Top 3 Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) Tools That Enhance Productivity | Korryn Haines | Skillshare

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Top 3 Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) Tools That Enhance Productivity

teacher avatar Korryn Haines, Admin Ninja | Tech Nerd | Encore Admin

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Introduction to Course and Me!

    • 2. Gmail - Introduction and Using Labels

    • 3. Gmail - Using Filters to sort your emails

    • 4. Gmail - Quick Access Toolbar

    • 5. Gmail - Using Archive to manage your email inbox (and sanity)

    • 6. Gmail - Using Canned Emails to save time

    • 7. Google Calendar - Colour Coding Appointments

    • 8. Google Calendar - Recurring Appointments

    • 9. Google Calendar - Reminders / Tasks

    • 10. Google Calendar - Availability and Scheduling Apps

    • 11. Google Drive - Collaborative Document Storage and Tips

    • 12. Class Project

    • 13. Skillshare Class 1 Recap and Conclusion

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About This Class

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is being fast adopted by individuals and small business owners because of its ease of use, affordability, and connectivity. This class will give my top three tools that enhance productivity as a small business owner that help with mine and my clients' productivity day-to-day.

Google Workspace has so much power in using the apps and you are able to use these apps to your absolute advantage in business.

This class is geared to solo and small business owners who are looking to adopt Google Workspace in their business or who are currently using Google Workspace but are looking for ways to maximise its use.

The class project will be a short activity where you set up simple processes and systems for yourself / or your business using my three favourite tools in Google Workspace - Gmail/Google Calendar/Google Drive.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Korryn Haines

Admin Ninja | Tech Nerd | Encore Admin


Bringing over 10 years of administrative support experience from her time working in varying industries from real estate, hospitality, engineering consultancies, direct marketing, local government and construction; Korryn fell into her own Virtual Assistant business in 2016. Since this accidental foray into small business ownership she has been bringing her varied knowledge and experience in servicing her clients who are just as varied in their industries. 

With her keen skills with software and technology, Korryn is finding small business owners (especially solo online business owners) have many various applications and software at their disposal and are using them, but sometimes not to their best ability. 

