TinyLetter Guide: Set Up and Publish Your Email Newsletter for Free Within an Hour | Eric Brown | Skillshare

TinyLetter Guide: Set Up and Publish Your Email Newsletter for Free Within an Hour

Eric Brown, Looking at business from a different perspective

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11 Lessons (1h 2m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why Publish a Newsletter

    • 3. Why Use Tiny Letter

    • 4. Create Your Free Account

    • 5. Edit Your Profile

    • 6. Account Settings

    • 7. Add Subscribers

    • 8. Create Your Subscription Form

    • 9. More Subscribe Form Customization

    • 10. Add Images

    • 11. Send Your Newsletter


About This Class

Anyone can create and publish and email newsletter or ezine, even you! Contrary to what you may think it's not that complicated. And with a little guidance, you'll configure a free, easy to use newsletter service and have your first email sent out within an hour.

Email is the most frequently used online service and is the easiest way to develop a relationship with your audience, whether that's for business purposes or simply a outlet for creative expression or to share your ideas or expertise with the world. 

TinyLetter is an email newsletter service that's absolutely free to use and that combines the simplicity of your personal email provider (like Gmail) with the power of one of the largest email service providers in the world. There are no strings or catches and is completely free of ads. 

Watch this class through once to get an overview of the process. Then watch a second time with another browser window open and simply look over my shoulder and copy what I do, pausing the video when necessary. You simply "view and do" and by the time the class is finished your first newsletter will have been designed and delivered. 

To download additional resources for free, go to TinyLetter Guide. You may also want to check out TinyLetter Guide on Amazon to get the book that supplements and expands on this course.





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Eric Brown

Looking at business from a different perspective

A pioneer in online marketing, Eric Brown has been teaching businesses how to use the web to grow their business since pretty much the invention of the browser. He has a knack for taking high level marketing concepts and making them easy to understand and implement, even for small business owners that hate marketing. He does strategy consulting for small and medium sized businesses and takes an unorthodox approach to marketing. He is the author of the Amazon number one bestseller, 60 Clients ...

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