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10 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Mercari Platform Overview

    • 2. App vs. Website

    • 3. How Fast My Mercari Store has Grown

    • 4. Importance of Free Shipping

    • 5. Promoting Your Listings & Reindexing Items

    • 6. More on Promotions

    • 7. Verification Badge

    • 8. How to Do Product Research on Mercari

    • 9. SEO

    • 10. Mercari Wrap Up & Project

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About This Class

Mercari is one of the best growing eCommerce Marketplaces. So, if you can leverage it to your advantage, it can be a massive asset for an Entrepreneur.

List your item in minutes. Got something you don’t use, never used or just outgrew? Listl it!

Now, the key is understanding the platform...

This platform is a great up & coming alternative to Amazon, ebay, & Poshmark. So, hop in & plant your flag now while there’s still a large Market Share left to grab.

This Course will run you through everything you need to know to start listing items, do potential product research, & how to rank your Mercari Store.

Enroll in Tips to Succeed on Mercari Today.

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Bryan Guerra

I Help People Start Home Businesses


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1. Mercari Platform Overview: All right, guys, I want to give you a brief overview of the platform. Now you can list from the web site, but I also want to give you an overview from the APP. I use the app a lot more. And as you can see here, this is, you know, my profile. Now, I acquired maybe five followers, like, right off the bat the first week. And since then, I haven't acquired any followers. But the key here is and this is important. Followers don't matter. They don't matter at all. It's not like posh Mark where you're building your closet up. But what it is like is, you know, a the followers air kind of irrelevant, I think I'm not sure exactly, because I'm not. I haven't bought much off this this app. I'm not sure the relevance of followers, but I've been selling a lot without followers. And actually, I just hopped on maybe two months ago, and a lot of my stuff has been selling fairly quickly. Can see I've sold a bunch of different things here, multiple things, and it's moving pretty quick. And I don't even do this. I'm congressman like, playing around with it and seeing what I can sell and want to get away with. What prices. So I can relay that information to you. And there's actually ah, high demand on Macari for a lot of different things. You also see here acquired 20 reviews, which would have taken me a long time on Amazon. Were taking me a long time on eBay to get feedback would have taken me a long time on posh Mark. Not that it's relevant on posh markets. Not, but you'll see. Here I have 20 greats. Five star reviews very, very easy. And people are, You know, as long as you're shipping the product that you're listing, they're gonna be, you know, completely cool with it s O when you hear, if you look here at the bottom, this is your main seller hub, the right guy person. Then if he had the middle, you can actually listen item and sell it. You know, you can upload a picture from your library or you can, you know, obviously just take a picture. It's up to you, Uh, just card the changes there, But I also have seller badges. Not that that seems very relevant to me in my specific example, but you do want to confirm some of your stuff from this this original screen. So it does say, Look, I'm seller ready, but there's some things up here When you look at the top worth's BG 447 you're gonna want to confirm your email. You're gonna wanna confirm your phone, and then obviously there's the opportunity to confirm your Facebook to I didn't elect to do that, and I still want to have so I have still whoa pin selling fine without doing that. So I would recommend confirming, you know, as many things as possible. It just gives you more relevance on the platform. It makes you more believable, makes you more of a legitimate person. When someone sees that you've been confirmed, you know, that's my take on it, at least on, you know, obviously, these badges are very important. Very, very important, too, because when people come to your profile, they see that you are reliable, that you are a quick shipper and you're going to ship out faster. They know that they're going to get their product fast, and you your faster respond to any comments If they might have an issue with the product or a question on a specific listing. Those are important, Um, and I don't know why. It says I remember since 2017 because I am not. That's very, very strange. Maybe I joined it in 2017 and then deleted it. That's very possible. But though I've only been on this for about two months now, so it should say 2000 and 18. Now you'll see here buying, you know I don't typically buy, but if you are buying, then it shows you the things that you've ordered. And if you do want to buy for whatever reason, you go to this home tab on the left at the bottom and sort through a bunch of things. Now, obviously, if you can land a product on one of these home tabs, then that are one of these home like featured thinks that's, you know, great for you, and you're gonna get a lot of eyes on your product. But you can search for anything. Basically, what Macari is is it's a search engine. Eso if you want to, do you know product research, See, you know if anybody else is potentially selling, uh, you know, maybe have What's the most random thing I can think of? Maybe you have a, um I don't know, a Pokemon peek. A choo that's so random, but like like a peek a choo stuffed animal. You want to see if anybody's selling a peek atyou? Stuffed animal? Well, you can search for Peak. I don't how spell that peek a choo peek a choo. There we go. And it looks like people are selling this, and you can also see. Okay, there's a couple of different sold animals, sold things you can check out the ah, you know what other people are selling and for what other people have sold them for. And the, you know, your competition because of everybody's priced at $10 you price yours at you know, 50. Well, you're not going to sell that. So it's important to do a little bit of, you know, product a research here and there. You can see that this one sold for $10 even though it's not a stuffed animal. That's just like what I like to do typically. But that's pretty much how Macari works now. If we go back to the right tab over here. Um, and you hit selling. That's where you gonna manage all your listings. Now, one of the things that I like to do is you know, you could go back in and edit them, obviously, and, uh, this is going to show you all this when I go, you take you through example. List things, So obviously have your profile picture or you're not your profile. Pictures your pictures up top. You do need to have. You can't have all stock photos. And this, as you can see here, there six photos on this listing. All of them are stock photos. So you're gonna want to take an actual