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Top Ten Soft Skills You want on your Resume

teacher avatar Fiona MacKay Young, Handwriting Analysis & Personal Growth

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. About Soft Skills

    • 3. #10 Ability to handle Personal Problems

    • 4. #9 Grow in the Job

    • 5. #8 Self Motivation

    • 6. #7 Show Flexibility

    • 7. #6 Make Decisions

    • 8. #5 Excellent Interpersonal Skills

    • 9. #4 Accept Responsibility

    • 10. #3 Learn New Tasks Willingly

    • 11. #2 Commit to the Job

    • 12. #1 Communicate Effectively

    • 13. Wrapping it all up

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About This Class


There are certain skills that all employers want.  They are not job specific and are often part of your personality. In this course you will learn what the top ten skills are that employers like so much, what they comprise of and some suggestions about how to add them to your resume.

Soft Skills are of major importance in any job and here you will learn more about them and find help in recognizing yours.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Fiona MacKay Young

Handwriting Analysis & Personal Growth


I've been involved for over 20 years in helping people move ahead with their lives through identifying their gifts, strengths and overcoming blocks or limitations. It is my goal to inspire those I meet to develop their potential to the fullest.

There are a wide variety of ways to do these things, and I love to explore, adapt and create new ways.

As a Graphologist and Grapho-Therapist (Handwriting Analysis),

And also as a Career Counselor and Personal Development & Law of Attraction Coach,

I love nothing more than to help people be the very best they can be, to realize their hopes and dreams and love their lives. 

I also love 'techie' things, and have worked as a Graphic Designer, creating websites (WordPress) and creating videos fo... See full profile

