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TinkerCAD - The Complete Guide for Beginners.

Michael Freeman

TinkerCAD - The Complete Guide for Beginners.

Michael Freeman

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27 Lessons (2h 51m)
    • 1. 01 Introduction

    • 2. 02 Where to get TinkerCAD

    • 3. 03 Viewing your Model

    • 4. 04 Creating Basic Shapes 01

    • 5. 05 Creating Basic Shapes 02

    • 6. 06 Creating Basic Shapes 03

    • 7. 07 Creating Basic Shapes 04

    • 8. 08 Aligning Objects

    • 9. 09 Grouping Objects

    • 10. 10 Working with Holes 01

    • 11. 11 Working with Holes 02

    • 12. 12 Duplicating and Mirroring

    • 13. 13 Your First Model 01

    • 14. 14 Your First Model 02

    • 15. 15 More Basic Modelling 01

    • 16. 16 More Basic Modelling 02

    • 17. 17 More Basic Modelling 03

    • 18. 18 More Basic Modelling 04

    • 19. 19 More Basic Shapes

    • 20. 20 Extrusions

    • 21. 21 Revolve

    • 22. 22 Shape Generators 01

    • 23. 23 Shape Generators 02

    • 24. 24 Shape Generators 03

    • 25. 25 TinkerCAD Shapes

    • 26. 26 Using Images in 3D

    • 27. 27 Final Techniques and Wrapping Up

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About This Class

TinkerCAD is the perfect software to learn the basics of 3D modelling. The software allows you to create 3D models that can then be sent to a 3D printer or CNC machine to be made. If you are interested in learning how to create your own models to print on your 3D printer then TinkerCAD is the best place to start. It is fairly simple to use, allows you to create a wide range of objects and best of all, the software is completely FREE!.

It is important that you learn to model correctly from the start if you want to become a proficient creator and TinkerCAD gives you a great grounding in this area. By learning to create objects from basic shapes you are forced to use your imagination to edit these shapes into the parts you require. This skill is an important part of modelling that will stay with you as you progress on to more complex software.

TinkerCAD is also great for kids to learn as its simple and colourful interface make it fun to learn and create. After taking this course you will be able to teach your children to model a wide variety of objects limited only by their imagination.

In this course, we not only teach you how to use the software but let you follow along as we model some items such as a sign for a bedroom door or workshop and a toy train.

3D printing is fast becoming one of the easiest ways to create your own objects at home. It's becoming more and more popular every day and the ability to create objects yourself rather than relying on finding objects created by others will become a more important skill in the future.

If you have a 3D printer or CNC and would like to learn to create your own models rather than just relying on downloading others then this course and TinkerCAD is the perfect place to start. Even if you don't have a 3D printer but would like to learn to use this totally free software then you will find this course enjoyable and informative. You can always send your models out to be printed.

Meet Your Teacher

I have over 23 years experience as a Draughtsman & CAD Designer in a wide variety of disciplines. I started on a drawing board learning traditional drafting skills and witnessed the introduction of CAD softwarinto the industry. Originally starting on the very basic AutoCAD release 10 I have used every version of AutoCAD since as well as adding various other CAD software. This has given me a unique insight into how best to utilise these great tools in the real world environment. 

Over the course of my career I've trained countless people in the use of these tools and as most of this training was geared towards getting staff members up & running with this software as quickly as possible, I developed a method that gets my students actually creating drawings ... See full profile

