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Tips to draw in a Disney style

teacher avatar Damien Barban

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Presentation

    • 2. Let's start with the sketch

    • 3. Completing the sketching

    • 4. Inking to complete the drawing

    • 5. Completing with a last example

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About This Class

In this course, you are going to see how you can draw a face in the Disney style. I'm teaching you the very important points to respect when you starting drawing such face, like the form of the eyes, the place where they are supposed to be, then the form of the mouth, and how to draw the overall head. I will show you also how to do the sketching first, then some inking of the outlines of the drawing to get a final and good result in the end.

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1. Presentation: In this course, I'm going to teach you how to draw some deepness style drawing. We're going to talk about the main elements of the drawing. You have to remind when our drinks such Disney character discourse, is presented with a software which is Clip Studio Paint, but you can follow it with a normal pencil and paper. Are even any software of drawing and any tablet or iPad or whatever. In this course, I'm giving you a couple of steps there. You can follow yourself when you're looking at my course. If you have any question, you can ask me and I will tell you if you have any difficulties, how to handle them. You will see that it seems very simple to draw a decent time, but you have a couple of things that you have to pay attention to. Otherwise, you can mess up. So when you will be done with your first sketch, you will be invited to draw it over and over again to make sure that you will understand every points you have to remind. The practice is the key point if you want to succeed it to draw even better and better and better. So welcome in this course. And if you have any questions like how to draw different part of the face, you will be invited to continue to work every parts like the eyes do math Arduinos separately. It will be a very good advice to try to do every step separately if you want to improve and to finally succeed, to draw the face completely. So in this course of 20 minutes, you will see that in the end, it will be very easy to you to draw a D snus tau character. 2. Let's start with the sketch: In this course, I'm going to teach you how you can easily draw this net style drawings. We're going to see the different very important lines and elements of your drawing. You have to respect if you want to create these Disney style. First, this is very, very specific drawing style. They created their own style to draw the eye, the faces and so on. And we're going to talk about drawing the eyes. The eyes of the characters are very spatial. We can take one of the character and see that the drawing of the eyes is very specific. What you are going to do is to take a software like this one I'm presenting to you for this course. I'm using Clip Studio Paint. Of course you can use any other tablets, softwares, or you can, even for this course with a very simple pencil and paper and just follow the lines I'm going to draw and follow step-by-step to draw the same things. So the first drawing I going to do is sketch a very rough sketch of a face. And we start drawing cycle. Then the cycle is going to be followed by a cane of neck like this. And we separate this phase with a line like this. And like that. We are going to have here, there's small lines and curved lines here. And then we go up to here and goods trade down. And we'll get back here. So this part is the command to all the drawings. This city's character is a woman. And you will see that all women are using to have such line for the face. And then we can draw a very smooth line, 29 here. 3. Completing the sketching: This is the first step. Now the neck is probably going to move. We have here and it's going to be here. And here. Then we have the here. There. I'm going to add the different here is this is the next step. Just for example, I'm going to move this sketch a little bit in the middle of my page. And we have to understand that the skill of the head is going straight like this. You can even have a kind of hairstyle. Okay? Now you can see we have a sketch for the face. The more sensitive part is going to be the highs. The eyes is following the same rules that when you draw with a classical technique for drawing, but we have to respect a specific distance between the eyes. First, I'm going to draw a curve like this. Then here we have the nose and we go like this. And like that. Now we have to take a long distance and we draw a point here. This point is start with the Seguin I. And I'm just drawing like this. So we have a certain distance. And this distance is very important. As this is a woman. We have something like this and the other side with something like this. Then we have very small line here. And now the small line here. And I'm drying cycle here and another one here. So we are close to something that looks like a face. No dome, this. And inside the eyes, we're going to draw a specific details. You add a netball and another black one here. And we can do this. And you add another row and another one here. Zoom out. And now we have to smile. The first step. Then we draw like this. And we have the lips. Very thin lines here. And you can see that it is almost done for all these details. We have to draw for Disney style. Now we have to draw the shoulders. Maybe we have the body of it here is another shoulder. And okay. So I'm going to clean up this sketch a little bit. I'm creating a new layer. And this one, I'm going to click on it. Okay? And just to be more comfortable, I'm going to highlight this one and I will draw with black line with my second layer. 