Top 2019 Digital Marketing Best Practices on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Google in 30 Minutes! | Jerry Banfield | Skillshare

Top 2019 Digital Marketing Best Practices on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Google in 30 Minutes!

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6 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Ready to discover the top digital marketing practices for 2019?

    • 2. Best Quick Facebook Marketing Tips Tutorial for 2019

    • 3. YouTuber Best Practices Reviewed for Maximizing YouTube Channel Growth in 2019 and Beyond

    • 4. Twitter 2019 Best Practices for Engagment and Reach

    • 5. Google Organic Search 2019 Best Practices

    • 6. Practice makes perfect! Help others and share for consistent growth


About This Class

Take this course today to discover in just 30 minutes the best practices for maximizing organic reach and engagement on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Google in 2019!


1. Ready to discover the top digital marketing practices for 2019?: What are the top digital marketing practices on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google and linked in for the most organic reach and maximum engagement in 2019. How do we deliver the best value to those following us in the least amount of time? Which means we use our time on the right tools and the right forms of posts? And what things should we avoid In just 30 minutes, we're going to go through the latest and greatest in digital marketing on each of these platforms, based on my experience with millions of followers that combined on these platforms and the testing, testing, testing so many different strategies, finding ones that don't work and finding ones that do work to help you avoid making the same mistakes I've made and to help you get into delivering your value in the greatest possible way in the least possible amount of time. I'm honored to start this with you, and your project for this class is to show us what you've done as a result of this class. Show us ah, strategy have changed and just post a screenshot up toe. Help me see what you've done because that helps me stay motivated and you can suggest additional classes you'd like to see as well. Let's get started one by one each platform. We're going through each of these super quickly to just make the key points by each platform. 2. Best Quick Facebook Marketing Tips Tutorial for 2019: let us begin with Facebook. What are the top digital marketing strategies on Facebook in 2019? There's three different key areas toe Look at on Facebook, that is the individual profile. Then there's groups, which I'll use this level of gaming Creators group as an example. And then there's pages I recommend. The Facebook profile is the best area to get started with. And two just make post every day, preferably videos or photo posts. Link. Poster text post Often don't go Aziz Well, photo and video post tend to do really good. Also live streams. Just reaching out on your profile is a really effective way to get organic, reach to connect with people and then your messages and comments in response to what you post on your partner. So no profile have a lot of opportunities for you on your personal profile. There's a new option to put stories up as well, and I highly recommend you take a look at these stories because I often don't get much organic engagement on my profile relative in other places. But the stories any new feature Facebook puts out, they tend toe, want to promote it and give it an artificially higher reach. Thus, I highly recommend using the story function that you'll find on a mobile app. A story is just a placeholder for content. What that means is the story is a fixed location and stories that pass through every time you update them or every 24 hours. That means you upload a story. Today, in 24 hours, it will be gone. The nice thing about stories you can share, stuff that you might not usually share if you thought about it. Staying on your timeline forever. Ah, story. You can just put a quick picture of you doing something, and then the next thing you put up or, 24 hours later will workplace it. Thus, I highly recommend used the stories feature I'm noticing. The stories are popping up the top of my news feed, and I consistently I'm watching the stories first. And that's just how Facebook wants that they want you to use stories because a lot of us don't want things forever on our profile. We just want to share a little photo of what we're doing today. Thus, on your personal profile, definitely recommend used that story. Feature to connect with the people you've already got. Ah, good story can just be a photo of yourself, a photo with some text, or you can put up a little short video. Most of the time, people are not watching with the sound on. Keep that in mind now. The next thing on Facebook is a group if you are working online or of a business online or a hobby, online groups can be really powerful for building your following if you make video tutorials that are extremely relevant to that group, conforming to terms and conditions, and you also get, connect and respond to people's comments and read the post in the group, for example, I posted a lot of tutorial videos earlier this year in the Facebook gaming group. I built thousands of followers. I estimate from that I got a bunch of donations on my life gaming streams. I got a lot of people following me, going over to my YouTube videos all kind, and those posts were reaching thousands of people on every single post. All I did I would read through posts here and say, Hey, what are people