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1. Introduction: I'm feeling my Kalyan, and this is the top 10 soft skills employers want to see on your resume. I worked for over 20 years as a career canister and career coach with adults, so I've helped people write an awful lot of resumes. Are you familiar with your soft skills? We're all familiar with our hard skills, mechanical skills, working the computer, things that you do with your hands that you couldn't touch. See test. But soft skills are more a part of the personality. Communication skills is one now. It can be really hard to test that kind of skill. But employers want them because of the workplace is full of people, and soft skills are used when dealing with people. And even if you have a job city get a computer all day. At some point, you have to deal with people in some way, whether it's speaking to them, are writing to them or sending them emails or whatever on the phone. So the employer wants to make sure that the people he implies are going to be able to deal with the people they have to do with in the job. One of the main problems that employers have in their businesses, his employees. Is those too much getting the job done or selling the wares, etcetera is people who don't get along with people on employers tend to look at your resume for so Brazil's. It's all very well to be a whiz on the computer, but if you can't get along with anybody in your workspace, that's not going to go very well. So to put to discover which are your strongest soft skills and to make sure there front and center on your recipe where an employer will see them. So as we go through the top 10 I going to explain, obviously, which one each is on how to identify it. I'm going to tell you, give you suggestions off one liners for you resume. They re explain how you have it, and these are just samples. You can edit them to fit your work experience, and we'll just go through all 10. Let's see them because I've been collecting these far well over 10 years. The appeared a variety of newspapers every week on For all that 10 years is basically being the same top 10 skills they sometimes changing order, but it's basically the same. So plan isn't Lars hiring to them to know you're going to be an asset with your soft skills , being able to not just get along with people but communicate in general ways. Andi behave in a reasonable way that they would expect that is absolutely huge. And for you to have that in your rest of me to show them, put you one settle and go to old all 10 with you one by one, and I hope you find it really, really useful. 2. About Soft Skills: about soft skills. Here's a quick explanation about hard on soft skills. Ah, hard skill is one that's reasonably easy to measure. It congenital Be taught. For example, computer work, house painting, carpentry. Cleaning office work such as filing is something that can be seen being done and you can touch it, feel it. Test it. That's a hard skill. A soft skill is one that's harder to teach because much of the time it's a natural ability , at least to some extent. So soft skills could certainly be improved with training. But someone who has sees naturally, is way ahead of someone who doesn't and has been taught thumb. For example, communication skills, attitude, ability to handle stress, problem solving soft skills are more difficult to test or to gauge because they're usually invisible. They're part of your personality. Hard skills tend to be specific to the job and generally can be learned by taking a course . So if you want to be an office administration, for example, you taken office at men course to learn all the necessary computer programs on procedures. If you want to drive heavy heavy machinery, you take a course in that soft skills on the other hand, are not necessarily job specific. Soft skills that use for one job will probably be just as relevant to many other jobs. Since they are part of your personality, they will be used any time you're relating to other people, regardless off the job. For this reason, I'm because they're more difficult to learn successfully. Employers are often extremely interested and a potential employees soft skills. So that's why we have the top 10 soft skills in this course. These are the 10 off the top 11 skills that employers were looking for over a 10 year period, according to a combination of reports by various newspapers. They are regardless of any actual job descriptions, so they fit for any job. The only hard skill that made it into the top 10 was computer skills. So I've removed computer skills from the list, and I've added number 11 from the list to create the top 10 soft skills for you. Don't be too hard on yourself. I encourage you to take the time to stop at the end of each lesson and think about times when you demonstrated the skill that was discussed in the lesson and consider ways that you can include it in your recipe. If you rising a skills based rest of me, you could have a section entitled Personal Qualities on in that List your soft skills as outlined in this course. If you're creating your chronological rest of me, you can put the soft skill one liners in which ever position you've had, where it was used the most. It can also be good to mention your soft skills in your cover letter on at an interview. So work out what you're stronger. Soft skills are, and when you use thumb on how you use them, then don't be shy about let's see any potential employer know about them now on to finding out the top 10 soft skills that employers want. We're start with number 10 and work backwards up to number one coming out next. Number 10 decision making 3. #10 Ability to handle Personal Problems: number 10 the ability to handle personal problems, although the least important off the top 10 the ability to handle personal problems made it into lists at number 10. Why is it important? Well, because thousands off workers are lost each year what employees her absence due to personal problems. Sympathies, of course, are valid, and any reasonable employer would accept him. But many of thes loss were. Cars are due to employees who are unable to handle some of the basic common problems that crop up in life. And that doesn't apply only to absences. An employee who's totally distracted a work as they think about worry about and are upset about, or