Tips and Tricks on Exam Preparation, Study and Performance | Dan David Amazona | Skillshare

Tips and Tricks on Exam Preparation, Study and Performance

Dan David Amazona, Mechanical Engineering Student

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12 Videos (1h 9m)
    • Introduction

    • Leading up to the Exam: Study environment

    • Leading up to the Exam: Studying the content

    • Leading up to the Exam: Lifestyle Habits

    • Right Before the Exam: The Night and Morning before the Exam

    • Right Before the Exam: the hours before the Exam

    • During the Exam: Examination Techniques Part 1

    • During the Exam: Examination Techniques Part 2

    • After the Exam: Returning to normality and preparing for future Exams

    • Bonus Exam Hacks

    • Class Project: Creating an Exam Strategy

    • Conclusion


About This Class


This class is about how to maximize exam performance, how to properly prepare for exams, how to perform at your best under exam conditions, techniques one can learn to perform well during exams, and the correct approaches during exam. Students will learn how to properly manage examination questions, how to prepare properly for an exam beforehand, and how to respond to the aftermath of the exam.

There are four main stages in exam preparation: Leading up to the exam, Right before the exam, During the exam, and after the exam.

I will go through each stage and all its aspects, and what to do during each stage to maximize your examination results!

Students will create their own exam strategy and compare it to their previous strategy for their class project. If they have never created their own examination strategy, this is a good opportunity to create a strategy they can use for themselves based on the concepts they will learn in the class.

This class is geared towards high school and college students who will undergo exams at some point in time. No prior examination experience is required, and no prior knowledge is required. Only a keen mind.





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Dan David Amazona

Mechanical Engineering Student

Hello ladies and gentlemen. I'm Dan David Amazona, and I'm currently a university student studying for a double degree in Applied Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering. My end goal in life is to be successful in my field, whatever field that may be within engineering, whether it is renewable energy, robotics, artificial intelligence, space travel, or any other related field. Throughout my journey I have discovered many skills that has helped me excel in whatever it is I do, whether it relate...

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