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Top Way To Easily Record Professional Lectures

Ian Stables, I'm Here To Help You

Top Way To Easily Record Professional Lectures

Ian Stables, I'm Here To Help You

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5 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Watch This First

    • 2. How to Relax and Record Perfect Lectures

    • 3. Brilliant Way to Remove Nerves

    • 4. The Magic Key For Easier Recordings

    • 5. What To Remember

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About This Class

This simple method will allow you to record professional lectures, every time.

I used to record my lectures and have to redo them again and again. It was agonizing. I tried doing a few practice runs first but when I came to record the real version, I would stumble. My nerves would get the better of me.

I am always learning to improve what I do. I discovered some really effective methods for making it easier. I also did a bit of thinking and came up with additional ideas.

When I started recording using these three methods, it was actually enjoyable. I totally relaxed. It was like I was chatting to a friend. I never worried about forgetting what to say next any more. In addition, it's very rare I have to edit the video. It's good enough.

Take this class and allow me to share these super effective methods with you.

Meet Your Teacher

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Ian Stables

I'm Here To Help You


Helping others since 2001.

I want to help as many people as possible with what they want to improve in their lives. I have done that through my writing since 2001.

My history:

I gave my first talk when I was aged twelve. This was in front of over one hundred people. I followed a program designed to improve public speaking and teaching.

I learned computing and went on to develop a computer system to run a business in herbs and spices. This was designed to allow complete novices to generate customer orders and delivery notes. It then allows the finished order to be processed and then invoiced.

I'm telling you this because I want you to understand something. I have always been keen on learning new things. Not only that, but I like to make things work bett... See full profile

