Top Affilliate Marketing Web Traffic Sources Revealed | Alex Suttle | Skillshare

Top Affilliate Marketing Web Traffic Sources Revealed

Alex Suttle, Entrepreneur, Lifestyle Design Coach

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7 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. What you will get out of this course!

    • 2. PPC Advertising

    • 3. PPV/CPV

    • 4. Media Buys & Display Advertising

    • 5. Multi Channel

    • 6. Social Media

    • 7. In-Text


About This Class

This course reveals, reviews, and explains some of the best kept secret sources of web traffic used my super affiliates and top internet marketers. If you have every considered a paid traffic campaign for your business this information is critical!





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Alex Suttle

Entrepreneur, Lifestyle Design Coach

My name is Alex and I am an entrepreneur. After finishing school and working a less than satisfying desk job, I decided to free myself from the 9 to 5 and begin designing a lifestyle that would allow me to peruse my passions and explore the world around me. Combining creativity with internet marketing was the key to unlocking that freedom.

We live in a unique period in time where powerful tools like Social Media, Online Shopping, and Affiliate Marketing are right at our finger tips. I ...

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