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6 Videos (39m)
    • Introduction To Shapes & Lines

    • Part One - The Set Up

    • Part Two - Blocking In Shapes

    • Part Three - Shapes & Lines

    • Part Four Shapes & Lines

    • Part Five Shapes & Lines


About This Class

In this class you will discover some basic, easy to apply techniques that will help you create loose artwork. Once you understand how to apply shapes and lines to your subjects it will open up a world of possibilities.

In the class I will use a simple composition to demonstrate how to apply these techniques. I will also do a side-by-side comparison so you have a good visual.

Keep in mind this is just one simple technique - a tool for you to use when the opportunity presents itself.

Here Is my demonstration image:


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This was a great introduction to painting loose! The duo examples spoke volumes. It releases us from block painting and creates an illusion of shape, which our eye loves to view. Looking forward to more classes. I will try this exercise soon.
Engaging and great at opening up new possibilities and ideas
Inspiring demonstration and speech!
Rin Rin






Robert Joyner

Strive To Become An Artist - Not A Painter

Full time paintslinger from Richmond, Virginia specializing in acrylic & mixed media paintings. Best known for my signature loose brushwork and carefree approach to creating abstract style artwork.

Bragging Rights

  • Official Artist 2012 Kentucky Derby
  • Arlington Horse Race Track Chicago
  • National Pastime Baseball Museum
  • Art On Carnival Cruise Ships
  • 555 Fahrenheit Restaurants
  • Art on sitcom Modern Family
  • Artwork on sitcom The Odd Couple
  • Artwork in movie Tracers
  • 2013 Mixed Media Instructor Strathmore Papers
  • Shenton Valley Vineyards Wine Label
  • Art in Polo Resort – upscale hotel In Hong Kong


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