physical picture. You actually have to physically have an item to take a physical picture. You can't list all stock photos, so you know I have if I have listed on stock photos, sometimes you get away with it, but sometimes they'll pull your listings down to I should probably add one here. But I'm going to do that after this video. Um then obviously you only have 40 characters to list in your you know, your your title. Categorize it now. just like anything. So on Posh Mark on eBay on Amazon, you're gonna want to stuff keywords as much as possible into your you know, your description. So if you have a peek a choo stuffed animal random again, you know you're gonna want maybe used the word Pokemon or, you know, peek a choo. Or, you know, uh, anything else that has is relevant to that when you're describing your item. Ah, and you know, stuff. You're your description as Big Air s as much full of keywords as possible. That irrelevant because that's how you're going to rank in the search engine that is macari search. Then you have three hashtags at the bottom, which also help search results. And finally, this is something I talk about. Two. You can offer free shipping or you don't have to. I recommend offering free shipping. It increases sales. I think macari claims that increases sales 15%. Obviously, you're gonna take any boost that you can get here. You can update it, delete and activate your list thing. So if I wanted to change the listing price here, I could change it to like, 13 bucks and you'll see you make seven bucks because I offer shipping on, and that's pretty much how you do it. I'm gonna x out here. It's pretty self explanatory. Play around with it, but it's really, really easy to list now. Another thing that we're gonna talk about and I might actually add a lecture on to this is you can promote now. You can remote, too, if your item is high enough and obviously your prices came. That's something we'll talk about later on. Do your product research. That's also Kikkan promoted to everyone like you see here so you can promote it. You know, publicly you have to reduce the price. I believe it's 10%. Um, let's see. 05%. So it has to be 5% which isn't that much, or you can simply promoted to the Lakers and you see here with the gold watch right here has to likes and 28 views. Eso You can promote it to those two Lakers, but you just have to drop the price, a certain amount. So if I wanted to promote this to those Lakers, I could promote it for, like, 16 bucks of those Lakers and just send them kind of a deal and that those prompt sales I've I've seen another great thing is you'll see here like some things. I listen, they don't get very many views and some things I list and like right away, they're getting 50 views. So clearly those air high demand items play around with it and see what you can get away with and sell. But there seems to be a lot of people looking and searching for four items. Even the most random and obscure items like these Orel be Bron replacement toothbrush heads . I had a bunch of these as arbitrage products from Amazon and eBay that I was trying to flip just kind of list on Macari as I was testing things out. And I think I've sold like three or four. These already. Um, there's 12 Looks like I only saw two of them, but I sold two of them already, and they've only been up for like, a week or two, so you can sell the most obscure and random things on here. There's, you know, there is a market for them. You would be surprised on this. I just listed earlier again. I think yesterday and started about 12 use again. So people are clearly looking for stuff like that. You would be surprised, just kind of give you an overview, obviously going to your complete listings here in the top, right? You can see your in progress. Those things to these two things I'm shipping out on have shipped out, and I'm waiting for a rating on depending on how fast you ship in, what shipping options you use. Um, and if you'll have to use them, a car shipping, then I believe it's like retail ground, which is like 29 days. That's not fast. You're gonna get paid. Also, your balance. You can cash out when it's $10 or higher, so that's just like an overview of the platform. Like I said, I don't really use the buying that much. I don't really worry about my likes that much or anything like that, but you can play around with it if you want. You know you could go in your settings and obviously switch your stuff around. You want to put in your, um, your bank account s so you can obviously collect payments, but that's pretty much all you need to know. I just want to give you an overview of the platform from the point of view, because I used the app a lot more. But like I said, the number one key here guys is just do your product research, know your market and know what your competition is listing in that So you know, if a there's a market for it and be what you can sell it at so that you can make markup. 2. App vs. Website: All right, guys. So I showed you. Obviously, there's the difference between the website in the app. So I already showed you the app. I'm obviously 90% 1990%. The maturity of you were going to use 90% your time on the app. Sometimes it is easier if you're pulling. You know, a listing from Amazon or you're pulling listening from eBay or you're pulling listing from somewhere else on the Internet. It's easier to list it through cell now, right here on the website. But 90% your times probably would be less than you know, used on the app. You know, when you're engaging in answering messages or you know, filling or, you know, printing out orders for sales and stuff like that, which the thing just like posh Mark is emailed to your email and then you print the the label out referee email Super super easy. But I want to show, you know, just briefly the website. In case you know, you do, for whatever reason, want to use the website. Like I said, the only time I'm ever on the website is if I'm listing something from Amazon. So from pulling like a listing from Amazon. I'll copy the pictures and then I'll enter the title of the description, all this other stuff on the actual Mercury website. And then I'll obviously snapped the picture in person because you can't use all stock photos. Remember we said that. Ah, and then I'll list that at the end as the last picture. Eso I just want to give you a brief rundown of the websites, you know, pretty self explanatory, but, you know, we're just gonna touch on it. I see if you're on a cell, something it So now these air your messages, these you can see where people have liked recently. And this is, you know, basically your cellar hub if you hit the little person, so same overall view 20 reviews. You see that your confirmed it's gonna give you all your notifications and what's happened , anything that you need to take action on. So if you have a message that you need to answer if you have a sale that you need to fulfill, stuff like that will show you your notifications. Action required that people that they're the things that you have liked in case you want to potentially by