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1. 01 Introduction: hi, guys, and welcome to this course in auto desk. Think a cat. So in this chapter, I just want to talk a bit about what the software actually is. For those of you have not seen it before. Andi, about the costs on what you'll can expect to learn. So first, what is thinking? Cap Auto Desk is arguably the leader in software design software for all sorts of industries, and over last couple of decades, Freedy is really taking over to D in terms of design software and how it's used. And more recently, we've seen it moving to the areas off free D printing CNC work that kind of thing. These prince and machines and fabrication machines, up until fairly recently, were huge, expensive industrial um, machines that would cost many thousands of dollars off bounds wherever you are and weren't really used by the home hobbyist user tended to be used in industry. The software to use them to use with them was very expensive. Also, I'm very complex on. Do you would tend to learn it over a long period is part of a longer training course, but where we are today, we see home free D printing machines and CNC machines available, and it's really taken off in the hobby place. So now you can actually design your own parts where it's apart. Fall. Maybe it's, Ah new not for your cook of it's broken or new part for your car. Or maybe it's a apart for a toy but broken or become lost, you could just redesign it and printed off. Maybe you want to. You've got a new invention that you've come up with and you want to prove it. Prove the idea. You can design a prototype yourself prince off at home, and then you can tweak it and keep printing it. You can put as many as you want to be a fraction of what it used to cost to send out those breath stops and have them done each time and wait for them to be delivered. It may be you just like messing around, printing things like, um, people, figures and ornaments and that kind of thing. Maybe that's what you're into. It could be anything relevant so many uses for free D printing these days, but what that meant was really there was a need for and easy to learn basic software, which could be used at home by the hobbyist grab and having to pay for thousands of pounds for the complex software with all the features that you'll never use a Zahabi user. So also, desk recognized that need and they acquired. I think a Cat, which has become kind of entry level Freedy design software. And it's great, I think, to be very is a lot of snobbery in the design world about various types of software and you'll you'll come across this, people say I only use invent if it's some kind of budge of honor. And if that's what you do in industry and you doing very complex bits and good on you, I use inventor. I love inventor Teach inventor. I've got cars on inventor. I love the software, but I also recognize that for the hobby user and people designing something simple, Tinker cut is great. It's it's really good on the best thing about think a cat. It's completely free. You can just go to the or to this website and download yourself a copy and get going. And not only is the software free, but there is all sorts of models. So as you can see if this is his aircraft, I believe the bell. I didn't design this. I got this from, um from his range of ready made models. She was also the command module from the moon landing. That means just freely available within the software is a model. Somewhere else is done. Okay. Now think cut is it's online based. So you don't install the software like you do with traditional cuts software. You just open it in your browser and you work on it in your browser. What that means is, if I go to the home page, you can see other people's designs and designs. You do. You can put on for other people to see. Now, don't worry. If you don't want you designed to be seen for whatever reason, you don't have to. You can make it non viewable in here if you are proud of what you've done and you think of the people might find it useful when you can share it and you can also see other people designs. So you condone. Bring these in. This will change so yours. This is just the latest designs as it looks today. So please, if you're screen looks completely different, it's going to do. The designs come in a play every single day elevates one's. So these hot rods so wants to amaze at the moment great designs. You consume a lot of work going into that, but this is a kind of thing. But Tinker got is capable of doing, he's It can do complex designs and really, like most cut software. It's limited by your imagination how you can achieve these items because, as with other software, it's It's all based on just basic shapes, blocks and curves and circles. And it's only by this person's imagination, really is made money to turn that into a design on Miss the Sky's the limit, Really? So please don't listen to the people whose who put down Tinker cut, saying it's always for Children are it's just very basic. It is. It does have its limits, but until you come up to those limits, just carry on using it. It's free. At the end of the day, I met the next to put from Tink. It would be something like Fusion Free 60 which is also free for abuse but a bit more advanced and gets closer to the inventor type professional software. But this course is all about thinking, Andi, we're going to go through and we're gonna learn the basics. First I'm in gradually going to get more and more advanced, and then you'll be you have all the tools you need to go away and really, it's just up to your imagination. Men, how far you take it. So join us in the next chapter and I'll show you how to get Tink cat and how to get up and running with it. 2. 02 Where to get TinkerCAD : Okay, So first things first. How do you get thinking, cap? What you need to do is you need to go to think a cat dot com Andi, the page has come up. It may or may not look like this. This is how it was when the cost was recorded. They may decide to change this image tomorrow. Who knows? But tinker cut dot com is where you want to pay, and you'll need to join and create an account. Okay, so it will ask you how you want to join. Um, for the purpose of this costs. This is if you're learning school, something like that. So create a personal account, OK? And it will ask you to create a autodesk account. So, um, how you could again, this is kind of to you. Well, you want to just create an email account or used Google? Um, I mean, go for this. I've already got account, so I don't need to do it but itself Fairly self explanatory. Just follow the options on. Um, I'm in. Do as it says, and you'll have your autodesk account when you have your account, but it will ask you how if you want to signing. So depending how you chose account where it was with Google with an email, Then you could click on that, and it will ask you to signing. So I have my count already. I'm going to look in on I'll see you when we looked in. Okay, So once you looked in, you'll be presented with this page, which is kind of your dashboard page, and you'll see your last few designs here. Um, on Did you have your profile? You can, obviously at a profile picture because it's online. You do have the usual things of profile settings. Andi. If you scroll down with some of the useful links, you may find interesting. Mizzi Tinker Cup tweets you'll see on here. So it's, um, useful information. You can go to gallery, which is where you see over people's designs, and you can go through their load. More designs was circuits if you into circuits for God, we know that kind of thing. Um, and you could go to the block with some very good Haskell's in here, which is to cut down block about various items again. Yours will be different because this was as it looked today. Um, there's all sorts of things, but people knew. So his extra tutorials haven't done by Tink. Cut themselves. You can click on line and marry some tutorials on here. Lessons and projects and that kind of thing. If you're a teacher, when you convince all sorts of resource is for teaching it in the classroom, you may or may not find use for that. Uh, and if you click back here, you'll go back to your dashboard. And again, this is why you have your very side. Seems you've already done. That's a tough spot. Okay, So in order to start a new design so we can get going, you just created create new design. So click come up and I'll see you in the next chapter. 3. 03 Viewing your Model: Okay, so we're in the main workspace now, Andi, I'll just go around if you don't. Any of my other costs is you'll know of a way I like to teach just just to get stuck in and get drawing. I really don't like causes that go try and explain every single button before you know what the software is supposed to be doing. So I'm gonna guess drawing as quick as possible, but I do need to show you some basic work flows here. Okay, So this blew grit. It's called our work play. This is where we will be placed in our objects. Best way to think of it. This is a tabletop. We're going to build something on the table. This is a tabletop. If we grab an object, it's gonna London the tabletop. Okay, That's the best way I can think of to describe. Now, I'm going to assume that you use in a normal mouse free, but a mouse with a wheel in the center if you don't. Ah, highly recommend pausing this course and getting one. However you can, because it will make your life much easier if you have that middle wheel. Okay? So I'm gonna show me on the left button, right, but a middle button on the wheel. And I just want to show you the basic navigation. If you hold down the left foot in a move, you'll see it draws a kind of rectangle, as it is just in this spate of no objects like the left button isn't gonna do much phrase of the moment. It will. It is I'm name. But, um, but at the moment, without any things like that, it's not really gonna do anything. If you hold down the middle button over wheels, you hold it down. Move mouse. You'll see you actually pun around the works review. Okay, so that's how you'll how your view objects if you hold on the right button a move, then you'll see you rotate. Okay on if you use your wheel. Um, well, it then you'll see you zooming out. Okay, So those that middle button on that right button hold in the middle. Holding the right on using your wheel is how you're gonna navigate this space. Okay, This is what you were doing all the time To see different views and different parts of your model, so you might just want to get used to doing that. But right, but in tow Look around wheel to zoom in and out. A man hold the wheel to plan around. Okay, so that's the basics off moving with your mouse. You also have this view cube here. Thank you. Kind of. See, if you were in, we've been putting around and rotating, so we've got a bit lopsided here. If you want to get back to us, a kind of I suppose you call a level view. You can just click on any of these faces here. So if you want a view from the front because you get a blue square in front If you clear up , that is all from view top view. We can click that arrow We now on top you If you want to view kind of looking down diagonally between the two, you can click on the edge and that's how you view it. You can also click on the corner to get up. You OK? We'll solve the home view, which is just fucked. So maybe you've got all you've got yourself a bit mixed up while you're all over place. You can always click home view, and you'll just go straight back to that. Okay. Fits on view. If you have lots of objects, eventually click on fit all and it will zoom. I'll show you that we actually got something. You can also zoom like this, but the middle wheel is fire easier. Okay, on we can have slut view perspective. Um, I'm going to demonstrate this when we've got some objects on there. Okay? Because without an object, it's hard to explain properly. What is? But that's the basics of moving around your view area. On the right hand side, we've got our basic shapes and these our our building blocks for all fraidy design. Okay, so if you think of it as Lego, these will be a Lego bricks. What you build hair is you're like a model which you would field using these bricks. Basic building blocks of your model. Okay. Believe it or not, just using these very basic shapes, you can come up with some very complex designs. Okay, Next we have worked. Plane will work plan. Is this blue area. Remember the tabletop we can use? We can use other work planes we'll do about later. Again. Let's just get going with something now, after you, Enough to get going. So let's do it. Andi in the next chapter will start building some actual shapes and geometry. 4. 