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1. Watch This First: only in stables here and welcome some. Of course. Uh, this is my first course on skill share. Published a lot of successful courses on you to me up tonight on my knowledge originally comes from publishing on being a author on Amazon for quite some time. Being very successful. Currently have more than 50 Kindle books. Several leads up being come bestsellers Onda From there, I moved to you to me and be decided to create courses on there because my my goal is not just to make money. Of course it is. Who doesn't need money to live these days? The things But I really do want to help people. That's what I was doing for my books. Never feel it's a lot easier if I could do this with my video. So this is what I'm doing here with, you know? So in this my first course actually going to share with you some of what I've learned Mullah published on you know me. And they're of course, also using that here on skill share. Onda. I've learned many, many things that I can tell you I'll be turning with those in future courses from this course I'm going to be turning you them. Three great tips on thes three or you need these tips will allow you to relax totally when you create your videos. And I'm using these techniques not right now. And they were totally relax you. You will get your video just right every single time. On what's more, you rarely have to edit any of your videos afterwards. Abuses techniques. So with that said, let's get on with first lecture and I'm gonna teach you the first. I call it magical tips. All right, so see, in the next lecture and for teaching you 2. How to Relax and Record Perfect Lectures: how to relax and record perfect lectures. In this lesson, you're going to learn such a very valuable tip that will make everything so much easier for you on do so much more fun. You will actually look forward to recording your lessons on put Perfect. Okay, so there's not everything is perfect, but what I mean, there is good quality lectures you record on and do it a lot faster as well, with a lot less mistakes in them. You have a lot less re records to do all the time, so this isn't really it. But this is actually quite good advice, because when I first started learning how to do public speaking, I in front of a live audience, one of the big tips we hard waas to practice in front of a Marisa's actually had to stand up in front of a mirror alone. Of course, no overhead for anybody else on practice, giving our talk in to ourselves and murder on we were told to do at least three times on the course of the advice was that video is three times. You will be a lot more relaxed when you come to do your actual talk in front of the audience on. There is a lot of merit in that it did help quite a lot, although after admit it doesn't remove all here your nerves and things like that. But it certainly is a really good tip. So, of course, in recording your video lessons, lectures, whatever it is, OK, it's use your good ideas well, to do it there. So I did that on it is beneficial. It does work. But there was a problem with this approach on that was this. I would go through my slides and all the screens I plan to use on. I would do a practice doing that three times, and then I used to say, Right, Okay, I'm happy with her. I've got it. Now I know where everything goes. My, I'm gonna say in things that now. Now let's hit record on, Let's go for it. Let's do the recording but right every nearly every time, not every time. Actually I would have to re record it and re record and re recalled because of stumble over my words. Forget what I was going to say next. Andi, it was censored because my nerves would get the better because now I knew that this was it was recording the actual lecture. But the thing is, this is weird, but the amount of times I would have to re record my final lecture exceeded the amount of times I would do my practice lectures by quite a bit. And the interesting thing is night, usually by the second, if not the first on. Certainly by the third practice, I was quite happy with how a sounded and or everything I said was right in everything. So why was it suddenly to take all these extra recordings to get the final one done? Well, it's big book. Let's get to the point. I used to realize that when I did the practice lectures, I was more relaxed. And so therefore I could think clearly I wasn't worried if it didn't go around. Not because, after all, I was just doing a practice lecture. So I used to think What? Why can't it be like that when I do my final one? The actual recording when I'm going to keep it would be great, wouldn't it on? Then came the solution. So here it is. You treat each recording like your practice room. So when you're doing a practice lesson on, this is what I'm doing? No, By the way, you're watching it. A practice lesson. You are relaxed because it's just a practice. The difference, though, is when you do your practice lecture, you record it. But you don't treat it as this is the final lecture. This is the one I've got to get right. You don't have to worry because this is a practice, a lecture That is a very simple tip, but very, very powerful because I'm sitting here talking to you On this, to me is a practice lecture than I'm quite happy to do again, if necessary. So it doesn't matter if a step up or say the wrong thing. I can't remember what I'm going to say next. Because I'm gonna This is just a practice lecture. And this is the beauty of this message method. Because by recording each practice lecture, you never do a final lecture. All your lectures lessons are practiced lessons, their practice recordings, every single one of them. Now what? Your findings You're very quickly. I often do it in one take very rarely have to do more than one take sometimes, too. And sometimes, yeah, I'll do three sometimes even sometimes as being more than three. Okay, that's just the way things go. But what I'll do is I'll record the practice lecture and when at the end of that practice lecture, I'm happy, I will save it, and that is the one I will up load. And so by the mere fact that you're watching on hearing me now means that this practice lecture was good enough in the next lecture is another excellent tip on. It's actually one used by faith. A personality of famous person on it is very effective. 3. Brilliant Way to Remove Nerves: Okay. So are you ready to remove your nerves? Good. Go about and do that before I reveal the simple technique on the show where this comes from . And actually you're gonna learn to valuable lessons here to help you along in your lessons . Lectures. So let's get to the 1st 1 was the 1st 1 will then lead nicely to help you understand the actual tip itself. Okay, I put wrong here because this is what I find a lot of people do wrong when they're teaching their course. They're doing their elections without skill. Share you to me, or it's a YouTube video. Whatever they usually will say hi, guys. OK, do you all understand? I'll see you all in the next lecture. Um okay. Does everybody understand? Not many of you will have seen this before. Words like that. So what is wrong with that? Well, if you think about it, one person is watching at a time there. Hopefully there will be millions of people that will watch your lectures on door lessons and courses on. You'll be very successful in helping off a lot of people and be rewarded as a result. I sincerely wish that for you. However, at the end, looking at your screen, watching your lectures and your lessons is one person. Now, when I watch any courses, video courses like this, it's me watching. There's not a bunch of people sitting around like it's an auditorium. So when Nilis when? So, in other words, when the Pearl instructor says things like Hi guys and hope you'll understand things that it feels like he's not speaking to me or she's not speaking to me. It doesn't feel very nice on, in fact to me, if he was a bit annoying that I can understand where where structures get this from. And it's from possibly going on the Internet and watching many of the webinars that are prevalent around the Internet these days, or going to probably even alive seminar that you got to remember phrases like Hi, guys and you understand on those things are fine because there are lots of people watching at one time, so it's OK there. But when it comes to a skill share course or you to me, course wherever the plot four year on its one person watching it at a time make it personal so Here's the right way. One on one. Coaching. Think of it like that. It's more personal. So I'm not saying to, you