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Tips & Hacks For Faster Editing in Adobe Premiere

teacher avatar Alan Ayoubi, Motion Graphic Designer and Photographer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Footage Organizing & Rough Cut Hacks


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      Editing Hacks


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      Render & Playback Hacks


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About This Class

In this class, we will cover more than 16 Hacks that will make your editing experience 5X times faster. 

These hacks will help you to have faster organizing of the footage, faster rough-cut process, faster editing, and faster playback and render.

Hope these hacks make your life easier :)  

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alan Ayoubi

Motion Graphic Designer and Photographer


Hi, I am Alan a motion graphic designer and a photographer with  11 years of experience. I have worked for many international Organizations and TV stations. During my work, I have learnt a lot from my mistakes and experiences.

Today I have more than 100K followers online, who learn from my online teaching and use my products in their creative project.

Here in Skillshare, I am going to share my knowledge with you. I will teach you from the basic level to professional.


Enjoy every course, watch carefully and please always contact me I am happy to help you in person.

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1. Intorduction: Hi one. Um, Alan, I'm wishing graphic designer and photographer for almost 10 years. One of the tools that I use a lot in my work is Adobe Premiere. I use it in my graphic videos to do my YouTube videos, and also, I did a lot of video projects for my clients during my work. I find out that there is one thing that has a huge impact on the anything expands on that. One thing is the time you spend on anything each project. Because of that, I made a lot of visit on this. During my job. I learned a lot off tips, tricks and hacks that made my anything process much faster and take my anything experience to the next level. So in this cursed I'm going to show you all of them. These tips, tricks and hacks will take your ending experience to the next level. So I divided this car. See 23 parts in the first parts were going toe cover the tips, tricks and tools that will help you organize your footage faster and made the rough cutting process smoother. The second part will be above editing things that you do in your time line. These tears, trace and hacks will help you edit your footage much faster. In the last part, we will cover some tips and tricks that will make the playback on Brender much faster before we start. This course is made for everyone, No matter ur starter or your probe. These tapes and traits will help you a lot in your forces. So let's together started the cars. 2. Footage Organizing & Rough Cut Hacks : Hi, everyone. Welcome back in this. Listen, you're going to cover tips and tricks that will help you organize your footage. Better on, make your rough cut process much faster and smoother. Miss together, Start with first. Okay, first step when you bring your footage inside Adobe Premiere. There are many ways that you can bring your footage inside Adobe Premiere. But one way that will make your work very easy is to arrange your files inside folders as you want them to be inside the premier, for example. Here I have a screen record. I have the Intron Altro on. I have proxies hair. Once I bring this folder inside, I will be premier. I will have this arrangement inside it just like this. Bring the whole folder here Now Our folder is here on All other foreigners are coming with it. My footage are arranged very nicely here. Here we have all the proxies we have the screener coast on. We have Paltrow and intro arranged as I want. I do need to arrange them now inside her, which is pain. So it's better always to arrange your footage in your computer and folders and then bring it into Adobe Premiere on You'll be good. Another thing that I do to arrange my footage is color quitting my footage. For example, I want to call record the screen, the court one color and the intra natural another car. I will select the's right click label and I will give this color and this one I will give another color blow on proxies. I won't give another color angle. When you bring this footage to your sequence, I will just bring this great sequence. As you can see, they are color. Put it now. I knew this footage is the intro or outro on. I will definitely know that this is a screen record. When you eat it your footage and you have a lot off stuff up together, you will know which part is what. Okay, this tip is about taking the part of the videos that you want. So what I was doing before I would double click on a video that I want. And then I will, uh, selected hair, the part that I want and bring it in my time. But now another thing that you can do is bring your footage the whole video that you want? Put it in one sequence. Create another sequence. Now we have to do a sequence. Put one above the other just like this. So now we have to sequence here open. Sorry. My screen is not very big here. But if you have a bigger screen, it'll be really easy for you. So I will go through the video. Always through the video. The part that I want. I will cut it. Example. I want this part and I'm going in to this sequence. And I will do this for all the footage that I have. All the views that I have. For example, I need another video. Sorry. Just trying my okay. Bring another video here. Check. What do you want from it? I'm bringing in this. And then you can