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Tips for the Beginner Motorcycle Rider

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5 Lessons (23m) View My Notes
    • 1. How to Choose a Motorcycle Helmet

    • 2. Riding Gear for the Beginner Motorcycle Rider

    • 3. How to Choose a Motorcycle for the Beginner Rider

    • 4. Caring For Your Motorcycle

    • 5. Packing a bag for Riding a Motorcycle


About This Class

Welcome to our course to help you navigate learning to ride.

Working with Harley-Davidson Australia as their Harley-Davidson University Training
Manager for the past four years has helped me gather some great tips for introducing
individuals to the freedom of riding.

It may feel like an overwhelming experience walking into a motorcycle dealership, so we
hope this course can help you get closer to the freedom of being on two wheels.

Of course learning to ride encompasses many things (especially the riding a bike part), however the little things we have covered in this course are just to get you thinking about some of the non riding elements that perhaps you haven't thought about. 

Happy and safe riding! 


1. How to Choose a Motorcycle Helmet: Hi, I'm a Leni and Alex has been running whole, and I've been running for two. And one of the daunting part of learning to ride is choosing your very first motorcycle helmet. He has a variety. What's the number one TV would give someone when it comes to choosing the very first? So the number one chip is to try on as many home. It's as you can as many different styles type spits just to make sure you find the one that's right. It feels comfortable that you enjoy wearing weighed by losses. Where's have you made that mistake when buying a helmet or not trying to up to open? I have got a helmet and I've loved defeat. I've loved style. I would it, I've taken it to buy, and I tried to can my glasses just feet. Now that's really important is if you are choosing and open, so I could face means that the faces so you don't have a buys, you don't have you. We're definitely going to waste some sort of glasses with an open face. Whether that sunglasses will saying glasses, just three losses, just protection. So you want to make sure when you're trying on base, you definitely have some sort of. I were on to say that they can actually friend mean it'll comfortable. I've been faced all hell Motaba. A keen strap They do So that is how you fix the helmet to your hit, and we'll come close to that to show you how to do that. When doing up a motorcycle helmet, you have the strap under your chin. Take this section and put it through both clips. Then bring it back through just one. And at this stage is where you tighten it under your chin. So it's comfortable but firm and then clicking into place. I've been nothing in front of the face. Why is it can be added at a later time, but completely open, and it's part of free feeling. Often when you see older Barca movies, I've been faces. When you say the movies where someone's doing get away. It is always full day. What's the difference? Sorry. The difference between a full face and face is pretty much what its hold Your face is fully in place. Say you have advised that opens closes, protects you from son from bugs from right, Gus from Winch. And then you have cheap protection. And some of them have been Mrs well done by Aaron. Yes, you can let in an ad for winter, and that's something to take into consideration some people on days, a little bit too engulfing and want freedom of advice was other people feel more comfortable and safe? That boy's feelings, that's a really important thing. So when you're trying on a new it, try it on for more than 30 seconds, walk around the store and say you failed. They're not all the rather you can also get biases that yes, you get t advises to help with and change. Yes. So when you're doing those get away. This is open. No, no open base. This is a different style of full face. It'll be more astronaut very, very sixties. But the good thing about this is that if you find the traditional cold place feels between place front, so it doesn't come to see you here in a big old space. There are lots of different kinds of helmets with the data, So why you should exactly if that feels too much doesn't mean you don't pull that particular stall. Awful places. Definitely. These monkeys. Really Very Emily. Yes. What do you use? I started off with a full face helmet, but I have seen tracing a modular helmet. So this is one of the styles of Matula there. So many there are. So this one. I like best ability of it. It looks like it's and then you can unclip it so it becomes. So if you're feeling a little bit hot or you just didn't feel like wearing it, you could just take that part off and then you got my face, but still with Yes. Still that protection. So I'm any different ones. The way to stop overwhelmed. I think sometimes it's overwhelming when you just walk in and stop staring at all of them. So good way is to say, I want to try on Justin open face and try on different open face. And they try on different styles from the modular trying. What? What stall you like, then? Yeah. Choose the variety. It's tricking you blindfolded one. I've got about three so far in my collection. Just going? Yes, I try to hold on and let us know how you go in any questions that you have that we'd love to answer and safe running 2. Riding Gear for the Beginner Motorcycle Rider: I family tonight, we're gonna go through what essential riding you need before getting on your body legally required to wear a helmet. And it's arguably one of the most important cases riding here that you're going with. This is my helmet, and it's a full thanks. Remaining has a visor to protect its face against the wind, and it has a place on the neck chin. There's a little to other styles of the first woman, such as the common, which doesn't have a vise, actually faces more exposed. Or, if you're looking for the best, you