Touch Typing Made Easy - From Beginner to Mastery in Typing (Complete Course)

Adam Muhammad, Skills with impact

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24 Lessons (1h 56m)
    • 1. 00 Course Overview

    • 2. 01 Understanding the Querty keyboard layout

    • 3. 02 How to set up input source for Mac

    • 4. 03 How to set up input source for Windows

    • 5. 04 how to place your fingers on the keyboard

    • 6. 05 typing the letters F and J

    • 7. 06 typing the letters D and K

    • 8. 07 typing the letters S and L

    • 9. 08 typing the letter A and semi colon

    • 10. 09 typing the letters E and I

    • 11. 10 typing the words R and U

    • 12. 11 typing the letters T and O

    • 13. 12 typing CAPITAL letters

    • 14. 13 typing the letters C and comma

    • 15. 14 typing the letters G and H

    • 16. 15 typing the letters N and V

    • 17. 16 typing the letters W and M

    • 18. 17 typing the letters Q and P

    • 19. 18 typing the letters B and Y

    • 20. 19 typing the letters Z and X

    • 21. 20 typing colon and semi colon

    • 22. 21 typing full stop and comma

    • 23. 22 typing question mark and exclamation mark

    • 24. 23 typing dash quotation marks and parentheses


About This Class

Let me show you how this Touch Typing course will help you:

First you will learn how to place your fingers correctly on the keyboard.

Then you will learn how to type your first two letters: F and J. Very simple, right? Right.

After knowing how to type your first two letters, you do exercises to practice your typing. The exercises so far will contain only these two letters that we have just learnt: F and J.

When you have mastered typing these two letters F and J, you move to your next lesson where you learn two more letters D and K. But this time, in the exercises, you practice touch typing four letters: D, F, J and K. As you can see, you review the letters F and J from the previous lesson and you practice touch typing the new letters D and K.

This process goes like this until we study all the letters!

It is important to mention that from lesson 5 we have very interesting exercises: we will exercise typing words that contain only the letters that we have already studied.

For example, if we haven't studied the letters B and Y, we won't have exercises that contain these letters (like Ball, Yellow, etc)

This course also covers CAPITAL letters and punctuation Marks.

So, by the end of this course, you will be equipped to type fast and accurately

I am sure you will enjoy this course that will give you this very important skill for life.

Many thanks and hope to see you in the course!