simply close this sequence and dilated. Just like think. This stuff is also about the rough cut and taking the part of the video that you want. Okay. How does this work? You come here and go to free firm way. Have all these views free from viewers what they will do. Let me unlock this. So when you open this, it's free. You can bring all of the footage that you want together. For example, I will bring these two hair and these two here and now. I have arranged all my footage. I know these are like the interim outer on this degree shows proxies and this are the screen records on sequence together. So this will help you to arrange your foot is better. And you will always know where to go when you want something. Another tip that will help you with the rough cut on cutting the part of the video that you want is bring your footage inside the sequence. Just mute this because of the sound and cut the part that you want. Example. I want this part and put it in another truck above truck like this. This one. You want this part? They wanted this part. Tell here, I'll put it here. Now. I will select all the footage inside this truck and report late. Now we only have the parts that we selected that we put in the upper sequence. Okay, guys, this is the end of this. Listen, hope you learn something new. I'll soon the next listen and we will be covering the tips that you need in the sequence when you're editing your videos 3. Editing Hacks : Hi, everyone. Welcome back in this. Listen, we're covered. Tips and tricks that you can use in the timeline in your sequins when you're getting your videos. Okay, guys. So the first step that you are going to talk about in this listen is using the master clip to affect your footage. For example, we have a long footage. You cut it and you edit your video, you move things around, and now you have to color correct them, for example. I will bring their limited color to this. I would do this before, Like before I know this trick. I would hate it. This one, for example. I'm going to color correct this exposure Now. I entered this part. I'm going to copy the effect. This was I was going to do, like before and paste on h one. Imagine when you have a very long video, this only 30 minutes or 40 minutes. If you have a very long like 10 minutes lock or YouTube, video is going to be really hard. So with this tip, what you're going to do, you're going to use the master claim to color, correct or affect your footage. What I will do will go to the source file hair in the bin. The source project here is it. I will select it and I put the geometric color on it. Here. Just struck and drop on it. Now we have the effect on it. I can see it has a rich the line here indicator that it has the master effected how to edit that. Click on your footage and hair in the effect control. Go to the master hair. You can change everything on your footage. As you can see, a think that we add to the master clip has been added automatically to everything. All the please. So this is one of the tips that will save you a lot of time when you affect your foot ish. Something else that I used to hate it a lot off clips together in the sequence is that I use the adjustment layer How to do that? I go to the source project where my files, they're a right click and new items and then adjustment layer. Now I have adjustment in there. I'll bring it to my sequins and make it as long as my cliffs and hair on the cliff. I will asked my effect. I don't want to play with this. I'm using this just for example. I'm not doing any professional color grading. Ah. Anyway, as you can see now, the effect is ah, applied toe all the cleaves underneath it. And if you want, for example, if this part has some bright their places and you want to change, you can cut the adjustment layer and click on it and adjust that specific part. For example. Now this part is if you want to select all of these cliffs together what I was doing before , I would just do this and select them many times. I was not selecting all of the cliffs. For example, I would miss some off them because when you have a big project, you will have a lower off layers together, so you cannot always see all of them. So when I was doing this, sometimes I was missing. But with this tip, there is a shortcut for that. Chris A. You will have this, uh, Aiken and click, for example. I want to click every clip after this clip. Just click on it and it will select all of them now we or Prez vehicle and bring all of them together. You can see here. What if you want to slick clips in this side in the left side. Shift a Is it going to see now? The arrows side is in the left side. Now we can select everything in the left side and then president, and we can move it around just like this. This is a really useful tip when you want to move a bunch of sleep together. If I want to put another clip between these two clips what I was going to do, I was moving these and then bringing the video that I want between them and then bring them together again. I was doing this before, but there is a very nice shortcut that you can put a clip between this very easy without all this headache, What you're going to do? Just drag the claim that you want and Chris Kaman and put where you want. You want to be between these two? Just leave it there now. It's perfectly fit between these two clips. It's that easy. This tip is about cutting your video. So how do you cut your videos usually press see to bring the razor tool and cut it like this. But there is a very easy way that you can cut your video. It is by assigning hot key for cutting. So for me, for example, if I want to cut my video with the music, I will play it. Play my video And I have a hot key