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Top Paid Traffic Sources for Online Marketers

teacher avatar Greg Jeffries, Designer • Entrepreneur • Internet Marketer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (1h 33m)
    • 1. Sales Video

    • 2. Overview

    • 3. Traffic Overview

    • 4. Copywriting

    • 5. Basic Sales Funnel

    • 6. Lead Page Solutions

    • 7. Banner Ads

    • 8. Bing / Yahoo

    • 9. Facebook

    • 10. Pinterest

    • 11. PTC Sites

    • 12. Retargeting

    • 13. Revenue Sharing Sites

    • 14. Twitter

    • 15. Solo Ads

    • 16. Split Testing

    • 17. Stick With ONE Traffic Source

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About This Class

So, you think you've got a traffic problem?

Well, in this course you're gonna eliminate that limiting belief and prove to you that TRAFFIC IS UNLIMITED...

You'll learn the #1 reason why most online marketers fail with online marketing, no matter how good the traffic source is

You'll also learn the optimal structure for a sales funnel when using paid traffic

You'll discover the importance of split-testing offers along with the exact tools and resources I recommend...

And you'll learn a very important principle that will help ensure your success with whatever traffic source you choose, to help you avoid jumping from traffic source to traffic source and liquidating your budget faster than you had planned.

This course is organized in a way that is very easy to follow along and is geared toward the beginner online marker who is looking to learn more about the big picture of paid traffic and how to tame it...

While this is course is designed for beginners, some knowledge or experience of online marketing would definitely be helpful in you being able to pick up concepts and connecting all the pieces of the puzzle quickly.

While this course is brief (you'll be able to knock it out in one night or a weekend) you will be equipped with all the pieces of the paid marketing puzzle in order to achieve success and you'll be shown several different paid traffic platforms and marketplaces where you can implement what you learn...

So, if you're ready to get started and tame the beast known as paid traffic, ENROLL today and I'll see you on the inside!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Greg Jeffries

Designer • Entrepreneur • Internet Marketer


I'm passionate about online marketing and teaching others different strategies for creating simple, scalable, and sustainable income steams.