struggling with? And then I'll make a quick video tutorial to show how to do something. For example, people struggling with using O. B s to set up their alerts on their streams. I already had this set up. I went through, made a quick tutorial, uploaded it to the group, thousands of views, thousands, maybe even tens of thousands of people reached with that one video, which I then got to put on YouTube. Also. Thus, Facebook groups are huge opportunity. If especially like this Facebook group. There's an official group for this now. You might not be able to find a group right away, but you can look around, ask your friends what groups there and get to know groups groups are really good way to build a following from the ground up. I highly recommend doing these 1st 2 things, maximizing your profile and looking around at groups before we're going to go into the 3rd 1 Now a Facebook page. Ah, Facebook Page, as I've got here, is great. If you want to have a huge following, if you want to run ads, these are the main things that you could do with a Facebook page. Pages also have stories just like profiles. And if you have a Facebook page, you really want to make sure to use the story feature. I've just started using it, and I'm amazed I put a story up a few minutes later. There's a lot more views than if I just put a video up straight on my channel for a business of your using for business. You absolutely want videos and photos as much as possible. Link posts really stink on a business page because they don't get the reach that photo posts get. Which is why, when I share my new post now, I always do photo posts, and I share new videos on my page every day so you'll see these photo posts. I do that have whatever the newest post on my website is, and then it has a bunch of hash tags in it. You want to make sure you've got these hashtags in your post as well, and these the same kind of thing. If you're using instagram, and that's how I started doing this. You want to make sure you've got these hashtags on your post out people browsing by these things, along with a link to your post Now I share things in this format. These pictures up here because I get way more, reach sharing a picture versus ah, photo and I get way more reach sharing videos versus a link. And if you want the very best reach, you can do live streams, especially live gaming streams. For example, you'll see this live gaming stream Meyer did yesterday reached 19,000 people, and you'll notice compared to the other post on my page, it reaches these posts reaching, ah, few 1000 people to put up a video and these posts with a link reaching a few 1000. So live videos on a page, to a group or to a profile are some of the very best opportunities you will find to maximize your reach, especially if you're playing a video game to tag that specific video game. Gaming is hot on Facebook as Facebook launched a level up gaming program last year and has special tools just for gamers. Thus, I've given you a good overview. These are some of the top things on Facebook right now. There's so much on Facebook marketplace. I've given you the top things for free. If you're thinking about advertising I would say avoid ever using any things like Page likes or page ads. Building follows. Always promote your content itself rather than the whole page, because I've done it the other way and it screws up all of your news feed metrics. It stinks. So it's a summarize. What we've got on Facebook is make the most of your profile. Consistently put new photo and video post consistently update your story, join relevant groups related to what you're doing and put video tutorials up in those groups based on their terms. And on your page. Keep your page story updated. Do live streams. Put photo and video posts up on your page, and you are set to have an outstanding experience on Facebook in 2000 and 19. I appreciate the chance to tell you about this, and I hope it's helpful for you. 3. YouTuber Best Practices Reviewed for Maximizing YouTube Channel Growth in 2019 and Beyond: What are the top tips for 2019 to maximize organic reach on YouTube and to use the newest features effectively on YouTube? I'll show you right here. Here's what's hot in 2000 and 19 1st YouTube has this community function on your channel, where you can put a video up a pole or an image. I highly recommend using this because YouTube is trying to promote this as a tool and gives you a chance to share links to your channel and gives you a chance to re share one of your old videos to your channel and put up images and directly interact to their channel. That's I highly recommend using this community tab on your channel and making regular posts as I do. For example, I just had a job opening through that up on there, got a few applications from it, and I've used it before when, and videos didn't get a very good reach initially to put it up there, and it's like they go out all over again. Now you want to use this sparingly. No need to put like 10 of these out a day, but if you've got something you really want to communicate to your channel. That's the way to go. Now, if you're channels at the bottom or you're not happy with your community, I'll tell you the main thing to do on YouTube. It's so easy. You can pay like 6000 for a course to tell you this, or you can listen to it right here. What's the main thing to do on YouTube? How to videos. This is what people are looking for on YouTube. The Maine time I use YouTube is when I want to know something. I search for how to do this, How to do that. And what you do is consistently put up videos teaching how to do something. Then, in those videos, you