Top Tips for Selling at Art & Craft Shows Part III: Mastering the Aftermath | Stine Wiemann | Skillshare

Top Tips for Selling at Art & Craft Shows Part III: Mastering the Aftermath

Stine Wiemann, Freelance Graphic Designer & Photographer

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6 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. 00 intro

    • 2. 01 finances

    • 3. 02 sales

    • 4. 03 change

    • 5. 04 prepare

    • 6. 05 outro


About This Class

In this last class of three I will share more than 8 years of experience with you and walk you through the aftermath of a show. I talk about how I manage my bookkeeping, how I usually assess my sales, how to implement necessary changes and other crucial things you should not forget.

This class is for beginners who would like to get a quick overview  - but even if you have experience with craft fairs there may be some tips, tricks and resources for you to explore.

Included in this class is a blank pdf form template to include your revenue and expenses so that you get your numbers right.





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Stine Wiemann

Freelance Graphic Designer & Photographer

Stine is a freelance graphic designer & photographer based in Germany. She graduated from the University of Marburg, Germany with a masters degree in Fine Arts, Literature & History - since then she worked on her doctoral thesis, founded her paper goods label "sonst noch was?" and worked as a freelancer.

She now lives with her small family near Cologne, Germany in a small village and loves searching for special moments in everyday life to capture with her camera.

Being orig...

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