something obviously appear you could tell never on the websites have literally doing all this from the app and I have all these notifications in the action. But typically I'm on the app. Then obviously you're listings. If you want to manage any list things. You're quick. There were here. Same thing goes and I did this before when I showed you the hydro flask. You could manage the listing, see what it looks like to people when there they're shopping for it, which is kind of cool and kind of valuable on and just see what it looks like. You know, online, you book, you kind of want it. Sometimes it supported play the customer game and see what what you're listening looks like from the customer. It's also easier to do product research, and this is one other thing that I do online. You know, you don't always have to do it from the APP. Sometimes it is easier to do product research in search of the search bar. You know, on related items and see what they're listening at so you can get a better overview and see multiple items on see what your competitors air selling it for. But that's basically it, you know. Ah, that's really all there is on the website. Like I said, I don't really use it that much, but it can be more beneficial for some of you. If you would rather use the website, you don't actually, you know, aren't that comfortable from your phone. But like I said, most you're going to be used spending 90% of your time listing and answering and fulfilling orders from the APP. 3. How Fast My Mercari Store has Grown: All right. So I want to talk a little bit about how fast my macari store has grown. Now, when I initially recorded this course in the first version of this course actually went out right. I might have been, like 10 to 20 reviews deep and one of because I check like all the reviews and check all the comments. I'm constantly trying to improve my you know, my information products so that they're easily implement easy your excuse me implemented by students and that, you know, they get more results for people. And one of the reviews that I saw in a comment on one of the videos was like This kind doesn't even know what he's talking about. Why would I listen to this guy? He's got 20 reviews. He clearly doesn't know what he's doing. He's clearly not very experienced, so I understand where that comes from number one. But that said, I do know what I'm doing because clearly have 253 reviews and I'm five star average. So I was selling in that you know, that span of time I was just so excited about the platform because I saw what it was doing for me currently that I wanted to turn that into a course to share that information and knowledge with other people. So let me ask you a question. Really fast, because I get I feel like people are misled with this logic a little bit. And I want to kind of correct the path so that you understand. You know why it's important to listen to some of the old lectures as well, as well as not, you know, have that same mindset as the person that commented, you know, on the Old course on the old version, that was like, this guy has 20 reviews where I would have listened to him. Well, that said, you should definitely still listen to me now because I'm not. I'm nowhere like, you know, all the way up here with, you know, my macari store, right? So I only have 253 review, some still fairly new, but clearly I've sold, you know, 253 things, and I know what I'm doing at this point in time. But let me ask you a question like let's take any normal entrepreneur, right? Let's say, like Mark Cuban is a good example cause a lot of people will, like, understand who he is because he's on Shark Tank and he also owns the Dallas Mavericks. So, yes, you can give you great advice right now. Right? But like, let's say he was giving advice. You know? We're talking in everyday luxury. Turn something into a course, right? Would you rather listen to where you currently are? Right now where you are right now? Would you think you would you be better off taking advice from Mark Cuban right now? Or advice from Mark Cuban 15 20 years ago? Now the majority of people would say that you'd be better off taking advice from Mark Cuban right now because he's been through those 20 years extra right? He has more insight. He is more anecdotal experience that he can then parlay off to you. But I actually disagree. Obviously you learned a lot from either one, right, but for beginners or people just getting into it hence what? How I'm tying this back into you as somebody just learning about Macari or trying to grow your macari store, right? If if it were me, right, I'm way closer to where Mark Cuban was 20 years ago, right, rather than where he is now. So I would benefit off Mawr off of learning from where he was when he was actually in the process, doing what he was doing to get to where he is now, right? Because that's the information and insight I would want to take action on to then potentially gets where he is, right? Too often, people goto somebody that's like all the way up here, and that's actually not what you want to do. Instead, if you're all the way at the bottom instead of going to somebody all the way at the top, what you want to do is you want to just go to the next level upper like a couple levels up , right and figure out what they did because they'll beam or entrenched in being in, being able to understand from your perspective so they'll be able to teach you a little bit better of what you can do to get from here to here, right? And then once you hit this level, then you want to look for a level or two above, and you want to get information from those people, and then you want to move up the level, right? If you start all the way at the bottom and you try to get information from all somebody, all the whip here selling, you know, thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars every day or somebody that's a billionaire , chances are there is gonna be a big gap in between and a big learning curve. And you're not gonna retain very much Forget any insight off that information. Am I saying you can't learn anything for Mark Cuban? No, of course not. You can learn a lot from him. When I am trying to say is just because you look at something and somebody is not, you know, to give an example, right? The tiebacks, macari, you would honestly be a lot. You get a lot of value learning from the Brian that, you know, basically created version one of the course that only had 20 reviews and was literally in the trenches doing what you need to be doing now to learn and continue to grow your cross it right. So what I'm trying to say is there is value in both, right? Obviously, I'm not all the way up where Mark Cuban is on the macari scale. But what I'm trying to say is, don't sleep on that information. Figure out who's a step or two above. You, learn from them and move up. Figure out who's a step or two above. That went from that move up. So I just wanted to bring you know how quickly my store has grown. It's probably only been like six months, and I already have 253 reviews I made. I think close like 1500 armor