have links to your website. You have links to subscribe to your channel toe watch playlist, toe watch other videos on your channel that are related to it. You have a detailed description that goes into the video, and then you have the chance to build an entire business on YouTube. If you want Teoh success on YouTube, but you want to focus on getting the highest quality how to and teaching educational videos up repeatedly, especially long format tutorials on in demand subjects. This is what's working best on my channel. These are long format to Toral's on underserved subjects, where I've paid people to produce these. And then I've put it all together and put a whole business system around it. Out of the videos I do. The ones that work best for me are teaching and tutorial videos. I'll show you the reach I'm getting YouTube search and browse features. These are the two places you have the biggest chance to get people to find you. YouTube search and browse features Think about what kinds of videos people will find in Google search. And once that your videos have been found in Google Search, then people have the chance to see you and browse features. And if you make a video that does well in search, it has a good chance to go and browse features as well. So if we go over here and look through some of my data, you'll see something in common. Almost all off my top videos and these were the impressions in the last 28 days. Almost all of my top videos are tutorial videos and tutorial videos are really good because tutorial videos get results organically indefinitely. If you just do vlogs style videos often, if someone doesn't watch them right away, you won't get any views. And what you really need to do is make tutorial videos. Then people will care about your vlog. If you just try and make a vlog, it goes almost nowhere. What I can see. Looking through my channels, almost all of my top videos are tutorials showing how to do things and also stories and very specific tutorials. It could be something like how to stop fantasizing. That's a very specific thing people search for, especially if you search on YouTube and don't find any video on that subject. That is a great opportunity, and the way you diagnose thes is to figure out what things you are struggling with and learning out of. Do yourself, then teach those and just do this over and over and over again. I've been doing this now for years on YouTube, and I can say my channel went nowhere as long as all I did was upload flog style videos. Once I started uploading how to videos, my channel is taken off and I've continued to do them more and more what you'll notice on videos that my videos often don't get thousands of views within the 1st 24 hours. What they do is tend to get Mawr and Mawr views over time. So you and then some videos do really well. This video, published about 10 days ago as 1000 on it, this other video and this is just an income report. Now these kinds of things people are interested in after you've already got them as a subscriber on a how to video. And if you collaborate with someone else that you can hire someone to put up a video on an in demand subject if you want. But the basic thing to do and the best success I've had on my channel is making videos about subjects I can teach and then doing that repeatedly. Now, on one tool that will really help you to do this is to Buddy. I can't believe how long it took me before I started using two Buddy to Buddy has all kinds of very helpful tools that are just very difficult to do otherwise that will help you take things to the next level. It has card templates and screen templates. You have default upload profiles you can use to buddy to find the very best title for your video. See if there's already videos on a subject to see what tags people are using. What I find in to Buddy Some of the best features in to Buddy are the abilities to do things like bulk card updates. What you can do on your videos is put a little pop up card at the beginning of it. These work really well. You put a little card that pops up and you can send people to your website. You can send people to another video or playlist, and with two body, you can bulk update all your video. So if you've got a huge channel like I do with over 2000 videos, is not practical to go one video at a time and try and put a card in Thankfully to Buddy allows me to. For example, I just released a new video on my channel where you can sponsor video on my channel, and now what I'm going to do is a bulk card update where I put this one video. It will pop up about a minute or so into the video and say it'll suggest watching this video, then, on all of the views on my entire channel. This video will pop up and give people a chance to learn how to sponsor video on my channel , and that one little card might bring in thousands of dollars a month in sales. Thes cards are really powerful, and screens can be really helpful is well to show people what video toe watch next, and then things like monetization. You don't need to worry too much about. Rather, each individual videos monetized, which you need to do, is detect patterns, detect patterns of D monetization and then try and avoid. If you can spot whatever it is you're doing that's getting videos de monetized, for example, the hacking tutorials have to be written an exact certain way in the description. And if you talk about specific software or have specific words in a specific way, then the video gets limited or no adds. However, ad revenue on my channel is very small compared to the score sales, compared to things like coaching and consulting. The ad revenue