Top 5 Advanced Tips on Procreate (FREE!) | Leo Mateus | Skillshare

Top 5 Advanced Tips on Procreate (FREE!)

Leo Mateus, Illustrator | Content Creator | Mentor

Top 5 Advanced Tips on Procreate (FREE!)

Leo Mateus, Illustrator | Content Creator | Mentor

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3 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction (FREE)

    • 2. My Top 5 Procreate Hacks (FREE)

    • 3. Conclusion (FREE)

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About This Class

Welcome to my Top 5 Advanced Tips on Procreate - a FREE class here on Skillshare! 

Love digital illustration? Learn how to use Procreate, the best drawing & digital illustration app for the iPad, with this FREE special class from from artist and illustrator Ghost Paper!

In this FREE class, here's what you'll learn:

  • Setting up your Quick Menu for maximizing your speed and performance
  • Enabling a re-do setting for the Quick Shape tool
  • How to find ANY layer Easy without opening the Layers Panel!
  • How to Zoom In and Out with hand gestures while having objects selected on the canvas
  • How to setup your gesture controls for maximizing your productivity

Whether you’re new to digital art or curious about Procreate, you’ll gain an arsenal of tips, tricks and tools you can use to start creating right away. After this class, you'll never be far from your iPad and your favourite creations on Procreate, wherever you happen to be. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Leo Mateus

Illustrator | Content Creator | Mentor


Hi there! My name is Leo and I'm a Designer, Illustrator & content creator at Ghostpaper - a space dedicated to all kinds of Art and Digital Illustration. My goal is to help and guide you to create your best illustration work while using the iPad and other graphic tablets as a medium. I also offer guidance in the fundamentals of design, creativity self-help, tutorials and much more. I look forward to optmize your skills and time spent while learning, so you can focus on what's important - developing your art and crafting your style. Please feel free to also check my Youtube channel and other social media links for more content, and welcome to this learning community of artists!

