Top Way To Easily Record Professional Lectures

Ian Stables, I'm Here To Help You

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5 Videos (21m)
    • Watch This First

    • How to Relax and Record Perfect Lectures

    • Brilliant Way to Remove Nerves

    • The Magic Key For Easier Recordings

    • What To Remember


About This Class

This simple method will allow you to record professional lectures, every time.

I used to record my lectures and have to redo them again and again. It was agonizing. I tried doing a few practice runs first but when I came to record the real version, I would stumble. My nerves would get the better of me.

I am always learning to improve what I do. I discovered some really effective methods for making it easier. I also did a bit of thinking and came up with additional ideas.

When I started recording using these three methods, it was actually enjoyable. I totally relaxed. It was like I was chatting to a friend. I never worried about forgetting what to say next any more. In addition, it's very rare I have to edit the video. It's good enough.

Take this class and allow me to share these super effective methods with you.





Ian Stables

I'm Here To Help You

Helping others since 2001.

I want to help as many people as possible with what they want to improve in their lives. I have done that through my writing since 2001.

My history:

I gave my first talk when I was aged twelve. This was in front of over one hundred people. I followed a program designed to improve public speaking and teaching.

I learned computing and went on to develop a computer system to run a business in herbs and spices. This was designed to allow comp...

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