Top Tips for Selling at Art & Craft Shows Part II: Present your products & yourself

Stine Wiemann, Freelance Graphic Designer & Photographer

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9 Videos (46m)
    • 00 introduction

    • 01 branding

    • 02 tell 'em who you are

    • 03 display

    • 04 inform

    • 05 communicate

    • 06 safety

    • 07 test

    • 08 outro


About This Class

In this second Class of three I will talk about how to present your products so that they are most appealing to customers, how to interact with potential buyers and how to stay motivated and happy during a (sometimes exhausting) show.

I will cover these points in detail:

  • How to create a cohesively looking stand
  • How to present your products successfully and appealing
  • How to make a good first impression
  • How to find the balance between being friendly and approachable without being pushy
  • How to overcome Shyness in front of customers
  • How to consider safety Issues on shows
  • How to stay motivated and happy during a show
  • How to deal with slow sales and/or overwhelming success



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Lots of tips and tricks. Well presented course. Thank you.
Laura Whittington

Knitwear Designer, Crafter, Textile artist





Stine Wiemann

Freelance Graphic Designer & Photographer

Stine is a freelance graphic designer & photographer based in Germany. She graduated from the University of Marburg, Germany with a masters degree in Fine Arts, Literature & History - since then she worked on her doctoral thesis, founded her paper goods label "sonst noch was?" and worked as a freelancer.

She now lives with her small family near Cologne, Germany in a small village and loves searching for special moments in everyday life to capture with her camera.

Being originally from Northern Germany she misses the Sea anytime she hasn't visited it for longer than 2 months and has a soft spot for great Typography.

Stine's photos & paper goods are sold all over the world through her two etsy shops, several other online shops and brick and mortar stores. Besides that she loves meeting her customers "face to face" on art & craft shows and enjoys meeting other artists and dear colleagues there as well.

Check out all of Stine's Classes for more informations on how to be successful on these Shows and stay healthy and motivated.

You can also connect with Stine on Pinterest or Twitter to follow her projects and see what she's up to.