So, to help people understand the technology they are u... See full profile

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1. Introduction to Course and Me!: Hello. I'm Kareen from Uncle M and consulting and welcome to my school. Shake us on my top three G suite tools that enhance productivity. I am a virtual assistant and I'm based in Brisbane, Australia. I've been working in administrative capacity for over 10 years now. And in the last two years I've been running my virtual assistant business from home. My main specialization. These in G suite. So that's why I want to share these three. Absent a part of G suite applications with you and how you can use them to get the most out of. But for your personal and feel business, G suite is being fast adopted by individuals and small business owners because of its ease of use, affordability and connectivity. Just wait. Has so much power with the absent are available and the symbol functions that you think? OK, that's what I would use it full. You can read, you can use them differently and diesel unwise. That will help head still small business and job. This class is geared towards small and solar business owners who are looking to adopt Jace weight in their businesses. Well, who are currently using J sweet but looking wise to maximize its use. The class project we have sure activity where you simple processes and systems yourself and all your business. Using my three favorite tools and Jay sweet GMO goo calenda and Google Drive. I heard that you find the this class useful, and I love to see your projects at the end. 2. Gmail - Introduction and Using Labels: welcome to listen one off my top three G suite tools and enhance productivity. The first app I'm going to run through that is a part of J Suite is Gmail. And I'm sure you're familiar with Gmail because most people have a president, email accounts that's free. But the reason I want to run through Gmail today is there are some tools that they're available in the free account, but they're also just something that come across into g sweet when you pay for a paid subscription. But they're things that make my days working in my own small business just so much smoother and smoke so much easier. And they're just It just makes the day to day running on my business run a lot more smoothly. First thing I want to show you is how I dooz, uh, labels and filters, which is kind of, um, they kind of work well together in how you use them. But it's sort of something that if you're not familiar with it, putting them in place is something that just makes things run a lot smoother. So here I have the Gmail window, which control you're familiar with, and so Usually you don't have a lot down this left hand side, but as you can see here, I have a whole lot off labels. And so, um, I used this to categorize my emails and in conjunction with Phil says I have them set up. So I get emails from, you know, a lot of subscriptions, as you can see here, or my website notifications and software that I use. So I've got filters set up to automatically tag e mails from specific email addresses or mailing lists or email accounts. The because of the A. I have a couple of email addresses for myself and for my clients used ag set up to automatically tag me. Well, that comes through one of my client email addresses started off automatically see what that would be relating to. So I'm going to show you Firstly, how to create attack, Create a label. So usually if you are the slick, that chick books to the left up a topi, it brings up a whole new meaning, and the far right icon is labels. This is actually the compartment quickest white at a light. So what I do hear you click on there And so you have the oldest of labels, and you can either You can start typing, say, I want to label. This is graphic design. So just typing it drops the menu down. Another way is to just scroll through the list and select the ones. You what? And sometimes you you don't have the the label set up so other you create new, which is easy to do that. Or you can start typing so and then it gives you the options who create new and actually this one all just call, um, new a man, just to show you what it looks like. And so it comes up with this new label screen and then under here, you put it in the mail name, and even also, it creates sub labels. So for my clients, this is actually a sandbox. A camera got So for my clients, I actually have created sub labels with each of my clients names, which I create a subway under clients. Um, so much just dio or changes to uncle at it and put it under my clients. And then I go create. It's so usually there goes, it will add the tag of the label to the email. And so I'm a visual person. I should say I've got color trading so you can got over two looked inside here and see how its a great couple. So if you hit the three dots, you can actually hear change the light in color. So I changed it to the same color that clients is because I'm a little bit o c d like that , but and also to the bottle, the three dots on the right, you can actually see there's a few options there, and they're pretty self explanatory. If you need to edit the label, you just go about your man. So that's how you create a label Oradell able to a name, I'll say, um 3. Gmail - Using Filters to sort your emails: So what I will do now is create a filter up because I want any emails coming from this email address to be labeled with that particular labeled. And you can do this one of two ways. You can either do it directly from the in box by taking the clicking on the email and check checking the checkbooks and going out to the three dots and filled a message, or you conduct from within the email after you read it, which is sometimes when I do so from he go up to the top to the three dots and you go to filter messages like this. So what this will do is it will populate usually the from field or sometimes depending. If it's a mailing list, it will actually populate the list details like from mounting for active campaign. And I think it usually puts it in from all subjects one. So in this case, we wanted Teoh to filter any messages from this email address, and as you can see, it's pulled up the search results here. And so from here I go create, fill it up, and then you have, ah, how host of different actions that you can select, and my favorite one is just applying a label because I want to see emails that have come through my inbox automatically. So from here I will select clients on core and me. But as I said, you can either skip the inbox and archive it, which isn't ideal with you. If it's something important, market is red. But again, I use that as my gauge of whether I've actually read Thema Star