04 Creating Basic Shapes 01: Okay, so let's stop building some models. We're going to move down this list pretty much through each one, just to show you the basics. Basic options you have for each of these standard bits of geometry. Here, um, so ignore these two for now, that will become or self explanatory very soon. So we'll click on box first, which is pretty much a simplest geometry. Various is just as it says a box. If you left, click on it once, when you gonna get this, Um, see through representation here and it's asking you where you want to put it, and this doesn't need to be. The final position is just get it on the work plan on the table top just to get going. So just left click. Once on there is and you'll see it comes in is red. If you want a different color, you can click here and you can change whatever color you want. It was kind of just look whatever color it thinks you might want. It's not really bottom. If you're gonna print it doesn't mean that circular is gonna print or anything that with the Bologna Freedy printer is just a visual thing, so I tend to leave it as it is, to be honest. But it's entirely up to you now is asking, Do you want to be a solid or a whole again? This is going to make sense soon. Let's just leave holes for a moment, and it's given you these basic options here. So the 1st 1 is radius and it's set to zero The radius. It's basically talk about the corners so you could see this has got sharp corners at the moment. And if you slide this ready when you could see you get the curved edges and corners, I'm a more you bring it up more smooth. That is, if you go all the way, it becomes a sphere. Okay, so if you just want slightly rounded corners and edges like a diet or something like that, you could select something there. But that's that's heart changes. The next one is steps. OK, I'll just put a curved edge on to demonstrate this. So Steps is basically if you zoom in and if we take up down, we can see knowing free d. One thing to remember on this goes right through all the free various freely software. However, complex computers don't really do curves very well because all objects tend to be done with straight lines. When you see curves what you're actually seeing, he's lots and lots of straight lines. Okay, on the more lines that make it look of a smoother, it will bay. So this curve the that's made up of two lines or free lines, actually, to make it look like a curve. And then, while you put this steps slide up small lines, it brings it. I'm a smoother it goes. But even it is highest setting. Concealable is still lots of straight lines, okay, and that is the same for all Pretty much. All freed a software. So that's one thing to remember. No, why wouldn't you just choose the maximum set in? Well, the higher it is were more lines you've got in your model. The more complex the model convey in terms of memory use, and things are it's no really in modern with modern computers is not as important important as it used to be. That used to be we would try and keep be the size of these files down because you computer would hang up on you. You won't be able to fit it on whatever wherever you're saving it. I kind of think these days it's not as much of an issue, but it is something to be aware off. Just that old curves in Freedy are made up in this way. Okay, So certain items and will behave a certain way based on that. And if you know that's what it's doing it it doesn't make things a lot more a lot more easy to understand. Okay, But for now, I just want to show you what this slider means. And it is just doing that is just taking up those steps and smoothing out those curves. Okay, because of these days, you may just want if you did want to rounded edge, I have it really rounded. You might just but spitalli up to you. You might want to actually look like that. So these are all tools to come up with the kind of model you're looking to create a box. A simple box is you could make a lot of things out of a simple box, but you do have to refine and one of the ways refundings too. Curvy edges off. Put these facets something. So these are all tools to come up with your final design. Okay, so that's what steps does. Length, width and height. Fairly self explanatory. Percent to 20 units of the moment. So we can change that. Okay, maybe you nervous eyes. So maybe you want it to be 80 by. Okay. So you maybe another size you can change. It may be, you know, the actual size. Most of the time he did you be modeling something, you know, the size off, so you might have a drawing, or you might actually measuring something. Transit Copy. It is easy if you do get things and actual size. So what you can do is you can actually click on this. So what you can do is you can actually click on that figure there, and you could just type it in. Maybe it's 30. Maybe the length is for two. Click on this one. But what if it's 50? I'm height is 10. And you know that these the size that does make it back to sharp edges. Okay, so maybe you have the dimensions and, you know, that's what it is. So you bring in and you change those dimensions 5. 05 Creating Basic Shapes 02: now, One thing to remember about this this box is the certainly these lengths on whips. This is the initial settings when you bring in. Okay, so when you first bring your boxing, if you know of any size is you put them in there. But what you can also do is you can just left click the object and you'll see you have these various icon say of these white squares, black squares, this cone, these arrows and these are old manipulation tools of these cannot be used to change the settings. So if we click on these blocks here, this is This is going you'll see a dimension comes up and if you actually left, click it. The damage will stay, and that is a 50. Okay, so that's this whipped here. Now, you can see at the moment it matches a which we put in What we can do it. Conclude this and we can change up to faulty. Okay, Now you might notice it doesn't actually change up here. And that's because these were the initial settings. Once you've set these, okay, if you can start to edit using new scripts, you don't want to be changing these anymore because you can. If I was to change this now, it would change it, but it wouldn't demonstrate files to change that to 40. Okay, What it will actually do is take it down because it's using its working on percentage. Now, you don't need to make it complicated. Okay, I'm gonna do that. But where I work is what I bring my initial shaping. I used the settings van. Now, forget about these settings in terms of a size, and I just manipulated using these. It's much easier that way. So if what change up to 50 is actually 50. Okay, maybe you want that one to be 20 and the height so high, that woman, maybe. Let's change up to 15 okay? And if you click on these corners, you'll get both dimensions come up. I'm left clicking all the time. Have this is old left clicking? Okay, when you can switch between the two years in your top k. Uh, so we also have his black cone here. What this will do if I left click that it will actually move it off of the work plane by this amount. So maybe I wanted it 10 minutes into the air. Okay. And something to say here, I'm using millimeters all these millimeters. Okay. And if you click on and it great down here, if you prefer to work in inches of from the U. S. When you can change, that's winches on. Everything will be in inches. I professor working millimeters. Okay, so that's how I That's how I have it set. If you want to be in inches and feel free, the same principles apply. You type in these mountains. So that moves off the work work. Flame the's here. These curved arrows. These allow you to rotate. Okay, So if you left, click the arrow and hold down the left foot and you'll see you get this kind of clock face . And as you move from else, you can go around the clock face. Now, the way this works. So if you left click on the arrow, hold down the left button, you could see my arrow is inside the clock face. Okay? It's not outside. It's inside. When you're inside, it will snap between these settings. Okay, So what this says is swim to 2.5 degree increments. Okay, because a lot of the time you will want to be rotating it 90 degrees, 45 degrees. And this makes it easier by keeping your arrow inside the clock size. If you move your outside and you can rotate whatever you want and you'll see it coming up here, Okay, you can also, if you let go of your button, just type it in. But very mind which ever way you want to go. You could put so 90 degrees over this side minus 90 with outside. Okay, so you can type in my Andi using a right, but cento we can move around, remember? Hold on. The right button will let you around. And we also have rotate on here as well, So each face has a rotate on. We have a rota. Uh, okay. So you can rotate in each direction if this axes this axes on this axes and that will allow you to move it any way you want. Okay. So you could see already this basic box, we've moved it and transformed it quite a bit. So just in this one box command, you have quite a bit off, um, design freedom in what you want to achieve 6. 06 Creating Basic Shapes 03: So I'm going to delete out now on the next one is cylinder. So again, just left click left click to drop it and you'll see this is pretty much the same. Besides works the same way as the curves did. It just makes them more. It just puts more geometry and mathematics smoother. Okay, Bevel. So you can put the beveled edge on there like that. Amends. Okay. And segments will make up beveled edge. So it could even be a 45 degree cut off. You had segments again. It will smooth it out. So it's all about smoothing out an ad in geometry, okay? And so you can turn a normal cylinder into the curve cylinder, and you can have anything in between. Okay, just put it out there and again. We have the same sorts of command. So it may be this if we just change one side, actually, then it will go into a kind of elliptical. She wanted both sides to change. You can click on the corner and change of both. And that will keep it as a curve. But you could have you could have different sizes for different sides. Have elliptical shape there again. Same as a cube. Clicking that here will change the height. You can move it off for work. Plane, new gun, rotate it, using snaps inside, I'll move outside. You can rotates it in that direction. Okay, so it's the same kind of editing commands of this geometry. And again, we've changed that. So no longer looks like a basic cylinder, Andi. Well, it looks more like a virus opus. Both something like this is how you make objects by taking basic geometry and EdisonInt Okay, so this fear good no only really has one option, which is a smoothing option. But again, you can change the size of this. You can put in dimensions. You can have it elliptical. You can rotate it, not that rotate atmosphere the circular do much same. Same thing. So we've been for a vote, Hopefully not to use these editing commands and rotate commands now, I'm not gonna do it for every single shape. We all work the same way. Scribble scribbles, bit different scruple allows you to, as it say's do a scribble them up might be something like a signature RL a piece of writing just a random shape, but basically left. Click it. And this is just an example Squiggle. So left Look a gang. And suddenly you're looking down from above and this is built like a paint software package . You just hold on the left button and you'll see you can use it Now, Um, this isn't it. Particularly brilliance could go, but you could just use it. Say hi. You can do shapes. It's a bit on, were there, But you can use its two shapes like that. Okay, And when you quit done, you'll see it turns out squiggling to a shape. I'm a new have the same editing commands to be able to move it around. Okay, so that squiggle has turned into a single shape again. It's nothing to really show off about Google, but hopefully the more artistic among you can come up with better squiggles on that 7. 07 Creating Basic Shapes 04: roof again. As it says. It's just this shape which you can move about as you wish edited. Resume any options on this one. It's just a case of dragging it around to get get the size you want. Don't similar thing. We do have some options here. So the top radius which talk radio, means the end here. How? How? Let me show you. So if we move this up, it's this distance. It is radius of his top circle. Okay, so if you wanted a point like a proper co new, tougher zero, if you wanted it the other way around when you can, we could go as big as you want. Really. And anything in between I'm in the base radius is the same, but for the bottom part, Okay, all right. It's pretty obvious. Sides again is a smooth in function. And again, you have all your editing options around roof again. Fairly self explanatory. It works just like this one, but you've got around roof on the top text now with text. Once you press the left button to put it on when you can type in Oops, it's on when you can, typing Whatever you want on, you can change two different forms. Okay, um, you can change the heights of the text. On this will be the height not traditionally tax high as in something that word, it will be the height. Remember, this is a shape, so it's not a text editor visitor shape. So it's actually the height of the shape. OK, bevel put but hides on there. It's a bevel command bubble will make. It has been like making making it bowl dispose and segments it won't really be effective in text again once you've done the basic command of just put it in the text where you weren't saying, change the fun. Just use these here to edit position about where any of these shapes if you just click on it anywhere and no on the grip, you can drug it. Okay, so once you got it in, just use these. It's weird how it looks okay. And you could freely pregnant. Now maybe you want to design for a room child's bedroom, something you could put the child's name in the I'm pretty often that you've got instant sign for the bedroom. Okay, So when we got wedge again is what it is. It's a witch. So I don't really need to go for all of these because it is pretty obvious what we do have a all creditable the same way. I'll show you the tourists, Um, because you can use it for tourists. You look at it and you think that's just a ring out. I've never used up for anything because you can add it so you can use it for lots of things and maybe like a wheel move like a tire. So that would be a tireless. Okay, but you can change the different radius. So anything from pipe, but a big, chunky tire could be done with a Taurus. And again, you've got all these normal commands there. Um, yeah. I don't really need to go through all of these. I don't think they all do the same way. So feel free to have a play around with him. I'm just mess about some basic ships. The main thing is, and you can do this with just normal boxes. Get used to these different editing blocks, OK, when you get used to them when you for the eyes, the main thing, like This is what you were doing. Overtime. You will you be clicking and you'll be dragging around these all day long. OK, so get used to using those. That's the main thing and then once used to using those applies to all these different objects, okay? 8. 