even our euphorically happy about can mean the job doesn't get done to an acceptable level. So employers are looking for people who will not only turn up for work regularly, regardless of what is going on in the personal life within reasonable limits, of course. But who could also be replied? It relied upon to actually do the job effectively when they're there. So if you are someone who can keep your emotions under control and who puts work high on your list of priorities, and who has proven previously not to allow external distractions to affect your work, then the ability to handle personal problems belongs on your resume. Here are some suggested one liners demonstrated ability to concentrate on the job, even jury stressful situations both in and outside of work. Ability to segregate outside distractions on responsibilities from the workplace. Coped with extremely stressful situations while continuing to perform as the usual level at work, made work a priority and handled external difficult situation without adversely affecting work or attendance. Here's a class project. If you believe that the ability to handle personal problems belongs on your recipe, create a one liner to describe your situation. As always, you can edit one of the previous examples, or you could write your own. And here's a little bit more in the class project for this and all the skills that we're going to cover unless otherwise mentioned. The skill can be added to your skills based resume under a section which you can create called personal qualities. In this section, you can put all the personal qualities you believe are well suited to this position. That could be the ones to in this course or other ones that you realize that you have. If you write your chronological, resume me at the skill under the job in which you think you demonstrated it the most. And that goes for the class project. For every lesson in the course, you add them to you. Recipe as outlined here, coming up next number, dine, grow even a job. 4. #9 Grow in the Job: number nine grow in the job. If you're to grow in the job, you have to be willing to learn new skills and take more training or follow whatever path is necessary to either move up in the organization or perform your present job at a higher , more effective level. This requires you to be open minded as to fault you already know and what more there is to learn, and you will almost certainly involve using extra energy. Both to find out about your options on to take advantage off them in May. Involve investigating to find out what options there are for you and remember to put this or anything on your resume, you have to have visibly demonstrated it already. You don't put it on your resume because it's something you'd like to do. Here's some sample one liners put extra effort into mastering techniques and systems that will qualify me to move up in the organization. Two courses in my own time to enhance my performance at work, studied how others performed their tasks as a way to improve my own performance, investigated ways to work more effectively with a future with a view to future promotion. Here's a class project. If you have shown an eagerness to grow in the job right of one liner to illustrate that soft skill and add it to your resume, you can edit the previous examples are right your own and, as mentioned previously, add it to your skills base. Resume under personal qualities or your chronological resume under whatever job you think you did the most off it in coming out next Number eight Self motivation. 5. #8 Self Motivation: number eight Self motivation. Are your self motivated? Do you find it easy to get yourself going with your work? Can you be depended upon toe work without anyone checking up on you? If so, that potential employers know by adding this soft skill to your rest of me, it opens up a much bigger field of possible jobs. If you are someone who will learn what the job is all about and then get on with it, However, there's something else to add, along with self motivation. And that is a willingness to ask questions, especially in the beginning when you're new to the job. Even if you have done a similar job before, no job is usually exactly the same in another company. So a willingness to ask questions along with self motivation. We'll tell an employer that you will get on with you, work on your own, but we'll make sure you know what you're doing and how it is expected to be done. Here is some one liners for self motivation, self motivated, proven to be able to be trusted to take the initiative to complete tasks. Two. Responsibility to start to complete all tasks related to the job on time, enthusiastic and motivated to perform to the best of my ability in all situations. Personal drive to achieve, meet or surpass required standards. Note. Worked well without supervision. Certainly says that yourself motivated. But it's such an overused phrase of Ressam. Ease that. I would suggest that you avoid it. Here's the class project. If you feel that you are self motivated, think about times when you've demonstrated this soft skill and out at least 11 liner to your resume, you may be able to come up with more than one is since off it added suspension previously to skills based or chronological resume coming up next. Number seven Show flexibility. 6. #7 Show Flexibility: number seven show flexibility. Being flexible means that you're not stuck in a groove, refusing to budge. It means that you're open to change, under willing to work with others to adapt to changing situations. It may be a flexible share, a tool that you requested to accept. Or it may be bigger small changes in how you do your job or with whom you work. But whatever the change, flexibility means you will do your best to adapt to it no matter what it is. And whatever the change require some level of open mindedness and generosity of spirit on some adaptability to new circumstances. If you have successfully dealt with change in the workplace, you can add this very useful soft skill to your resume. Here is some sample one liners demonstrated adaptability during company takeover, adapting quickly to new methods and staff changes quickly learned new software programs. What employers switched to customised versions proved to be flexible and willing to work shifts and irregular hours immediately absorbed as much as possible about new products to be able to sell effectively and knowledgeably. Here's a class project. Have you demonstrated flexibility at work? If so, create a one liner for your resume to show how you adapted easily and willingly to the change. Andi, as mentioned previously added to your skill space are chronological resume coming up next, Number six make decisions. 