for that on the keyboard, which is K just like this. I will cut wherever you want without, Even if this toll is not selected, just press K and it will cut it. How can you assign your own hot key for the cut? Good to premiere and hair shortcut. This is how you can do it in a Mac. I don't know where is the shortcut for keyboard in the windows? Actually what you can find? I'm sure it's somewhere. I think he can control K or control all K. It will bring the shortcuts on windows and here you can go to the sequence in the sequins. You have this at it, it at that. It is where you cut your video. Now mine is K. You can assign any key that you want. Guys This is the end of this. Listen, hope you injuried and there is something new. I'll see you in the next. Listen there We will cover that tips and tricks that will make you play back and render fast and smooth. See you in the next listen. 4. Render & Playback Hacks : Hi, everyone. Welcome back in this. Listen, we're going to cover the tips and tricks that will help the playback and render time off your project very fast. So let's start the first tip that you are going to cover in this. Listen, is there when there was lotion, the playback resolution. If it is, sit for try to bring it down, toe one on two or one for this will make your rendering time very, very smooth and fast. But for sure it will drop down. There is lotion, but I'm sure you don't need the full resolution when you're editing, especially if you don't have Ah, very good computer. This will help you a lot when you're rendering will have a full quality video for sure. But, uh, when you are editing que will need to drop down the resolution. It will help you to have a smooth playback. When you're working with very big projects and long ones and you're using a lot of effects , it will automatically make you play back very slow. There's one thing that you can fix. This there is a dedicated but on hair that you can enable on this able effects with one click. This button is global effects. If you don't have it, press plus button and bring it here. Now we have it. Now, with one click, you can disable the effects. For example, I have lunatic are on this one. I will click on it and it will disable automatically This one I have learnt it. Now I disable it. When you're done with your editing, you can always enable your effects. And when they're you file out. There are some sittings in adobe premiere that will make render and playback very fast. Good to premiere on her friends General, this window will open for you now go toe to safe When Adobe Premiere automatically saved the project it doubly Kate the project and put it in a folder. This automatically makes your computer slow. And also Theodore B. Premier slow as well. So you have to get used to saving your projects regularly by control s or any shortcut that you have. So you don't need this automatic safe something else in this window. Go to media cash and lit and used one. This will make your computer lighter on Make your project fast. Go to memory and make sure that you have enough memory assigned for adobe applications. Now, nine gigabytes are for other application on seven gigabytes is for it to be premier. I will give more to every from you, and I will leave six gigabytes for other applications on 10 gigabytes for I don't be applications. Now I do it. Premier is using 10 gigabytes. This will make everything faster when you're working with beak resolution fires like four K and eight K and you don't have a good computer to play that there is a very smart option inside Adobe Premiere that will help you edit these files very smoothly. The playback and render will be very fast. The sitting is called proxies. So what proxies does, it creates another version Allure version off your original file and replace it in your sequence. With this, you will have a very smooth timeline, a very smooth playback. You can edit all your footage and other end when you're rendering your file, it will use the original file, the original four K file to render out your video. So, for example, this is a four K file and the playback is not very smooth. it's not what I want, But I'm going to do one of the way that you can create a proxy. You will go to your Ben, your service project, file hair and create a proxy proxy. Then create a proxy. And here you can choose the resolution that you want. The lower the resolution, the faster your timeline will be. Press okay. And the media encoder will open now. Media in quarter will, uh, convert your footage to a lower version and you replace it automatically with this one. Okay, Great. Now our file has been rendered out. There is one more step to do, so you can replace this original file with the proxy one. What you're going to do now. I have this Tuggle hair. This is toggle proxies. I have it here. But if you don't have a good two plus Putin and bring it here, Okay? No. And I click on it. I automatically exchange the original file with the prophecy. So now the render and also the playback is very fast. Now I can edit my video that affects anything that you want at it. Pr Blair. Oh, sorry. Okay. You can do anything with your footage when you are clicking on this taco when you're rendering, make sure that you click on this. It's not blue anymore. It automatically replace your original footage. And now you can rent their your original file, which is for kids. Okay, this is the end. Creating proxies is very nice. It's a very smart 5. End: Okay, guys, this is the hope You enjoyed this course and learn something new. Don't forget to follow me on schedule because there will be many other courses coming very soon on. Please share your feedbacks with me. I'll see you the next one.