Top 5 Advanced Tips on Procreate (FREE!) | Leo Mateus | Skillshare

Top 5 Advanced Tips on Procreate (FREE!)

Leo Mateus, Illustrator | Content Creator | Mentor

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3 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction (FREE)

    • 2. My Top 5 Procreate Hacks (FREE)

    • 3. Conclusion (FREE)

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About This Class

Welcome to my Top 5 Advanced Tips on Procreate - a FREE class here on Skillshare! 

Love digital illustration? Learn how to use Procreate, the best drawing & digital illustration app for the iPad, with this FREE special class from from artist and illustrator Ghost Paper!

In this FREE class, here's what you'll learn:

  • Setting up your Quick Menu for maximizing your speed and performance
  • Enabling a re-do setting for the Quick Shape tool
  • How to find ANY layer Easy without opening the Layers Panel!
  • How to Zoom In and Out with hand gestures while having objects selected on the canvas
  • How to setup your gesture controls for maximizing your productivity

Whether you’re new to digital art or curious about Procreate, you’ll gain an arsenal of tips, tricks and tools you can use to start creating right away. After this class, you'll never be far from your iPad and your favourite creations on Procreate, wherever you happen to be.