08 Aligning Objects: Okay, so in this chapter, we're going to move on a little bit. Now, we're gonna look at using multiple objects so most models will be made using modern one of these basic shapes. Andi, I'm gonna show you the basic workflow to do that now. So I'm gonna bring in a box, and it doesn't matter about size. Feel free to change rates when you're following along. You don't have to do exactly as I do, but I'm going to also bring in cylinder. Okay, I'm gonna put up for the side. No. Let's just suppose we want this cylinder to be on top of this block, Okay? So let me just something double this open about 50 on always cylinder to sit on top of its face here. Okay, So what we can do is we can look at the height, our height for how to this block is 20. Okay, so we know we can move this cylinder up by a certain amount, So if we move up by 20 then we now know that the cylinder will sit on top of okay because it's 20 millimeters up on the block. The box is 20 millimeters high So is that the right level? But we want to position it accurately. We wanted in the center of this box in the center both that way on giving that direction. OK, so what we do, we use a command appear. And in order to use this a line command, we need to select both objects. Okay, so a couple of ways of doing that we can never hold down the left bone. Just draw a window over both of them and that selected him, and you can see it's a shapes to all. We can click one, hold down the shift button on the keyboard and click on it does the same thing. It's elects multiple objects. Why would you use one way rather than the of a? Well, If you have lots of objects in here, you might not be able to draw a window without selecting objects you don't want to select. So in that case, shift click would be easier, and you could do shift quickly. Could have male objects as you want, and if you if you have selected object by accident, just with shift held, click it again and it will de select it Okay, so we have both objects selected now, and what we went through is aligned them essentially. So if I go pay, we click on a lying command, and when we click, it will be Well, get these black circles various parts. It can look a bit confusing at first. It it's fairly simple. These all mean the same on every object. So So the dots in the middle, Maine's essential. Okay, so it will a life. You quit that it will align all the selected objects essentially in this along this line here, you could see we also have this slide here with essential dot I'm not will give us what we want by Slept in it. Essentially that in that direction. No way. Forward to slip, essentially in height. What would happen is no. What we were there would be centralized in all directions. Okay, so how long do not lost woman? I slept the line again. What? We can't What you can also do is select him. You slept this so we could have also selected this edge here. So that would have blind both objects along this part. Oh, we might alive them on this end here. Okay, Now, you know what? Just demonstrate the next one I'm going to I'm going to met this turn by 10. Okay? I slept. Slept a line again, so we can also select it toe Eva side off this block or in the middle. Okay, So we wanted Central Rapallo in much blame. Mayor, I'm central map labor, Okay? We don't want to do anything in height. It's okay. And height. We don't want it. Centralized of outside. Okay, It's fun. Is this so? So that is how you align objects. And you could do that with multiple objects. We could about us fair there as well. Okay, We slept them all the line. Oh, let's say that now. The spare actually disappeared because it's inside of a block. Something's going like this a bit smaller so we can align them there. Let me slow again. We could align them on that side, all sensual. Okay, so I give my certificate all centrally and in height is really it's good to look the same. Okay, so I mean height because of Marcus is saying you wouldn't believe her. Lyman. All to the top, all to the bottom on the middle we wanted. As it is, we want this one to sit on top, which is okay on, actually. Let me keep that there. Okay? It's of us a line. So you use a lot. It can take a bit of getting used to, um, things can move in different ways, but it is what I'm thinking more. Use it as you get your head into what's happening. It will become more self explanatory. But please do play around with the alliance command and get used to using it because that will be used a lot. 9. 09 Grouping Objects: Okay, so aligning objects foot. Imagine if you had a complex assembly and every time you moved an object even lead Kathleen lined, Um, every time you tried to move something, but all go out of alignment, it would be a bit of a nightmare, keeping them all in the right place. You don't want to be constantly been to go back and re align objects. So what do we do? Well, the way around that is to group objects together. Okay. And you could see at the moment these are free, different objects. We've got the box atmosphere on the cylinder. But if these were combined and these were actually one part of the same element in our model, then why do we need to keep them separate? Have been drawn separately because this has been created from a box shape this from a cylinder shape. But if is actually fits of one part manufactured in one piece of it is, there's no need to keep it separately. And we don't want to keep it separately, because we'd have to keep realigning it. So let me just get those realign centrally again, Okay? What we do is weaken slipped are objects even with a window or using the shift. Select. Okay, for just with the window. So we have free shapes. Let it on a pair. We have group. No. If we click group, you will see They've all turned the same color. And if I click any of these now you can see it slipped him the whole thing. Okay, Andi, If we now use our size grips, you can see the whole. It is basically turned into one object and weaken. Men edit this object in one piece, okay? And all our transformations well applied to the whole object. It's going do, is that it? Okay, so this is now one complete item and we can always on group it, but it that's how it waas it might be. We only wanted these two being a group. I'm not one of the spare to remain separate. Okay, that's fine. And we can change the color things like that. But you can see it makes it a lot easier. And as your modeling a complex piece, you will create these individual items a man. So let them on group and let them all become one object. Okay, so that's grouping again. Not something you use a lot. That's a basic process in modeling. Tinkered cut on It is something you can Ondo you can go back in and group. And it might be that even if it wasn't, you didn't want them to be one piece. You can just group things temporarily. If you wanted to move him. Are Lyman would go but generally would group things together that were going to remain together part of the same element off the final model. 10. 10 Working with Holes 01: Okay, so now we're gonna look a holes and putting holes through our objects. Okay? We have fees this box and signed up a major holds you could see because of a waiver shaded , and I kind of see free visa holes. Okay. So you could just use first. I'm going to just I just want to show you the difference here. I'm going to use a normal box which would commend turn into a hole just to show you the difference is OK, so? Well, what I want to do is I want to put a whole square hole. So I want this this box part, have a hole right through the middle. Okay, um, so I'm gonna one group about on and we've actually got another group inside a group. You can do that. You can group of a group inside a group in a bigger group. You could have as much as you want, so I'm gonna own group a whole lot. Okay? I'm just going to remind myself if he's 20 by 20 Okay, so I'm gonna make this one. I'm gonna make it. Let's go 15 by actually 16. I'm gonna make it 16 by 16. Remember? Link for this is 50. So it's meritless. 50. Okay, so what? I want to devices, actually gonna bay on a hole through the middle of a subject. I appreciate that Might know some very clear a moment it will all become clear as you watch . So I will take this on day shifts. Lettuce. I will go to a line on a Lyman, both centrally. Okay. On thought I'm gonna sweat all of them to keep him central alarm mammal century. Man, I'm going to let this but broke if a box and I'm gonna line bows essentially that way. OK, so Macon civis runs through the middle here. Um, I just to make it easy. It seems good change up to 55. Okay, a man. I'm going to select both boxes on going toe. Lyman down the end because I made it 55. This was protruding five millimeters just so I could see what's going on. So at the moment, we have two solid objects together. What we wanted was a hole through the middle. Well, this is how you go about creating holding Tinker. Cut. We now select the subject on we turn it into a hole. Okay, so what's don't much that's put a hole through. That's basically said this This object here is going to be cut out wherever is. Wherever you put it is going to cut out okay, to be to these dimensions, but it is not done it yet. I'm a reason. Facts. We need to group them in order for something to be a hole, you need to group it. Okay, so we select both again. We make it a group, and now you can see it's cuts. A hole out the middle like that hasn't cooked through the sphere. Why is that? Because it wasn't part of a group. Okay, If we make it better, the group now you still under it because it has to be The whole was already in a different group inside. If that makes sense, What we need to do is we need to go back and slept for sphere with the initial hole. So we have free shows. We have the whole box, the original box and less fear. And now when we group, But you can see we have a hole through mass, right? A lot of red color Okay, so now we have all that's left of us. Very. Is the sides really? Okay. Now imagine this you want. If you wanted to have you wanted to create a subject with these curved shapes on the side forever? Reason you might not think to do that, What you might have fought. How do a model that that's how you do it and you can see using simple geometry like spheres and holes on boxes. You can come up with things like this, I think. And now that what I'm going to do here is, I'm just gonna move it down. So it goes from the top. I'm gonna base a whole as well. And I'm going to group ago. So I have no idea what this would be. But you can see if you wanted to create this. That's how you go about it. If you were given the subject in your in your hand, you would look at and think how dog about my dilemmas. It's obviously box. But how would I get these? Kerpen is on the side. How would I get it hollowed out? And that's the way you kind of have to get your head into that way of thinking, breaking everything down into these simple shapes and working out how to build up from there, Okay? 11. 11 Working with Holes 02: but holes aren't just used to create what you would think of as a whole whole is usually in enclosed section fruin area. So this this is a circular hole. This is a square hole. But what if we wanted this to be a particular shape? Maybe we don't want it to be box. Maybe wanted slant to judge here. Well, how would we do that? There's no option here too, To create different lengths and different size and Dagnall parts off friend. Well, you have to use holes again so you could use something like this wedge shape here. Okay, we know this is 20 by 20 if we rotate it 90 degrees that way on the 90 degrees. That way a man klutz, a line res objects on my mind. Andi, a line of centrally. Okay, so we can now just this Maybe we just wanted that 15. Okay, Que We put the wedge that Like that. We commend. Maybe switch the whole by group. In the objects, you get cuts. So holes are used for shaping and cutting as well as for actual holes. The name hole is a bit misleading. Antic cat you need You need to think more as a cut. I think a better description would be a coat because it's a shaped cut rabbit hole. And using these, you can come up with some quite complex shapes. So I mean, you could use text, for instance. So what's smaller? Um, okay. And we could align this, uh uh , something like that. And you could make a whole and then group you could see you actually have cut out text cutout of an object. So just using those basic shapes on the holes in the solids, you can just take your object is complicated as you want. Really, Mrs. When I said it is down to your imagination, it really is. I'm a main skill. I would same Freedy People talk about beauty is always different software. But if it what I like about thinking cut is because it's quite basic in what it allows you to do with its basic command, it forces you to be creative, to make these kind of shapes and something like fusion inventor doing this would be a lot easier book because in thinking can you forced to do it? We've cooked some holes. It really does give you a good ground that I'm free d modeling and that would stay with you is if you moved on to more complex software, that modeling skill would stay with you. And that's why I like people to start with software like Tinker because it forces you to be creative and use your imagination to come up with ways to make the shapes. 12. 12 Duplicating and Mirroring: Okay. Welcome back. So I just have a couple more things to show you. Here. Um, let's bring in a which just a demonstrate this. We want something this No symmetrical. Okay, so do we. Have Ah, which supposing we want more than one object? We've manipulated this, and we might have changed the size of it. Um, maybe when I made it wider, something like that. Okay, we put it, put itself dimensions. I mean, we wanted a copy. We don't want tough to go through bringing their watch and creating it a game. So what wanted to just copy this one object? Well, we just grow a pair to duplicate. Okay, Click on June. Okay. And it won't look like anything's happened, but if we were to move up, you can see we now have. I never copy And suppose want to this to be a mirror version of Okay, but we have ah, America mound here, So consult the object slits mirror. And then you could see we have two options. Which side you want to mirror it? That side obvious isn't gonna make it look any different. This one if we swept it, you can see it's made it the mirror opposite. Okay, so if you wanted to mirror an object as it is, we can just go to duplicate now there's one on top of you, ever. I mean, we could go straight to mirror. So what? This I mean, we have two objects married. OK, so somewhere we might choose to do this if we go back to our objects here. If we wanted this slow pledged to be the same on this side as well. And one way to do that would be to group whole assembly. When we get our which hole back we combine duplicate up on a mirror it in this direction. Okay. Then we could slip this new marriage which slit now box allying it to this side. Uh, I'm just going to sweat, uh, text, so I'm just gonna move that in. Ok, um close. Let's put it that a man drop it down. Using Mr Cohn, you get down to the okay just to get out of the way of these cuts. So now what we can do is we could set the whole thing and weaken group that I'm there ago. So now we've duplicated that So what we've done is we've we've used duplicate a mirror to mirror that could geometry to the other side Ravin bringing into the wedge drawer again American man comes in handy live up. I'm a duplicate. I see a quick the demonstration again If we did a let's say a cone. Andi, I'm gonna quick quick kind of cup shape. Okay, so let's say we wanted to, uh this is outside of alco, which is OK. It's a Ralph from bringing another. Um, Cone. You can just duplicate that and click on the Jew plicating find you could just change height on. We'll bring him atop radius phallus. Quick on the outside will make its radius a round up. So it is just a 15 with based radius of 10 on. I would duplicate. We've moved up will. Now give that a top radius off 14 on and nothing. Okay. I mean, all we need to do is make that one a hole and groom exceed by. This is something you'll you you'll do a lot. You create the outside geometry and then duplicate up to create. I'm just changing bit to create the whole. So we actually used the geometry of the outside shape to for my whole, just by making it slightly smaller. I'm not as a much quicker workflow for bringing in of a code and positioned in the center in a line in the center and everything. So the best way to learn a software is to actually use it to create things. Um, it's all very well doing boxes and cylinders and things. Ice, please. It's You can get a bit boring. So the next few chapters we're gonna follow along work with me on will create actual items and some actual models using the commands we've learned so far. Okay, so I'll see you in the next chapter. 