Top 10 Best Free Wordpress Themes 2017! | Darrel Wilson | Skillshare

Top 10 Best Free Wordpress Themes 2017!

Darrel Wilson, Wordpress Designer, Digital Marketer

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    • 10 best wordpress themes


About This Class

Want to see the best free wordpress themes for wordpress in 2017? In this video, i will talk about some really amazing free wordpress themes that you can use for your wordpress website. The themes have some amazing features like importing demo content, woocommece compatible, and are fully mobile responsive. Top 10 Wordpress Themes For Your Website! 1. Flash Theme: 2. Hestia Theme: 3. Accesspress Parallax Theme: (You can watch my wordpress tutorial on accesspress here: ) 4. OceanWP Theme: (FREE ELEMENTOR TUTORIAL COURSE INCLUDED: ReviewZine Theme: 6. Astra Theme: 7. SCREENR Theme: 8.GreatMag Theme: 9. Brilliance Themes: 10. Optimizer Theme: These are some of the bnest free wordpress themes that i have found! Let me know what you think and also feel free to let me know if you have others! More more tutorials like this or to learn how to make a wordpress website, feel free to visit my website and my other social profiles! FaceBook Page: Profile: Udemy Elementor Page Builder Course!:





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Darrel Wilson

Wordpress Designer, Digital Marketer

Howdy All. Im here to help you all create amazing wordpress websites. A little about me, I graduated with a bachelors from Cal State Northridge and also Ashford attaining a bachelors degree. I quit my job to start my own web design business and now work as a wordpress designer and digital marketer. I continue to create free tutorials in digital marketing and wordpress tutorials.

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