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Tips On How To Become More Productive, be Efficient Rather Than Busy, Jump Up

teacher avatar George Hadzic, SkillShare Little Helper

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Work enviroment

    • 3. Priorities

    • 4. Step by step

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About This Class

On your search for being more productive, you are likely to come across a wealth of information on different tools, techniques and tips to employ. Most of the time, it may seem like common sense; however, common sense is definitely not common practice and this is why many individuals struggle to increase their productivity. Most of what you will read will improve your results, but another contributing factor is that some of the suggestions just don’t seem to resonate with people or cannot be easily applied.

Following the simple rules can be beneficial to follow them easily. Meaning clear and up to the point is more easier to implement. 

In this class I am going to show you just that. Up to the point , clear and easy explanations.

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Meet Your Teacher

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George Hadzic

SkillShare Little Helper


Since I began to work both online and offline, I was interested in how to be productive more than just busy. More over when I had to managed a team of people then it become must rather than I might do it. Then I have specialized in professional training and improving peoples performance and efficiency.

As years go by I have perfected some of these methods and start to implement both my professional and private life. After that my life have dramatically changed, I am still learning and it will never stop but I want to share my knowledge.

As I am growing as a person I want to share this knowledge that I have collected with as many people as possible.

What I do want to do here is to have people said that i have changed their life to better.