it. That's another way off labelling your emails that's available in Gmail for it to, And you can forget to an email addressing, in this case affording us to my other mine in Madras. On you normally can sit up another 14 address in there to select Delayed it. Never send it to spin Cindy Canned response. And that's a really cool feature in GMO, which all going Teoh a little later. Uh, always Michael's got never Markham's important categorize as I don't use care degrees in Jima. It was just really confusing for May. But if if you prefer to use to get agrees, you can. And, uh, this last option down the bottom here is to slight the emails that have previously come in . So all of these emails here, if you want that label put onto all previous emails, you would check that check box. In this case, I only want to be from today going on what's So I will just go to create Filter in this instance. And so once that Danek it's go goes back into the into the my email so that you can check, click out and just to show you what that means now, when new email comes in, I will just quickly send the email from my in books. Well, the Madras. As you can see, it's now dropped in here, and it's already got the label of blood. So that's how you IV's filters in Jima. 4. Gmail - Quick Access Toolbar: So there's another feature R E M G mail. That is the quick access toolbar, which is a new feature, and I'm a little bit in love with it. It's the this bar to the right, off with the little icons. And as you can see here, you can add on further icons to what the default is. But I actually to be honest, I've just stuck toe what the defaults are. So as you can see, the marketplace comes up. So it's looked on lots of what's very cool little app. So asana is great for managing task risks. Trouble our dropbox integration. Zooming digression. So, yeah, there's all kinds of really cool. Little absent can add to your quick access to so at the top here, it's got quick, quick access to your calendar, and so if you click on that, you'll see it will bring in you're calendar. So this saves opening up a whole new window from up here. Um, you have killed up. You can actually just have a bar to the right, which is what I do. Each day. I come into my office and I sit down and this is automatically open almost on my computer so I can see for the day what, what appointments I have happening. The 2nd 1 is keep, um, which I have on installed on my firing, and I put in a lot of nights an extra day. It's a bases on my phone into Google keep and that, uh, will that is all stored on the cloud, which so then any nights adore my phone will shop in Google, keep on my desktop and laptop as well. And the 3rd 1 is tasks which I am very much loving, so you can actually have a task list in your in your Jamil, and you can actually create a task for many months. So because it had selected this email and up into three dots and you have add two tasks. So what is there is if I hit that the subject line is put into the, um into the task, and a link to the email is added straight into your task list. So for may say, melting campaign, let's just add those a task because it's something that I need to would need to send. And so, if I got an email, I think all have to do that later, Aiken. Just instantly at that as a task into this tossed list. And then, as I go through later, I can, you know, What was that about? I can click on the link in the toss, All you That's right. Do what I need to do and then just heat complete, and then it drops and into your complainant items eso for May Who I'm constantly getting tough a mount through to me from my clients. That is a game changer. So I use that daily eso. So, yeah, that's the tasks list girl. Keep so archiving that this is where the labels coming to their arm from my, um from obscenity. Finally, the one of the things I want to talk about is candy emails. 5. Gmail - Using Archive to manage your email inbox (and sanity): with GMO Thean box. Everyone gets in books. I well, so I'm usually this is my dummy inbox, but usually I'm a zero inbox kind of person. So the minute off to me stealing within a mile, I will instantly followed away. And so, by having these labels set up, I can. Actually, once I've finished with that email, I hit the archive button appear and then a went guys. Usually they would go. And so it's out of son of mine it in my inbox. But then, when I want to go back and find it later, I am able to go in via the labels to the left. Here, what happens when you don't have a label applied? So I say this when he of Twitter and our club it it's a little bit owner. Where'd it go? So to be able to access that you actually have to go down to more and then all mile, and then that's when it will show up. So there it is here, and as you can see the little label there, it doesn't have in boxing more. So that's why I stick to using labels. And that's how I keep keep my inbox tired and keep on Keep track of where everything is. Um so that's why I had very heavily used labels them or like in at Look, we used to have folders, but Gmail uses labels. Also s Oh, yeah, that's how I keep a track off. What? My emails of doing what my inbox is doing. And I find that's a much smoother way to do it, then creating oodles of noodles of folders. Um, I just have a really simple labeling system that, um, works on sort of, uh, guess, operational units for my business. And so that could be something that you could look out for yourself and how your brain best works. 6. Gmail - Using Canned Emails to save time: Finally, the one other thing I want to talk about is candy emails. I can I'll show you where the candy miles live. So when you go in to a new message, you have the three dots at the bottom of your message scream and you have canned responses . And so in here I have one set up for my invoices. And if you click on that, it just automatically populates, um when my foot populates the email with the pre the text dump. So this saves a whole lot of time and a whole lot of copy and pasting. So to set up a candy email in your Gmail, you actually go to sittings and then advanced. And then at the top here, you've got canned responses. And so you just ensure that that is enabled eso to make up a canned response option that now. Okay, so I just start with my blood game on because my email, my email signature, drops in automatically every time we'll make up the new can response. So thing to remember is this subject line is what will show up as the can response name when you save it, so we'll make it can. Drea Smalls Template. This is a new canned response. He's thank you. Sorry. Get back down to the more options starts into Ken responses, and you can say visit through this three little