of 1000 a month is I've not. The rest of the business income is generally 5 to 10 plus times as much, resulting from YouTube as ad revenue. So use things like cards to maximize your reach and finally, on YouTube. If you think you've gotta have a big channel, you don't. I've seen so many channels that don't have even a lot of videos, but they're very specific how to videos exactly on their topic or exactly on their niche. And when you do that, you can easily make thousands of dollars a month from people searching, especially if it's a high value topic. You don't need a big audience. You need videos that help people fix problems that help people solve challenges in their lives. And then you need a specific way to contact you in the video. You can even put an email address directly in the video. You can put a website. You can put links in the description, but what you need tohave for best results is an easy way for people to contact you. If you want to make the most out of every single view, I hope these tips air helpful for you to maximize your reach on YouTube, and two be the best you can be at having a at being a youtuber in 2019 and beyond. 4. Twitter 2019 Best Practices for Engagment and Reach: what are some of the best strategies on Twitter in 2019? To maximize you reach and to get higher engagement on what you post first do photo or video tweets, this makes a big difference. Just sharing links is really a waste of time in terms of reach. Now, look at imagine this being a link versus this huge picture on here. What I do is I have automation set up. I use Appier and I automate a bunch of different types of content on my Twitter. Plus, I then have blogged to social for my WordPress blawg that when I post it is shared all at once to Twitter and all my other social networks. I'll show you how these work. I haven't automation that any time I put out a new podcast episode, it automatically puts the title of the episode. It puts a link to my podcast, and then it puts the image from that specific episode out on Twitter, which gives me a nice, consistent big feed, reach and always a link to the podcast on YouTube. I have the same kind of thing when I have a new YouTube video. Come out. I have the title of it come out with a watch link, and then I have the thumbnail image come out for that video also. Then I've got another set up where when I published a new video on YouTube, I put a short preview link off that video onto Twitter. So that is native video on Twitter. That way people can actually start watching the video directly on Twitter. Then there's a link to the video course and to YouTube, and that is done. My, uh, video editor puts those up directly when he up loads to YouTube when you've got all this automation. Plus, I do some live streams using re stream for gaming. I put those directly on Twitter also. Thus, I hardly ever actually write a manual post on Twitter. And yet my automation, I am consistently posting something on Twitter without even having to put any effort into it than I get thousands of impressions in the last 24 hours. Thus, on Twitter, I highly recommend you use photo posts instead of link posts, and I highly recommend you use Appier toe, automate the majority of your tweets, using wherever else you create content. Then any manual tweet you right on top of that, You want to make sure to put hashtags in it as well. On relevant subjects, you can put a location or a Jiff. But if you can create content and if you want to create content for Twitter, I recommend do little short videos for Twitter. Those have a great chance to get good engagement, and you can even do live streams using periscope on Twitter. Now, things I recommend avoiding on Twitter. I got almost all of my followers using follow follow back. I do not recommend that. Don't do that. It's a waste of time and energy. It can mess your twitter of profile up and eventually ended up paying toe un. Follow all those people I had just followed with the hope they follow me back. Do not do follow for follow on Twitter. It's a big waste of everyone's time on Twitter. You also can go really far with direct messages and responding to everyone who talks about you. I often will look through my notifications and see if anyone has done something like this. This wake, who did so what? I go through and I hit the heart on here, then that gives some engagement, and this way I can see who's interacting with me. And then if someone has commented and I want to make a reply or hard to comment, that's pretty easy to do. So you want to keep up with their notifications on Twitter, you can also see who's engaging with you the most, and these might be people you want to get to know you might want to see. If someone is nice enough toe like your tweets and retweet them. You might want to start following them. Also, for example, I see she she just did. I just had a call with her. I She's followed several my tweets and retweeted, so I go follow her. Now that's an organic natural follow. Thus, with Twitter, I've kept things pretty simple here for you on Twitter to see what you can do to increase the effectiveness on Twitter, and I hope this is useful for you. 5. Google Organic Search 2019 Best Practices: What are the 2019 best practices for getting found in Google? Forgetting found in Google. You want to think of the entire user experience to start with and then figure out how you can help people with very specific queries or searches on Google. And then you will be in position for success. What I do is I simply have my videos that I'm already doing for YouTube transcribed into blawg posts than those go on my website and