Total Personality and Mindset Reset

Ash Seddeek, Business Success and Leadership Coach

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14 Videos (1h 12m)
    • Module 00 Course Introduction

    • Module 01 Lack vs. Abundance Mindset

    • Module 02 Victim vs. Responsible Mindset

    • Module 03 It's Impossible vs. It's Possible Mindset

    • Module 04 Employee vs. Service Orientation Mindset

    • Module 05 Transaction vs. Experience Mindset

    • Module 06 Hope vs. Action Mindset

    • Module 07 Receive vs. Give Mindset

    • Module 08 Be Defined or Have your Point of View/Brand Mindset

    • Module 09 Win/Lose vs. Win/Win Mindset

    • Module 10 You Do it All vs. Leverage Mindset

    • Module 11 Total Personality Reset

    • Bonus 01 Perfect vs Imperfect Action

    • Bonus 02 Lead from where you are


About This Class

A New YOU is Requested

You’ve heard a lot of talk about resilience which refers to one’s ability to adapt with what comes along. Agility is another word I’d like to use. Both of these refer to being able to adapt, shift and take a different course of action. This is definitely the main intent behind the course and book entitled: Total Personality and Mindset Reset: Millionaire Mindset Hacks: How to Achieve a Total Reset in Mindset and Create Massive Results. It is based on the premise that shifting a certain number of beliefs or simply your personal leanings in how you view the world, how you respond to opportunities, how you approach our interactions with others can really make a huge positive shift in your life and prospects.

You’ll find a total of 12 mindset hacks or shifts that when implemented will result in a total shift for you personally.

These mindset shifts will be a breath of fresh air and will help reposition yourself in family, friendship and work relationships and interactions and create a positive abundance and much more promising collaboration with others and through others.

You'll also notice your level of influence will increase but simply you will start approaching issues and others differently and in daring on a daily basis to start doing things differently by putting these millionaire mindset hacks to use and applying them in your interactions.

With bliss and best wishes,


[email protected]


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Ash brakes it up for you; in a few simple modules he offers you a way to think differently about your attitudes in all kinds of situations in your life. You can use this class to brake through a pattern you had not defined before and approach a situation in a better way than you did before.





Ash Seddeek

Business Success and Leadership Coach

  • You know how companies struggle with getting their messages across to their employees, customers, partners and Wall Street.

    I solve that

    I work with these companies to put together a team that charts an integrated communications and leadership development plan and then we implement the plan through a consulting engagement.

    Here is a high level overview of our engagement process:
  • We start by netting down your messages to its highest level of clarity
  • Then we look at how to align the leadership team around it
  • Then we put the leadership team through facilitated interactions to help them develop their ability to deliver these messages with clarity, enthusiasm and impact to all stakeholders starting with their own teams.
  • Take action today if you'd like to get this process started for your organization.
  • The team I bring together includes several disciplines

- Corporate communications
- High impact leadership communications
- Leadership development
- Inclusion and diversity
- Strategy consultants
- Executive coaches: speech delivery, voice and content coaching

[email protected]

Brief Bio:

Ash Seddeek is a business success and leadership coach, speaker and author. Ash worked for fortune 500 companies such as Deloitte Consulting, Oracle, BroadVision, and Cisco Systems on leadership development, strategic account manager sales training and strategic content for large scale corporate communications experiences such as Cisco Global Sales Experience and the Partner Summit with 25000 annual attendees. Ash also founded Fremont Consulting, a boutique contract staffing and consulting firm that he developed into a 7-figure revenue business with benchmark clients including HP, SAP America, HGST and, Trustmetrics among others.

Ash is the author of the forthcoming book: MEANING: How Leaders Create Meaning and Clarity during Times of Crisis and Opportunity. You can get his first book:  Start with a Vision: How Leaders Envision a Better Future and Show Others How to Get there on Amazon