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1. Sales Video: bigger Jeffries and welcome to my course about pay, traffic sources and paid traffic. Resource is for online marketers. So in this course, we're gonna cover the number one problem with why you're traffic isn't converting as well as the optimal sales fall structure for best results with pay traffic are also going to talk about an overview of several different traffic solutions. So I'm going to give you ah bunch of different traffic. Resource is I'm not going to go into a, you know, exhaustive detail about exactly how to set up campaigns with, you know, precise precision. With every single traffic source that I'm gonna share, I'm gonna share. You gonna walk you through most of them. But for basically the purpose of this course is giving you all that pieces of the traffic, the pay traffic puzzle, and just put putting those pieces together for U. S. So you can go out there and implement this stuff. We're also going to cover the reason why most amateurs fail. It paid traffic as well as several other tools. And resource is so if you're a complete beginner to selling online or to pay traffic or you think you know a thing or two, but you're just not having success because you don't understand the full picture off, how to our structure or how to structure a high converting sales funnel. This course is for you to read more about it below. You can reach out to me and you to me if you have any questions and if you decide, it's right for you. If this is the kind of information you're looking for, then be sure and roll today and I look forward to seeing you on the other side. 2. Overview: a good Jeffries. Just one toe. Do this quick video to do overview of this course. What, you're gonna be getting inside, what to expect? And I just kind of introduced myself. So what, you're gonna be getting aside this course what? The way it's laid out, the way it's structured is I'm gonna be giving you everything that you need in order to be successful traffic. So it's a high level overview course, but it's all of the tips and tools and resource is that you're gonna need to be able to know and understand in order to have success with different traffic sources. So a lot of people think that their problem is traffic out there with the reality is that traffic is abundant. It's never gonna be your problem. So I share with you that the solution to that misconception there, which is actually copyrighting and some copyrighting resource, is that I recommend I know that's not very sexy or exciting for, um, you know, someone that you know, if you bought this course thing is gonna be all about traffic, you know, traffic traffic is very abundant. Like I said, Really, what marketing comes down to mostly is copyrighting and being able to craft ineffective sales. Copy on marketing copy for your visitors so that you're so that your offers convert so that you can make more money. So I covered a little bit about that. I give you all the tools and resource is that I recommend for capturing leads, creating cells, funnels and then give you a basic overview of a very basic sales. Funnel said that you could have a framework to craft your offers, and then I go into a bunch of different traffic sources. So there's a ton out there. I don't cover everyone that exists because I don't even know all the traffic sources that exist out there or how to use all of them our best practices. But I go over some of the main traffic sources out there, especially for Internet marketers. Any kind of mainstream offers diet, weight loss, Internet marketing, make money, online fitness. Those types of things would be great for any one of these traffic sources that sharing. So that's kind of the structure and flow of what you're gonna get. So by the end of this course, you're going to have a full understanding of all the components, all the pieces of the, you know, traffic strategy, traffic puzzle basically, and what you need to go toe to be successful with traffic and making money online. So so If you have any questions, be sure to check the discussions that should be just over to your right. And if you have any, you know, if you don't see your question answered there, then feel free to ask, leave a comment or leave a question or reach out to me directly. I'm here to help. You know if you have any questions or hang ups. Don't feel like you're all along and there's nobody else to, and there's nobody to communicate with. I am just a message away, and I look at all those comments and respond to those typically between 24 48 hours. So I just want to extend that and let you know that you can reach out to me. So again, I just want to shoot this video is a quick overview on next video will get into the training and just start going through 3. Traffic Overview: in this video. I just want to kind of address the fact that you know the idea that traffic is very abundant. Traffic is everywhere. I know when you're just starting out like I need more traffic, you know, need to get my website founder. I need to get my offer found when the truth is, there is unlimited amount of traffic out there for you to be able to tap into different. You know, different languages, all different parts of the world. They have traffic over the world. There's different, you know, just tons of different varieties of traffic. There's a paid to click pay per view there, still at traffic. You know, other types of email traffic it. You can see here on my website. I'm source that Auriga Cheap traffic. You know, there's a little, you know, kind of bought traffic. There's retargeting, there's there's and then there's unique marketplace, like by so adds, stumble upon Twitter. You know all these different ways to get traffic to your offer, and each one of them is a little different. So, you know, we really need to educate yourself on the traffic source kind of the demographic behind that that audience and those those marketplaces and really just do a lot of testing in this course, I'm going to go over a couple of different a couple different of these marketplaces in a couple of these Resource is, but there's ah whole bunch more than I include here on the website. And again, it's just it's a matter of just picking one and sticking with it and just figuring out how it works and because they each have a different purpose, you know? And some are more effective than others on specific offers. So, you know, just take that. So just take that into consideration as you're going through this course, you know, you may have tried some of these and you may think there, you know, garbage. You may not have had any luck, or you may not have heard of any of these traffic sources that I'm gonna be sharing with you inside, and so you may be kind of hesitant, but you know, Aziz, long as you have a structured sales final set up, um then you are going to be way ahead of the competition. A lot of people, just by these by traffic without any kind of sales funnel without any kind of tracking set up. There's no way to track or to gauge. You know how well they're doing to see the difference between beginner marketers and intermediate and advanced marketers as the advanced marketers testing track everything and they know their numbers. So you know where the beginner market or maybe sending a direct, you know, direct traffic to an offer, and, you know they don't get sales immediately. They say that, you know, they think that that traffic sucks and there is a waste of money Wasted time. Well, the longer you test and the more you know your numbers, the more advanced you know, traffic buyer, media buyer out there who knows their numbers. They can, you know, be profitable with the same traffic and maybe even afford to pay more for the traffic because they again know their numbers. They know what their customer lifetime value is, And again, this is only going to come with time. It's only gonna come with testing and trafficking, but if you know later down the road that your customer is, you know in six months it's gonna be worth at least $30 for you. You can pay a dollar $3.5 dollars per click or per lead in order to acquire that customer, cause you're least gonna be cancelling out later down the road. Or at least you're going to be making a little bit of profit later down the road so you can afford to buy as much traffic as you can possibly get your hands on. So just a couple of key points I want to point out there, you know, every traffic sources different on It's very, very abundant. So so just go through this course completely before you, you know, asking questions or making the comments, and you're gonna get a lot of insights into traffic. But then afterwards, if you have any questions or along the way, feel free to reach out to me or ask a comment in the discussions area and I'll be sure Teoh respond to that 4. Copywriting: right this video. I want to talk about something that's extremely, extremely important and it's copyrighting. You know, this is a course about traffic and a lot of people that are just starting out in Internet marketing and even some or more advanced marketers. They think that they have a traffic problem, and traffic is rarely ever gonna be your issue because there's always someone that's willing to sell you traffic. There's all different kinds of traffic sources out there. That's never gonna be a problem. What you're gonna most likely face is a conversion problem, meaning your your sales copy it doesn't convert. It doesn't convert visitors into leads. It doesn't convert those leads into sales. And so your campaigns are just not gonna be profitable based on your copy based on your message. And so you really need to refine that. You really need to get good at copyrighting if you want to be a successful marketer, because again, traffic is everywhere. Anybody can create an offer. But, you know, a lot of people say, you know, if you have to offer, don't have traffic, nobody's gonna find you, Sure, but if you have a great offer, you have the right traffic. But you have a sucky sucky offer sucky, you know, sales message, then you know, Yeah, you're gonna get, like, 1% of people that are gonna buy it. But it could have been 5 10 20% you know, so learning to you know, I'm not saying you have to become a copyrighting master, but just learning a few tips and tricks is going to dramatically increase your profit in your business on DSO I want to share with you. A couple different resource is, and there's gonna be more resource is that I'm gonna list in this. You know, the resource is air copyrighting section of this course. I just want to share a couple with you in this video, but I'm gonna list a couple more links in the resource is section, but the's air a couple of resource is you can check out that can help you improve your copy . And I'm more focused on, you know, helping you improve your copy quickly. Because I understand you're probably not really, you know, interested in putting in the time and becoming a master copy. Now, the more they do, the more results you see, you may get more more interested in copyrighting conversion, but you're probably more focused on your product or your service. And I get that. So the first re sources of free resource it's called Gary Harbert Letter Gary. However, it was one of the greatest copy writers of the 20th century, and he has all those letters. His kids uploaded his letters here on this archive. If you visit this website, you can check them all out, and the best use of these letters is to go through, read um and then print him out and then write them all by hand. That's the fastest. The best way to really, you know, have this stuff just sink into your head and make you become a better copywriter, basically about writing. I know it doesn't It sounds too easy, Um, and you probably want, like, a push button, you know, template or something like that. But that is what all the other great copywriters have done. And that's that's why they're great, because they've actually taken the time to sit down handwrite these letters, rewrite them, and then that starts, you know, as your writing them do. You start to develop a a flow in a structure of your own writing, and you're gonna obviously have your own writing style a unique style. But you can borrow a lot of the elements that these master copywriters You said this is a free resource for people that are, you know, want something for, you know, not a lot of investment other than your time on this. A massive, valuable resource for copper ring. Another solution kind of along the same lines, is called Copy Our. So the 1st 1 was Gary Halbert letters just hid letters, copy hours, basically kind of a ah, make sure of what I just shared, plus a little bit of that push button element. So you're still going to be having assignments and writing effective sales copy by hand, but it's