can also get a modular helmet, which is a just the two main types of fighting mish live. Traditionally, when you think of a motorcycle jacket, you think of level. They are an investment, so you want to make sure that they fit right, so they're not too tired, but they're not hanging off. Most riding jacket will have little sections in them that make them a little bit more comfy for you, such as these clips K or the arms. Now they are warm, which means a great winter. But you also have the option to opening up these events for those warmer months. The second option is a mess jacket, which is made of a synthetic five up so is vague and friendly. The good thing about Meesh is it's not as wholeness letter, so in the warmer months, it could be a more practical options. Some jackets also haven't inside lining, which could be removed. Sorry, am I saying is, I'm only a learner, so I've only invested in one jacket so thought. But if you like Alex and you've been writing for years, you may want to invest in one for each season in the league. What's the difference between a pair of running James and just normal? So the 90 differences riding James have a protective leg inside, just really important, Especially when you so inside they wouldn't have kept blob just really popular in a lot of birth. So that's that's so they're a little bit of fashion, but also and most importantly, so you're running them so that you stay safe. But they also James Day. Yeah, this is like an everyday dream, so you wouldn't know looking at them coming. Women's men's sex, all different styles on the highways wants to be a little bit better when you're writing because I don't write down Just really get that. No, it definitely gets you back. Having that extra support writes nice. You want to make sure that they get that unlike normal fashion game where they tied it, doesn't you? Comfortably days you're gonna really struggle to be comfortable. And you just so I'm running my pills. So only one glove you've been writing that I have you got any tips for people get with running gloves? They fabulous because I could be warm in winter when you notice that the most surprising and summer they stop getting sunburn. So even though you don't think of protection in Hama fabulous for sunburn on your hands, which is why you don't want the gloves that have the little Yes, because then you get that little Yes, And when you get cold enough now, when trying on gloves what you want to make sure that they still beat when your fingers So you want the nice outside today? I think I'm extra yet so they speak. But see how there's a lot of gaps you want me was Are you a little bit longer? Fingers may so you want to be able to group, Yeah, but not happen to be today's air a little bit too big on May. And, of course, I've got the padding day. So they great comfort and protection and not something in summer. So you find inside trying to try on some different. I know I'm an extra small doesn't mean a lot different styles. Wife signs always want to try on, but definitely trying them on and Ben fingers and make sure that they feel comfortable when you're riding how it is wearing a normal leather jacket that's not made right. That is a few issues with this. Firstly, there's no protective lining on the inside of it, as they say. Secondly, when she puts her arms out as if she's gonna ride, it's too short, which doesn't offer that protection. If you look at the back of the jacket, firstly, it's too tight across the shoulders, which is gonna be uncomfortable when riding. It's not adjustable on the side, and there's no events to open up. If she gets too far now, how much is wearing a proper riding? That's what you put your hands on the handlebars. It's long enough. So if he's not trying just really important, it's pick up. So it's more protective on the material that it tonight is gonna be good in the right along . Other weather conditions. The main reason you wanna, whether it's a riding, it's a comfort, durability and protection around your now you're ready to go riding. 3. How to Choose a Motorcycle for the Beginner Rider: Hi, I'm Alex. And today I'm going to share with you for tips for choosing the motorcycle. That's right for you. I like climate to relied on a straight 100. So I know that this is a comfortable by May, which is why we're using it today. If I waas Teoh, stop from scratch and that comfortable and just feel good dry, what do I look? So we're gonna get through four tips on how to find the motorcycle. You first. We're gonna start with getting on and off. So you want to approach the bike from the left hand side and swing your right like exhaust . So once you swing your by your like, straighten up by and you make sure that your feet foot booth the other foot flat on the ground as much as possible because the flatter they are more secure. Your feels. When you stop at traffic lights or in traffic, you'll feel much more. Some writers have just yes, so usually that riders who are a little bit more experienced and they are comfortable and familiar with white of the major sake. But we, as a loner, comfortable when you can buy on the ground. Exactly. You feel safe. I have. My foot on the ground is everything else I need to worry about when it comes to bait. So the next thing we're going to do is put your foot up onto the pain so you show Hey, hey. So the pain is what you use for riding. So the front of the page, you'll say, That's the back break and up the top. Here you'll have front brake. So with the pigs, when you got your foot up there, you want to make sure that it's comfortable and there are different your pics around. Yeah, yeah, So with these pigs, they need mounted picks, so they usually under short legs. And so my legs are controls. I prefer my legs to feel a little bit straighter when I'm writing on sports backs. You'll say that have re mansion pace and you will have a little bit more it. We've got a passenger and a little so stating position