Qari already, and it's a little side gig for me. I love it and literally all this is profit, right? So it's like a little side business side gig. For me, that's profit. That's fun. And obviously, the more you get reviews on your account, just like eBay or anything like that, right? The more reviews that you get on your count, the more social proof you will have, which will then mean that you can sell more items and you can sell them for a higher profit margin. So I have 253 reviews. Obviously, all the stuff currently have to sales. I need to get out. That already happened today. And I have a lot of other in for inventory here. That was all given to me for free and for cheap. Just like I'm gonna show you how to source in this course. So what I'm trying to say is, don't sleep on any of this info. There will be mixed info in with new lectures that will be mixed info in with old lecture from the original version. But make no mistake, this version of the course will definitely help you start selling on Macari and make it turn it into a full time business if you want. But also just learn a couple of 100 or a couple 1000 extra. You know, depending on where you want to scale it up, Teoh on the side every single month. So with that being said, I'm excited. I hope you're excited. Let's jump in 4. Importance of Free Shipping: Alright, guys. So I briefly want to talk about the importance of free shipping when you're listing. Now this goes, you know, across platforms. Obviously, it could benefit you allow on eBay. It can obviously benefit you a lot and does benefit you allow on Amazon with the Amazon prime tag on, it really helps increase in something I talked. Showing the previous lectures helps increase your sales because people obviously are more inclined to gravitate towards free shipping if they feel like they're getting a deal. Eso You know, you could do one of two things you can either offer the free shipping, and I'm gonna go into you. Ah, one of my listings here to show you in a second we go back to that hydro flask, right? You can either offer free shipping, you know, and eat the cost of it. So usually it's like 3 to 4 bucks if I scroll down. I believe it's 4 25 here, uh, or you can simply mark your price up. So it would be the same thing if I offered free shipping with, you know, basically third at 13. Right? I'd still make the same amount. Ah, as if I were toe, sell this at $9 then charge. Shipping makes sense. So people are gonna be more inclined to buy the $13 free shipping than a $9.1 with shipping . Just because that's human psychology, they want to feel like they're getting a deal. They want to feel like there's, you know, an added benefit to buying from you and buying from your listing and macari. This isn't just what I said or what I say. That means tax out of that. But Macari says this says this as well. EBay says this as well, and so does Amazon. It increases sales. Obviously, it depends on from platform to platform. I think eBay says it. It increases it 11%. Where might be 21%? I forget, Amazon says. If you ship into F B A, it increases yourself velocity up to 20%. Ah, and obviously Macari. I forget the exact quote. It might have been 10% they said on Macari, but it does increase your sales. It will increase your obviously you know, your your items flipping and the amount of people that actually buy them, thus increasing your profit and your overall revenue from, you know, macari and the platform. So I highly suggest that when you're listing items you see here at the top, right under offers offer buyers free shipping Question mark, you can obviously click no on. And then you don't get charged for that shipping. Now, I'm all sudden making $8.10. But if you offer free shipping, um, you know, and then simply market up a couple bucks to negate that you'll see here. It obviously depends from you know what? What you're shipping is in a cost you so you know, make sure that you're still profitable, and it makes sense for you. I'm not saying go into debt or anything like that or, you know, break even on a product to flip it on Macari, obviously. But I'm just saying if you do have a lighter item and you can afford to offer the 4 25 free shipping, don't ever go with UPS to or FedEx, in my opinion on and this obviously is going to depend. I'm not sure from a car is actually global. To be perfectly honest, I know posh Mark is not, but obviously eBay and Amazon are. But if you're in the US and you know you can get sheep shipping through the U. S. Post office like you'll see here, I highly suggest that you do it now. You could obviously also just say ship on your own and ship it meet email, which is a great way to, you know, if you if you have a cheap item that's like four or five bucks, you can ship it medium ill and still make money off of it. Because, typically speaking media male is only going to be 2 to $4 most of the time. It obviously depends on what your shipping and a lot of different factors. But if you have the opportunity and you want to increase sales and you know, obviously flip more products, thus making more money, offer free shipping and simply mark your products up, it's the best way to make more sales and make more profit. It will make a difference on your bottom line 5. Promoting Your Listings & Reindexing Items: All right, guys. Now I want to take a brief moment to add some information into this course. It's very, very important. And these things are really gonna make a big difference for your macari, you know, closet in general if you just implement them. So I want to talk about three things in this bonus lecture that are really gonna help you along. First is the importance of promoting. So you'll see here since the last time I actually uploaded video. You know, there's a lot going on here, but I'm really accumulating a lot of reviews and fast. I've literally only been on the platform for I don't even know, like 23 months Max on and already just accumulating a ridiculous amount of reviews, which is a snowball effect. And it seems like more and more people are purchasing a lot of items that I slap up there. So it's promising. If you're just starting, you can do it relatively quickly. But like I said, I want to talk about the importance of promoting items to prompt sales. Now, I've been uploading a number of items recently, a lot from, you know, liquidation pallets and a lot from online are trash products that ideo with my own on arbitrage pro course and things that you know basically aren't selling well on Amazon. I pulled them often off the mark, Ari, if they're not able to be flipped on Posh Mark or anything like that. And basically what I'm trying to tell you is I prompt sales. I don't just list them up there. I prompt sales by promoting items. And there are two ways to promote items, and these are very, very important for prompting sales. So let's just go through and look at some items you'll see here that some of the items I just slapped up are getting. You know, this 1st 1 right here in the top left has 23 views and three likes the 2nd 1 to the right of that has seven views and to