13. 13 Your First Model 01: Okay. Welcome back. So as I said, now we're going to look at doing some basically things that will just use the basic shapes . We've already looked up. Okay, there is more to learn in Tinker Cat. And we will be adding some well, what I often think cat. More advanced kind of modelling techniques later on. But I don't want to just show all the techniques first, because it can. Things can get bit overwhelming. So we've learned the basic shapes how to create cuts and holes and that kind of thing. Now, we'll use those techniques to do some models amenable after that will add unto it with some more advanced off. Okay, so let's create a new design. This first one's gonna be fairly simple. I'm gonna make a consign. So this might be a sign you haven't dulled. Maybe it's in your Garrod your workshop or anything you want. Maybe it's on a dog kennel. Could be anything. Okay, whatever you write on it, is it gonna be up to you. But we just make a simple sign here. Okay, So I'm going to stop with a cylinder shape through the middle. Andi, for this, I'm going to do not cut besides, about 50. Okay, Now a decent size. So I think will be Let's go with. All right, some updates from also dressed. So let's go with so 100 millimeters again. I'm working millimeters 1st 1 If you want to work in inches, you can change up. So I'm going to move this now. Now 200 millimeters. It shows here, but it takes up all of the work. Play. Okay, I'm just going to look at my settings here. No, I know my Freedy printer Prince 2 50 by 2 50 Okay. And again, you could judge out two inches if you want whatever works hours. But I know that my freely print as a to 50 by 2 50 bed So I can print or somewhere near that. So I'm going to update. You might want to change that to suit your freely print if you've got one. If you're just doing this to send to someone else or do a show, just change it. Same as may 2 50 just so you can follow along. I'm gonna met the height. Let's go. Let's try 100. I don't want this to be a circular and I want it to be kind of oval shape. OK, uh, I'm a depth. I only need to be. Let's go with five millimeters. There we go. Okay. Um actually, you know what? Let's make that 10 millimeters. Because, well, you'll see why I like him. So 10 millimeters. Okay, so just holding down the right foot. We can look around this If you don't like the color, you can change it. It is just a visual thing. It's not gonna is gonna print what ever color filament you have in your princess or if you're sending it out, whatever you ask it to pay. So this color is just how it looks on your screen. This might What we're doing here could also be used on a CNC. You could cook this out, so if you have a CNC machine or you want to send it out to someone with a CNC can do it that way again. All that is kind of hard to take Jack because you don't know what everyone's output is, what type of freely printers. So this is just about the design here. So we have this basic oval shape now what I want. It's for it to be five millimeters thick as itwas, but we've, ah kind of lip around it. So the way I'm going to do that is I'm going to copy it. So now we have to and I'm going to change the size of it. The left will probably be Let's go with free millimeters. That's why let's turn out. So that would mean it will be free millimeters all round. So we minus six millimeters. If you're not following along older, where you will see what I'm doing in a minute, I'm just thinking aloud. So lets go of name would knife. Aw, and 94. Okay, so now we have two cylinders, one inside the other. What? Someone to do the line V's. So the centers aligned. And now you can see what would it stop? Was creativeness ring around the outside? And when I looked at that, I mentions The difference is I want to this fitness here to be free millimeters. So by deducting free and free office legal six off the length of the outside when we got the inside, hopefully that makes sense. So now the inside would sometimes when you have winning side like we do now. It can be difficult to choose the correct one. So if you just want to choose one of them, what you can do is slip a whole lot. I mean, shift, select the outside. Want to de select. And now we just have this inside one selected here. Okay, so I need to change the height now, because I don't want I don't want to cut out the whole hole in the whole thing. A lot of the base to remain. So I'm going to make this five millimeters. Okay. What's actually happened now? Is it sitting on the bottom? I want to on the top. So again, I can slip on both shift select, unsightly outside piece. And now I've just got this inside piece here, okay? And I'm going to move it five millimeters Now, this piece it's sitting inside, actually selected us of this place is sitting inside. Okay? So again, we're slept. This if you haven't trouble slept in it, you can try clicking on the line of your jet. The outside edge that sometimes works. Is it there? If not, just do what I did before. Slept them all and select the outside. Okay, so now I want to make that a hole. I'm Ben. I'm going to join me. There we go. So you can see what's happened is we've ended up with this kind of dish, but okay, which is what I wanted. So I'll sign is gonna this kind of border around it. And now I'm going to have some text onto our son. Okay? On the text I'm going to make. So I want to move up. Now. If this text will sit in on this plane of its dish here, it would mean moving it up. Five millimeters. Okay, Sometimes we've certain printers and software. You could end up a bit of a a week joined because you Texas started exactly five millimeters on this plate. Finish five elevators. What I like to do just to be safe, you just give it a bit of overlap. So I'm gonna make four millimeters. So the base of this text it's sitting inside this dish. It just means it will be a solid pace. Okay, um, I'm gonna combine them anyway, so it may not be needed. I just like to do it. You can do that if you want, or you can try it without. I'm gonna make this text the height of it to be a woman does. It would have been fine. Really six. Now, because we're four millimeters, but from the base. So that means this the top of the text will be flush with this ring here. Okay? No, What? We want our text to say. Well, like that. Said it could be a child's room. It could be your Garrett. It could feed anything. I'm going to make this like you would a child's again. I think it is great to be with your kids. It's great to shake it. So I'm going to be making a nameplate for a child's room. This child is going to call Jake, Okay? Just cause it's my son's name. So let's make this a better font. Look, funds we've got I don't think about it. Come in a bit limited in terms of fonts, to say the least to about. Actually, I'm gonna make this a different chord. Just so it's done down. Okay, Andi, have a go. So you have a sign again. You can put anything you want on here, tax wise. You could make it say anything you want 14. 14 Your First Model 02: So now I'm gonna create a fixing hole. I'm gonna put whole It's up. I'm gonna hold. So let's go straight with the whole Senate. We know it's gonna be a hole. We could do a cylinder and turn it into a horse. I'm just like a strip of a hole here because we know. Okay, so put on that on, I'm going to make it. It's only eight millimeter hole. That's all we need is just a fixing hole. Um, okay, on. I'm going to slip both of these. I'm gonna line them. So central. No, but see, so this whole double check where it is it is going to avoid through okay? And I'm going to Well, might make it five mil five millimeters. Okay. And again, because we change it, we will need to realign it. Go. Andi, I'm just going to move it down. Actually, it's about it's still okay. So that's our fixing hole. I'm not gonna duplicate up, but I'm gonna Trump won. I'm gonna move it and you could see this is moving it straight down. Maybe there. Okay, Just to be safe. That's a lie, Mulligan. So now I've got two holes on. We just need to germinal so that one doesn't joined. Combined for some reason. Oh, yeah? So what, sir? Quick and easy sign you could make. Yeah, it doesn't have to be over. You could use square on whatever show you want. Really? But the principle is the same. What do you want? Really? Just let's see what you know. Yeah, I would love to see. We're gonna You a Facebook group, by the way, opened up where you can post images of the things you make. I really do want to see them. I'd love to see what I want to come up with. One thing we can do here, we just make a bit more kind of professional looking, actually is I'm going to Yeah, I know. I'm gonna I'm group these, actually, I'm going to leave. I'm going to make this whole a bit better, so we get cone Andi. Okay, I'm gonna do V. So what I want is to put kind of counter sink on this. So the base radius we know a whole is five millimeters diameter the top radius. I'm going to make let's go with eight millimeters the height going to go with half of so 2.5. Actually, these are radius is my home radius obviously is half damage. That's what looks too big. So let's go 2.54 Okay, I'm going to slip these two holding down shift. I'm going to allying them. Okay? I see. I'm going to move it up. 2.5. So I'm going to now make that whole. Let's change the height of it, so it looks correct. I'm going to combine those. So this is a better looking hole now. It's kind of counter sunk. Someone to move out. Was about there. Okay, What's so let me object on duplicates it. I will move up. Well, uh, move out. Okay. Okay. Now I'm going to select these items. Uh, I'm going to align them essentially. Okay, Now I'm gonna set the whole lot. I'm gonna combine it all. Way to go so you can see these holes. Now, look a lot better that she put us screwing to those two screwed into the door. Well, somewhere the head of a screw will be counted, so this makes it look a bit more professional. Yeah, you could go ahead and you can freely print this. That's your first model Will be a sign for your dog or your doctor or your man cave or what ever you want to put it right? Next chapter will look up another basic model. 15. 15 More Basic Modelling 01: Okay. Welcome back. So we're going to do another model now, using again using a basic shakes that we've already learned on our dashboard. You can see we have our sign here. It will automatically saves all your previous models onto your dashboard. If you don't name, that will give them crazy looking names. Things like this. It's a clear up. You can see who's designed it. If you wanted, you could choose for it to be uploaded on loaded, too. Um, auto desk. But it is available at the moment on my account. You can change the name of it. So So you will see you can click options and properties and you can change the name. Uh, and you can write a description of something room birth. You can make the public's of a will be available on thinking cat if you wanted to. Other people will be able to download them and use them. So you can do that. Um, yes. Why not? So I'm going to save up, okay? And that is now available. People will see that people can download it, could change the text and on making their own. If you didn't want to you can make it private. There was absolutely no needs up anything public, so you can change it, but to private, if you want. OK on. But we'll go for all your design develop because it's an online based software ever will all be saved in here. Ravin on your system. That's one for you need to remember You do need Internet access for thinking. Okay, so let's start a new design. Now, on this one, I'm going to make a like a toy train, you know, once you kind of see made out of wooden blocks. Okay, So and we're gonna do it just with the basic shape of already learned. And it is the same principles, really, as we've already used. It's a lining making holes grouping scientific. So let's start. Let's make this about 10. So how high it will be? 10. The length will be 50 on the which will bay. Let's make the length 60. Okay, I will keep it light up. Good. Now we're going to add another box on will make this 20 will just make this one. Actually, let's keep it just other is figure out might do it, but I'm gonna move it up. So this is going to kind of give a cavil for trade? I felt like big, different color. So this will be sitting on there. Now we know for high to this is 10 millimeters. So we want to raise this up 10 millimeters. Okay. Um, so we click on the arrow, only putting 10 10 millimeters. So now that will be sitting on top. I trained here by Slipped him in both and aligning them. Lots of essentially line now in that direction. Selectman, both for gain on the line of them back here. It's no sitting on the back. Okay, Now, we'll need our tank of a train service for a cylinder, and we need to rotate this. So click here and we'll go inside a circle so we can get our 90 degrees rotation. Now. I'm going to move it up, son, and slip them all a line. Essentially. Okay, so if we look here, we know our length is six day. This was 20. So the area here will be 40. I don't want it to go right to the end, so probably 35 be OK. Go on. I'm going to align these two after the end. We nervous? Five minutes difference. Okay, so, No, no, no. Okay, so we never has five millimeter difference. So if we select the object and we move our mouths in the direction, we want to move it and you'll see you get these options. Okay? If you move it right out and exaggerate it, you can see clearly what's happening. So it's trying to move a 76 millimeters in that direction. We anyone? Five. We don't any other movement in this direction. So put zero, uh, slightly. There we go. What? Moved it? Basically where we wanted this cap. Now it doesn't really look right. I don't felt looks very much like a train. We need it some more height here, so we need to make that. Let's go with 30. Okay? It's looking a bit better. 