Top 8 Tips To Creating Profitable Online Courses | Brad Newton | Skillshare

Top 8 Tips To Creating Profitable Online Courses

Brad Newton, Fitness Vlogger |

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9 Videos (1h 3m)
    • A Personal Introduction

    • Tip #1 Your first course will not look pretty

    • Tip #2 Why having the perfect equipment setup is NOT important

    • Tip #3 Busy lifestyle and don't have the time? Here is the solution.

    • Tip #4: You don't need to be the "expert of experts"

    • Tip #5: What if people can get your knowledge for free elsewhere? (i.e., YouTube)

    • Tip #6 Why you should validate your idea by creating a SMALL course

    • Tip #7: Why NOT focusing on "the money" will make your course profitable

    • Tip #8: Getting over camera fears (and a simple solution!)


About This Class

Wanting to create your own online video course but you are fearful of cameras?

Do you feel like your idea for a course has already been done by someone else or, such information can be obtained for free off another site (Google, YouTube, etc?).. so what's the point, right?

Perhaps you say to yourself that you don't have the time... that you don't have the "expertise" to teach online... or you are waiting for the "perfect" time to create that "perfect" online course.

If you are having any of these thoughts then by the end of these videos, I will break through these common limiting beliefs and fears you might have to give you the confidence to start your very own profitable online course.

The bite-sized tips which I have personally learned include:

  • Dealing with the psychology that your first ever online course will NOT be pretty!
  • Why having the best camera, lighting, editing software, etc, is the LEAST of your concerns
  • Don't have the "time"? Learn how to start your first course on as little as 5-10 minutes per day.
  • Dealing with your mindset of feeling like you are not "expert enough"
  • And MUCH MORE!

Get started right away and start your journey to leverage your knowledge to help make a difference in someone else's life... and earn an income while doing it!! (pretty cool!)

Don't forget to give this video series a thumbs up if you like it!! And if you know someone that shares the same fears and want to get into creating online video...share this course with them :)





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Brad Newton

Fitness Vlogger |

I'm a passionate fitness and adventure vlogger that loves sharing everything I know about fitness with people like you.

Through my online fitness school, I create courses that teach you how to become a better version of yourself.

Here's the deal.

Would you like to never have to buy a cookie cutter meal plan again?

Would you like to learn the simple science to fat loss that magazines never teach you?

Would you like to learn from someone that practices what he...

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