light. You'll start to notice that you'll pick up views and you pick up likes on your items. So what does that actually mean? While the people that, like, just like on any other, uh, you know, uh, e commerce site where that's Amazon, eBay or posh mark or anything like that are people that you know are engaged in like that, that product, and you can basically pitch them to whether you're if you're on eBay, for example, you could you know that you drop the price down 10% and all the Lakers will get notified on Amazon. It's a little bit different. Can't like an item. But on past marcas well, there are ways to promote. But with Macari, what you could do is you can actually hit this left button that promote button. And what that will dio is will allow you to basically, you know, promote that listing in that product out to the McCarty Macari commedia Macari community. Sorry on. And so you'll see here. The first option is promote to everyone, which is a public sale, and that's you. Reduce the price and they'll boost your listing to notify all the people who liked the item . And that's a public sale so that will promote to everybody, not just the people that liked it, but it will also promote it across the website to other people, more likely to like that item, thus increasing your visibility for a short period of time. The catch is that you do have to drop the price, and then it will obviously keep it there. Now I cannot promote anymore items because, as you'll see here in a second, if I click this, it won't let me do it because it says you've reached your promotional limit 10 items per day, So low. Caveat. You could only promote 10 items per day. I promote 10 items per day because it prompts sales for me, and it prompts a lot of sales. But you'll notice that, yes, you can promote things, but you have to drop the price, and that's a great way to do it. So one of the key things that I want to suggest to you is keep your price is a little bit higher, not ridiculously higher, but a little bit higher so that as you accumulate views and as you accumulate likes, you can drop your price down and it will make a world of difference because you continually doing that over time so you could wrote it to everybody, which, like I said, it's site wide and the Lakers, or you can specifically promote to the people that have liked it. So on an item like like this for example, three likes, you know, literally just slapped this up. Right now it's 1 29 19 and you can see it's already got 23 views and three likes. I could promote that to like, because it's got a decent amount of Lakers, which I could hit. The bottom option here promotes Lakers a private sale. And as you can see, I've already offered. You know, it's my Lakers. Every 24 hours you're allowed to do that on. Like I said, there's a limit to 10 per day. Uh, and I offered them a price of nine bucks. So I think I would take home like five or six after that. Not really sure, but that's the way that you can do it. Another great thing that you can do as we scroll through here is this might be the one that I like. This women should open shoulder, uh, the left one because there's two Lakers on that two Lakers on the anti slot. Any slip shock absorbing gloves? Ah, and you know, 10 Lakers right here on the Nike basketball shorts on the rights. That's just a way that you can prompt sales and I want to talk about the importance of promoting because you shouldn't just Yes, with Macari. It's a great, great marketplace. You just slap stuff up and they will sell, but also used to promote into your exit to your you know, to your advantage, because that's a great way that you can basically put your items in front of more customers and get them more visibility. So that's really, really gonna help you out. One of things I do want to talk about two is re uploading listings. If they don't sell or they're getting, they aren't getting views, and it's really that simple. This works on eBay. It works on Posh Mark. It definitely works on Amazon if you're merchant filling and guess what guys it works on macari to. So if for whatever reason, you upload a product that isn't getting any views or isn't getting any likes well, and you don't want to jump the gun and, you know, do it within the first couple days or a week. But if you leave it up there for a week and it doesn't accumulate any views and it doesn't accumulate, you know the normal amount of likes that you like to see? Well, then guess what. Take it down and slap it back up again. What that will do is more people, depending on the e commerce platform, and I haven't cracked the macari code for this actual, you know, actually yet. But what I would venture to assume is just like any of the other e commerce platforms. Macari suggests different items that are uploaded to different people that are active on the platform at that period in time or will be active on the platform at that period in time in the near future and are more inclined to like items like that. They always think that's how they're going to suggest these proud because, as you'll know, there's no you can't you can't pay for ads or anything on this this thing other than the remote button. So there organically suggesting stuff that people aren't searching for it. So if you simply take it down and re upload it at a different time, whether that's a week later, a month later or whatever or something, some other things you could do is change up the description a little bit. Change up the category, change up the Hashtags. There's your lab three hashtags, and you might get more visibility. So that's just a simple growth hack. If you're your things are getting views for whatever reason, they're not getting the likes that you want. For whatever reason, after a period of time has elapsed, that's significant. Then simply re upload the listing, and if they don't sell or they're not getting views, that will make a difference and you will see it. 6. More on Promotions: All right. So I want to talk really briefly about two ways that you can promote on Macari To really step your game up here, so really briefly. Looks like this person just is about to make me an offer. Completely. Amorello just got a sale. That's cool. All right, so we're not gonna focus on that really fast. I just want to show you two ways to promote your list. Things that are really gonna help benefit you and help you sell more on the app. Okay, so two ways to promote If you see right here, you see the promote button on the left of these list things. You'll see that this top on the orthopedic eye patch has no likes, but it's gotten previews. The Micro derm, a roller has gotten 11 views and it's got one like the cervical neck. Traction has one like an 11 views iPhone, X men, excess Max Case has one like and 24 views. And it's a really great way to show you, you know, how really the demand of certain products and obviously a lot of these air new I just list them like the past, like, two days because I'm selling a lot of stuff really, really fast, but you'll start to see like something's accumulate, like four likes and 36 views, six