give me the chance to get search traffic. Many of my top pages on my websites that are getting a lot of clicks are videos. They were simply transcribed and edited into a blawg post. Then I get all kinds of ghoul, organic search clicks and some things like this Time TRAVEL Israel. This was just a random inspirational video I did one day that now gets hundreds of clicks or so maybe 100 klicks or so a day, every day, and it has for years where I was talking about time travel thus that you never know what kinds of videos you can put out that will rank high, but what you can do is focus on thinking about what people will search for and how you can give them that. Now, if you want some technical guidance for Google, it depends on exactly what you do. But generally things deep, long blawg post tend to work the best, and you want to always be putting out new blonde post. Tweet those posts again on Twitter and share them, for example, on instagram or on Facebook. Share them on other social media accounts to get more traffic. Every single person visiting and sharing can make a difference and to keep publishing new post over and over again. If you've got your own website published them there if you've got a blawg and if you don't have a website, but you want a blawg. Using medium dot com seems to be one of the best options for S CEO. In other words, medium dot com has a very high page rank, and if you'd like to start a blogger from scratch, using medium dot com might be a good way to go, but you have to adhere to their terms and conditions. What I like to do is just keep putting new blawg posts on my website and then my website keeps ranking higher and higher. Then when people on my website I've got complete freedom on their Harper. If I had to start over again, I might blawg somewhere like medium to give me that immediate search traffic. If you look at some of these pages on my website, what you'll notice is this is the structure I've got. I've got a video up here at the top. Then I've got a title. This is in WordPress and I've got the exact theme and all that listed on my resource is page. Then the post that are ranking well tend to be pretty long. If you look at the poster on my website getting the most clicks, they either have an image or video at the top and almost always have at least one if not several videos in the post, then the videos them. The pope pages tend to be very long. Thousands of words. This then gives people all of these different possible search queries into one specific page. Now, in terms of the user experience for ranking high and Google, you want to have people who will click into your website and not immediately click back out . One of the things that it lowers, the odds that people will stay on your website is a really slow user experience. Your Web host is one of the biggest factors on that. I've got a link on my website to kids. Stay here to the exact Web hosting I use after trying a bunch of others and breaking the other Web host. Because if your website goes viral one day because that your dreams come true on almost every normal Web host you have, your website will crash and you'll lose all of that. If you've got a Web host that set up on the Google Cloud or Amazon Web services or on another cloud based structure, you just get a big bill. But your website doesn't crash. That's one of the top things that when I had a guy ask about optimizing my website, he asked, Who's your Web host? Thus, if you want to rank high in Google, it's a matter of having a good Web host. I would say a cloud based Web host do not use any that doesn't use ah Cloud based Web host again. I've got mine in the resource is page. Once you've got a good host in place, WordPress is one of the better content management systems. Then you have ah repeated blawg tutorial posts over and over again, preferably with a video on the page. And then you can maximize your clicks from there. If you want to get the most out of Google in 2000 and 19 these are the strategies currently working for me that I imagine can work for you as well. 6. Practice makes perfect! Help others and share for consistent growth: very nice job you've now went through all of the top digital marketing practices in 2000 and 19. I didn't do a specific section on linked in On Linked in upload videos. It's brand new. Keep your profile updated and put some new profile pictures up here and there. There's a quick tips for linked in. I hope this is useful for you. I make new classes consistently every week and then share them on all my profiles because I'm practicing all the things I just taught you here. I'm grateful for the chance to share these things with you. Things that you might spend a lot of money or a lot of time energy. Learn another way, practices that I've learned the hard way by doing the opposite. I imagine this will all be very helpful for you. I trust you will find the best ways to follow me after seeing this. Maybe you'll go follow all of my social profiles, and I hope this is the final statement showing you the best practices for digital marketing . 2019. Make videos if you can, or something else. A podcast Blawg Post Make things that really help people with the same kinds of things you've struggled with. Share that consistently do it over and over and over and over again and keep sharing it over and over and over again. And you are on a trajectory for consistent growth over time, which that to me, if you get consistent growth over time, that's all your dreams come true. Thank you very much for the chance to serve you today. I love you. You're awesome. And I hope this has been a helpful course for you.