going to deliver it to you in a daily email assigned actually one assignment every day, and you've got a couple different levels here. If you want to do the 90 day 182 Assignment day, are this, you know, one every single day of the year. This is going to be good enough for most people. If you want to really take your skills to the next level and just, you know, have a little bit more resource is at your disposal on Do you know examples of copyrighting ? Then you can sign up for this. It's not a lot, Morris. Only like 50 bucks more. And you know, this one's obviously just to get you decide for this cause they're the same price. But for beginner, you know, 137 is gonna be This is, I believe, is going to be the fastest way for you to go from like I don't know anything about Kaka riding too, knowing enough to be dangerous with yourselves copies. And you know, if you want to take things further than that, you can definitely do it. But I think that's gonna be good enough for most market errors or most people. They're just trying to make a couple 1000 bucks online on each month. That's that's my top resource there. And then another resource is by Dan Kennedy. He's a very well known living copywriter. It's got a book called The Ultimate Sales later and just kind of lays out a structure and format in this book for writing effective sales copy So you know, books are great things on a lot of people. A lot of smart people in the world read books every single day every single month. And no, that's not popular these days with all this, you know, digital stuff, but books. There's a lot of valuable information inside of books, and they're very inexpensive. So I highly recommend checking this out something like 13 bucks copy Hackers. This is another websites Got a bunch of guys you can buy, and they're all good. I've been through all of them, so it's, you know, very good resource for learning how to write copy. They've got a lot of great block posts as well, and then a community. If you want some kind of feedback, so you're not just out there on your own. Then I recommend this community called Copy Chief. It's by Kevin Riders, whose and master copywriter he's also got a podcast here. But it's very inexpensive membership that you can, you know, throw up your copy. And if you're working on a sales page or sales hook, then you can, you know, tossed around the idea with the community, get feedback there and going to be a great resource for you. So those are a couple of copyrighting resource is that I recommend you check out. And again, I'm more focused on you getting from, you know, zero to a proficient copywriter in the least amount of time. I'm not. This isn't a copyrighting course. I don't expect you to have a great degree of interest in copyrighting. But it is the most effective skill that you can learn as a marketer's, a sales person and everything else. Once you master this, it just becomes a lot easier, because again, traffic is everywhere. It's very abundant on do. You can come up with a product products all day, you know. But, you know, I don't know how to sell him in order to make money. So these are a couple of resource is that are highly recommend to check out that are going to drastically improve your effectiveness with writing effective sells copy 5. Basic Sales Funnel: all right. In this video, I want to talk about sales funnels and how they work. This is kind of how you need to think about structuring your offers. So, you know, when I first got started online marketing, I was just a consumer. I didn't know how things worked on the back end. And it wasn't until somebody it took me about a hand and showed me what was actually going on in their cells, funnels what was going on in the back and what sort of you know process they were leading their customers through. It was only until I saw that that I really understood how everything worked with Internet marketing and, you know, making money and breaking even And, you know, just building a business online. So this is a basic sales funnel. This is how pretty much everything that you've ever been through works there's, You know, you can make this as extensive as you wish and kind of have up cells and down sell this stuff. But I'm just gonna walk you through. You know how to lay out a basic, you know, offer Siris of offers of sales funnels in your business and kind of how to think about structuring the information that you're presenting the cell. So first we have traffic over there on the left. This is compete from anywhere, whether be Facebook or Pinterest or instagram or retargeting. It doesn't matter where the traffic is coming from. But, you know, this is the fastest way to get visitors to your offers to buy the traffic. Yes, you could do S E O, but it's kind of labor intensive and it takes time, and it can be potentially expensive. So it's best to just find a targeted traffic source that's targeted to whatever offer that you're trying to promote and send traffic directly to that offer. Now you're not going to send them directly to a sales page because people have been trained over the last decade or two decades that, you know, most people just don't convert on that. You know, first impression. In fact, most of your traffic will never, you know, never convert period. You know, you might get like 1 to 2% if you're lucky. Assuming that is very targeted traffic. But you need to be a za business. You knew your most important asset is your list, so you need to be building a list. That way you can at least remark it to them if they don't buy on that first impression. So you need to capture that lead through a lead page or squeeze page. And usually the way that you do that is through an incentive freebie offer, whether it be a plug in or download or a video offering value or e book of some sort. And usually this is, you know, some small but valuable tip in your niche that people really you know, really, it's kind of they really want The answer to something is really intriguing to them or something that could provide a lot of value to them, but it doesn't take a lot to create. So something that's very, you know, short, simple, quick to create but provides a lot of value. Maybe a checklist or a cheat sheet, things like that, and then from there, then you'll send them to a front and offer, and usually this is just to get them to initially, you know, pull out there, pull out their wallet, spend a dollar with you are you know I've got $7 here is the low price front and offer to trust you and to buy from you again and again. And you need to get them to know, like, and trust you with that front in offer. So you really wanna massively, over to liver on it, just make it a irresistible offer. And once they buy from you, it's gonna be a lot easier to get them to easily, you know, up. Sell them on a you know, ah, more advanced product or a faster way of doing. You know what? You sold him in the front in the front end. You know, you don't want to scam people you don't wanna, you know, sell them the front end and say, Well, toe really succeeded to actually need the Upsell. You want them to have everything they need for success in the front and offer, and then the up sell and a way to go about creating an up sell is make it be a solution where they can achieve the front and offer faster. That's usually a good strategy. So if its software, you know, or information that it's like, how can they achieve the results in, you know the front and offer faster. That's a good way to go about the up sell or, you know, the up sell. It can be a membership site said that would be bringing recurring revenue for you. So that's another way to kind of build something, build something, build some stability into your business, and then you've got the back in, which is your high ticket offers. It could be, you know, something of a lot more massive value. A lot times this is like coaching or some sort of, ah, high ticket, high value webinar. Usually this is like $97.19 $7000. This is where you're really gonna make a lot of your profit in your business. So the this is the basic structure again, you can have like up sales and, you know, infinite, no down sales for people that didn't buy the front and offer. Maybe it's like, Well, you didn't buy it for seven. How about $1? You know, if they didn't buy the Upsell, how about instead of $70? How about $7? You know you can at all kinds of different variations, but this is just a very basic sales flow, sales funnel overview and kind of the structures laid out in a way. So you've got the traffic. The lead pages to capture is made leads so you can remark it to them. Added to your email list of front and offer the whole goal in that is toe help. Cancel out your traffic costs so the police break even. That should be your goal and then the up cells again to kind of help cancel out the traffic cost. And you know, potentially you can make a profit there, but you're probably not gonna make a huge profit there. Most of your profit is going to be made in your back end were re marketing to them, whether it be promoting your own offers or promoting someone else's offers that you recommend or selling your own high ticket back in products. So this is a basic sales funnel overview. This is something that you need toe. Keep in mind when you're buying. Before you ever spend a dime on paid advertising, you need to have a cell phone in place. It doesn't have to be, you know completely aren't out. Obviously, it's kind of, you know buying traffic and creating offer is sort of like, you know, the chicken and the eggs and area. You kind of need them both. But which which do you need first, you obviously need an offer. But the only way that you know, if it converts or not is by buying traffic. So you're just going to, you know, treat this like a business and, you know, you're gonna have to spend some money in order to make some money. But again, you're not. When you're spending money on traffic, don't approach it with the mindset of I'm wasting money. You're basically that first, you know, maybe a first couple 101st couple $1000. You're basically investing in data so that you know, you can understand that traffic source, you understand what they respond to. And then from that data, you can take that, analyze it and tweak yourselves funnel in order to optimize conversions. And really, you know that at that point you should be trading a dollar worth of advertising toe dollar 50 or $2 worth of profit. And once you get to that level, then you can just afford to spend as much money as you. You know you can get your hands on for that traffic source. So hopefully that gives you a good, solid overview of sales funnels and how they work and how you can use them. In your paid traffic, you're paid marketing strategies. 6. Lead Page Solutions: all right. In this video, I want to go over a couple of different squeeze page or landing page tools. So So what you're gonna find Wanna talk about kind of the basic funnel the basic flow of a funnel? If you've gone through that, are once you get to that point, of course you're going to need some sort of squeeze page tool landing page tool. You know, most people aren't programmers usedto have to do this manually and, you know, lay all this out by hand and very time and labor intensive. Now we've got a lot of cool tools that make it easy for non designers, non techie people to just go in there, drag and drop a bunch of elements, create really high converting landing pages and squeeze pages and sales pages and funnels in a very short amount of time so you can focus on the bigger picture of your marketing. So one of the, you know, tools that kind of was the flagship. A tool of building blaming pages and squeeze pages is called lead pages, so lead pages has changed. Ah, lot over the years. It's the pricing kind of fluctuates, you know, If you get in now, you know that's probably best price that you're ever gonna get it cause because it tends to always go up in time. But they always, you know, add more and more value to it. But that's one thing to consider. But some of the advantages and disadvantages of lead pages advantages Is it super fast? You don't have to put a lot of thought into the landing page design. They pretty much got a bunch of free templates in there. And depending on what level that you come in at you, you can. You have a degree of customization with the lead pages, and you can have them completely custom at the top level, but a to the basic level you condone. Your degree of customization is basically changing out the text and the colors and things like that. But they've done all the work and get delivers. Some templates that already convert very highly just have to replace it with your message, your images and things like that. So it's very fast. You can create unlimited landing pages, squeeze pages and things like that. You can split