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Top 4 Tips For Signing a Record Deal

Christopher Greenwood,

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6 Videos (27m)
    • Trailer Video: 4 Tips For Signing a Record Deal

    • 01 Why You Need a Lawyer Before You Sign Anything

    • 02 What Is a Good Advance When Signing a Record Deal

    • 03 Don't Giveaway All Your Publishing

    • 04 Negotiating Territories Worldwide

    • 05 The Term Of The Record Deal: How Long Do They Own You!


About This Class

Hey There,

My name is Chris Greenwood also known as Manafest and I've sold hundreds of thousands of albums plus over a million singles.

I've signed record deals with major and independent labels in 7 plus different countries.

In this course I teach the 4 top tips every artist should know before signing a record deal.

Just one of these tips if I had of known would have saved me over $50,000. That's a mistake I don't want any other artist to make.





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Christopher Greenwood

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