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10 Videos (28m)
    • Metallic Magic Intro

    • Kind of a Big Deal

    • Metallic Inks

    • Metallic Watercolors

    • Bronze Powder

    • Make Your Own

    • Acrylic & Oil Pastel

    • Digital Metallic

    • Tips to Get Going

    • Quick Recap


About This Class


Elusive, expensive, but altogether magical--metallics add an intangible touch to your work. But how do we use them? How much is too much and why bother? You'll learn how several metallic mediums function and flourish in this 28 minute class!

These ten, short segments will help you:

  • gain an overview of how past and current creatives incorporate metallics into their work
  • acquire an understanding of how a variety of metallic mediums compare with each other
  • understand the strengths, weaknesses and uses for each material type
  • learn a quick way to add metallics to your digital work using Photoshop
  • confidence to add touches of metallic magic to your current (or past) work

You've got great work. Make it gorgeous, on-trend, magical.

Open your art drawers and watch the videos to find out how.


When you're ready, create your magical touches and show us in your project post. 

You will also get a full list of the materials used in this class in a PDF download! *Found on the right-hand side of the Your Project tab once enrolled.




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As with all of Amarilys' classes, this class is thorough, well thought out, informative and fun.
Adrienne Brown

Felting Goddess of Northern Ontario

Very interesting! I love metallics and use gel pens or paint markers. This was a refreshing take on metallics using the watercolors and paints. Thank you!
Angenise Rawls

Happy mom and wife. Hand Letterer & Momrepreneur.





Amarilys Henderson

Watercolor Illustrator, Design Thinker

I process on paper and I problem-solve with keystrokes.

As a commercial illustrator, I've had the pleasure of bringing the dynamic vibrance of colorful watercolor strokes to everyday products. My work is licensed for greeting and Christmas cards, art prints, drawing books, and home decor items. My design background influences much of my recent work, revolving around typography and florals. 

If anything describes me, it's that I'm an explorer. I am interested in how things work, often bouncing from the fine art world to vectors, from paint to textile patterns. I'm forever ignited by new ideas and projects, aiming to master them while enjoying the process.

While my professional work in illustration and wedding stationery are driven by trend, my personal work springs from my faith. Follow along on Instagram

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