test very easily with it, so you can decide on winning, um, winning campaigns, winning squeeze pages. So those are some of the advantages of lead pages, the one downside to it in my experiences. Since I'm kind of a design oriented person, they they don't have like a dragon drop feature. It's just kind of check boxes and stuff. And again, they already convert very high. They're not going to give you templates that don't convert, cause that's their whole reason you know they exist is to create hi converting Swedes pages and landing pages for their customers. But they, you know, if you wanted to, you know, move things around and customize it 100% then you're not really able to do that. You don't have, ah lot of those features unless you go through some sort of a lead pages custom coder designer, which that can be expensive. It's entirely possible if you want to go that route, but that is one option. It again for the absolute beginner, it is actually a good option, even for the, you know, just the standard level here to just create you know, these unlimited landing pages, and you can. It also has a bunch of other features. So if you have a blawg, they have a bunch of other features and tools and plug ins that you can capture leads on your block and things like that. So you know, it does have a lot of features, but that is one option. The other option and my preferred solution is called Click Funnel, So Click Photo has only been around for about a year at the time making this video, and I love it because you can create all kinds of different complete funnels. So not just squeeze pages. And yes, you can technically create funnels with lead page. But you have to create all the pages separately, whereas with click funnels on, each project is basically a funnel. So you've got, like, opt in funnels. Webinar registration page funnels, sales page funnels. You know you can have these really extensive, you know, sales funnels that you build with click funnels, which is great. So and it's also get an element of drag and drop feeders, so it makes it really, really easy. Just click and drag an ad, texts and videos and, you know, content to create a completely customized landing pages. Squeeze pages those either of the main two tools that I would recommend going with either lead pages or click funnels, depending on If you are really designer ish like myself, you may want up for click funnels if you don't care so much about the design years like I'm just gonna go with what's working and want something affordable, and I just need to really be able to change my tax. And you know the opt in button color, then lead pages is what I would recommend. So those are two great solutions to consider for your offers for your lead magnets that I recommend you check out for sending that initial traffic to your initial paid traffic so you can capture that lead so that you can least re market to them if they don't buy it on the first impression 7. Banner Ads: or in this video, I want to go over some banner advertising networks that you can tap into different, different publishers audiences and get your banner ad for your product or service or whatever, trying to promote and get traffic to tap into audiences that people have already created. So one of the most popular networks is called by sell ads dot com. If you co here, you know, if your publisher you cannot list your website on here to get revenue for your website. If you're an advertiser and click here and go through this, you know, sign up as advertiser here. Just gonna come down here to the marketplace, show you different the different options. So you've got all these different categories of websites here, and the great thing about by cell as it kind of shows you the average number of impressions or so. And they're becoming more and more popular getting more mainstream sites here again, uh, you know, it's kind of hit or miss with these banner ads. It's great that you have the option and opportunity to advertise and have a presence on these domains, but you may not see a big click through rate. But you know, it's it's cool that you're able to just position yourself on these authority websites and Web sites that have already built up a presence and branding. You've got the opportunity to advertise their. So that's pretty cool if you have a MAWR, you know, niche specific kind of the Christian related product. Then there's this website called Beacon adds that I came across. It looks like it's It may even be owned by by. So ask it. It's the same format here, but it looks like it's more, you know, Christian related websites. So if you are a product is so if your product is something that can be promoted to this demographic, this is kind of ah, niche banner marketplace that it would be great to tap into if you know this is your ideal demographic. This is one that I recently just found today by sight, adds kind of one I haven't really heard too much about. I'm not sure how great this one is or not, but it looks like the price to a little bit cheaper here, so those are all platforms to explore. I would start with buy sell ads unless you know your niche, our your product falls. You think this demographic would be a good um, you know, target audience for whatever service that you have, but by so adds is a great place to start, and you can actually you click on these advertisers and some people have no banner impressions. You have different places on the site that you can advertise, and some people will even give you the option to tweet out your message to their audience that they have, ah, Twitter presence. And then I want to throw this and their two sites. Scout is a, um, a remnant banner advertising self serve platform. So basically what that means is all the unsold advertising inventory on places like Google and some of these other large networks. They have millions and millions of these unsold impressions that just never gets old, so they bring them to a platform like site Scout in Europe to bid on them. So you're able Teoh have the opportunity to show up on some of these big you know, high traffic websites for a lot cheaper than you would get it. Basically, you're getting it for a whole cell here, but you know, this is again something you'll have to play with and test and track. But you have the option Teoh opportunity to advertise on all these different big websites. Through this platform, you get access to all ah, lot of different advertising inventory through this platform. So pretty cool. I just want to show share that you may see better results here than just, you know, and one of these websites. So another option here. You know, there's so many different methods and media ways to different toe advertise your product in service across the web. So there's all these different options. Banner advertising ones is one that's been around, you know, just as long as the email has, um, you know, it's it's still around and, you know, there there's thes marketplaces, like by so adds that make it easy for you to approach these websites because traditionally you would have to reach out to them yourself manually and kind of go back and forth with the Web master of the site owner and try to get your at our offer posted there that they make it simple for you. Make it easy by they develop this marketplace for you. So just another APP advertising option and vehicle to get your message out to a wider audience. So check out these. So check out these solutions. You know, if you're trying to expand your reach than these, are a great place to start. 8. Bing / Yahoo: right in this video. I just want to do a very brief overview of being Yahoo ads so kind of to compete against Google. Which Google is the dominant force, the dominant player in search engine traffic. That's where most people, and at least in the U. S. And in English speaking countries, go to do their searches. But there's also being in Yahoo, and they've kind of teamed up combined forces. And, you know, while most traffic while most search engine traffic is through, Google being it in and Yahoo still gets decent amount of traffic. And so I want to present this option, this solution as another kind of an alternative advertising solution to Google because Google is not very affiliate friendly anymore. They used to be back in the day when they first started. And then, you know, several years ago they just dropped the hammer and just, you know, canceled all these affiliates accounts overnight. A lot of people lost their accounts, and so I'm not really covering Google as in this training Siri's because, you know, it's not that affiliate marketing friendly. I'm had my account shut down, or at least my advertising side of my account shut down just because accidentally promoted an affiliate. Link on being is a little bit more affiliate marketer friendly and again, they still have a decent amount of search traffic. And from what I've heard from marketers that advertise their is that you know that the convergence tend to be higher. Sometimes on again, you don't have access to as much traffic, but it is a place where traffic still exist. So, you know, if you're looking to expand your reach, expand your you know your advertising of whatever it is you're trying. Teoh, get the word out on track. New customers. This is another pool of traffic that you can tap into, so I just want to bring this to your attention. There'll be a place where you can check out and learn more about being ads, but it's very simple to get signed up. It works very similar Teoh Google ads because you're have they have a lot of the same features. You could have text based ads or advertise. I think they have display ads as well, with similar to the Google Display network. So it's very similar is just mostly Azan alternative for the Google Advertising Network. If you don't wanna start their, um, you know, even explore that at all. You've got the being Yahoo ads, and it's very, very simple to get signed up for. But you can just type in being Yahoo ads, and it'll take you to either a screen like this where you go ahead and sign it for an account. But just one thing to add. You know, while it's very simple and you don't need a lot of my to get started, I would probably depending on what niche you're in. Um, you know, if it's a more of a ah, big niche, like the health wealth love, then I might try being ads. But if it's a smaller niche, you may want to try some of these other solutions that before used, at least with the display side for the search side. Maybe, but for the display side and banners, usually those get a lot less. Click through rates on a generally at list unless you're a more advanced marketer and know a little bit more about copyrighting conversion. So that's my only tip there. So, you know, I just want to share this as another option for advertising. You know, there's this is the whole point of these videos is to kind of give you all these different advertising options, not really going into detail of each one blood just again. I let you know what's out there, what your options are. So when you get a chance, definitely check out being ads against a great source for targeted traffic, and it's a great alternative to Google. 