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1. Introduction (FREE): hi, everyone. And welcome to the top five brokerage hacks glass that I've quickly made here for you on Skill Shirt. This is a special class where I've basically taken one of my YouTube videos. In case you don't know, I also run a channel as the creator behind Ghost paper and is a channel that has lots of tutorials, reviews, tips and tricks and speed paint videos. And that is all for you to become a batter digital illustrator. So the purpose off this glass is to really kick start your pro advanced mode on procreate. And if decided, since this video also lives on my channel that it will be here for free on skill share. In the next lesson, you will see my top five tips for procreate users and things that you probably didn't think were possible in the first place. Once again, I am setting this class for free here on skill share. And that is so you can check out everything and if you decide so you can check my other class with the course Procreate Essentials The ultimate guide. So once again, I hope you enjoy this glass. So now let's get started 2. My Top 5 Procreate Hacks (FREE): Hello, everyone. Welcome back to Ghost Paper. You know what time it is today? It's time for another minute. Video tutorial here on appropriate. And for this video, guys, you definitely don't want to miss this one. This one I'm gonna teach you my top five advanced tips for procreate. And that is for advanced users. Users who would just want to turn on the pro mod here and procreate. All right, so Tip Number one is using and activating the quick menu. The quick many was something that I used quite a bit. And I've also customized my quick menu for my personal use. So what I mean by that? What I mean is that here on the left side, I've actually customized these buttons infected, have customized all six buttons. And here are my painting and race. So whenever I want to just go pain to rate paint here, it raised right here, and he just becomes very, very fast. As you can see, I can keep painting and raising just by using the quick menu. And I don't have to drag my hand all the way here to the right or even by mistake. Leave anything behind on the illustrations, such as a glitch. But now, first, how do we activate this option of quick menu? And then furthermore, how do we customize thes buttons? So the way to do that, we click here on the tools menu and then we're gonna go into preferences, and then we go into gesture controls here in gesture controls. We're gonna click on quick menu and here you're gonna choose your preferred way off activating this option. In my opinion, my preferred way here is the touch and hold and have also decreased t timeto access that future future to something around 0.15 off a second. So it's really, really fast. And that's exactly how I wanted to be, because then allows me to to be really, really fast. And I also have Here is my last option. Have the eyedropper, which is something that I forgot show you. So I pretty much have march layers creating you layers painted race and my eye dropper. So I have a lot of options here to actually continue my production as fast as they can. So now how do I actually customize thes options? So, for example, let's just say that we want to change the new layer here, button to something else. All we have to do is just hold on to that button, and then you have here the whole list off possible actions that you may want to replace. So you just select that action and that will replace that button. The next one is something that I call the quick shape on. Do hack. As you know, you can draw some really lose and abstract lines here on appropriate and also shapes when you probably also know is that you can draw something that resembles a line as much as possible. But keep holding the tip of the pan onto the canvas and procreate will transform that shape or stroke that you just made into a quick shape. And you can also hold one finger onto the campus as well, and you get 15 degrees increments. And you probably also know that you have the meditate capability which allows you to with two Beziers here in the case here of line, you can further at it this line. But the one thing that you probably don't know is that once you exit this box, there's no way to actually continuously tweak this line. It doesn't. It's not a vector line anymore. And Danny becomes pixel art or pixels. So what if I tell you there is a way to create a hack that allows you to do an undue action which allows you to actually continue to add it The lest what shape that you create here appropriate? In fact, that is. And I'm just going to show you if I click your on this little square that I have here between the brush size and the brush capacity, I still have this option here that pops back up the added shape. And now I can continuously at it my lest created shape or life. So what I'm trying to say is that if I now create a new shape here and you quick shape and I'm just gonna make it into a circle can add it, the busier curves and I'm just gonna leave it as a circle. But now that I've just left the menu that I had here at the top, I'm gonna click on the little square and when I click at it shape, I am only able to add it again. the last great at shape here on my canvas. So how do we actually activate this option while we have to once again go here into tools and we're gonna go into gesture controls, And now we're gonna head into the quick shape some menu here on the quick shapes of menu I have in my case here, I have detach the square, the little square, which is that button that I just showed you between burst size and brush capacity and that will make a shape from your last stroke. So let me just show you what happens if I don't have that option selected. Now, if I just create a shape and actually has to be a quick shape story, so I'm just gonna hold the band, It doesn't matter. I can just click here at its shape. I'm gonna edit this a little bit. And now that I've clicked away, there is really no way to invoke that option. So I will have to do another quick shape, which doesn't make sense because I want to add it. My previous one. So once again, really, really powerful tool. I actually always have that lens. I'm just gonna go back into gesture controls, quick shape. And in my opinion, I've activated with the tap the little square. There are other options which eso just touched the three finger swipe. But also in this video, I'm going to show you the list that I have for my gesture controls. And you will see why I have for this case, I have the top, the square, and for other ones such as copying and cut and copy, I do have the three finger swipe and then for touch, I have something else as well. The next one here is something that also happens quite a bit, which is taking a look at this illustration. If you are unorganized illustrators such as myself, or at least somewhat organized, you probably have your illustration broken down into layers. And as you also have the the illustration broken down into layers, sometimes you want to add it something really small. Let's just say like the shadows here on this plant, where you want to make a tweak to the pattern that we see here on this vase. But it is a little bit, you know, you have to find these layers, and sometimes a graphic. A smallest ISS procreate creates this like little little thumbnail with whatever is thes summary off the layer. And sometimes that little thumbnail is so small that you don't really have a chance to actually see it as clearly as possible. Such as, for example, the lenses on the glass or the skin on the character and other elements that I have here broken down into layers. But what if I tell you that there is a