing it from the right places so that the people that do visit your site are there for a reason. This entire module is dedicated to helping to tap into every free and powerful resource to help you promote your site.   Lesson #1 - Free Traffic Methods - Watch this video as we quickly go through the contents of this course to give you an overview Lesson #2 - Keyword Research - Discover how to 'sniper' your way to customers buy picking keywords that attract buyers to your business - not window shoppers. Lesson #3 - Squidoo - See how we create a new lens on Squidoo and link back to our site to boost our rankings. Lesson #4 - Hubpages - Watch how we take advantage of Hubpages' site presence to generate more traffic. Lesson #5 - Free Blog Live Journal - See how we create a new post on Live Journal for free. Lesson #6 - Article Submissions - Discover how to write and submit quality articles that get read, boost your rankings, and get people clicking through to your website. Lesson #7 - Facebook Pages - Watch as we create a Facebook Page to generate traffic from within Facebook which will in turn lead to our website. Lesson #8 - Twitter - Discover an easy process to setup a Twitter account, post short snippets of content, build a following to harness the power of social media. Lesson #9 - Pinterest - Watch this video as we walk you through the process of setting up a Pinterest account and adding image content that cleverly promotes your website. Lesson #10 - Google Plus - See how we use Google Plus to promote almost any content we have online to give it that extra traffic boost. Lesson #11 - RSS Submissions - Discover how to submit your content to an RSS Feed directory so that any new content you create gets syndicated through more sites. Lesson #12 - Answer Sites - Not only can you use Answers sites to get traffic but it's a great way to see what your niche market is really interested in, and what problems they face. This is a great way to get in tune with your potential customers before they've even seen your website. Lesson #13 - Forum Marketing - Discover how to find niche forums witihn your market and post valuable content that not only promotes your sites, but ensure you don't get banned for spamming! Lesson #14 - Press Release Marketing - Press Releases are a great way to announce your new blog, a new website, a new product and more. Watch this video to see how to submit content to this platform like a pro. Lesson #15 - Document Sharing - In this video we'll walk you through the process of submitting quality content to document sharing sites. The beauty of this is that these sites require you to have more web presence which only increases the quality of traffic you'll receive. Lesson #16 - Classified Advertising - Use this free advertising platform to drop a link to your free eBook, to your video, to your blog, your affiliate link or more. Watch this video to see how and which sites are worth your time. Lesson #17 - Guest Blogging - This method is a great way to reach a new audience, build your brand, network and build links to your site. We'll show you how to do this properly so you're more likely to be accepted from other blog sites. Lesson #18 - Blog Commenting - This is another great way to get yourself in front of relevant readers, generate a new source of traffic and build your presence online.





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