9. Facebook: or in this video, I'm going to do a super basic overview of Facebook advertising. So Facebook ads have been around for a couple of years now. This is where most of the Internet marketers and the make money online niches gravitate to towards because it's just easier. There aren't as much like rules and regulations is places like Google and some of the other advertising networks. You don't need a big budget to start, and it allows you to the thea opportunity and the you know, the ability to target laser target. Your demographic, down by age likes interest location. So you've got a lot of different targeting options here. There's a lot of theirs. You know, the big, big audience here on Facebook's a lot of people, a pool of a lot of people, too. To tap into that, you can siphon into your sales fund with stuff, so basically, obviously, you're gonna need. So first, obviously, you're gonna need a Facebook account. So if you don't have one, you're gonna need to set one up. If you're not own here for social media purposes and socializing and stuff, and then at least set up one for your business or your product on offer that you're trying to promote. So once you set your Facebook account and come down here under create ads and then it gives you a couple different options. So based on whatever option here you select, it's going to optimize your campaign for this type of results. So if you want to boost your post on a ah fan page or promoted page, or just to send traffic to your website, are you help you want? Or you want to help increase conversions to your websites? Are you want to get installs for app of yours or some of these other options? They recently introduced video of views and videos and being able to advertise video. So this is a new option. All this stuff, it just it changes over time. So, you know, you know, again, this isn't a full course on how to use all these different advertising platforms or how to use Facebook specifically this just kind of introduction because and I'm gonna give me the basics because all these little options and stuff that you see here they change over time so that some to get used to, usually as soon as you kind of get comfortable of the advertising platform, they change it, tweak it a little bit. So you're just going to have to learn Teoh kind of roll with these changes because you can't really do anything over because you can't really do anything with them. You just have to learn to adapt for this example on. This is what I usually sent eyes. And this is what I usually choose This sin people to your website. So I've got a couple of different websites that have advertised in the past. I'm just going to select this one here on if you don't have one. You know, if you ever times in the past, you're gonna pull them up here and then it gives you option for ah, tracking pixel here, whether it be a conversion pixel or just a regular tracking pixel, I'm going to go over that in just a few minutes. But if this particular web page that you are, you know, sending traffic to if you have ah, tracking pixel, you can set that up here. I'm just gonna leave that blank for now. Click Continue. And then it gives you all these different options here for your advertising. So this is just wide up. And there's so many different things that you've been target you've got. You know, I'm in the U. S. I got the U. S. By default, you've got a country. If you want to add more countries, if you want to include or exclude certain countries, you could do that. Here. You can target by age, um, male or female languages. And as you adjust this than this, you know, bars going to kind of adjust. Over here, you're going to see all your different audience, your specific audience, your potential reach. It's gonna kind of calculate that stuff. I change this toe, maybe 25 to 65. That number is going to adjust their and then you've got interest. You got all different kinds of interest. So this kind of helps you select these different interest here, but they're very broad. So if you have like, I'm an Internet marketer, if you have, you might want type in like Internet marketing and type in a search term there. And if you click, one of them gives you all these options. But if you click one, it's going to give you other related topics or interest here. So if you just type in a generic term related to your nature, the people that you're trying to target, then it's going to be a couple of other options here to help drill down and kind of refine that audience as your as your building. You've also got on behaviors that you could target so you can go through these. This is a really cool here, actually, for financial enough targeting like people that have a, um, you know, spend a certain amount. Let's see. I think I can't remember where that's at. But you know, you know, if you want to target investors, people that have money, you can do that here. Let's see, uh, connections. Here's where the demographics are so under languages. This is kind of hidden here, but there's some valuable, you know, targeting information. Here. You've got relationships, education level, so if you want to target, just people that have high school degrees are just so if you want to target people that just have university level degrees specific types of work employers, job titles, industry's financial is taken target people by their income or their net worth. And are they a homeowner? You've got all these different awesome targeting, you know, options here that other advertising platforms don't give you access to. So it really, really cool that Facebook gives you access to all that data that you could just laid your target. You have basically the whole world at your fingertips here that you can reach out to and then want to get down here at the bottom. You can set your advertising budget what you want to be a daily budget or lifetime budget. You can start with just five bucks and just test it out. You can see kind of your estimated daily reach. How many people that's gonna potentially reach if you decide to set a start and in date and a lifetime budget. See, I believe that you can set that, and here's where I was gonna show. You Add scheduling so you can run it all the time. Or this is really cool if you have a believing me that set to lifetime budget. But if you have it sent to a lifetime budget, then you can run the ads on a schedule, so it's really cool So as you refine your ads, you can create new ones. And as you kind of see, when you're conversions happen, you can specifically schedule to run ad not just all day, all the time, but at specific hours on specific days. So Facebook gives you a lot of really awesome options to just laser targeting. Hone in on exactly who your audience is and exactly when you know when to target them. Specifically what days? What times. And then you've got You can give your ad said the name here and then here at the bottom. This is where you're going to put your images, you know, your for your ads. So you are going to need to probably set up a Facebook fan page on That's going Teoh allow you to advertise like in the news feed. Don't believe you need one in just the just for the sidebar for the right side board. But it shows you what your ad you're gonna look like here on the desktop mobile, right sidebar. And you know, I mostly for most of my stuff, I just advertised in the right side. Barca's for me that gets the most clicks and the most conversions. But you know, you do have more real estate here for the for the news feed. It's a lot bigger, but my clicks haven't been as much. Um, and it's usually more expensive in my experience in my results. So I usually just removed that remove, um, the news feed the mobile news feet, and I just usually stick with the desktop right column. And then you can adjust the headline here the description and you know, the destination. Euro onda. They actually used to not have this for the basic advertising here. So again, another thing that changes in overtime. And let's see that you don't have a call to action button. It looks like you still you don't have that on the right hand column, but on the desktop newsfeed you do. So that's one of the benefits if you have. If you're advertising on the news feed, then you do have the call to Action Button and some other options here that looks like they're kind of making their way into the right hand column at here. So this used to be smaller. It's a lot larger now. So again, another thing that changes Ah lot. And then when you're done here, you come down here to click, place, order and just take a few minutes. Probably. You know, our most probably get your ad approved, and then once you're done, you can make variations of that. Add very quickly one thing I want to mention, and I'm not sure if this is still just open to people in the US But one thing that's going to help you get some more insight into your audience is once you are selecting your interest here, and your behaviors are just kind of, you know, copy and paste those you know, you'll have all your audience details over here on the right title. Just copy and paste isn't like a word. File our document of some sort and then come back up here. Teoh, you know the top and then come over here to manage ads and still create ads before you. You know, before you create the ad, you're just kind of refining it, you know, in this process, and then come down here under manage ads and then come up here to tools, clique, audience insights. And then I'm just going to click everyone on Facebook. And then what's useful about this tools you can plug in that those demographics and the, you know, interest that you just refined down in your ad manager. There you're creating the AB, and you can kind of see insights into where you're, you know, where is your advertising dollars best spent? So you may find that of your interest. You know, you may be targeting 18 toe you any, but you may find that the bulk of your demographic is actually in the 25 to 54 zone, which I found. Most of my interest are. So, you know, while you could possibly get some clicks and conversions from 18 to 24 55 to 65 plus, you know why not just advertising in this block of demographic here and just remove these don't even target because there's so few people and they're interested in what you have to offer herself or, you know, based on your demographics that you've selected. So before you actually create your at, I would plug in your likes and interests and and demographics into the audience insights, tool and kind of see get some insights into that particular audience. And then when you're done, you can. You can actually create a custom audience from from these likes and interests that you can then plug into your ads that you can use again and again again. So once you refine this, then you can come up here, save and save that custom audience, and then what you're creating ad. Let's go ahead and create an ad I'm just going to select send people to my website again. And then, instead of selecting all of these that will interest here, you can speed up the process by just choosing a custom audience. Click here and then, you know, select one of your custom audiences in Van. You're ready to go. You come down here, you know, customize your ad, your ad copy and then go ahead and place the order so that will help you save some time in the future by doing some putting in the effort on the front end. And and then you can just create those custom audiences out of those audiences that you create and kind of refined through the audiences Insides tab. So that's how to create an ad. And Facebook. It's It is a very basic overview 10. Pinterest: right in this video. I want to go over advertising on Pinterest, using Pinterest ads and promoted pins. So this feature is only available Teoh people with business accounts. Right now, I believe you can promote with just a regular account, but you have to join a waiting list and then get approved. So it's easier just to sign up for a free business account. And then through that, you should be able to just automatically be able to promote your pins through through your business, your pinchers business account. So it's very, very simple. I'm just gonna go over, log in real quickly and kind of go over the basics of the Pinterest advertising platform. Right? So once you log in, I'm just got this account that I manage here. What, you log in, You've got this dashboard and I'm just going to go over the basics. You've got some guides here, some helpful tips and tutorials that can help you get started. But it's really, really simple pincher. Pinterest makes it very simple. And they at the time we making this video that just recently launched their advertising platform in the last several months last year. So so they know they've been developing this audiences marketplaces platform of all this traffic and users and their now giving you the opportunity to advertise to that audience. So it's a great place to take advantage. So it's a great opportunity to take advantage of. And also, you know, what What makes it unique is that you know, wherever there is a lot of traffic, whenever they open the gates to advertisers, and then you have, ah, unique opportunity there that you know it's not saturated like Facebook's and Google's out there because that is a new traffic source that has never really been opened up to advertisers. So you've got that opportunity of being one the first ones Teoh to get to test that traffic out. So you have a unique advantage there, as opposed to people that have that advertising Facebook. Facebook is great, but you know, a lot of things have changed over the years as advertisers have come in. You know, people are used to seeing ads there and so forth, so I'm just going Teoh, create a simple ad. Here. You've got a couple different types of ads. You can create engagement campaigns and traffic campaigns And like I said, this may change by the time you create your account. When I first, uh, logged in to my ads account, it didn't look anything like this. So these dashboards and these things tend to change over time on, you know, these options weren't there before. It was just basically creating Add. Now, they've segmented into these two different types of ads so you can promote, you know, based on you know, how much engagement you want with the pen or drive specifically to drive traffic to your website. So I'm just going to click this drive traffic campaign. And again, you've got kind of the same little option here. I'm