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Top 3 Apps for Custom Video Creation

teacher avatar Penka Mitkova, Happy to help

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Animoto App

    • 3. Magisto App

    • 4. Quik App

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About This Class

In this course, I will explain how you can create custom video only with your iPad or iPhone for FREE.

Even if you are beginner as me, you won`t have any issues using the apps.

You can use the videos for special occasions, creative presentations etc.


Meet Your Teacher

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Penka Mitkova

Happy to help


As a mother of young kids, I learned how important the new teaching and learning chances are, so I will share all of my experience with you.

The same way a learn from people around the world.

Enroll for my classes!

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1. Introduction: - way I miss you. So I miss you. So on I met you. 2. Animoto App: first application I'm going to show you is called Animal, too. It has very clean designed for step will be to press create video on the top right corner. After that, you need to choose your style. This means how the photos will transition from one to another during the video. Okay, after their many styles, you can take a look at them. Try them. There's one that they're real like. It's called grit Next option. Our next step is to choose your sound. Your what? You're music. They're building songs, but you can also upload from your library after you're done with that, the next step is to choose the photos that you would like to use in the video. You can do that from the one into your iPod or iPhone. It doesn't matter. You click on each of the photos. Heaven, mind that this application it's allows you toe out up to 10 up to 20 photos and videos. Altogether, the number should be 20. After you choose them, you can You're going to see your video. You can change the cover photo. Have in mind that all the pictures can be rearranged by pressing on them. You can also add a caption on the different images. You can sleep them and the next step will be. You can title your final video and then just press create after that. First, you can generate the preview, so you're going to see how it looks like If you're happy with D results, just press create video and it will start generating it once it's done. Just save it, baby. Keep calm And don't slow down you around, baby. Keep on doing what you do way, way. 3. Magisto App: second implication, it's called Maggie Sto. It also has a very clean design. When you open it, you click on Make my Movie and then it will give you the chance to choose the pictures that you would like to involve in the video. Bear in mind that in this application you can use upto 10 photos. Otherwise, you need to go with the paid version. After we choose the pictures, you will choose the team. It has a gain a lot of teams when you choose the team. Next step, of course, is choose the music you can also at the music on your own. After you don't don't just press might make my video and application will start generating the video right after that you can title it. You cannot a description to it in a way for you to share it with friends. And when the video is generated, it will give you a notification. Then you I miss you. So I miss you so and I'm 4. Quik App: The certification is my favourite one and it's called Quick. It's very easy to use. You can also download it for free from the APP store. When you open duplication, you go to on the in the middle of the button create, and you can choose a new project that were redirected to the dashboard. How it works pretty much the same us the other ops. You need to choose the pictures that you would like to use. You can choose them from your photo libel liberally us where Waas You can choose from Facebook, instagram and other social media's After you choose the pictures. The nice think with this application is that you the limit ISS 100 pictures and videos. So it gives you more than more more options rather than the other ones have in mind. When choosing them. You can go on the bottom and rearrange them, but you can so do that later. All Mex step is choosing the team. They're really very interesting teams. Make sure that you go through all of them close a little bit slow while it generates the preview. So take some time to take a look on all of them because they're really, really interesting. After we choose your team, you can start rearranging and arranging the pictures and the slights. You can do that by choosing the option in the middle. What you can dio you can rearrange. Also, you can art different additions, different titles. There are some that are already built into the different teams, so you can just aided them. For example, this one is called a few days to remember. I will just change it to something that I like something for my beloved husband. So I will edit it and typing just a love you and it will show you how it will look like a swell. What you can do after that is choosing the music very important part of the video. He again a lot of built in songs. You choose some of them. They're separated on different categories, loved summer and so on. But you can also in this op choose music from your iPod or iPhone and use a custom Juan. Okay, so after you do that, you need to press the button safe, and that will save and generate your video. First of all, you need to choose where you would like it to be saved you have the options for is the ground Facebook? Ah, and other social media's us? Well, us saving it into your device. I'll go with this option. Have in mind that it takes a little bit longer than the other apps to generate the video because it's, I believe the quality is a little bit better. So make sure that you don't close the application. It will give you a progress bar. How long it takes, how many percentage is it has been completed. Right after it's complete, you're gonna receive another success notification way, way, way together.