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Top RPA questions ANSWERED - UiPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere

teacher avatar Tony Walker, Visit for support and training

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Aboutme

    • 2. FirstStep

    • 3. App

    • 4. Bens

    • 5. Calcvid

    • 6. Chal

    • 7. Myths

    • 8. Chec

    • 9. Lean

    • 10. Sipoc

    • 11. End

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About This Class

Join us on for free tools, resources and insights

In this course I answer the top questions I'm frequently asked about RPA by other analysts and business leaders. I'm sure you've asked these questions yourself but maybe couldn't get a clear answer

1. What is RPA in a sentence?

2. What's the first step when implementing RPA?

3. What are the biggest RPA myths?

4. What are the top benefits for you and your team?

5. What are the top RPA challenges to look out for?

6. How do you spot an RPA-suitable process?

7. How do you identify opportunities (and solutions) in your organisation?

8. What steps should i put in my implementation plan?

9. What is Lean Six Sigma?

My answers will cover the most popular topics to do with automating processes, and I've talked about some tools and methods to use in your 'Lean RPA' plan.

This course is to give you a good overview and gives you have a platform to discuss your situations, thoughts and questions so I can response in the discussion board or create a in depth video to guide you through any issues you're dealing will

Please feel free to leave a comment and give this course a nice rating thanks :) 

Visit us at the Leania website and go to 'Resources' to download your free Automation Catalogue tool

