Tips & Tricks for Videoscribe Animation - Part II | Melissa Taylor | Skillshare

Tips & Tricks for Videoscribe Animation - Part II

Melissa Taylor, ✨Web & Graphic Designer 20+ Years✨

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4 Videos (13m)
    • Intro video

    • How to use Animated GIFs in your Scribe

    • Make Your Scribe Smaller With These Optimization Tricks

    • Export Your Scribe as an MP4 file


About This Class

This class will give you an overview on three different tips & tricks you can use your in Videoscribe Animation:

  • Using Animated GIFs in your scribe
  • Optimizing your scribe
  • Exporting as an MP4

I'll walk you thru how to use animated GIFs and give you a few options on how to create your own. You will also learn multiple techniques on how to reduce the file size of your scribe thru various optimization techniques. And lastly, exporting as an MP4 file is not something you can do natively within Videoscribe. Our tip will show you how to easily get an MP4 of your scribe!






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Melissa Taylor

✨Web & Graphic Designer 20+ Years✨

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