7. #6 Make Decisions: number six make decisions. How are you at making decisions at work that you're authorized to make? Do you just think it through? Check it out and make your decision and act on it? Or do you prefer to get someone else to make a decision instead? If you make your own decisions in an organized, well thought art way, then this is a skill employers want. Obviously, it depends on your job on what authority you have to make your own decisions. But if you make them when you can and have the confidence to act on them, this belongs in your resume. For potential employers to see, here's some sample one liners showed strong ability to organize the facts, see possible outcomes, make decisions and act strong decision making skills on many occasions, examined the situation and made effective decisions. Foreign Plan of action based on knowledge of situation and took successful action. Regarded as excellent decision maker having cool head and clear thinking to create logical judgment. And here's a class project. If decision making is one of your streams, consider your past work experience. I'm right at least 11 liner. This is a skill you may find you can write more than 11 liner about on. As always, you can either edit any of the examples in the previous screen are right your own and in your one liner explained the situation. You find yourself in the action you took on the results at its suspension. Previously to your skills based are chronological. Resume coming up next. Number five excellent interpersonal skills. 8. #5 Excellent Interpersonal Skills: five excellent interpersonal skills. Do you get along well with others? Do you do people find you easy to work with? Are you known as having a positive attitude? The's other qualities of excellent interpersonal skills? So give yourself on a plus if you have these. Here are some examples off one liners. Helpful, pleasant, consistently cooperated WTO. All co workers and stuff known for a positive attitude. Helping others cope with problems are difficult situations. Relax, open demeanor. Easy to get along with and willing to adopt as required. Has excellent relationship with all co workers and supervisors due to a positive approach to work on nonjudgmental attitude. And here's the class project. If you can claim excellent interpersonal skills as yours, create at least 11 liner to explain it, making sure you include a positive outcome for the use of thes skills. As always, you can adapt. The ones from this lesson are right your own, then add it as mentioned previously to your skills based are chronological. Resume coming up next. Number four accept responsibility 9. #4 Accept Responsibility: number four accept responsibility. Do you analyze your own work and work performance on Accept full responsibility for it. Be analytical means that one is using logical, orderly thinking. You can see clearly what you're getting into when you start something. Being a clear thinker is being able to sift through all the fluff and get right to the heart of the matter. Do you take pride in doing the best work you can? All these things come together to show that you're willing to take responsibility. Is that you? Have you done any of thes kind of things? Depending upon the type of work you do, the examples if you taking responsibility will be different. But it will still mean that you re evaluate to your own work and taking ownership of it. Spend time thinking through previous work situations and see if you could come up with any such occasions. Then, as with all your soft skills for you, resume your task is to come out with one Niners to illustrate for employers how and when you have done this, plus the result, the result is very important. Results are huge for your resume. It's all very well to say you did or can do something, but if you can honestly say you did it on, also tell a positive outcome from you doing it. That is when your resume really starts to sparkle. Here's some example one liners to pride and work, Accepting responsibility for everything done consistently showed willingness to take responsibility for my own work, clear thinking and analytical, Allowing me to take full responsibility for having seen ahead and plans successfully analysed duties to understand and fully on took responsibility. Here's the class project. If you analyze and take responsibility for your work, Aditya one liner from the previous screen or write your own to clearly show you have this skill on, then had it has mentioned previously to your skill based or chronological resume out next. Number three. Learn new tasks willingly. 10. #3 Learn New Tasks Willingly: number three learn you tasks willingly. When a change is made, it work, which means you have to learn how to do something new. Are something old in a new way. How do you respond? Do you learn and us quickly and thoroughly as you can, or do you take your time as you gripe and complain, even if it's just to yourself? Employers being much keener toe Have you on board? If you can show that in previous occasions where change has occurred that you have been one of the ones who welcomed the change and did everything you could to make it go smoothly on , learn your part as quickly as possible. Apart from the willingness to accept change, this involves four other personal attributes. Determination to learn and become familiar with the new as quickly as possible. An open mind willing to accept that they knew might be better. And even if it proves not to be at least know that the management did it for the best, and you are on their side. You have a good memory or take copious notes, so you will not forget any crucial details while you're getting used to the change, and four, you have energy to cope with it all. If you can show that you have not only survived but thrived during times have changed. This belongs on your resume. The changes don't have to have bean huge, but it could have been quite small, but they