sections. It's a little bit confusing sometimes, but in this case, we want to create and you can response. So it's on the Sundays and then internee Ken Response name, and that's you can response Turnpike, and then that is saved. So when you go back in, good can response and they got Sorry, this my, uh what flies that I use, um, in Jima concert Teoh recap. I use my labeling and my filters and you could see in the settings is filters and booked addresses. Quick access Tobar, which is the TOBA on right here. Archiving, which is the little error books like on top off the tour bus and canned emails, which shows me a lot of time and energy in writing emails that I send very, very regularly. So I hope that these features and instructional instructions will help you and I look forward to speaking with you again in less into 7. Google Calendar - Colour Coding Appointments: Welcome to my second listen in top three J suite tools that enhance productivity. And in this lesson, I am going to run through Google Calendar and drive through how I get the most out of using Google Calendar disc ways. Pockets of time. Out of my day. I'm a visual person, and I use Google calendar religiously for both family and full business. Now I get the most out of it. Is I? Actually, the first thing I do is a color code, all of my appointments in my Google calendar so I can see at a glance what kind of things are happening each day. So as you can see here, I've got my Google counter up on the screen just to give you a quick 13 to get to what you open up your Gmail and up the top right with the Google maps putting you click on that, let's click on that button and hit caliber, and that will open up. A new screen usually opens up to the day a week. I'm depending on how you're you set up your view, which is here. That's a whole other thing. And for another day, But I'm just working on awake view at the moment. So as you can see here, I've got a member of appointments in my diary, and I've got different things, like client meetings, leading development and a kid. So what I do is I use different colors for different things. Safe for marketing. I I usually have that as a color. Sorry, right. Click on the on the appointment and it gives you the options here for quick and easy selecting the colors when you've really put it into adoree. Otherwise, you can start. You can do that while you're setting up the new appointment. So I'll left click here and set up a new old women. So say coffee with potential clients. And so this is, um Well, this is an easy, a quick and easy way to set up appointments. But if you want to select the color as you're sending it up, you need to go into more options. And this will give you more details to be able to fill in so you can put in your location. And so I'll say. Finally, I always coterie and in here so you can sit up or contacting so add conferencing, so use Google hangouts. You can attach it to your appointment, but down here is way you change the colors so no one makes this really stand out, which is what I usually do. I'm also like, spread for it in here. You can select your availability so anything that you don't want to be booked against, double up on I want select busy, quickly show you in. So in daycare that could say the colors chance here. But in day care, I've actually got this one set up. It's free because I don't want it to block out the potential for my scheduling software to not put appointment to my daughter, which is something I'll come to my top. So that's just a how I color carted my appointments. So client meetings, learning and development. And so as I changed the colors, you can see that it makes a whole lot of difference. I mean, looking at your daughter and your calendar at a glance to see what what kind of things you got going on during the day. 8. Google Calendar - Recurring Appointments: So the next thing I want to talk about his recurring events. I check my emails every morning religiously and every afternoon. And instead of sedentary clicking left and into every spot in the calendar, I actually can use recurring events to automatically do that for me. So I've got this pre made a booking in my Dari here to change it on your interest. Been and in here at the top Here you got all day, which is box up for whole day. But this is only a little half our job that I do every day. But you select does not repeat, and then you get all the options of how many times you can repeat it. So for May, I'm in the office Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays. So I only wants this action to show him my Dari cheese and ones that those days I can actually go to custom. And so they here I can go. I want to repeat every week and repeat on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays. And you can use any combination that you like ends. Depending on the appointment, you can leave. There's never or you've been changed to install this particular date. Well, after him. Any occurrences. But I'm going to say, I'll just sit this fool say next six months cause schedule, change and then hit done. And then I want to save it. And so they go. It has populated every morning. She's a Wednesday Thursday with that recurring appointment, so that's not much quicker way than going in every single week to in every single day to change that, and nothing I do too quickly do. This is I want to also to make this appointment for the afternoon's so before I finish up for the day. So what you can do is you left click, and in these three dots he got duplicate. So I want to duplicate this same event happening on Tuesday, once in those days and all change the time to pay 5 p.m. Right finish. And as you can see, it suggested those times and then I just hate size and there goes striding. So that's one way, like, um, have all my recurring events all the same things I do every day. I scheduled him into my diary. So then I have that visual of okay, I have to be doing that at this time, some people completely block out their days and all that kind of thing. I leave a little bit of wiggle room, but that's one way or years recurring events. 