Top Tips for Selling at Art & Craft Shows Part II: Present your products & yourself | Stine Wiemann | Skillshare

Top Tips for Selling at Art & Craft Shows Part II: Present your products & yourself

Stine Wiemann, Freelance Graphic Designer & Photographer

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9 Videos (46m)
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    • 06 safety

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About This Class

In this second Class of three I will talk about how to present your products so that they are most appealing to customers, how to interact with potential buyers and how to stay motivated and happy during a (sometimes exhausting) show.

I will cover these points in detail:

  • How to create a cohesively looking stand
  • How to present your products successfully and appealing
  • How to make a good first impression
  • How to find the balance between being friendly and approachable without being pushy
  • How to overcome Shyness in front of customers
  • How to consider safety Issues on shows
  • How to stay motivated and happy during a show
  • How to deal with slow sales and/or overwhelming success







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Stine Wiemann

Freelance Graphic Designer & Photographer

Stine is a freelance graphic designer & photographer based in Germany. She graduated from the University of Marburg, Germany with a masters degree in Fine Arts, Literature & History - since then she worked on her doctoral thesis, founded her paper goods label "sonst noch was?" and worked as a freelancer.

She now lives with her small family near Cologne, Germany in a small village and loves searching for special moments in everyday life to capture with her camera.

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