likes and 37 views. Four Likes in 134 views with the with the Glock whole stare. So as you leave them a little bit longer, they're gonna get more views and more likes, which then you can promote to more liker. So if you're patient, it's really gonna benefit. So if you hit this promote button, there's two things that are gonna pop up, promote the Lakers on Lee and then promotes everybody. Both of these work very, very well. What promotes the Lakers are is you're gonna offer a private discount, So I actually have, I believe, used out all my, my my promote the Lakers for the day. Like I've promoted this one all the way down the six bucks. Um, I don't think that I can promote any of the other ones. I'm pretty sure that I'm limited for the current time period, and I'm also limited for something you you understand? If you don't understand right away, I'm also promoted. Teoh can't promote everybody today have already reached my promotional limit. So I'm just going to explain to you how you can use use these to your advantage. So, for example, let's say that I didn't I didn't I hadn't promoted this all the way down. Right. So the kitchen culinary blowtorch it sells for $23 has three likes on it. So the very first thing I might want to do is promote this the Lakers. And if I would promote this the Lakers, I could make an offer to them. And what that's gonna do is they've demonstrated that they're interested in it by liking it . And what liking means on Macari essentially, is that you're basically kind of saving it for later in case the price drops. So a really effective way to prompt sales is too remote. Remote Lakers Now, I wouldn't promote this. The Lakers and offer like something really, really, you know, barely cutting anything. I wouldn't offer it like $19 because, you see, it sells for 23. So maybe I drop it all the way down. And remember, I got this for free on a cash back website, so it didn't cost me anything. It's 100 cent profit. So I might promote this, you know, toe Lakers and offer them, like, $13.10 dollars off, right boom. That probably most likely would prompt a sale. And I'd still probably net like nine bucks on that. So I just made $9 for grabbing this listing on Macari, waiting like a week and promoting its Lakers because I got it on a cash back. Well, website And that is the power of online arbitrage, especially with the cash back websites. But really with anything. A few of these have gotten on coupon websites as well, and some of them are from liquidation palettes. But the majority of these, I think, are cash back that I list all Mark Ari most of the time. Now, another way. So here's another great example 10 likes 119 right here on this. Ah, this adapter. So another way that you could promote if, for example, you didn't have any likes. So if you do accumulate like more than one, like on it, so that's like this too right here up top. And this 10 those are things that you're gonna wanna promote toe Lakers. But this right here. The tournament size latter ball set has 29 views, so people are viewing it, but nobody's liked it yet. So in that case, what I might want to dio is I don't want to promote it to everybody. And what that will do is it will drop it like a buck or two and then promote it site wide. My car is just gonna show it to a lot more people. It's gonna bring more views and potential eyes on that so that you can accumulate likes on it, too, and even a potential sale. So that's the two main ways to use to promote button sell more. It works very, very well as you'll see here. I literally just got a sale on this by doing so, So use that to your advantage. It will really help you sell more 7. Verification Badge: So another thing I really wanted to touch on really briefly is one of the new things that they implemented. You'll see once you start logging onto Macari that you basically get a number of badges, right? So if you see here like you'll get, like the verified on on through email badge, right, the verified identity badge and one of the things that you want to go after two is the verifying like the I. D badge so you can send in your license or your I D card right tumor car. So you basically take a picture of it to verify, verify who you are and your identity, and that will give you another badge. Now, Is this required by any means? No, it's not required by any means. That said, it will help other buyers buy from you with confidence. And it's all about giving that kind of extra badge that might increase your sales so you don't have to do it. But I would recommend sending in and submitting an I D or license for the I D verification badge so that other buyers will know that Hey, Marquardt has verified this person. They know who this person is even if I personally don't write. Because I sell for my from my e commerce business name lively those things. So nobody knows who I actually am on the Mercury platform. Right? But that said, the other people know that. Hey, Mark, Ari has verified who I am. So Mark Ari knows who I am so they can buy with from me with trust. So I recommend you don't have to do it, but I recommend sending in your idea and your verification to get your i d or sorry to get your verified i d badge on macari. It will and should, as they say, increase your sales. 8. How to Do Product Research on Mercari: So a lot of people ask me, How do you do product research on Mark Ari? What's the best method? And my usual answer is it's really just trial and error at the end of the day. So let's say hypothetically, you're on a cash back website like Let's go to tests on really fast. So let's say hypothetically, you're on tests on and you're thinking yourself well, is this led closet light A good thing to sell back on my car? How do I do product research? How do I test the sales velocity? How do I see what the potential demand is for a product like this on macari? So my advice to you first and foremost and this is what I do OK is just go after everything and start to see what works for you. The more you do it, let's say hypothetically after your source, like 50 products, and remember, you get 50 free products, so there's literally no risk involved here. If you're doing cash back products, start listing a bunch of different things. You'll start to notice trends and patterns of certain things that sell really well. Certain types of items that sell better than others. Certain items that you've listed that don't really seem to get any views. And Macari tells you all that information, right? It's gonna tell you how many likes and item gets, how many views it gets. And you know, it's also gonna tell you can also see what sells and seems to sell quickly were better, so you'll start to notice that. Okay, this is like the third led light that you've listed, and it's not selling very well. So probably you don't want to go after this cash back item or, you know you might not make it that high of a priority. But socks always flip very well for you on my car is. So maybe that's something you want to go after, right? So trial and error is really the best way, in my opinion, to do it, especially