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1. Introduction: Hello there, student and welcome to the personal productively course a simple, short introductory course on a personal productivity and personal efficiency To boost. By the end of this course, you will have the insight what you need to do in order to improve and boost your productivity to the top, to keep it short and simple that start immediately. Personal productivity, basically is the key indicator that allows you to differentiate for the busy and productive people for the successful and the unsuccessful people in the business and the personal life . Successful people not only perfected the efficiency but rather time management as well off course that will not go without any detailed planning before you start any work we will talk about later in this course. But basic rule is if you want some goal to be achieved, you have to plan detailed in front in other further to improve your personal strategic planning, set a deadline for important goals and stick to them. Deadlines not only force you to work harder and more efficiently as the deadline approaches , but a goal on assignment without the deadline is usually an exercise in futility. Simply, you have no motivation behind it, and it creates no compulsion for closure, so you will always have the excuse off not doing it. Every project and job requires an action plan, so there is always the most efficient way off doing it. To save an effort and your time, you must identify what is the project about and how can you efficiently deal with it prior to starting any project or a job attend to identify the serious off the key indicators that will allow you to jump from step to step to easily complete your job. So if you want the key indicator off being productive to apply to you, you simply must know your goals and know how to do them. You must know what your priorities are and planned them in head after that. You can simply put them on the paper in order to have your checklist and to do list. But before we continue on doing any job or attaining any project, we need to have our environment to be completely perfect and completely set up for the task ahead. If your desk is like this is a message place, there is a garbage are all around you there was garbage under need. There are tons of paper on the desk. There is every bit of distraction that you can ever find in your office and cetera etcetera and prevent that environment, that same environment that you're working in tow a completely other state. Remember what is on your desk simply reflect what is in your mind. If on your desk is a messy place, then your mind is is in a state off a mess also. So simply clean up your desk. Set yourself for the goal and the job ahead of you, and I will say it again. If your desk is clean and organized, your mind will be organized also, and you will have easier attempt to be focused on your job. What I also need to mansion is to put everything that you need for the job in front of you . Meaning put everything that you need on your desk now to be in reach of your arm so you don't have to jump up from your chair and stop doing what your job really is. Just simply put everything that you need on your desk before your job. Also speaking about the distractions we have a distractions all around us. Noises from a computer in our mind, etcetera, etcetera. We need to skip it and to cut it in the root simply. If there is a lot of distraction around you, you can start with your desk, simply clean it. If there is abstractions off a sound around, you just simply start focusing on your task ahead. And how are you going to efficiently completed in no tax? That will give you a good boost to does not to be distracted by all the sounds around, you know. Also, when possible, turn off your phone, instant Messager, pop pops, Twitter notifications and all other things that usually get your focus off that project and job. Learn to concentrate on one activity on Lee wanted time. Do not multitask. You're not built to multi task your built toe. Concentrate on one activity and to do it efficiently, productively and to get the job done. Now go ahead, start and implementing this in your everyday life, and in the next lecture, I'm going to talk about a time management that you need to apply 2. Work enviroment: up, up, up and onto this lecture. Widow If first deal with your most critical task first, it will be easier. Discover time for less important. Ask if you permit yourself to become side tracked on busy work or unimportant task. Odds are you will be able to get the things that really matter, and every project requires an action plan. So there is always the most efficient way to go. For a project to save effort and time, you must identify what is the project is about and follow through it on the most efficient way possible prior to start any job or any project that whole attempt to identify the key areas off. What could you do? Toe effortlessly accomplish that task? And, as I have said to you before, have a single purpose. Focus. Pick one thing and do that one thing and Onley that one thing better than anywhere else could ever could. This Onley attributes was set you apart on the average person. So while you're doing your job, go for a 45 to 60 minutes stops. If that is too little for you, then go to the 90 minutes tops. Then goto a break. Just stand up, stretch for a while. Stay hydrated, for God's sakes and walk. Just slight. Earliest antic. Whatever you want to go. Walk throughout the block. War throbbed. The office was every wanted to go and then go back after 10 minutes onto your desk or working area and then simply start working again. You will be more refreshed. You will be more physically and mentally prepared for the next task ahead of you and always have a to do list you go to do list for daily basis, weekly basis and monthly basis. Put that piece of paper right next to your eyesight so that you can always be remembered by it. What jobs are needs to be done. Oh, and please, If you're cramming too much into your schedule, you'll always feel frustrated and rushed. And ultimately you will not get much accomplished at them. To be realistic about your tasks and concerning on how many things are scheduled into your day and once accomplished, you will feel much better than have a 10,000 things to do for a single day. 3. Priorities: more you invest in planning and getting your priorities right, Right before you start, you will do more important things, and quickly you will finish it after you started. The more important and pressures the task is, the more you will be motivated to stop off delaying and to go for an action. The method that we're going to use this call a BCD is the greatest technique for deciding your priorities that you can apply it every day. It is so simple and effective that when you're going to do it every time, you're going to become the most efficient and the most capable person that you know. The strength of this technique is in its simplicity and very easy to do. Grab a piece of paper, put your thoughts on it. Then, after that, mark every single thing on that list with eight b, C, D or E. Before you start to do your first task, the things that you put under the letter A is the things off the highest importance. You must do that first, or you'll be encounter with serious consequences. The task that is marked with the letter A is really necessary to do if there are more obligations that is classified under the letter A then set their priorities as that you'll market with a one a two a free etcetera. The next tasks under the letter B are defined as a task that you should do it. However, its consequences are not as severe as under the letter. A. Under this is checking your emails or answering some unimportant phone calls. The important rule here is that you mustn't do the B task before you have finished the A task. The task under the letter C is it will be nice to do, but there is no consequences. If you don't do it, it will be phone a friend goto a coffee goto Ah, dinner or lunch with your colleague after work hours and cetera. This activities undersea is not influencing your job under the the letter is defined that you should do the task to somebody else under the D. Is that us that you should give it to somebody else? And under E is the task that you should completely eliminate it without any consequences whatsoever on your job and on your life to be effective with this, A B C D E method is to discipline yourself to without postponing you. Throw yourself into the A one task, and you do not leave it until it's done completely. Use your strength off will begin and finish the job that is most important that you got. Do it until it's finally completed. When you get the habits to focus on your most important, a one activity, you're going to do more job in the last time. 4. Step by step: one of the techniques that you can apply in orderto overcome the biggest task, and to reduce it on small pieces is to do it step by step. Using this method, you're going to separate it, toe a small bit of pieces, and then you're going to decide to do just one. It's peace, almost like when you're reading psychological, you will figure it out. That is more easier for you to do smaller, bit off big project than to do it as a whole at once. When you do one piece of work, often you're be hungry to do even more. So you're going to find yourself doing piece by piece in very fast manner and very efficient way because as you are going to continue like this, you're going to be more eager to finish it. And the bigger and the more complicated task is, you're goingto be feeling better and more exciting. You're going to have more personal strength and energy. Second technique that you can use in orderto push yourself to begin is the method Call hit and rest. This technique you can use in orderto finally push yourself to begin some task. How is this working your start doing it, and then it could be for a while, 5 to 10 minutes, and then you're going to stop and do something else. You're going to take a small bit of bite in this task, and then you're going to rest or you're going to do something else. The strength in this method is almost as the 1st 1 But before you start to do, you're going tohave Ah, feeling that you're achieving something. Your energy and excitement is growing your feeling, inner motivation, and you're more eager to do until you're finished the job. So put this techniques into action. When you have some big project that you need to do, try to experiment with those two techniques and you will see what suits you best.