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7 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. 1 Introduction to Plugins in WordPress

    • 2. 2 WordPress Top Social Media Plugins

    • 3. 3 Plugins Premium vs Free

    • 4. 4 Popular SEO plugins Wordpress

    • 5. 5 Setting up a contact Form

    • 6. 6 Website Speed Cache your content plugin

    • 7. 7 Top Plugins Wordpress


About This Class


Plugins are super powerful and provide your Wordpress websites with some really nice upgrades.

They can be uploaded and installed directly within the Wordpress dashboard.  Plugins can be easily added to your website without having to do any coding.   You can activate plugins as needed within your website dashboard.  Once you add a plugin you will have different custom functions that are available from within your function.  There are over 40000 plugin available.


You can acheive a lot with plugins, and usually whatever you need on your website can be added via a plugin.  The hard part is choosing the best suited plugin for your needs.  Just like with themes plugins have a lot to offer and at times can be overkill for what you need.  Usually when selecting plugins I refer to the number of users of the plugin and how popular it is.  Chances are that if the plugin is being used by a lot of people, it serves the purpose well and if it’s not working you will see that in the feedback.  


Typically web site owners look to plugins to help with social media integration. Social media is so important to websites, helping visitors easily share your content out to the world.   Also it can be used to build your own social communities for stronger marketing and brand building.  

SEO is another prime reason for seeking plugins.  They make adding SEO options easy, such as page optimization and keywords.   

Also contact forms and security are other reasons for seeking plugins.