9. Google Calendar - Reminders / Tasks: another Fisher wanna just quickly mention is reminders. So when you left click to add in a new of a new appointment in the diary, you see, you have the option here of the event and reminder. So I actually set reminders for doing my fortnightly in, was it? So do that right here. And I want to do that from the 15th. And then this is again You could do the recurring thing. So I want to say for lately So once every two weeks on cheese days were making Mondays and again, you can set the, um, dates, times, currencies. I might actually make it 26 appearances because that's roughly Julia Media who were between well, and he thumb and then save. And so it will drop in here as looks slightly different to you to your booking Teoh appointments. But it just drops in there as a reminder. And so on that day it will pop up is a reminder that we have this task to do. And I used to get the reminder. And then when I finish, it hit, Mach is done and then it drops into Udari has crossed off tiles much. Oh, No, I do, because I'm back here on today. So up the top here comes up with reminded, um and I cannot check that and will come back in you. And so every two weeks, There it is. Shine option upset one of previously for munchies days. I'm sorry. That's how you use remind us. That's the things like That's not that I didn't appointment floor. It's just about that trigger in my I have to just a reminder to You need to get that done. And then I use that as my check that off the let's start he has marked on when I finish it . 10. Google Calendar - Availability and Scheduling Apps: The next thing I want to show is, uh, quickly showed. The availability is busy in a way, so just quickly go through it again. So, for example, this daycare looking here I will change that to be my worked ice, cause that's when my kids were a dyke. A, uh, a little quickly. Do that every week. Tuesday, Wednesday, those days. So change that, Teoh, end of Jane. Look. Sorry. And as I said, I just make this, um, free. Make this a free availability. So then my software, which I am going to go into right now, is, um so using external absolute booking, um, meetings. So that shows is free. So this is where, um, free and busy come into play is I use up called Callin Lee. There's also one school security. Yeah, there's all kind of upset that that helps you schedule meetings with clients. So you create a link for your clients and they go and are able to, um, to book a time with you based on your availability in your calendar, which is tired. To which you can connect to Google calendars and in the back of Kelly of also got certain parameters set up of Went on, available My days and lots of things in hand. You give you a look clients, um, the link, and so they are able to select the time based on what's in your calendar. This is actually talking to a different calendar, but what it does is it picks up on what's pz and what's available times available from your Google calendar. So this stops the backwards and forwards of our Do you have this time free, or do you have that hair that you do? You have this time frame. I actually send out that link toe Teoh. People in just say, pick a time for you that comes up available in the calendar that you can work with, and that saves a whole lot of time of backwards and forwards, and it actually automatically drops a Kalambay and employment into your Diggle counter as well. Yeah, that that's something that just completely changed. Changed how I work, but I can't look. Kelly has free accounts, think acuity has some free trials and things like that. But, um, yes, so that's something else. Like he's in conjunction with Google Calendar to help squeeze a little bit more time out of my day and keep myself on track. So that's the end off my summary for Google caliber. I hope you got something out of this. And please feel free to drop me a message. You know how has helped you Or if you have any further questions, I'm unloved. Teoh, help! 11. Google Drive - Collaborative Document Storage and Tips: Welcome to my son. Listen in my top three G suite tools and enhance productivity. This Listen, I'm going to give a be run through off how use Google drives. So being cloud based, it's highly, highly collaborative, and I actually use a lead on. That is part of Google's offering called Google Fall String, which allows you to have your Google drive shine up in your Windows Explorer or your Mac Explorer as if it's another drive on your computer. But really, it's actually talking to what is saved up in the cloud, and it's I've actually found it quite more streamlined in terms of sinking and not having multiple versions of files playing around like some clients who had with Dropbox and one drive because just the sinking is wasn't fantastic. I won't go into detail on how Teoh get school false train, but it is an app that you can download for your Windows or your Mac on, and it's a one day Google help support pages. So if you Google drive file strength, you'll be able to find it. And so what that does it actually allows you to your Google drive to shop under your computer here under Google Drive, Fall Streams, I d Drive and you can access your drive. That way, this one is actually a link to my other account, my working account. So this fault, this catchy it is my said box account for training. So what I want also want to show you is again. I've said I'm official person, and this is just kind of cool Little quirk that I've found with Google Drive, and that is color coding your files on the Web based application only it's it doesn't show up on your desktop, but it's something if you prefer to work on the Web based application, it's a cool little feature to get to that. You right, click on your folders that you've set up and you just changed good and change color, and that allows you to do that on all your folders. So my other account is actual rainbow colored. Based on again. It ties in with the coloring, the colors that I use on my labels. So I keep my client by stuff a certain color. Oh, my lying and development stuff. Another color. So that's just a visual trigger for made Teoh to say off. What? What pace off the puzzle is where in terms of business, the next part. I wanted to door through ease a little quick with Google Drive that if you are a Microsoft doughty for word docks and Excel spreadsheets and know lots of the thing, that's great. That's fine. You can you can see here you can save the onto Google drive, But one thing to know it is with your storage capacity on Google Drive, you get a certain amount of step space, and what Google has is that to try and encourage you to be using Google docks. Google shapes, couple swines are all of the Google application side of things they actually any documents that you create in Google in the Google dog sheets and slides? They actually don't count them in your fall. Um, storage amount. So if you look down here so you've got the PDF document see help showing the size it is showing the fire size. The image file is showing a file size. The word doctors showing false eyes and each of these Google Google file types are not. So that's kind of a good thing to know, because If some people are still on the free accounts, that's fine. It just ensures it. That just helps you to get more out of your storage space