To Paris With Love: Create a Romantic, French-Inspired Digital Tag | Traci Vanover | Skillshare

To Paris With Love: Create a Romantic, French-Inspired Digital Tag

Traci Vanover, Artist / Designer / Rabble Rouser

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8 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. To Paris With Love - Promo Video

    • 2. To Paris with Love - Introduction from Traci

    • 3. Download Your Materials & Get them Installed

    • 4. Tag, You're It: Let's Get Started!

    • 5. It's all About Perspective!

    • 6. Making a Splash: Adding the Watercolor Effects

    • 7. The Value of Historic Details

    • 8. Adding the Final Details - And Building on What You Learned


About This Class

Enjoy a bit of Paris without ever leaving home!

In this class we will create a French-inspired digital tag measuring 2.5” wide x 3.0” high. The tag design will incorporate multiple layers and PhotoShop techniques, and features vintage imagery, as well as watercolor and texture effects.

Once you have mastered the techniques covered, they can easily be translated into stationery, greeting cards, art prints and much more.

A Bit About Traci:
Traci has over 25 years' experience in advertising and market research. After running her own boutique creative agency for over a decade, she decided to pursue her design passions full time.

She is a true nerdy girl with a passion to create! She's a huge fan of vintage style, pop culture, funky socks, hockey, and wine — just not necessarily in that order. Traci scouts out dark and dusty corners the world over, and gives them new life in her own creations, and as stock resources for other creative folks.

You can connect with Traci on Facebook here:






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Traci Vanover

Artist / Designer / Rabble Rouser

I'm a nerdy girl with more than a passing fondness for vintage anything and everything. I have a special affinity for superheroes, vampires, zombies, office supplies, pop culture, fonts, funky socks, and WINE -- just not necessarily in that order.

I spent over 25 years in the fields of market research and advertising. I ran my own boutique creative agency, published a small business magazine, and I co-hosted a weekly small business radio show. I loved working with small businesses, but...

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