is really important on a motorcycle , especially when you're trying to find out some safe. It's possible because you just feel like, yeah, that feels a little I don't like like you know what I'm doing more, see, but that I would recommend going trying as many, just sitting on lots of different ones and finding what feels right. Yeah, time, while sometimes quite narrow. So you just want to see it and see what they say. So we take a bite straight. You want to make sure that you've got a little bit of benj in your arms like when you're writing? So you're comfortable. You've got some movement. So you feeling control one day away that year? Or to forge because you won't be able to control and just want to say it completely. So again, age different motorcycle will have different handle bus and you could also change Handle bus as you want. So again, with everything tries, it feels comfortable. So we got on the bike checked out state. Now we're gonna get off. So getting off the bike is the reverse. If you put it left onto the side, stand rightly comes So you will exhaust jump to help you choose 4. Caring For Your Motorcycle: Hi, Lenny. And today we're talking about washing your motorcycle or day spa. Goodbye. I like this is your boy. And if it's a moment of trade, how often did you know as often election, Any damage it has made? I'll show you a few places. Where? Oration. No. What are the main raises? Washington by 20 teenage Washington. Yeah. Sorry. One of the main raises visibility. So they dont right, especially dark colors. And then you also want to make possible for you to be able to say and to be able to see you after that, you also need to wash it just and grime aesthetically. But also, it takes any looking really nice and then bugs. So what I didn't realize is when you have bugs on your bike facility and that can eight into the metal on yet it's something I think about when you drive a car. What do you mean, Dogs? Yes. You're going Teoh little creatures, I think. Yeah, I'm sticking, sticking and they visibility keep. It will be beautiful. Is that a legacy? It is. So let it does require extra magnets as well. You don't want it sitting out in the Sun King can also absorb what a little bit when it rains So you want to make sure that you take really good care We've got to when you when you're washing your 90 seems really silly question But if you don't know I think what you want is down Yes, they're sending back that you otherwise close it down pretty much We have a look at your Kuroda way Dio what is said to be playing with just a bike wash I regime it could be as simple is a con which is just wash it rinses way to go and then you get completely day tile This little you can go as crazy as you would just like to buy the best products you can wax do also it's things Otherwise you just give it really basic wish like here You know my is a matte finish Said this with denim pain, especially for that kind of finish. Just keep that exactly We found some very interesting So you can go if you want, shall we see like beets when riding you gonna get a lot of bugs eating you on They hate you buy and I'm going to show you some of the damage that they can cause. So you can see here because I haven't washed my back on the cream. Lots of little rust spots. And these a Jew to the acidity in bugs, studying to ate away at the middle and of bringing about trust. Alex, is that bird poop? Yes. So this area here is where the boat who has landed change he the motorcycle? Because I didn't watch it off in time after looking at my bike that closely. It's pretty, Daddy. And I may be embarrassed, sir, I'm going to go wash my bike. 5. Packing a bag for Riding a Motorcycle: Hi. I'm a Leni. I'm Emily. And today way going to talk about something that comes up all the time. So your colon arise. But one of the things when you lunch ride, ease. I usually drive, and I take a handbag and I take a laptop to work. One of the barriers is I can't write workers. I can't feel anything. What are the options and what do you use so you can get settled bags. We just touch to the motorcycle, which is great if you have a hand, that little bag thinking whole lady s. So it's a big compartment that going into the side of the bike, I coming, like of soft leather or plastic old, different types and you can look them up, which is really good, because if you walk away from you, it's not going to stop. Still like a So they just did on that on the back of the bar. Yes, some bikes come with them or otherwise you could buy them off the market. So a saddle listen like a blissful like ISS. Otherwise, I guess you know, quality back. Yeah. I find it's just easier to transfer everything from handbag. June my back when I'm writing. So if I wanted to Kate, uh, handbag. I could just put them into the saddlebags. Old bagpipe you wear on your back? Yes. Always. Right that settle back to okay and is very all right. So let's do the chest. Can you fit everything that I've got in this handbag in that back? Definitely. So it is probably the biggest one which doesnt feeding my when you're buying backpack. It's good. It's got little compartment. Everything in nicely and it doesn't look around. And the wait goes on the back. Yeah. Yes. Is there anything in particular? Were made when writing to take with us. Also, Always have your wallet. You need your I d. Obviously, license on, then. Just a bit of money from a special Anything like that. I always type my Bible. Five make plays, obviously on then military side tissues, some classes, anything that you carry in the handbag was talking about. You feed it more than I probably owe You got all of that so that you wear on your back? Yes, but we might go have a look at what a saddlebag looks like, cause I'm still picturing a horse. All those beautiful Christian. He'll settle bag back, which can come in like the old a hot. So here we have a settle back. Well, you have to do is open it up. Poppy bag. I was up. You ready to ride?