before you have to upgrade. So that's one thing. On the flip side of that, I love using the Google based applications so that I find I'll found them a lot more collaborative, especially with Google sheets like you can see when another person is logged in at the same time is you into the file and they're doing what they want to do on it, and you can see what themselves there in the changes they're making. At the same time. It's really interesting to see how quickly that it keeps up so that I find that really collaborative, really great for working with colleagues and with my clients. Also, the docks share really well, so if you want click on the file and you want to share it with someone you can get, get terrible link or share again. This is for more in depth run through, but you can actually share it with external people to your organization, and it's in the settings here way. You just need to change your sharing settings again, It z a more indexed listen for another day. But off. That's a good thing in terms of few collaborating with other people. And finally, the last thing I just wanted to highlight with Google Drive is Google Drive. Huh? Integrates with so many APS out there, most cloud based applications that will actually integrate with Google Drive So you'll see our EMS that you used to manage your contacts, databases and things Google driver integrate with that. Say you're able toe so you're able to a touch falls directly from your Google drive into Thea. Click into self weight so you can have records and easy, easy access to anything you send to your clients. Also, Zetia Stabia is a an automation tool that allows you to sort of pieced together Softwares to to make it do with coins of different things. So I'm just opened up The SAPI screen here is to show you copy your false to Dropbox from Google Drive. So sometimes, um, look, let's look to have a backup, you know, the place um, Facebook played adds this. Xavier has a lot of integrations that automation from Google Drive really seamless and project management software like I personally use teamwork. So I've got teamwork toe attached to my Google drive. And so instead of having to upload files to the software, it automatically looks into our can actually look straight into global driving and touch my documents from there. So, you know, uploading multiple multiple versions and multiple files into different systems, it'll just automate. It'll talks to Google drive. So that's what I love that Google drive and makes doing business off what easier And it's just it's a great Claire by system that runs really smoothly. I would be lost in my business without it. So that covers my thoughts on Google Drive. I hope that it helped. It's kind of a class project away feet something for you to consider. When you're saying that Google Drive to think about what follows, you need to set up on how to make it more user friendly figure because every business is different. Every body works differently. Eso yeah, the worksheet I have for the class project is around thinking about how to best set up your Google drive for you and think about where you want to save your documents and how what documents want to be grouped way because that's the foundation for a good online storage system 12. Class Project: I'm going to just talk through the class. Predict I have built this class project around the three components that I've spoken about , and that is how a used GMO, Google Calendar and Google drive to enhance productivity in my business. And this could also apply to personal use as well. First project. He's sitting up your labelling structure in J mom. So in the workbook, this is able to be down light. Delighted. I'm just giving you some prompts of what to think about for your labels. And then it just runs, gives you somewhere to brought down what top level labels are, and you can put your sub labels. So I have a number of some labels for my client names. Or if you've got things like marketing and you have my Facebook instagram marketing uh, Google AdWords, you can create sub labels for your labelling structure. The second part is using Google Calendar and creating a system for you. Teoh be able to label or your events so you can take a look at all your appointments. They could take a look in the glance and see what you have happening for the day again. I've just got some help us and tips, and I'd love to see you create subject matters for each of the color coding, and the third part is Google Drive structure. So I showed you some ways from the the features of Google Drive. But what Google drive really throat? It's the bottom line of your goodwill drive is the structure that you put in place for your folders because if you can't find things, that's yet, it's gonna be difficult. So to save time, I want you to think about how to set up your folders in Google Drive. So again I've given you some props and some things to think about and then a worksheet for you to write down. What followed is you think you have made and and also what sub folders inside into those forms that your name. So just to get you thinking about it and tackle it at a more systemized approach, and that will help with your productivity and getting the most out of these tools. So thank you for your time and I look forward to seeing oil projects. I want to see you post in the within the class, the some of your, um, structures that you plan to sit up forward. Uh, Jason 13. Skillshare Class 1 Recap and Conclusion: That's the end of my class on top three G suite tools that enhance productivity. I just want to give a quick overview of what we rent. Three. First lesson was on Jima, and we ran through labels, filters, quick access, tool buzz tasks, go keep and our carving and canned seamounts, then in less and to win it through. Google held a and we ran through. How come occurred? Appointments. I used recurring events. The topics didn't remind this. The availability for busy and away and how this tour is useful in using external, have swivel annual meetings and appointments. Lesson three was Google Drive, and we ran through how it's used collaboratively. The handling of this file types vessels mark founds Google fall strain come occurred in your folders and your integration with other APS. And then we went through the class project. Which are you going to create a labeling structure for your Gmail? Create color coding for your appointments in Google calendar and create folders structures for Google drive. So I thank you very much for taking the time to do my class. I love to hear your feedback would really love to see a tally with the class project, so please feel free to share. And I'd love you to put by and check out why further courses.