16. 16 More Basic Modelling 02: Andi Now we need a chimney. Okay, So another Celinda, let's just make this five by five. Okay, on I'm going to. So, height wise, we have millimeters for the base on 20 millimeters. That's 30 millimeters. So it's moving. We don't want to sit right on top because the so and it won't look right. So I'm just I'm gonna go with actually made over 20 25 overlap. No, set the whole thing a line all centrally. So make sure you click our signed up and let's move this again. Will of zero in that direction, actually minus four. Now, when we move in or anything. Really? How? Coordinates work. Let me show you this. So this direction here is known as the X direction. So coordinates we work in x y and that this along west direction is x a little mutt direction is why on in height up unknown is Zet. Okay, so if you're gonna move on in modeling and get into things like fusion invented fifties something you really do need to grasp the coordinate systems will always work that way in any cuts. Software so moving kind of horizontally along the surface in this direction is X horizontally, but there actually is. Why unmoving in elevation or offer spill. Playoff the service up and down where however you want to visualize it, it's set. Okay, So when you're given a measurement, if you want to move in this direction, this will be known as X. Okay, I think that it doesn't. I really do X and y trust simplified, but it's the same principle. That direction is why Andi, up and down here would be set. But when you're typing in a command, you also have a plus and minus direction. So moving to the right in X would be you just type in your damage of your whole number C type in the dimension there. Okay, you would just type in the direction So five million with me five millimeters this way would be five if you wanted to move it. Let's say if it was very and you want to move it back in this direction sort of a left. You have to use a minus. So that way is positive. That way is negative and you can see it happening if you watch the number so positive. Full chorus number here Positive. Positive In what way? Is minus a swell? No. And I think a cat. No, this this coming be different in different cuts. Software I've noticed, but I think a cat it tends to do positive that way. Negative as moving back. This is something that is, it's kind of a tinker cuffing other software. It would be that direction positive, this direction. Negative. Okay, so that's positive. That's negative. That's positive and not negative. If this is confusing, it's just a case of way you're typing your dimensions. If I wanted to move his 10 millimeters that way or type in 10 if I wanted to move it to millimeter that way. Top minus 10. Okay. Similarly, that way is minus on that Why was just positive. Knowing Zet you can see positive and going down would be minus if you you don't need to remember it. If you just grab it, you can see how you can see how Tink cut fills it in itself. It puts a minus there for you. You don't need to remember. It's just something to bear in mind. That's what it's doing. OK, so that's realign these first into the center, and I'm going to move this so it would be zero in that direction, and it will be minus, um 20. But if you wait thinking cut will move it. You can visualize it was go with 22. Yeah, I don't feel that. So outside to me. There big, actually. So I want to make it 15. You may have trained, okay. 17. 17 More Basic Modelling 03: Now we need some wheels on this train, so I'm gonna set the whole lot. I'm gonna move from up five millimeters, no matter where. Select some. So, India, I'm going to rotate it 90 degrees. Let's make this five millimeters wide. Too much, um, damage wise. Let's go. It was a 10 by 10. It is a kind of a toy trying. Um, if we are going to do this, actually, we need to make these bigger. Let's make them 15 a lot too big 15. Let's see. We'll be right. Is a toy train a stroll? What I'm gonna do is what duplicate this wheel when I moved to duplicate zero. Uh, so that was quite with 32. Okay, not to get these such human side here. Uh, I'm just gonna go a line. Centralize it center. Okay, So if this is 20 miss Wheel is five. 12.5. Should moving on to the side. Okay, so let's tests up 12.5 in that direction, that would go. Those now are on the side on what we can do is shift select duplicate in both meddlesome minus 25. So double 12.50 I'm There we go. That puts him on the other side is looking very basic. I know. We're using basic shapes. We could do a bit better than this. I'm just gonna give a bit more geometry so they look a bit better. Okay, so I want to make this camp a bit more. I want to give it an inside and some windows and things. So what? Amanda is duplicate his books. I mean, I'm going to change the size to 18. There we go. What? I don't want to happen when I'm aligning things. Fire line. If I want to choose all these, I'm in alignment. Essentially, in this direction, we'll see what happens to our wheels. They will go in the sense. Okay. Don't will not. I'm happy with where No wheels up. So what I'm going to do is I went to group those items. No, just those items on the bottom. So there was a fixed now and now when I align, that works well. We have this box align centrally. So I want to move it now to move that. But I'm going to change the height of it too. 20. Let's go with 20 eight. Okay, on a slightly. By clicking the line in this direction, I want to be 18 again. Okay, You could see it. It's moved it now. So the faces of foot on this side, Whereas I want it to be this side. So see, weaken Slept. Always we call kind of line there. That's great. Now we can slip this block. We've got exactly want it will contain into a hole. I'm looking. Combine those and we have our little camp area, but okay. 18. 18 More Basic Modelling 04: No, that's what a nice window on the side. So phalluses constructive. A whole command. Um, we're gonna box. I'm going to select these, and I'm going to a line of top to get it close. Okay, Now, let's change the size of it. This window will be maybe five by six. I'm sorry. It's about five by six. Okay, 10. And I'm going to select both of these now. It's a line sent. Uh, okay, okay. Just moving up on let's move it in this direction. Okay, So by clicking this signed view No, I want to look on that face there. If I click this, you could see we're not actually looking. We've got this perspective you on, which means you're kind of looking at it, and it's showing all the uncle that showing the depths as if you seen it from fire away. So it's showing this perspective. Okay, We want to turn that off. Really? We won't flop view. So we can do that here for go to flat view. Now, we can actually get our side view as we want to see it, and you can switch between flat view and perspective using that command So how does this window look? Well, if you could just move it out here now. Actually, you know what? I'm gonna make it 12. Uh, okay. I'm gonna switch to this view. I'm gonna move it when you're in these flat views is easier. You're gonna get you one measurement you'll see, because it's just given us a measurement in this view, which can actually make it easy. If you're in a a view like this when you try to move, it will give you two measurements, ex. And why on do that if you try to move it that way. So if things are moving in different directions, you're not sure why you can't just look at that means flat views on. It'll kind of be a bit simpler. Okay, I'm gonna go with up. I'm gonna duplicate it. Let's go to this, you know, And I'm going to move that I'm actually gonna move it. So it's on the back there. Okay? Like so now when I grew up those it would give the nice cuts out. I looks a bit better still, very much a toy train, but it is looking a bit better. Okay, so That's the torturing. If you were to Freddie Premise, I would recommend you did the wheel separate, Okay, Because you would want to. In Freddie printing, you're looking for flat areas to sit on the bed you wouldn't really want. It's raised off the bed light out. So you probably take these wheels so hunger about you take these wheels and you'd rotate them. Uh, okay. And you move everything down onto the but light up. You get what I mean, but we're anymore. Clinton, though Mrs About Freely Printed, it's about modeling. So you have your toy train. So it's another basic model just using these basic shapes now. I mean, you can go away. You can use these to make a lot more complex things on this. Believe me, this is very, very child like Basic thing. But this is grateful if you're getting the kids in to think up some flights is great and we'll look us again later. When we learned some advanced about making connections. So yeah, again, let me see what you come up with on. Do some of the modeling with the basic stuff posted onto the Facebook group when it's a permanent we'll be linked to that group on the course. Poached, by the way, when it's if it's not there and isn't going yet. But it's coming very soon. I would love to see any of these models that you come up with. Even if you copy mine. I'd like to see it. So feel free to post it on. There on. Let's give it a proper name. So loco was there one. I'm There we go. So in the next couple, start looking at some, um, smoothly over commands on see what those are all about, but feel free now to pause the cost and do some more basic model, if you enjoying it. You know, maybe put some more detail on here, put some extra chimneys on. You could do everyone. Yeah. I mean, shows what you do. I'll see you in the next chapter. 19. 19 More Basic Shapes: Okay. Welcome back. So what's look at some more advanced? Think a cat commands now? So I start a new design with being for vase. Now, these basic shapes Although we haven't used them all, and examples are old. You've seen it will work. Just experiment with them. They all kind of work the same way. Okay, so let's go through these menus now, which confined here. And look what else? We can do anything together. So we have basic shapes. We have texture numbers. We've used text already. The individual letters Pretty much the same thing. You have your standard size commands. You don't have obviously changing the what? Texas, Because it's just a single letter. But you can have all your individual letters and, um, numbers. Okay, that's those. You off some you're at Sign on. Sign. Next question, Mark. Exclamation. That kind of thing. Pretty self explanatory. Think characters. These are just random tinker cat things. So hand flipper. You know, uh, don't quite know what makes these up. Um, scuba mask. Don't know why they came up with these items. It might be something. You all know what? I don't Maybe some kind of car two well known cattle your game? I don't know. But anyway, this hand peace hands, schoolmarm spectacles, ice cream co Astro boat. Chicken foot. Yeah, make of these what you will connectors. So these Ah, very good fees allow you to connect items up. So if you bring him a bowl Yeah, Onda, we have a socket now, as very command in think cash. Let's rotate this That bowl. I'm not suck. It will join. Okay, so if you want to print these out there would allow you to make components that joined together with this ball and suck it. It's kind of a connector, so they would fit together. I like it to join components, but because of its A ball and socket connector, there'll be some rotation there on a perfect example of this would be on our train if we had very ah local here with put this on the back. And then we made a carriage. You could put one of these and they would actually clip together, but still be ableto flex a move of each other. So that's great, because you can find a lot uses for both. And you could put many of these you want the one thing you need to bear in mind with these is you. You see, if you try to change the size of them, it won't let you. And it says, Hey, scaling locked. No, if you think about it, there's a good reason for that. If you were to go about changing the sizes, the chances of him still fitting together perfectly. It's fairly remote thinking kind of maybes and engineered visa. But when that print out, or if you are printing that women, they will, um, interconnect and allow it to still move if you're randomly changing sizes is no way that would still be able to happen. So I think kind of locks of scale of these, whether that messes up your design or not, I don't know. But believe me, if they were edita ble, you would run into all sorts of issues were from not connecting. So we have different types, Um, and it kind of tells you can change your colors here. You can met him holes so you can still make them holes, okay. And they are really just different connects us to use in different situations, so that one there for instance, that might be like, Ah, short. Imagine if it was on a character that could be a shoulder, and then their arm could come off here. You've got a spot One. Okay, so what this connector would clip onto here, But it would be it would have extra support if you you would generally use this. So maybe if it was, that was on the side of an item. And then you had a connector here and something. I'm