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Top Way To Easily Record Professional Lectures

Ian Stables, I'm Here To Help You

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5 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Watch This First

    • 2. How to Relax and Record Perfect Lectures

    • 3. Brilliant Way to Remove Nerves

    • 4. The Magic Key For Easier Recordings

    • 5. What To Remember


About This Class

This simple method will allow you to record professional lectures, every time.

I used to record my lectures and have to redo them again and again. It was agonizing. I tried doing a few practice runs first but when I came to record the real version, I would stumble. My nerves would get the better of me.

I am always learning to improve what I do. I discovered some really effective methods for making it easier. I also did a bit of thinking and came up with additional ideas.

When I started recording using these three methods, it was actually enjoyable. I totally relaxed. It was like I was chatting to a friend. I never worried about forgetting what to say next any more. In addition, it's very rare I have to edit the video. It's good enough.

Take this class and allow me to share these super effective methods with you.