just going toe klik drive traffic. Just going to give it a test test One for the name here. If you want to select on in date for the daily budget, I'm just gonna put 10 and again as you're going along. You've got some little options here, So if you need help with you know how budgets work, you can click that. Learn more click, pick up in now to advertise. I don't believe you're going to be able Teoh advertise If you don't have pin. So you need to go ahead and create a pin. Create something that, you know, pin that you would like to promote first. And then once you get to this point, you been selected the pen that you want. Teoh, get the engagement on or drive the traffic too. So I'm just gonna select this one and then that's gonna take us to this one, these last pages here. So I'm just going Teoh, you can keep the title here, or you can give your promoted pen and name. You type something in here, and then you can target your target traffic based on specific search terms. So if you you know whatever years you're promoting, you can target people searching for certain search phrases in terms on the Pinterest marketplace. The pinchers platform there. So you can specifically show your pan to that demographic so you can, you know it's give you some suggestions here. This is a business account about cleaning and vacuum. So it's got some suggestions here cleaning tips and as you ADM. Or it'll give you some more suggestions here. But it's pretty self explanatory. You can just type in the keywords and phrases that relate to whatever it is you're trying to promote their. And if you hover over, you can see what that ad is gonna look like. It's your pin basically, and the great thing about pinchers right now, it's not open to the rest of the world. So you're only targeting U. S locations so you can pick specific locations. Or you can just target the whole US, which is awesome for marketers because usually the top, you know, the Tier one countries are the ones that you know have the most money. That's been the most money, which is the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand. And right now, again, this is just a great opportunity for merchants and advertisers to just advertise specifically to the the audience that is in the US So you can also advertise based on, you know, specific languages. Here are all languages, you know, if you're speaking your advertising toe, only us speaking are you know, English people in us you can select that and then you know, if you want to advertise on all devices or you just want to advertise on web but not mobile , you can select that then gender specific so male and female. You know, Pinterest is predominantly female and it's gonna stay that way. More and more males have gotten onto their platform. But, you know, most of the people that you're probably gonna reach are going to be female related cause they're liking and pinning stuff and repainting stuff. So anything related to, like, photography, wedding, weight loss, diet health, nutrition, recipes, things like that tend to do well. That seems to be the things that are shared most. So if you're in that kind of nature, you have any kind of offer to promote and then those would be great for this audience. But you just have to play around and see what what offers are going to work best for you on this platform, and then you've got a max cost per click bids, so only pay for clicks to your website. So how much do you want to pay? And you can click this learn more to kind of see how they how how this bidding process works. And then once you're ready to go, click pay or, you know, if you haven't set up Bill, you need to set up your billing account here, but that's the basics. It's very, very simple. I'm sure it's gonna get Mawr Mawr detailed and complex as they develop their platform. But it's very, very simple. And the again the great opportunity about pinchers right now is that they just recently opened their their platform for advertisers. So it's just a great opportunity for folks like you and me to come in and just tap into that traffics worse for whatever website or niche website or offer that you're trying Teoh promote, you've got this as another advertising opportunity, another platform in addition to places like Google and Facebook and S CEO and sell ads and things like that. 11. PTC Sites: or another. Another couple options for getting trafficking cheat traffic are what's called paid to click sites. So page click is basically what it sounds like. You get paid like fractions of pennies to click on ads and offers. Some of the most popular sites have been around forever are Click Sense and neo bucks, these air ones that you know. There's lots of others that come and go, but these are the ones that have stuck around for several years, and they're actually legitimate. So one thing to keep in mind with these sites is they, You know, if you don't log in for a couple of days like they'll remove your account, I don't have in your Bucks account. This happened to me twice because it didn't law again. I don't think they send you any alerts. Or maybe I was thinking maybe they do, and I was thinking that that they surely wouldn't remove your account. But they will, and you have to sign up each time with, like a new, um, um, account that our email address that's tied to a separate PayPal account. So I didn't want to bother to create into their PayPal account so I burned through two accounts. But, you know, if you're going to sign it for this, it's a pretty good platform here and could get you some She traffic quick. Um, Then just make sure the log in to your accounts, like every seven days so that your accounts remain active and open. A quick sense is the same way. Cool thing about click sentence that's got a lot of different advertising options and the cool thing, also with quick senses that you can target by demographic so you can target by a specific country and also by length of time. So although it is cheap traffic, you can also target, you know you can make the person is viewing your ad be on your website or your ad for, you know, 10 seconds. 2030 even a minute, Which is great because, you know, if you're trying to get blocked, traffic it. You know it's better to have somebody on your website for longer than it is for, you know, two seconds. It just has a really high bounce rate, you know, And you know, most people that are in this mode they're clicking these as they're not really, you know, incentivized to stand the sight longer. Obviously, that's your goal. Is an advertiser to keep them on your website. But there there's trying to get pennies, you know, so they can add up to a dollar, whatever and cash out. So it is cheap traffic for that reason. But you know, the way I would you capitalize on these websites and use them is basically for that reason that kind of beef up your rankings or beef of your Alexa rankings and things like that on your website for your blawg. Just get more traffic, cause it's not it's probably not going to convert that Well, maybe on some c p a offers us have toe, you know, test out just like everything. But, you know, in neo bucks, I'm not really sure I haven't played with their platform in a long time just because I haven't had an active account. But it works similar to click, since I'm not really sure can't remember if you can target that specifically. But it's probably but good traffic just cause it's kind of ah filtered community of people that, like I said, they're all active if they're not active than they get their account, you know, deleted. And you like, they have no way to contact support. So, like you're not getting back in, So you're basically you've got to create another account, so there's just a couple of solutions again. The benefit I've seen from them is by, you know, is getting cheap traffic and just to kind of boost your convert booster, um, your visitors amount to your website to kind of boost your Alexa ranking or other things that, you know traffic would be helpful for. And you don't wanna pay an arm and a leg for self. You know those air these air to other options again, Just another source of traffic. You know, you may find some type of ad or offer that does convert on this traffic. So they're here is other options. Other solutions encourages. Check him out, depending on what you're doing. So they are. They're and their ones have both used. And, um, I think they both have affiliate programs. So it's another way of Ernest to refer people and get paid on. You know, the referral commissions for people buying underneath you 12. Retargeting: we're in this video. I want to talk about retargeting ads. So retargeting is something that's been around for several years. When it originally rolled out, it was kind of MAWR for bigger brands that could afford it. And then the prices dropped lower and lower to allow for the lower end advertiser, the one that didn't have as big of a bankroll on budget to come in and be ableto retarget as well. There's a couple of companies out there that do it, and now Facebook has their own retargeting platform. Used to be, you have to go through these retargeting platforms that I'm going to recommend and introduce you to in this video. But Facebook. If you're advertising on Facebook, you can actually retarget directly through Facebook, using Facebook's on free tools without having to go through one of these services. But the benefits of using one of these services is allows you to not only retarget in places like Facebook, but also all over the Web. So in different areas, different Web sites and domains that have have better ads owned them. You can pop up wherever the user is browsing, so very powerful and you know advertising as it evolves. You know, people change, people evolve, and they get kind of banner blindness to all the ads that they're shown on daily basis. So that's kind of why retargeting popped up and kind of spring forward, because I guess people weren't converting as high just directly with the first time. A lot of times it takes a couple of messages before people. Actually, if they don't convert that first time, it takes about seven impressions for them to actually click again and maybe go through yourselves. Fun one converted to a customer or lead. And so that's why retargeting is so powerful because you can follow up with them because a lot of people they click out or they get distracted or they forget. And if you can, you know, pop up your ad or offer again on places that they're hanging out already, that maybe they, you know, they're not at a place where they found you originally, then that's powerful because it can give him a little nudge and remind them. Oh, yeah, this is the thing that I was looking at. This is the thing I was checking out. So a couple of solutions are at roll. This is a pretty cool one. It's very cheap to get started. And that's the other benefit of retargeting is the impressions and the clicks and stuff. It's significantly less than direct advertising, so it often has a higher our ally. A higher return on investment and return and convergence and stuff. Because people have already seen your ads are offered once and so in, it's cheaper. So it's really just, you know, win win for advertisers so you could get signed up with Advil and get signed up with Admiral and check them out by going toe Advil dot com. Another solution out there is perfect audience, so they basically do the same thing. It's just another solution out there that that offers retargeting service all across the Web, mobile devices and through Facebook. So you know, if your advertising you want to have a presence other than on face, but that's when these solutions would would you know when you would consider them. But if you're doing, you know, exclusive advertising on Facebook, you're actually good with just Facebook's ads, and then you re targeting your customers on Facebook again. You don't have any need to go through anyone, these solutions. But if you want a little bit wider, reach across the Web to bring those customers and those leads back into your sales funnel, then these air solutions that you should consider. And they're very easy to get started that each has their different benefits and, you know, pros and cons and stuff. But they're both pretty cool. Pretty good, pretty good solutions. But again, I think Admiral has some thes dynamic creatives, which are pretty cool. Not sure if perfect audience has that, but they all have, you know, very, very cool solutions, something to look into. Once you get your your sales funnel in your advertising kind of refined, then you want to kind of look and expanding into these retargeting options. But, you know, if you're just getting started, I would start maybe on Facebook, then use Facebook's out of the box, you know, free retarding solutions. Then, when you're ready to expand, check out