not just doing this to show you, so I don't need to line its line out. But maybe you had some kind of I am, which would connect onto there. There was a bit of weight on here. You need this extra bit of support just to stop this coming off. That's a sport. This would allow you to put something on there that will rotate that would not rotate in certain directions. Lock where you got socket. So you imagine You see this? So that would go on there like that So it would allow you It would allow it. Let me say to show, but it would allow it to rotate. Kind of like that. They wouldn't allow it to rotate. If I show it wouldn't allow it to rotate around via taxis, it wouldn't allow it to do that because it's got his looking pieces. And so there's all different ones to use in different situations. You've got wheels here so well could actually see. It's gotta suck it in so you could put that wheel so I could go on the end of the shaft or something that we would rent spin because it's on that socket. You've got 100 ALS on all handle surveys. You could put a sock it somewhere, and it's all connectors to connect items up, which will move in a certain way. But again, I can't be scaled to. The size is kind of set, which is what you want, but at night I mean, it doesn't work with your design. It's really something to play about with. If you were to do something needed a connection, then my advice would be to put these in just for connectors on, say, a small test block on print those out if that's what you do it and just test the actual connection works the way you want it. Before you put it on your topic. Modeling pretty the whole thing out. That's my advice. Just do a little test blocks and test for connectors fit together. Okay? No, this o m. S. I hung out. Spokesman. We got furniture here. What O M s. I hung out. Space is I have no idea. I'm sure many of you do on that, maybe make himself look a bit silly. But I do know of a clue what ISS Okay, but publishing Google up. Oh, I'm best I going out. Space critics praised hung out. Okay, so it looks like people creating spaces. Yeah. Okay, so that might be something you want to look into. Um, you can create your own hung out space. You can put plants in it, Aunt. Okay, Machines. Okay, so it looks like this is some kind of Tim cook up community thing, Probably for Children to create their living rooms and things like that. There's nothing stopping you if say, your you a doctor had a doll's house or something was nothing stopping you printing this out? Not for all. Scaling is locked like on the sockets. Um, because it is quite conflicts, geometry, some of it to be scaling about. But if that works for you and you could always scale it in your free D printing software so you could use this in a doll's house is moving, but is oh, and yes, I hang out space okay of us the things under this tinker cut menu. 20. 20 Extrusions: Okay, Welcome back. So I do just want to say with these menus here things like, especially things that is hang out space. Some of these could be temporary Tinker cat things now because Tinker Cat is online based ravin software you install, it can change all the time auto desk and have all sorts of things. Yours might not look your men, you might not look the same as this. That might judge it tomorrow. The basic shapes will probably stay. Imagine all these kind of things will stay things that is hang out space that might be a temporary. It's for a museum. I believe that might be a temporary exhibition, so that might go. It might be replaced by something else. That might be some new things here, but the main part of his course is the basic modeling using the tools that will always be there. So please don't worry if some of the things aren't showing all this extra things in here. Have a look to see what we do. There will be, uh there will be a next full explanation off on the thinking cut site. So when you get into think cabinet, get into the community side. You'll find all sorts of things out, but the basics are what we teach on his car. So basic shapes. Andi. Now I'm going to teach the we're gonna carry on down this list. We're gonna look at the shape generators. Okay, Let's look at these shaped generators. We look at the featured ones. First feature just means the, um I suppose it's a must that the most used ones are the most popular ones. We'll have a look at some of these again. Like the basic shape I don't want click on every single woman, Say everything, every detail because this course will be just way too tedious. Most of them kind of edit in the same way. So we'll look at some of these, Okay, No extrusion. This is a very, very useful one. And if you move forward with free D and you move on to other software extrusion czar, what you will use all the time. Okay, So where is in think get a lot of the shapes are made up from a basic shapes of blocks. For cylinders, they never suffer. You tend to use two D drawings and extrude from out. And that's kind of what you see here. So do make use of this, because you will find it useful. We've made the train and the sane and things by using basic shapes. And the basic ships can be edited to look different ways, Which is when we turned a cylinder into an oval sign. But there are some items just to long winded to make him that way. Okay, some shapes. So extrusion you drop in. You could say it looks like a cylinder, but it comes up with this sketch here. A miss sketch. However you change with sketch, this shape will reflect it. Okay. I was gonna make it a bit even. Easier to see color, so you can see we got four points here, and if you click on them on hold down the button, weaken drugs. Raise out. Now, Watch this. Watch for model. When I jerked this out, okay, you can see it's made it the next shape on its it's actually happened. It's edited it as we speak. So maybe this side needs to come out as well. There we go. And these angles here, we can change these angles. So maybe it was sharper angle light up. Okay, Now, this works similar to over software with these handles. But if you haven't used them before, do play around with it and get used to what they do. Basically, the way there work is this is a point on the curve. This is a sharpness off a curve when you can move them out that way, which will I spoke most was that controls the shop, Mrs Robert. It controls. He kind of leading if it McAuliffe onto the curve so you could have a straight to section before the curve, or you could have very tight curve on when you can make them. Yeah, it's a lot easier to see and to play about with when it is to explain. But with these, you can make. So we wanted a heart shape. OK, so what you could do is he could I just stays. All right. So maybe a lot down, uh, when we have a kind of hot shape, Nice, red hot. I mean, you can just adjust the height of it. Okay. Now you imagine making it hard out of the basic shape it would take forever. You wouldn't look doing. I don't know what you do. You do half of Ah, and I let so many doing over lips and cut some, but it just be too long winded. But with that, it's easy and you can make it look. However you want to look okay, you might find what you do. Want things to line up of it better. If you compare, you could see get what we call snap What that does if you turn it on, you see this grid we've got here, It means it will actually only go two points on the grid. So that way you can make things lie on the same point on, make your shapes a lot more symmetrical. Okay? And you can just turn that on enough again. Makes confuses hole so you can use that as a cutout in an object. Um, yeah, that's it. Basically so extrusion allows you to create your own shape. It is very good and again extrusion Zehr something you'll use a lot in over freely software . So but not like this. You you would create an actual drawing anyway for thinking cat, you use this puddle hit and use you drug ways around on. There we go. So that's extrusion 21. 21 Revolve: okay to leave up. Now we have this S P G revolver here, took a cut. Likes work of SVG files on you can get these. If you have a just a very basic shape, you can convert them to SVG. But some online converts and things that will do that. J packed West Fijian things, but it is meant to be very basic shapes, like just outlines things like that. One file I have I used is just a front image of an airplane. And this is a type of image. Tink Cup works. Remember, this is a basic package here, So I have saved his spg. What? I will dio spg revolver to show you how this works. So what it's actually doing at the moment it's revolving shape. Much shape is a circle. Okay, so for changes angle that. But I would be the shape Let's change up to one so you can see it. So that would be a shaver. Okay, Just a circle. What it does it allows you to. It's like extrude, but it's extruding it around a circle up to friends and 60 degrees. Okay, I don't know, but you can use any shape you want or within reason, a basic shape that is an SPG foul. And you do that by selecting your file. So chews up. Okay. Okay. And you end up with this the airplane in profile there. We've got no angle yet, so if we as we increase angle, you'll see it revolves for shape around into a circle. Okay? No, this command isn't really full posting images like aeroplanes on. I'm just using this as an example where you would use this command. It's good for making things like a fast but flowering, something like that. What you do, you would just draw they the side profile of the vase or a bottle or something, and you would save as a less V g file. And when you were coming, you'd revolve it, okay? And you would get that profile if you revolved it full 36 day. I'm sorry. Did not something. When you get to see if it's nothing like an airplane, what you're doing, you using the profile as a shape to revolve. Okay, if you want, just wanted to freely print that shape when you do that a different way. The purpose of Revolve It's a profile to revolve. Okay? And you would use it like if you did want to freely print an image like this airplane, there is a way of important which will look at later. I just use up file because it was an SPG fell hard. But the way to use this revolver, you mainly use it to create things like thousands and bottles and circular items of a very complicated profile. You'll be night metal, make this any of away, but we're revolve. It don't fully and fairly easy. Okay, But yeah, usually be something like a imagine a side profile of a nice bottle of ours. You could bring mine, and you could just revolve around what? Okay. And you could rotate it so you could do it that way, if you want it again has revolved around you see? Okay, you can change the size of damage to that kind of thing. Height. So that's very evolved. Command 22. 22 Shape Generators 01: Okay, so let's look at some more of these feature commands here. The next one on the list is soft box. So click about bringing in all right. It doesn't just bring him his kind of box. If you were to make this you do a cube. You do never Cuba in the middle of the whole. You could out. We've already done that earlier. This kind of does it fire. And that's what these are realities. He's generates a quick ways of doing something. If you try to scale it with these, it would scare the wallop with this Featured with this generator soft box. I used these here to put your commanding so se wanted it 50 by 100. But now type in there I've and using these. Obviously we're vase. It was scaling the thickness of the Wall Oppa's well, Which candidate feats the object of these generators. Let these do the work weather. Will a new still have the wall thickness command? But you can change here, Okay? You can change the radius of the curves so you could have chap corners you could have fully round. It ends on everything in between a bit thicker the height X and y. So, yeah, with these generators, used use were commanded here where you can and that is just a soft boxes just quickly of creativeness moving open. You could see you that you could use that as some kind of frame. So maybe you wanted a picture frame. You could use up a soft books. Spring does exactly what it gonna say. It creates a spring and again user commands here. So I won. Is the diameter everything? So you have that kind of shape Very small radius and all the stuff in between, okay, to is the radius of the actual circle. So I want is a profile. Are too is a circle. Okay, man, offset. Would baby kind of springing us? Okay, um, irritations is the amount of times it's gonna go. So they set Is here, control one rotation. I mean, you just out of a number of rotations, you wouldn't really even it's called a spring. You're not gonna freely print a spring in plussed it. It's gonna work like a spring. So it's more a case of an easy way to create this. A helix spiral type design, ravenous. Bring itself. Okay, Bent pipe bent pipe. Okay, so it's a piece of pipe you bring in. It looks just like a piece of 90 degree pipe. But again, you've got all these selections here, so you can change the pipe shapes of square. The pipe refers to the outside. I mean, so it's a whole, so you could change, and both to square. Thanks again. Okay, Dr. Gun. Everything in between out to fight with again most of A's. You probably don't need me to tell you what it is. And we've take a couch when you're looking at any of these generators are shapes. The easiest way to see what it does is just to grab it and just have a play with it. Most of it's self explanatory. You can see here you can make it. Damn it. The bend angle when you have a leading which is straight section before it bends so you can create fairly, once a complex but you for thinking cut anymore. It's highly complex. Um, but fairly involved designs of suppose. You see, these commands tend to be ways just quick ways of doing things. So the more you use and more you'll get used to using them on and you'll find your own preferred ways of doing things. So I so metric, Fred. OK, so Mr is like a screw for it. So I thought that would screw into something else. And again, you have all sorts of things you can change here with diameter. A picture of a Fred Segments we know rotation so light with spring this three settings talk about one rotation. I mean, you can at the number of rotations. Okay, on a tip scale or to scale these. So this is okay, So it just does that, I'm afraid. Scale again. Light with spring, you might not necessarily be making actual Fred describing something. It might just be a representation. Something that looks like that in your model. Okay. Um, yeah. Fidget spinners. Now, these were all the rage not so long ago. Tend to have just forgot about 23. 