way to actually find and get into layers without even having to touch the layer control panel? In fact, there it's. So we're gonna go here once again into tools we're going to get into gesture controls, but this time we're gonna go into layer Select. Now, what I do want to show you is that I will use for this option I'm going to use touch for ah , finger touch will invoked Layer Select. Now, if I keep that option checked on and I just scrub the illustration with one finger, I'm now able to stop whenever I want. And it will tell me what's actually contained in the region that I that I'm actually scrubbing. So, for example, right here have the the reflection on the glasses. I have the skin of the character. Everything is kind of like around this region. Unless you say I do want to make a change to you The skin off the character layer. I'm just gonna quickly or 22. And in fact, now, when I paint this and it's gonna paint this with blue and I go into my layers panel I am, in fact, on layer 22 I actually so in a nutshell, I've selected the later that I wanted with the my just like scrubbing through the campus and then I've actually made ad. It's to that layer, and I haven't even I haven't even opened the layer control panel right here. So I do have to say I used his options sometimes because in fact, the more gesture controls you have activated, the bigger the chance you actually may turn something on by mistake or you're actually selecting earlier you don't actually want. So I still use this option. But I actually do use this option. Wants some authority, end off my illustrations. Once I have, like a very good sense of the members. The number of layers that I'm working with and I want to make changes and they don't really want to keep going here on the layer control. But in fact, if you do have a lot of layers, this option might be really, really helpful for you. The next one is something really simple, but in fact is a bit of a pain for a lot of us who actually use procreate. And that, IHS, once we have the selected, when you click here on the arrow and you select the contents off the Lear, whatever leader they have in this case, we're still here on the skin layer off our illustration, and let's just say they want to zoom in interim illustration. When I got closer, you want to do something? Maybe you're actually in the process of scaling this layer your transforming. But you do want to just get closer and see if your scale is actually heating the right parts. The problem is, is that once you do pinch procreate understands that as a scale. But we can get around that by actually using a multi touch feature. So I'm just gonna rest my pencil here for just a second with one hand, I'm gonna hold the arrow, which is the selection arrow. And with my other hand, I'm just gonna zoom in into whatever area I want. I can pan. I could do whatever it wants. And I'm just gonna leave thes selection box here so you can see that is actually working. And now that I'm now that released the arrow, I can keep making edits. So I'm just gonna scale this a little bit and again, it can hold the arrow again. I can go into this image I can pan around and it can check for anything or any areas that I still want to tweak. So once again, is something that a lot of people don't know that by using this multi touch feature, you can zoom in and out with the selection box activated. And before the last tip off this video, follow me as I'm going to show you what is my gesture? Controls list. So you can pause this video at any time that you want. You can follow the you can to see that all of the screens and you can check or uncheck options on your side on your iPad, But make sure to test all of these options just so you can see if that workflow actually works for you as well. So we're gonna had into tools. We're gonna go into gesture controls. And let's actually start from the eyedropper for the eyedropper here. Actually have it activated with the little square. Bless a touch and out will invoke de eyedropper. I'm not really, um I don't really mind this option here too much because as I've just showed you, I also have the eyedropper on my quick menu. So, in fact, the reason that I have this is that I have a secondary or a second way off activating the eyedropper, which is always a good idea moving on to quick shape. Once again, tapping the little square will invoke the quit shape option to have the undue heck and also my drawn hold timer or the time that it takes appropriate to change my abstract line or shaped into a quick shape. In my case, here is about 1/3 of a 2nd 0.34 So it's somewhere around the third of a second. So, in fact, if you have your delay number here a little higher, say, like a second. A second and 1/2 and you war. Indeed, the actual you are actually using quit shape quite a bit. I would advise you to actually lower the number so you can be more productive. Next one is quick menu. And for that, as I've showed you at the beginning of the video, I have touch and hold for this one. And as I've also showed you, I have a very, very small timeframe for that to be activated 0.15 off a second. The next one is full screen. And that is something that I see a lot of people who actually also make videos here on YouTube having that option on and is with the four finger tap onto the canvas, then finally clear layer is something that it is useful from Time to time is not as easy to activate, and you do have to practice a little bit. And for that I do have the scrub activated, which basically you just need to scrub back and forth with three fingers to clear the layer on the campus. However, you do have to be a little bit fast in my opinion with the motion, so did so. Then you don't actually activate the copy and paste, which is our next one for that one. I do have the three finger swipe, which is just a vertical swipe off. Three fingers will invoke the options off copying, cutting whatever is the contents off your layer. And finally, one of the options that have showed you here on this video as well is the later select with the finger scrub on your campus. I also made a video just for the step, but I do believe that sometimes these videos they are not as not as big as other ones, such as the Phil how to feel layers quickly, which is a video that's actually performing really well in the on this channel. So I do find this layer find they're really, really helpful, and a lot of people don't know about this one. So once again, here it is is with the the first option, the touch. So I believe that about covers all of these features and tips and tricks that I have my top five list for advanced things that you can do here on appropriate to speed up your product productivity 3. Conclusion (FREE): hi there. And thanks so much for watching this special class that have prepared for you free here on scale share. If you want to see a little bit more on the content that I create for tutorials, reviews, tips and tricks and speed bank videos, make sure to head up to ghost paper on YouTube, where I upload weekly videos with tips and tricks reviews and much more so that you become a better digital illustrator. And also, if you want to take another class that I have here on skill share, I do have appropriate essentials. The ultimate guide, which is a premium class, And I highly, highly recommend you to actually take the next step and learn way more because there were gonna cover we actually cover. Procreate from eight is that in all of its options, all of its features and how to unlock maximum productivity for you, and so that you can work faster and smarter or inappropriate. Once again, congratulations on finishing this freak glass. Thanks so much for watching and we'll see you on the next one. Joe