Traditional Intaglio Printing / Gravure Printing | Jon Lybrook | Skillshare

Traditional Intaglio Printing / Gravure Printing

Jon Lybrook, Fine Printmaker

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7 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Part 1 Preparing the Plate

    • 2. Part 2 Mixing the Ink

    • 3. Part 3 - Brayering and Wiping the Plate

    • 4. Part 4 - Wiping the Edges

    • 5. Part 5 - Preparing the Paper

    • 6. Part 6 - Making the Print

    • 7. Extra video: Chine Colle


About This Class


In this class, Jon Lybrook, lead printmaker of Intaglio Editions will demonstrate how to make continuous-tone, intaglio prints from polymer photogravure plates using Japanese Kozo fine art paper.

Jon walks you through all the steps of genuine gravure printing, from preparing the plate, paper and press to making the print. The class will offer valuable lessons in how to change simple variables to control critical outcomes such as contrast, continuous tone, mottling, edge smearing, blanket artifacts, and other details required for making professional-quality, fine photogravure prints.

Students need access to an intaglio press, printmaking materials, and have some experience in traditional printmaking.





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Jon Lybrook

Fine Printmaker

Jon Lybrook is a printmaker, photographer, business owner and lead plate technician for Intaglio Editions in Boulder, Colorado. Jon has worked with artists and photographers throughout the world to produce better, more continuous tone photogravure prints from custom-crafted polymer plates and better printmaking techniques since 2004.

With all art, the devil lies in the details, as the saying goes. Printmaking is among the most beautiful and process-oriented areas of the fine traditiona...

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