cause you have no risk cause you're getting free products a lot of times or very , very cheap rocks. Now, a perfect example of this is like all electron ICS for me. So, like anything that's like an HD my adapter or anything that's like a, um, like a like a CD drive or anything like that has been flipping like candy, all macari. So every single time I see one of those, I make it a priority to go after that product first, because I know that it's gonna sell, and it's gonna sell for a higher market, right trial and error. That said, if you do want to do product research the only way to potential new product research armor Qari, is this simply search for items like that and see if it's gonna sell. So Led closet are see what the what other people are offering them for how many potential likes that they've gotten. And you know how many other offers there are? Right? So if you hop on this and you see 100 other led closet lights that haven't sold, probably not a good item to buy because the chances that somebody's gonna find yours and buy it compared to all the other ones isn't that good? Right? But if you only see three others and one of them has sold and two of them have, you know, the other two have like two Lakers, probably a good opportunity to buy right, so I would recommend that what you do is just simple trial and error. But if you want to do product research, this is how you want to do it. You want to just search for it on the Macari search bar. So you're gonna search led light and we'll see what pops up. And that's super broad, right? It's important you want to go super broad first and then slowly neech down. So Led lights. It looks like there's over 1000 results with, obviously, that's super abroad. So people are listing these so they might potentially be selling. So if we just click this one sold if we click, this is like lights for outside. But we just click a couple and we see OK, this one doesn't have any likes. Um, this would see this is a water led light, and this one has three likes and it was updated three hours ago. So it was originally posted. Um, there were two days ago, and it already has three, like so that's a decent all right. But what we want to do now is because there's so many of these. We probably wanted me shit down a little bit more, so we'll go led What's a better keyword for this led closet white? Or maybe just closet light? We'll see what pops up so now narrows it down a little bit more. 505 results. So here's a light bar, which is pretty pretty much what it looks like. Ours is, right. Same thing with this one. So we'll figure out what the for their price, that how many likes they have and when they were listed. So this one was listed seven days ago, so a week ago and has four likes already. So there is a demand for that. That's a good sign, right? The worst thing that would happen is there's like no lights and no views, and obviously you can't see the views on other people's things. You can only see it on your own, but it is just giving you an indicator of potential demand, right? So if it were listed a month ago, when it has one, like probably not a good idea, right, if it was listed a month ago and has no likes, probably not a good idea, but it was listed seven days ago. One has four, like so four people have pinned this as a potential product that they want to buy in the future. So good indication this one was listed two days ago. Has one, like so not enough time, Really? You know, it's a good in my opinion, because it's only been two days and already has a like so that's pretty good idea. You also noticed that sometimes when you list stuff, hence the trial and error that I talk about, you'll notice that some things get views and likes immediately, and some don't. That indicates more demand for the things that are getting more views and likes than the other things that aren't okay. So let's try one more example really fast. So let's try like pull like exercise resistance bands exercise, resist. I don't even have a small resistance resistance bands. It might have been in there. Don't know. But so look, there's looks like a lot here, so this looks like it was listed fairly recently. This looks like it's resistant band set as well. Let's check these two out. So this was listed today and already has three likes, so it's listed for 20 in areas. Three legs. That's pretty good. So while there is a lot of listings on here. It seems like there's a decent demand. Check about four of them. So this one was listed today has no likes. But that's, you know, to it was literally lasted 45 to 41 minutes. Go. So not a good indicator. This one was listed, um, like over a month ago. And it has nine, like so it hasn't sold yet. It looks like they've dropped the price about 10 bucks. But those have nine, like so it does indicate a potential demand. So not a bad product. And that's all you're looking for, really. Here is a potential demand now. This one also doesn't have you know it was listed. Two days going also doesn't have a good like so it does seem like there is opportunity in this product. You'll notice the more that you do product research some things you'll notice, like you check for five of them and they get like, one like and they've been listed a while ago. Probably not a good product, but these. Obviously we just saw Nine Lakes, and I think the other one was like four likes or whatever to likes, and they've been listed fairly recently, so not a bad idea. So two weighs. Like I said, trial and error is the first way right? See what works for you? See what doesn't then replicate and buy more of what does don't buy any more of the things that don't seem to be selling simple is that that's what I do or you can do product research. But just keep in mind that there's no real way to do product research on McCurry. You just look for likes and potential indicators of, you know, interest in that product. 9. SEO: So now I want to touch a little bit more about the S E O in your listings and the value there. Now, one of the benefits of McCurry is that you can obviously just like on any platform, you can upload pictures that are saved with metadata. And I'll cover what that means in a second. Okay? And that's gonna increase your S e O. And the potential visibility that you get on the platform. You also get over a foul. I think it's 1000 characters, actually. Specifically, you get three. You get three hashtags to give you more visibility so you can index your products correctly , right? And you also get 1000 characters in your description. So you want to utilize everything that they offer to you to get the most s e o bang box. So that a you're giving Merck Ari more information to suggest it to the people that it knows might be more inclined to like this Because just like to give an example, like Facebook, right? Facebook has data on everybody, so people that run ads on Facebook can use Facebook's data to then suggest their stuff, too. You know, the people that are more inclined to like it, right? Same overall idea with any marketplace or any platform and same thing with Macari. Right? So you want to