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Tony Walker

Visit for support and training


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1. Aboutme: so a little bit about me. I'm Anthony Walker, R p. A subject matter expert in digital transformation. I'm a experienced r p a process improvement analyst I'm certified are paid developer Im a black belt in lean six Sigma on a practitioner in Prince to a Joe and I to I'm also a trainer and mental. I'm really excited you've chosen this course to start you on your r p a journey. 2. FirstStep: will change management, assuring your stakeholders have brought in the new changes is vital and our patient different. In fact, some may say it's even harder because it's so new on. There's many myths and misconceptions out there. So the first step is to ensure you have a clear, strong vision that your implementation team Stanfel on that your stakeholders are bought into. Have I having involvement? You get commitment. So I assure you, work with your stakeholders to co create this vision together. Remember, you're their advisor and there to serve their needs. I was strongly advised this vision structure because it is the people and their motivations that drive businesses forward. First, decide what human benefit you want to provide so that you can produce a customer benefit. This will result in business benefits, and you may want to watch what changes CO. Surely you want to make so that you can do certain actions in order to achieve business objectives has my vision what I bring to the team. When I deliver Poppaea, I use RP eight, improve the job satisfaction on work life bands my colleagues so that their time can be dedicated surely to providing value to customers into speed, accuracy and convenience, resulting in delivering higher R Y supporting business growth on developing are cut competitive edge. I'll do this through educating and empowering my colleagues toe. Identify technical roadblocks and menial tasks that hinder their daily activities that frustrate them or cause them toe work longer than necessary so that we can remove them. And by working together, we can also create innovative solutions that enable us to provide an enhanced customer experience. 3. App: the six key steps to implementing R P a. Identify and assess the process. Is it suitable? What's the benefit? Prioritize. Get stakeholders together to design the solution. Streamline and optimize the process. First hand over to the developer team to build. You may need to get involved with testing, but we'll walk you through this proof of value. Did it work? Did it create benefits? Great. Now it's time to launch your first pilot and orchestrate a small scale rode out before you , ready to do a full rollout. But all the talk he's communicate and educate. It's vital that you communicate early and frequently she's stakeholders. Feel involved and stay engaged, flying by empowering your stakeholders. They'll be motivated toe. Identify their own changes, which means you'll have not more pairs of eyes looking for opportunities. And the longer bottom is lessons learned. The proof of concept and pilot stage is a big learning experience where you will quickly discover unexpected difficulties and we'll uncover the best way specifically for your business. This will help you to frame your implementation plan for the main event. The full rode out Let's yet before you start check lessons learned for R P. A projects that went before you 4. Bens: So I've talked to analysts and business leaders and for my own experience and I've pulled together, nine strong benefits are peaking, delivered to you and your team. All pay is here to serve us and make our work life easier. Think of those annoying task that just take up too much of your time, like filling out forms or moving data around, or tasks which aren't really part of your job but end up delaying your day by taking out these tasks. It can take off some pressure off it and targets or meeting deadlines because your work becomes smoother. This means you may not need toe work late. Yes, again before r P a gotta wait months or years for i t. To make cumbersome changes which meant you were left to just deal with that technical problem that irritated the whole team. Now that we have all P a technical roadblocks can be removed in a matter of months. Furthermore, you own this take you decide what problems you want to solve. This Virtue assistant is specifically for your team. The great thing is that this assistant is there for you to work alongside you on your computer or in the background, and it can also work for you while you're home. Once your team gets in the swing of things, you cut out the mundane, make your work and lean and union team will shine As you smash through your targets. Go further, get creative. Uncover RPS full potential by brainstorming new services your team or company can offer, and you could be responsible for driving business growth as not only store team lead. This makes your job just that little bit easier. Uncover insights that the great work your team do and build dashboards to enhance performance. If your company experiences seasonal spikes in workload at certain times of day or times of year, R P A. Can manage this. Just watch out for the bottlenecks. 5. Calcvid: you need to understand how frequently you get a new item off. What? So you receive 600 requests every hour? That's one every six seconds. Think she find. How long does it take the box to complete the task? Let's say 12 seconds. Then you divide the body time quite a frequency time, and that gives you two boats to calculate savings just time. How long it takes staff to complete the task in the same way and calculate the difference between the cost of that amount of bots on the cost of that amount off staff time. 6. Chal: Okay, guys, here are the top. Our pay challenges you really want to look out for missing or corrupt data gives force information when calculating potential savings or Iowa Missing process steps can result in badly designed bots that make mistakes to collect sample data. Walk the process P. D. D. The process designed doctor is the most important document in this whole process. This is what translates business problem into a technical solution. As an R P expert, you want to manage the relationship between the subject matter expert on the developer, so we create a bone that does what the business wants. The biggest challenge is resistance from stuff. If they can't see how it benefits them, why should they be interested to get buying immediately and throughout? Have regular catch ups Educate and empower them of workshops to keep them involved? Make sure you keep your door excellent. You made a great start, and then everything went cold. Perhaps you try to solve a really big win, but it took too long to deliver. Inside. Our courses will show you how to keep ideas flowing and build momentum perfectly. If there were no checkpoints or no one is accountable for each step. Progress. Can Holt or you can find yourself going around in circles, have the governance written down and agreed by all parties? More often, some people care to admit, but actually act differently in life environment than they did in the test. Walking through the YUET process and both environments. But a big tip is to ensure the test platforms have the most up to date upgrades, so there's closely matched to the live environment. What's written in work instructions tend to be different to what actually happens. They're two simple reasons. It's written by experts who know the process inside out. But that means Assumpta bleeps exists between steps or the team have found a potentially better way to do the process. The best way should be the standard, so maybe it's time to have the team redesign the formal process. We'll cover how to overcome the show stopping challenges in our lean R P, a course collection 7. Myths: Okay, let's nip these myths in the bud. Here are the top myths that I've heard our bacon start with just one or two parts. It's designed for businesses to scale up the workforce immediately. Many business mothers exists where you don't even need to own a boat, but can acquire what's called robot as a service A s were you share of the book power with other businesses, Human workforce and intellect is far too valuable in many circumstances. R p A. Has been seen to increase jobs as teens become more productive, causing companies to grow. Sports can remove the burden of task from the workforce. This gives businesses the opportunity to up skill this stop by attending courses like this one. The best way to look at this is what's of great virtue assistance owned by your team to do the low level, straightforward work, leaving the high level thinking Tow us humans what to there to enhance our effectiveness and efficiency, not replacing Okay, I can understand natural language. It can done and recognize images, but it's still far away from replacing human intuition and reasoning. Unlike R P, a BPM like lean six sigma isn't software but a method to streamline the process. Think of it like a like a car driving down a road BPM or lean six. Sigma is the building off that road and making it straight. R P A. Is a self driving car that drives down that road, though, but that's exactly what it's told. If it's programmed incorrectly, it will carry out a task incorrectly 1000 times. So technically it doesn't make it a mistake, but it doesn't meet the objective. So in practice that is actually a mistake. Also, certain unforeseen exceptions or bad day tempers could also cause the bought to complete the job or not at all. Our Ph is heavily dependent on I t. So much so that is vital to get your I t team involved early. Simply no return on investment is 8. Chec: Hey, are eight key items you must have on your R P. A checklist. Make sure the process doesn't need human intuition. Check if it's stable, low variability process that doesn't tend to change. Is it a rule based process? Rule based decisions is the process digitized? End to end. Make sure they're no. Pending changes is a process manual and repetitive other inputs standardized and to ensure ah, hi! Are y look for processes with high volume. One more thing. Make sure your process isn't going to have any changes in the next 3 to 6 months. 9. Lean: lean six Sigma is about understanding, customer quality and customer demand. Its aim is to achieve customer expectations as fast as possible. Lane is a set of tools to improve speed by streamlining the process. Six Sigma methods to improve output quality and reduce variation. The five steps to find, measure, analyze, implement and control in Arlene R. P. A Learning course. We'll go into these tours and more detail. 10. Sipoc: Here are five key steps toe. Identify opportunities and prioritize. Craziest site book diagram, supplier input process, output, Customer on the stand. What is the information coming from? What does the team do with it? And then where do they send it to Ossa? Teen themselves. What they feel about our peer, What I there's they have. This is really good practice to do straight up because it helps you gauge what they're current on. The standing of r p. A. Is where their knowledge gaps are. You can stop a list of ideas and areas to investigate. Do the r p a checklist and score the processes suitability created complexity matrix. This is a deep dive to understand how difficult each processes float, the ease off the process. This is the amount of benefit you'll get out of it. Put that on a map. She can privatize what processes to do when 11. End: Well, that's it for now on the Q and A session, I really hope you enjoyed this training. If you feel you've learned a lot about the main RP topics, please feel free to leave a comment. M rate this video. I hope you now feel comfortable using some of the tips and advice we've mentioned to educate your colleagues and business leaders to get more information on the tours and methods we've talked about and to become a really expert in lean r P A. Please choose for my collection, of course, is to enhance your skills. Thanks.