must have been significant to the work that you did. Here is some sample one liners learned new company software quickly on, then assisted others to master it. Handle change with enthusiasm and energy. Was strong. Supporter of you methods introduced putting effort into learning new ways. Attacks it easily to change naturally. Caught with huge changes in previous job with openness and positive attitude. Lauren you tasks quickly and willingly, giving 100% to the effort. And here's the class project. If you feel that you've demonstrated that you learn new tasks willingly, right at least 11 liner to describe an occasion when you had to do this. And don't forget to include a positive outcome and has always added to your skill face or chronological resume coming up Next. Number two on our list of top 10 commit to the job 11. #2 Commit to the Job: number to commit to the job. Are you committed to your jobs? Is your work a top priority for you? Commitment is important enough to employers that it comes in as number two on the top 10 lists. Commitment includes honesty, enthusiasm, dependability as loyalty. Are you open and honest at all times? Regarding your work, Employers want a need to be able to trust their employees. Can your employer rely on you to turn up for work when you should, and do a good job every day? Do you show enthusiasm for your job, your workplace and your co workers on the company? And can you be trusted to be loyal? If so, and you can tell about past times when you've demonstrated this commitment to a job, make sure potential employers know about it. Here is some one liners Mr Only one day's work due to illness in five years. Proven to be a reliable employees, both in terms of attendance and quality of work recommended by implore for consistently high quality of work. Believe in commitment to work, producing high quality work with enthusiasm, display loyalty to company, which I am convinced, increases my sales significantly. Here's a class project. If you have demonstrated or have a strong belief in commitment to the job, right, one or more one liners to show this. This is one where even if you have no proof, you can write that it's important to you. But on Lee do it if it really is important to you, because there's a good chance you get asked about it in the interview. So if that's for you, additives mention previously to skills based or chronological resume coming up next Number one in our list off the top 10 soft skills employers want is communicate effectively. 12. #1 Communicate Effectively: number one communicate effectively. Are you a good communicator? Do you find it easy to connect and communicate with co workers, management and customers? Communication is a pivotal skill in all areas of life, including on the job. One skill that many people don't realize that's part of communication. Is the skill off listing? Are you a good listener? Do you actually hear what people say to you? Not just keep quite politely till they're finished? If so, this is a relatively rare have much sought after skill, the usual concern on appropriate empathy for the problems of others and demonstrate understanding where appropriate. And do you have the ability to put into words either favorably or written as most appropriate to your type of work? What you have to say in a clear, known, aggressive manner? The importance of good communication skills can't be overemphasized. It's huge, no matter what your job, being able to clearly be understood and clearly understand. Others can make the difference to success or failure in the great majority of jobs. So if you can show that you have excellent communication skills, make sure it's front and center in your resume on make a mention it in your cover letter to plus be prepared to give examples at an interview. Here is some examples off one liners. Excellent communication skills. Facilitated workshops for over five years with consistently positive reviews. Wrote effect to formal business letters that produce desired results. Natural ability to communicate openly and easily with the public, showing patience and consideration. Dealt with angry, impatient and in polite clients coming to the Complaint center in a professional, kindly manner. Class project. If you have shown effects of communication skills in your work, make sure you have more than 11 liner in your rest of me about it. Try to include different types of communication, whether that be written or verbal or all verbal but written in different circumstances. And as mentioned in every other lessons, make sure you add it to your skills. Based are chronological resume coming up next, wrapping it all up 13. Wrapping it all up: wrapping it all up. So now you know the top 10. Soft skills and floors want who they are all together. Number one communicates effectively. Commit to the job, learn you tests willingly, accept responsibility. Excellent interpersonal skills. Make decisions. Show flexibility, self motivation, growing the job and ability to handle personal problems on Although these all stay in the top 10 consistently, they're not always in the same order. So don't look at number 10 and think that's always the least important. It depends on your job very much. Perhaps you have the mall, or perhaps you have just a few. But either way, I encourage you to take the time, as you put together, are finalized. Your resume to think of even Mawr examples off thes skills. Ask other people who know you well. You may be surprised at what we say and make sure before you send out the resume that you have back up stories to tell about each skill. Should you be asked about it in an interview? If you find you didn't have as many as you would like, bury this top 10 in mind when you're in your next job, and with that in mind, you'll be more likely to work on developing these skills more and more so that the next time your job seeking you'll feel confident to add the's Yusof skills to your resume. A great resume may get you an interview, but it's the interview that will get to the job. So although this course focuses on the rest of me, having great stories for your interview is just as important. I wish you the very best of luck with your job search, although a great recipe means you don't have to depend on luck quite so much on. I hope it's no time a tall until you hear the words your hard.