give by by giving s CEO and CIO is just search engine optimization For those of you that don't know by giving a McCurry the most potential valuable information and indexing your item properly, it's going to do two things, right. It's gonna increase your search visibility, because if somebody comes in searches for hooded sweatshirt, you're gonna have more potential to show up for that, as opposed to other listings that don't do. There s e o very well. You're gonna have more visibility and search. You're also gonna have more suggested visibility because you're going to give him a car, EEM or information to then suggest this item to people that it already knows arm or inclined to buy that right. And that's how S CEO works. It works. Twofold, right? Not just search. It works twofold search and suggested so to implement this right here's an example of a product I literally bought on Amazon a few days ago that I just listen on macari. Same overall business model that I'm teaching. You guys do, right? And I listened a little bit high strike and slowly drop the price down. So what I would want to do is I don't want to save all these pictures, right? And then I'm gonna take them in here. But I don't just want to save this. And I have to actually sniff this picture out. Some of these you have to snip and other ones. You can just click, right, click and save. But this one, it doesn't look like you're gonna do that. So I think my Snip two on PC And I'm just gonna sniff out the picture it. And then what? I save this picture, this picture as right. So I just save it as one? No, no, I just saved us Hoody. No, I want to save this with the most S e o doubt potential pep picture possible, because the more times I upload a picture that's named women's casual hoody Long sleeve sweatshirt, crew, neck drawstring, hooded, pull over is going to give it it more s a bill s yo and visibility on the platform because you're saving your picture and you're increasing the pictures metadata to index for those keywords. Okay, so that's a lot. If you don't understand it, just rewind like a minute and replay it. So put simply, you always want to save your pictures as keywords. Right? So what? I want to save this as well. Maybe I save it as women's casual hoody. A long sleeve right amount to saving this as one. I'm not just saving this as hoody. I'm not just saving Mrs Sweatshirt. I'm saving. This is women's casual hoody Long sleeve sweatshirt, sweatshirt. Um, Drawstring, who did pull over top. Right? And I say that as one. And the next thing I come to picture too, and I save it literally is the same exact thing. Save it as the same exact thing. And you see, I've literally did this with the same pattern right here. So I'm not just telling you that I do this. I'm saving it the same exact thing. But now I'm saving it as too. So then when I go and I upload this the listing, I know exactly where I'm coming from it. And all this pictures metadata is saved when I upload it. Right. So my car is not just getting information. They're not just getting information of the pictures and what's in the listing. They're getting the metadata in the pictures that says what is in this picture that allows them to increase the search visibility for what it actually is and also allows them to increase their suggested, you know, a target. The more people that are more inclined to potentially buy this hooded sweatshirt drawstring , hooded, pull over. Okay, so make sure using all of that. Another thing that you want to do right is you want to use all your potential description. So if you have 1000 characters, make sure you use up to as close to 1000 characters as you potentially can. And a lot of Amazon listings air like over 1000 characters. So you can literally just copy and paste the description and bring it over and make sure it looks streamline. Okay, use everything. So to go back into this to show you what I did, I think I used practically as much as I could for this listing, so I took everything out of it. So 765 characters I used the title almost. I used all the pictures. I, um I don't think I could find a brand name because it was a private label product. But if there is a brand you want to put that in there, it's gonna help index it. I have three key three key words here in Hashtags. I categorize it as a hooded sweatshirt, and I gave them all the potential metadata and all the potential s CEO that I could potentially dio. Too often I see people and this is, you know, the same. A posh market Mark Arias well is they'll buy something that will try to sell it, but they don't. They write like a sentence in their description, or they don't bother to fill out the keywords or the Hashtags. And it's like, Why would you not do that? Give them all the potential S CEO now so that slowly, over time as it sits there, you'll have more eyes and potential views on that, which means more potential sales 10. Mercari Wrap Up & Project: Alright, guys. So I really hope that you enjoyed the core slot. A great value in there on how to basically improve your overall mark are restoring how to make more sales on the actual e commerce platform. Right? So I want to leave you with a good project and this is something that I don't just tell you to do. It's something that I practice. What I preach when I do this right here is a perfect example of it. Before I tell you what your project ISS So there's something I've listed today for 30 bucks . It was it was a tote that I got on a cash back website for free. I listed for 30 and three people liked it. So what did I do? I made an offer, right? I promoted to my Lakers like I talked about in the course for 18 bucks And wouldn't you know it? Boom. Somebody bought in 19 minutes ago. I think I made that offer on promoted to my Lakers like 1/2 hour ago. So up in the first day, I enlisted a little bit higher at usually retails on Amazon for about 20 bucks. I listed at 30 right? Promoted to my Lakers, who RV obviously came on and, like the last thing ended up selling it for two bucks under retail. But I made 100% profit because obviously got on a cash back websites. So that is the power of promoting to your Lakers enlisting higher one. Just one of the tips that we've covered in this macari course. So your project, if you're brand new to Macari, is to obviously start wasting items higher, higher, higher. I won't hit that home higher than their normal retail. That right that will give you the ability to them promotes Lakers, which is your actual projects. So list higher than promote to the people and the Lakers that accumulate on your listing. Okay, Now, if you're not new, macari and you already have a McCurry store in our macari closet, right? What I want you to do is I want to I want you to change a lot of your prices or even realist them higher than the retail value and also then start promoting to your Lakers. It will make massive a massive difference in your closet and your ability to sell on the platform if you approach it with this strategy. But this is your test. This is your project. Go out, Test it, then let me know how it works for you.