know, do you old understand this? You know, Do you do any of you have any questions? Not saying that? I'm saying Do you understand it? I want you to understand. I want to help you. That sounds like I'm talking to you. Which I am. I'm talking to you on. I'm helping you. That sounds a lot better and more personal people like that. That's why people spend a lot more money when they go and have a 1 to 1 sessions with a personal trainer or professional person. They always spend more for that because they're getting a 1 to 1 personal approach. So give your the people you watch your videos. That is well, no, this is it really sort of what I've already said No, but almost no speak to one person. Notice is Ah, wonderful idea, because it's smoothly leads on from what I've just said. A very famous personal. Certainly in the UK, Terry Welcome has been around for a lot of years. A za radio presenter and even house very hot very successful television shows as well. On a very, very well known aunt. He was once interviewed. I watched it on the television. Worse, uh, television presenter asked him, You know, when you're on the radio on, you know, there are millions of people listening to you. How do you know? Get nervous cause you sound so relaxed and everything went on the radio and Terry Wogan said, I do this when I'm speaking on that microphone. I imagine that there is only one person at the other end listening to me. So in my head, I don't think there's millions of people I'm speaking toe one person on the other end listing to me speaking on this microphone on. When I do that, I completely relax on talking to one person, one person only. So it comes back to what I've just said. There would be one person watching your video lecture lesson at a time, so speak and imagine and remember that it's one person. There's not gonna be a crowd of people watching your lecture or lesson, so that's not gonna happen. It may do, but it's very, very unlikely. So when you do it, remember that's all you got. Remember not telling you to make believe something that's not true. Here your video be watched by one person at a time. Remember that you are speaking to one person. I am speaking to one person. I'm speaking to you. Just one person. That is the tip. If you do that, your nerves will be removed. And not only that, your lectures will be ah favourably received No for the magic key for easier recordings. 4. The Magic Key For Easier Recordings: there is a key, and I refer to as a magic key. I mean, it really is simple, but actually it's magical, and what it can do for you is going to make it a lot easier for you. And it's almost like you can edit your videos. You go and you can get much more professional videos. As a result, it can solve this problem, which can often happen. You could be doing your lesson on suddenly. Forget what? The next point Wasow, that what was the story? You're going to give all the example that you were going to give on. So you need to go in, check your notes. So look on a different screen on then. Oh, you have to restart the video and re record again. Well, you don't anymore. Not with this key. You might need to change screens now, then it makes you make sure lessons a lot more professional if you're not flicking from screen to screen while they can see your flicking from screen to screen often is the case that a lot of lessons and lectures being sport for me by you know, we're not talking you sport, but you know if you sit there in the person of the instructor is at the other end saying Really sorry. My computers really stole today or I'm just going to open my browser and then it sort of sort of muttering aeration themselves, as they're saying, You just gotta wait for this screen to go now and then eventually the screen goes and said , Okay, then finally we're here. You don't need to have all that. You can simply say Okay, never going to look at E Bay on Boom. You're there straight away, just like the televisions her they cut into cut into the next scene where there any breaks . That's what you can use this key for clearing your throat. If you got feel a coughs coming on or something like that, you can use this key may have guess what it is by now, So it's time for me to reveal the key on. It's not magic magic when you sort of see it is it? But it works like magic. It's the Pawelski now, unlike screen, you can't see it. Only I cannot listen. If I move my ropes around, you can see it moving. I'm no right over the pause button. I'm not gonna click it, but if I was to click that now, it would pause the video, and then I had Clickety gangs. It would be a record button, and that would restart the recording. But you don't have to do that. You can. But I don't really want it so that my most is moving all over the screen. I'd much rather be a lot smoother. So what you normally have is most video recording. Certainly screen capture software like screen cast a magic, which is the one I I use and recommend it to you. It has got You can use a short cut key on your keyboard, and I've set mine up. So I press and hold down, bolt off the old key and then press P. And if I do that, it pauses the video. And then when I married to record again, I clicked on my most that record button on the left court bottom left corner and away we go again. So how this works is every time you want to remember something, you forgot what you said. You just pause. Go and have a look, then restart it when you've got you've remembered what it is you're gonna say. If you want to change the screen, that looks a lot more professional. Pause first, angered or you get to that screen and then restart. Recording. It's a lot more fashionable, so on yours, it might not be old. P. Normal. You probably find that if you look on the shortcut keys and your software, your recording software, it may be a different key. They usually will be. Keep that one if you prefer. Are usually your final is an option where you can change it to a different key of your choice. Usually think a combination of keys are a good idea rather than just having P. Because then, if you're I was typing something on the screen while you're watching me every time hit the peaky. Of course, it would stop recording, so it's not really a good ideas. It's always best of it. Combined with on a control key are all two key shift key off something of that sort. So no demonstrate real quick. One of me might is Pawelski. Here we are on Amazon, the best service page, just like that instantly. But not really instantly because I pressed Paul's oppressed. Opie paused on While in pause, I opened the Amazon website, Click Our A kicked on Kindle E books, then clicked on Kindle bestsellers, which was the best centers in all the options. Then I click down to the category craft, hobbies and home. Then I click How to and home improvements on. Then I clicked on this category here that we're in now. I could have even said going into one the book. So I said, Oh, I'm gonna take you Show your a book page on Amazon, a particular book. I could have done all of that there whilst on Paul's on, then clicked record a game when I was ready. So that's all I did here. So it's really effective and looks more professional. Yep, I just did it again. So just to show you how it looks more professional, so there we are. That's the magic key for going is going to really save your a lot of time editing as well. It's gonna make your videos a lot more professional, and it's going to stop you worrying about times when you might forget about what you're going to say next 5. What To Remember: Okay, let's recap then what we've learned. So every recording is a practice lesson. It's a practice. Remember to record it. All you do is when you are happy with one particular practice lesson old lecture that you recorded to save it was your final version. That's it. Easy. Speak to one person. Remember one person at a time watching your video, So it's one person you're speaking to. Speak to them, Coach them, teach them. Help them. One person. Andi, use the pause key. Remember, it's there. I must admit, when I first had this idea of using the pause key, I learned this idea. I used to keep forgetting about it. Stumble and then. But, you know, lately, if you just keep trying to keep it in the front, your mind that you got this pause key that you can use it any time, it will relax you as well. So there we are, very useful stuff. So use this every time you record your lessons in future. On you will find that you will be relaxed and it will come across more professional. Um, you people will also enjoy watching your lectures on your lessons. Ah, lot more as well