Tips to Win Business Intelligence (BI) Career Opportunities | Ellie Babadi Koerber | Skillshare

Tips to Win Business Intelligence (BI) Career Opportunities

Ellie Babadi Koerber, Sr BI Consultant

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10 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Welcome to the Course!

    • 2. Success in BI Jobs in North America

    • 3. Consulting Companies

    • 4. Training with Consulting

    • 5. Career Path with Consulting

    • 6. How to Pass BI Job Interviews

    • 7. Behavioral Interview

    • 8. Technical Interview

    • 9. IKM Test

    • 10. PI Test


About This Class

Would you like to know what kinds of questions you'll be asked during an interview for a Business Intelligence (BI) job? Would you like to know more about the BI job market in North America? Do you want to know how to succeed and move up in this field once you get the job? 

This course helps newcomers, recent graduates, or anyone interested in finding a BI job in data warehouse and analytics, with a focus on the SAP skillset. Additionally, the guidelines can also be applied to any BI job regardless of the specific tool or application.

This course provides insight into consulting industry, how to join, and what to expect to be successful. Lessons also provide insight into both private and public sector and the pros and cons of each.

Learn how to use your Business Intelligence skillset and experience to win a job and then move up to a higher level. 

Learn from a Business Intelligence IT professional with 12 years of experience in many different areas and sectors, someone who has been responsible for hiring many candidates at different levels with different responsibilities.