perfect audience or Advil 13. Revenue Sharing Sites: or in this video, I want to go over something that's called a revenue sharing sites. So there are a lot of these similar to the pay to click sites, but these are two of the most popular ones at the time of making this video again. These are websites that kind of change and evolve over time, something they kind of come and go. But these two have been around for a little while. Once called, my advertising pays one's called traffic Monsoon. Basically, the just of revenue sharing sites is they have a lot of different ad packages. You don't have to do their revenue sharing packages, but basically the kind of incentive behind it is. You buy traffic, you buy these add packs, and if you view other people's ads every day, then you'll earn a percentage of the entire revenue that the websites bringing in. So if you bought, like a $40 ad, not only are you getting other people toe view your ad, but you're also you're getting that traffic, so but you're also getting a return on your quote investment, so you spend $40 on the ad, maybe at the end of 30 days, you'll get $52 back in revenue, assuming that other people are active in the community and are clicking on those all of the ads. So a lot of people try to pitch in pitched this as a business opportunity. I don't really like to look at it in that way, because every business opportunity I've been involved in flops eventually thes will eventually kind of die, and then there will be new ones that pop up. So, um, I've just had bad experiences myself, but I've seen people make thousands of dollars, but in these types of websites and programs or business opportunities, if you want to call him that. But the people that are making the most money are ones that typically came in from Day one , with a lot of with thousands of dollars worth of these ad packs. And on top of that had a lot of referrals that also did that same thing. So there's a lot that they're not showing you some of those leaders. So just something to kind of take note of if you kind of Google these 22 websites here. But one thing that you know one thing is pretty cool is that the traffic is pretty cheap. It is really people because it's a community of of members here and the while. I don't like it for the fact that it's kind of, Ah, pool of people. That's the same people that air, you know, potentially viewing your ads over and over and over again. The type of people that are attracted to these networks are people that are interested in making money generally. So if you're offers something that has to do with make money, um, make money online things like that, then this could be a great pool of traffic to tap into and siphon it to your lead page or siphon into your offer or sales page temporarily. You know, while these sites Alaska's, they will fade away. The traffic will diminish over time. But these are again to ones that air building momentum and have a lot of traffic. So I mean, just I see it as a pool of traffic similar to Facebook or a stumble upon that something that's probably gonna last forever. But while it lasts, tap into it, siphon as much of that traffic of much as much of those visitors over to your offers over to your email list, things that you know, traffic sources that you can control, that you don't have to repeatedly pay again and again for other than the cost of, you know, maintaining that mailing list. But that's that's the advantage I see here again. It's another solution for cheap traffic is gonna be a lot cheaper than places like generally, places like Facebook and some of the other, you know, popular branded marketplaces out there. So, you know, this is something that you're If you're in the Internet marketing space, then you're probably seeing on news feeds. If you're connected with other Internet marketers pitching. This is a business opportunity again. You know, I wouldn't approach this with that business opportunity mindset that you're going to get rich off these platforms again. You can make money, but approach it like a business, a business owner. And, you know, this is a place where people are hanging out. So this is ah ah, specific demographic of people that are interested in, you know, one thing which is making money making money online, and you can use that to your advantage, depending on What you're offering is you're probably not going to get a lot of conversions on, like weight loss and you know, other types of niches on here. But if making money online is your, if that's your what your offer your services, then you probably have a pretty good chance of success or getting a couple of new clients or members to your whatever your offer is from these platforms. So definitely check him out again. This one's kind of messy. That's another reason I don't like him. This one is a little bit cleaner, and you know these air to reputable ones again, these air kind of the nature of pay to click sites and revenue sharing one's There's this kind of shady you don't know really, if you're going to get paid or not. So I wouldn't lean on the fact that you're going to get any of your money back. Just you know, any advertising money that you that you put out there just, you know, put it out there and the the mindset that you can afford to lose that because you probably mean you're probably not going to get it back basically, so check them out. This is another solution again. If you're trying to get quick block traffic for very cheap, that's one. So these air one solution that you can use for that, but definitely worth checking out worth exploring. 14. Twitter: or in this video want to go over Twitter ads. So Twitter and the last year two or so has recently opened up their platform again similar to Pinterest and some of these other platforms Thea's other social media marketplaces and platforms out there. They've just basically, they haven't really had a monetization strategy. There hasn't haven't really opened up their doors to advertisers like you and me until recently in the recent in the last couple of years. So I just searched Twitter ads here. And if I click the 1st 1 you can see, you know, take you to this page, you click the other one. It will take you, Teoh this Twitter for business page. It will tell you a little bit more about their products and kind of what your different options are here. So first you're gonna obviously need a Twitter account. You don't need to sign up for a special like business encounter anything like that. I'm just gonna sign toe one of my accounts here. And then, you know, if you click, let's go. They'll just ask you some other questions to get some more information about your business . But if you just go to your room. But if you just go to, you know, back to Twitter back to your main account here you mean account dashboard and then come up here to your little icon here of your profile. Come down here under Twitter ads. Then we'll take you to a dashboard for your ads here. I don't have any running, but you've got your little analytics tab up here. So once you got some ads running and to create a new one, you just come appear to create new campaign and you can see all the different options. Kind of like Facebook ads. They give you a couple of different goals. So what's your goal with your tweets? Is it to get more followers is to get website clicks and convergence. So you've got all these different variables here, the's different goals and, you know, based on what whatever your marketing strategy is, whatever you're trying to get, whether it be more followers or more clicks and conversions for most marketers is probably be clicks and conversions because you want you want people to go to your website basically . But you've got all the different options here, you know, if you're doing advertising videos, you want to get views on it really quickly, then you know, you just get all these different goals here, and Twitter's going to optimize your campaign for whatever gold that you select. So I'm just going to select for this example Website clicks or conversions. There's gonna take me to this campaign set up page, so I'm just gonna put in. So I'm just going to put in test campaign and, uh, scrolled on here. You can start this ad immediately, or you can customize when you want to start in. In this. If you have a specific date in mind, you can set up specific locations. So you know the benefit of, you know, having different marketplaces to advertise on is some of the different marketplaces allow you to target different demographics and different things that the other marketplaces don't know. Kind of get going to that little deeper as we scroll down here. But you can select specific locations, so that's great. If you want to target people just the U. S. Or just your country, you could do that on Twitter gender specific here, specific languages, specific devices. So people that are only on you know, desktops. Or if you want to target just their mobile devices, you can do that on. Then you've got this is this is really unique here, So get your target by keywords. You could talk about followers interest all these different behaviors. Event targeting. What I like is the followers, because this is unique. This is something that Facebook doesn't allow you to do. You can, You have You can drill down pretty deep, pretty targeted with interest and different likes and things like that in on Facebook. But you can't target by, like, specific Facebook fan page so you can, you know, if, like, a specific celebrity or ah specific website has a large following. You can't target that audience, unfortunately, but you can with Twitter. So if a celebrity or someone important in your industry or niche has a large following, you can target people that follow that particular person says, You know, every advertising platform is unique. That's why I want to share all these different options that you have available because they're all different. They'll have their benefits and they're all there. Pluses and minuses, pros and cons. So we scroll down here. There's a bunch of other different options that we can target and every school in her, the bottom we can kind of see, like the estimated reach Aziz were adjusting these different options down here. And then we get to the end here, and you can set your budget of how much you want to spend per day or how much your total budget is and then how you want to, you know, price your bids. If you want to keep it at automatic or you've got a couple of different other options here and then, you know, as you'll get done here, the bombs. You get your creative so you can write your tweet, upload your images, are your text and customize your adhere and you know, then you can say and schedule your campaign. So it's just a simple is that, and you know, I haven't honestly done a lot of advertising on Twitter. This isn't really my advertising platform, but you know every advertising platform again as different. You may find your success for your particular product or service it. You know, you may find success on Twitter as opposed to like Facebook in a lot of people are having success on Facebook. But Twitter, maybe your avenue, you know, as opposed to some of the other popular marketplaces. So you really just have to test in, tweak and try and figure things out. But I just want to share this brief overview of how to use the Twitter platform, because again it's just another advertising platform. A marketplace for you to get. Your message is out there for you to reach later target. You know your demographic and your ideal prospects and customers. 