4. Inking to complete the drawing: Maybe I'll increase the size of the brush. Straight lines and drawing the final lines. So the head, I'm just painting in black the main input lines. You have to remind when you are doing such character and lives. And then you can see that you can draw the rest. So if you take this drawing, we have several elements that needs to be carefully. The eye is probably not dumb. We'll draw enough. I'm going to be more precise by adding some nine here and we drew something thicker and here. So we have the eyes. The eyes is really important because the emotion are communicated via this elements. So you don't have forget in the details of the eye is. And we have something like this. Then like this. And we have this. Then you have this white bubble inside and is blocked bubble inside. This afternoon are the main elements. When you do the eyes for the nose, you can see that we have the nose being like this, like that. And like that. You don't try to draw too much details in the nose. Otherwise, your character, especially if this is a girl, is going to be very weird in the know that it's too much detail is going to be to give a very ugly character. So you just remind on that you have to slide details. If I erase my sketch, we have something very simple. The lines are very simple. And this is the main point of the Disney characters. All the lines are very simple, but you have to know the right ones. 5. Completing with a last example: So if we take the drawing on another character, we can have a little girl sketch. I'm going to draw a rectangle, a point here. And you go here and here. And you have the neck. Then you have the heres. You draw a point here, and you can draw two lines like this. Then we are going to have some hairs here, but it's done to mono, important. Now, when you are done with this, you can draw two lines at the level of the years. And we have to match, you know, this. And you have tuples like this. Then again, we have like one, light the eyebrows, and we have the nose and the mouth. Maybe the phase can be a little more enlarged. And your face has to be not two, has to be very friendly. And here we decrease the importance of this line. And this line too. Maybe I can draw this one a little bit. And you can see that if you don't have a very precise symmetry, it could be sometime weird so you can erase. And if you missed one of the eyes, my advice is to erase both of the eyes and the white will be a very big mess. To try to get something more symmetric. You can erase the highs that seems the less well draw. And you start again. So you have to get something rather similar on the position. And you add again the different details. So this faces are very hard to draw because the line is very simple. This is the position of the different details that could be harder to understand. You can see the eyes are hard to position and the symmetry is something hard to find. So you have to draw over and over again. This is different elements. So you can see that when you place correctly the different lines, you are set to create a new layer, n to draw the black lines. To get the final outlines of your drawing. But before that, you still have to continue to work on do sketching the sketching it, the main base. That must not be brush-off. You have to work. And again, again any if you have to erase ten times in drawing and maybe you will be tired. So you, you get out to get coffee and you come back and you go back to work. And you try to find something that will make your character really more alive. And that's it. It will be at 1, you will get it. And you will be very appear men were created. But don't mistake on the fact that such Stein, like the Disney STI are not very easy. If you don't take the time to place correctly every elements of the drawing. Now, Okay. I will try to do the inking of the eyes. The sketch for me is probably not too much achieved. But just for this video, I'm trying to to ink it anyway. At this step. Then you have to go step-by-step trying to find the right inking method. And I will draw this one, the nose. And you can see we have to draw very cute nose lines. And what makes this nose secured is when you add a small line here, Hub 10, this is giving something or a queue. Then small mouth. There is light lines. And then I can finalize. This thinking is probably not something that will be final because I'm just showing you some example of a main lines you have to keep. But you will probably understand that if you work on a real project, you will get the, we have more time to spend in final operands and final lines you have to keep. And that's it. So pay attention to the eye, position of the eyes, the nose, the mouth, and always take the time to post them before to start inking up two to get the final results. Inking or coloring or whatever. But the eyes are the key points of the Disney style.