15. Solo Ads: or in this video, I want to go over a couple of solo ad traffic sources specifically for Internet marketers make money online. Niche. Now what Celo ads are for those of you that don't know, as, basically, you're tapping into other people's email lists, and they're giving you the opportunity to mail your offer to their audience into their list . So there's list out there for all sorts of different demographics and niches. I've just listed some here on my website. I am source that or slash traffic. If you just come to I'm source that work and scroll down here to traffic. The solo ad lists are up here at the top. These are just ones I've collected over the years is just easiest for me to show rather than go through a couple of different examples or options here. So these are all wonder collected the ones that I would point out. Our power clicks the traffics worse ego K fits sill ad agency dedicated emails, traffic for me and my traffic sources, the ones that I would start out with again. A lot of this is trial on air, you know, so as they're probably the most targeted And, um, you know, highest your highest chance of converting traffic basically out there of, uh, compared to, like, Facebook ads or Pinterest our twitter. Some of these other advertising options, assuming that you know, whoever you're sending your offer to, has a decent list, a decent relationship with their list. But it's going to be your quickest way to get traffic generally when getting started. Another option would be like Facebook but Facebook. You know, you may be having to pay a little bit more for a click, whereas here you know exactly how much you're paying for each click. You need to be tracking this, which I'll go over that and a different video. But I recommend a solution called Click Magic if you are doing so, adds but these air again specifically for Internet marketing to make money online. Niche, business opportunity. This is mine. This is about this is what mine itches said. These were the ones that are relevant to me now. A lot of people asked me, Are there so ads for other niches? And I kind of just answered that a few minutes ago. Yes, of course, but again, this is just kind of a website pertaining to Internet marketing. Resource is for mostly geared towards the make money online, Niche said. These were the ones that I selected. If you are like the diet, weight loss, fitness niches or the survival niche, there's lists out there. Dedicated emails is actually a good one that has a variety, and they are actual list brokers so they can help you with fitness and health and survival niches. If those air you're niches, if you have a more specific or targeted um, you know, product or service that you're tryingto market promote. Then again, there are more specific list out there. So that's just one thing to note. And the great thing about so adds, is generally, at least with the Internet marketing ones, you can literally just give them your link. And it's kind of a done for you at least some of the services that I've suggested here out of this list. But the other solo ad solutions, like for other niches you may have to be. You may be required to write like a little blurb or the your own message for the email that's going out. So that's something to consider. You may want to read up on some copyrighting version techniques and strategies in order to get that you know that Solo had crafted in a way that's going to get as many clicks as possible, said that could be asses effective as possible. Um, and you can get as many clicks as possible again. It's much traffic to your offer through that still at mailing. But these were just another traffic source again. You know, if you're just starting out, you're trying to build an email list. This is one of the quickest ways to do it. If you're not that skilled, if you don't have a lot of copyrighting skills and you just have an offer, you just have a you know, opt in your trying to get people to opt in then, so as it's probably be your best bat's gonna be your quickest, you know, solution there without having to be a master copywriter. Anything like that. So great traffic source again. It's all dependent on the quality of the traffic, and a lot of times these vendors will have reviews. So that's kind of how you engage that you can ask around, but The ones I suggested are ones that I've used and have could have had good experiences with. So again, just go. I'm source that orig slash traffic and you can see all these still add traffic solutions that I recommend again the ones that I would start out with our power clicks the traffic source, eager kfit is is going to be pretty good. He's gonna take care of you. But his is probably the most expensive cellar as agency dedicated emails, traffic for me and then my traffic sources the ones that I would start with and then you got some other ones here that you can always try out. 16. Split Testing: in this video. I want to go over the importance of split testing and tracking the your ads and your advertising through pay traffic. So with paid traffic, you know, you're basically what you're investing in, what you're buying. There is essentially data because nobody knows anything until you test things. So the way you figure out you know what ads work and what ads don't and what as convert and profitability of your ads and you're different. Copy is through split testing, tracking your links, making sure you're not getting screwed by a traffic sources. So in this video, I want to go over a couple of essential tools, and they very based on the different traffic sources that you're going to use. But it will not point out in highlight a couple of different tools that you may want to consider when buying traffic from these different sources that are recommends the first one's called Click Magic. This is going to be best used when you're especially when you're doing solo ad purchases, because you would basically clothes your your squeeze page or your landing page with a click magic link, and then that's what you would give to the soul at provider to make sure that you know you're tracking your traffic to make sure that you're getting all the cliques that you're supposed to be that are supposed to be delivered to you. And you can also track which country those clicks air coming from and do a lot of other cool things. Rotate the links that kind of, you know, split test offers as well on your, you know, able to track all that within the back offices. Click Magic. So it's a really cool tool, and it's very affordable because of the free trial. So that's the 1st 1 I recommend. You could do a lot of split testing all throughout. Different fun will say, if you have a whole funnel a bunch of different pages throughout the phone, or you can do that with Click Magic is too. So it's a really cool, flexible, very feature rich tool. Another one's called Improve Lee. So you know, I haven't had a lot of experience with improved Lee, but it's also a conversion tracking kind of click fraud monitoring solution. But the marketers that I've seen use that are, you know, it's I feel like it's best used across multiple advertising platforms, so it's kind of hard on the Internet to track the the path of a particular user across multiple different platforms. So maybe they clicked your ad on Facebook and then they know saw retargeting ad and found you again on being or something like that and then converted. That's kind of hard to measure without the proper tools. And, you know, it's my understanding that improve. Lee can help you, you know, measure the lifetime value of a customer and the conversions across multiple different platforms. So if you're advertising on, not just add words that maybe being and Twitter and Facebook and you want to kind of see where the conversions happen and you know where your conversions air coming from for your sales funnel and improve Lee as a solution that I would recommend for you a Sephora's landing page, um, Teoh, as far as landing page tools for split testing. So for split testing like copy and things like that, buttons and button colors and things like that, which are all very important, announces a pretty cool tool that you can use for that. You don't have to be like a super technical wizard, Anything like that. So that's a really cool tool that you should check out, um, for building customizable landing pages that you can you know rapidly. Switch out and split, test different variables. Another couple tools that are really useful. And they're basically they have a lot more features than just split testing. But they definitely have split testing built in our click funnels and then lied pages. These air mostly, you know you can build squeeze pages lately pages, sales pages, different types of funnels and stuff. But these air to tools that I own on and you just get us. But testing built in the back office said again, you can create a couple different variations of pages. Teoh just split test and see which ones convert the highest. And then you can cloak that link, you know, in side of ah, program like Click Magic and make sure that again you're not getting screwed on your links . If you're buying sell ads if you're investing in, you know, paid traffic, flu, Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook. I don't think you have to be so concerned about whether or not a click is a click and things like that, but was solo adds, When you're dealing with individuals, you just want to protect yourself. If you spend $300 on Scylla ad for 300 clicks or 500 plates, you want to make sure that you're getting those 500 clicks. You know, if you just give them a role link and you're not tracking it, then you're in the dark on that data. You're not really sure they delivered it. You know, if you don't see any results, they can say, Yeah, I sent that, you know, sent 500 clicks and you're like, OK, but because you know what do you know? You weren't tracking it? So, um, it's very important to split. Test is very important to track. You're trafficking ads because that's really the only way it's, you know, anything. It's all about the data, and I know that's kind of, you know, for someone like myself and you may who and and you watching this video, you know, you may be kind of overwhelmed with testing and tracking, and that's something that I avoided for a long time because I didn't want to think about us was happy, being ignorant and going out there and buying ads and wondering why they didn't work. But from the beginning, one of the big things that is going to be a deciding factor between your success and if you're not successful is investing in some of these tools and again, they're not very expensive, but you need to factor them into your marketing budget from the get go, because it's just going to help you analyze the data, you know, and actually have data to analyze upfront from the beginning without having to do a lot of guesswork. So how I encourage you to check out some of these tools, depending on which traffic sources that you're gonna be investing in. 17. Stick With ONE Traffic Source: in this video. I want to talk about sticking with one traffic platform. So there are tons and tons of different resource is that you're gonna learn about in this course. And if you go, I'm source that or force last traffic. You could see some other traffic sources. There's so many different options out there. My best advice for you, just like you know, anything that your doing online or in life is just to stick with something long enough to become a master of it. Now, if you stick with it for a long time, you can't be become a master. It you can't get it to convert whatever. At least you're gonna learn more about that traffic source than most people know about it. Because you've spent a lot of time trying to test and tweet things so that, you know, at the end of it, maybe you can come up with a course and sell it. You know, educate people on that particular traffic source if it's, you know, legitimate because you know there's so easy to get distracted just like there's It's so easy to get distracted with these little high P tools and plug ins on Softwares for 5 10 17 $27 get distracted from what's actually working for you right now. Are you know what you're working on currently made? Just hop over and try something else before you even gave it a chance to be successful. So, you know, if you're doing sell ads, then commit to learning so ads, you know and mastering that. And, you know, you may have to switch between different select providers to find the best traffic source. But master that traffic source. If you're doing stumble upon them, spend enough time instead of a stumble upon. That's been enough time on stumble upon testing different links, testing different offers, testing different, you know, strategies in order to get that traffic to convert and just master different strategies and techniques again by the end of spending, a lot of time and and your partners spent a lot of money to eventually you're going to become a master of that traffic sources. You can, you know, create a course around, or you can become an expert and get people to pay you Teoh in free to teach them how to master that traffic source and you know, potentially make all your money back for your coaching advice on that particular traffic source. So stick with stick with something long enough to become, you know, very proficient at it. Instead of just hopping around trying. Teoh, spread out your budget across 10 different traffic sources, and you know you're going to get traffic, but none of them do very well. And then in a short amount time you run out of money because you just didn't take you didn't have enough resource is, too you didn't have enough. Resource is, too to scale any one of those or to become a master at any one of those traffic scores yourself. My best advice is to stick with one traffics worst pick one, stick with it and become the best in your industry at that particular traffic source. Then, once you've mastered that one, then you can move on to others and explore you. No other alternative traffic sources