23 Shape Generators 02: But you can make a fish. It's been Andi you could use and this feature. So it's bringing out her plan again. Okay, so it's major airplane. Picture the arms off a fidget spinner spinner. Andi contain the wits. It's a fitness length. The number of arms under a whole lot of other options. Again, you just you just play always. Now, this is I have never actually printed a fidget spinning myself. I suppose that kind of going out of fashion now because it's gonna love a place. Um, it's just one of those I didn't stinking cut putting. Okay, you put Barry, man, you'd see it with, So have a player about if you want. I'm just just these commands and see weapons. I'm actually gonna delete up burn Oy. Okay, so that is what is says. I like a tile and you can have different by changes. Randomizer. You can have different shapes. Number of cells, style size, and you'll see we're vase kind of. So thanks. Okay. It's one of us, Figgsy. You might use that you might never use it. Depends. What you trying to create your girl words? That's fairly self explanatory. You might want to write these around something so we could use this in our sign. For instance, if we want it, um, so you can change away is where it's clockwise or counterclockwise. Okay, you can change the arc, so you might want to avoid around free 60. Watch 60 again. You that you have to just see together to make it look right. Radius. All right. Okay. Usually, if you did this, it would be circular lies and you would set the radius the ark, that kind of thing. Ok, and this one is the same. But the text is like around inside. This one is good. If you were to put around, if you didn't print something like a virus or a tube. When you can match with diameters, you can have a text around and you can make it as a whole. So you could cut the texts out. So if you were making some kind of a bottle of ours or cylinder when you come right, text on it and cut that out of the shell of the outside. So that's quite good on. Let's see what's on on exports of snap on. Suck it. This is likely connectors. Okay, so this is something this would snap together. Bring in the morning. You'll see here you can change it to a snap hole. Look. So if you put a hole with something and you had the snap that would snap into that hole and you could see with the option, it gives you a tight fit. So if you want it two items to fit together nice and tight. He was used those two. Or if you want it even tougher of rotation and spin around, you could use that as a whole. So you do. So that will be whole. That would be a snap on me of apart, and they would snap together. And you have different settings here. Snaps adjustable box. Now, this is a very good way. If you want to create some kind of box, use this one because it gives you this nice late here. Okay, so demonstrate bigger. Uh, okay, so you say your height. So this is a bottom part of your box and with some of the command for shape of the bottom of you box area while fitness, that kind of thing. But let's just leave it as it waas. So let's say you created a box. You need it for a certain item. And it was this these sizes and that would fit. Now you want to make your lid. Okay? So just duplicates it when you select books talk okay and you'll see what it's done is it's changes profile if you watch a profile on the top bottom. So this and this would fit together? No. So what you might do then is change the height right down. So, uh, okay, Now, if you were to print these, that top would fit onto that box on close up nicely. You might write some text on the lid or something like that, but that's a really easy way of creative box. And again, that's what these generators are. Easy ways of creating things wind. So, buying like you wanted to make a little windmill, you can do it fairly easily. You can easily change number of blades. Thanks, Uncle of Applied's not going to think. Okay, so that's a feature shapes 24. 24 Shape Generators 03: Okay, so they were the featured shaped generators you can get. All promise will show you all the shape generators in Tinker Cap at that time. Now is no way I'm gonna go for always, because it would just you'd be asleep within five minutes. They all kind of work in similar ways. So you can say you have U S states. Um, yeah, you can choose brick wall. That's quite a good one. If you were in buildings, maybe create houses, that kind of thing, and you can show bricks on the wall on you commit these unless random but my uniform bricks You could choose the size of bricks again with this. Don't use these scale commands used for height and width here. So keep it. He's kind of brick work with each other. You can do brick walls. This type of thing might be good if you were doing the same model railways, that kind of thing. Oh, well, maybe by a rama's, you can change always and create quite really still looking brick walls. There is ah, gonna think outhouse. He complained, and you could change all sorts of things here. I suggest you just bring some of a zing go through them on display over settings because you way could be here for hours, going through each one. Some of them, Mike 100 most of them you won't use. It depends what you're doing. Everyone type intensity, different things. And everyone has their shapes that they like to use. So it really is down to you my advice just to approve and play about from look at the settings on again. Anything interesting you come up with Feel free to post it on our Facebook page rooms. What's going? Okay, so that's the shape generator. 25. 25 TinkerCAD Shapes : Okay. Welcome back. So we almost, um, finish of this cost. Now, we've pretty much gone through most things to allow you to go away and use your imagination and start creating things. I just want to run through the rest of us. Um, menu here again. This is as it is today. When this course have been recorded. It will change. So all I could have Shea What's head now when things were added, it's generally gonna work the same way once get used, how Tinga cut works, you be able to work out what's going on. If not, if you go to a team kept page, anything that's on there will be explained it on the tinker cut kind of blog's and community pages. So make sure you go in there and check those out and have a good read. Okay, But so we looked at the shape generators. Something that take a cut is can also do. Is this circuits on? Tinker Cat is very much aimed at a kind of hobbyists home maker crowd. Okay, um, something that's popular, if you if you into that kind of thing is odd, we knows raspberry pis and hacking all that kind of thing. So think Cut has got its own section with circuits and assemblies. Okay? And he can bring in components seed after model them. If you look in the assemblies, we have some things. He's a kind of stunted parts here. But if you look under components, you'll see you have raspberry pi. So you could bring in a rose prettify Mrs Old model to the correct size and things. What we know they thought we know is your thing. Bring one of ours in stunted things like batteries Close. Um, early days, you got your bread bods so you can bring in a breadbox components in it. Um, microbe it got switches. Okay, but your cells servos. Don't you serve so, Varel that I ready just to bring in. Which means if you wanted to, But so you wanted to create a box for your raspberry pi? As we've seen, you can go to the shake generator, this adjustable box, and you could actually create a box using these components. Fly raspberry fire. It's a big but you get the idea you could. Okay, so it's 58.59 So what if we could go with 65. OK, click on your replies 87 millimeters long so you can make your box. Maybe 90 90. Okay, they go make it a bit longer. Let's make it 95. You see what I'm doing? Um, you can great boxes for components. Special of a rustic playing out. Do we know? Because we're already here when you could use holes to create openings wherever sockets out create lived for it by you. Remember you some selling dis to put some small stuns. And if you want so with some holes, fix in place to some cuttings. That's how you make a box for your rights by same, you could do something. Maybe some servo holders. This is if you're into this kind of into the make. Assuming you use this kind of stuff, do a battery case battery holder, all that stuff there. Um, for instance, get a cylinder, make it 10.5 on a whole amount. You're somewhere for your batteries to sit because you cut out two cylinder just slightly bigger or not. So you batteries sitting it. I know lots that's possible. So it's not just making basic blocks and circles you can do. Whole mechanisms will work with your raspberry pi All your ad we know. Okay, it's capable of Volvo. So that's the circuits principles now, principles have ready made items. So tinker card teams up with other people on board, they might bring their items in here. So Smithsonian, the Smithsonian Museum, Because Freedy scanned and digitized lots and lots of at various items from its museum and some of these it's brought into tinker. So if we click on it, this is where we get the command module. Okay, if they set a moon rocket on the airplane, we looked up in the introduction, so this came in from this was scan from the Smithsonian Museum. Okay. And you may make use of that. They know. I don't know, but is various things here and that this is likely to change so you can look in here, see what's there? Uh, dinosaur novices, if you remember, will it connect us? What we've done have made a dinosaur skeleton, and it works with these ball and socket connectors. So if you bring in the tail parts, if you you can freely print these and they will snap together over various pieces. Okay. And you will end up with a dinosaur skeleton. That's something you might want to do. And again, this is good. If you if you get your freely printer and you just want to print, you just want to try out. This is quite good for that. Um, there's also a human skeleton, I believe. So you can bring those to do the same again. It uses these connectors. He snapped connectors to go together. Would be Scott in this again. You can't scale them because it wouldn't fit together that have all sorts of problems. The only thing you can do really is change the color of him, and you could met in the hole. So, uh, I don't know why I would want to cut a skeleton whole out of something, but it's there if you want to do it, Okay. I mean, you have things like your own menu, so you can have favorites into your own menu in parts into your own menu. Okay, so that's a look at this menu item here. The main ones you use of a basic shapes on do the generators to create your own items. Okay, 26. 26 Using Images in 3D : Okay, So I wanted to show you or the last thing I wanted to show you was the import feature. Andi. Okay, so I just want to show you a couple of final things here and thinking, Cap, one thing that is quite useful is the import feature. Now, this will let you import a shape. Um, and this could be something like a company logo, maybe something like that we're going to use and has to be an SPG. Fail again. Ideally, you can bring in it tells you here. So these O b j and STL it's like three D printing. SVG is like the image type fail you can bring in. So, as before, we're going to use I will ever playing. I'm gonna go with the side few. No, it's saying this, but we know our print area is 3 50 so I'm gonna bring that to 40. Okay, let me edifice again. 2 50 No, this waas a spg file. So it is just a image brought line and it's automatically converted it to a solid now one could I donate? So when you work with these images, sometimes you do need to tidy them up in an image editing software, so this actually let me open it. So So that's all this is It's just a image. I've made this. I got this image of an airplane and info to shop. But it's, um I made it into this doctor. It needs to be like a closed solid front. Makes sense. Just a very basic shadow works best. Okay, I've been a welcome in, and now you can change it. You don't get any options, appear really often make it whole or a solid You can change. So maybe that made about five millimeters fic. Okay, now, here, as usually, get these grips. But we'll let you the sliders silicon let you change it. But you do need If you want to keep it to the same kind of ratios as a lump sum whip, you don't want to just quit this and start dragging it because you might make it too long and thin or it's squashed up like that. Okay, that's what you can do. And this is the same in lots of imaging software to hold down, shift and select a corner. But it will only let you scale it while keeping it the same ratio for width and height. Okay, so that's good. Hold down. Shift to Dio. And what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna make a bit of key ring here, so I probably won't not know be given 70 millimeters Felder that I'm a maybe we just want to put millimeters the whole in the nose. Four millimeters From what? Let's go with five millimeters. Um, five millimeters. That much? What's my free? Like what? Okay, so free grupos. Now we have this airplane so we could print up on that will be a nice key ring there. Okay. Again if we wanted to put some kind of text on the top of that. No, what we've done so far. This is it? Some from I just wanted to show you We've brought in everything onto this flatbed blue grid on what we've tended to do. If I want to put text on top of that is I know that's five millimeters. Sure is. May I say 2.5 thick. So then we would move that two point say to on, but it would. 2.5 would sit on top of removed up to it other better? Never. But what we can do is we can change. So this blue plan, if you feel during a complicated model it's a lot of work to keep moving things and working out where you want to move it before you after you bring brought them in. So what? You can redo this script so we can go toe work plane. If we click on top of the subject, you can see it looks like the objects gun bill, overwork playing. What's actually happened is our work plan is now sitting on top. So as soon as we bring anything in, it will automatically just sit on top of up okay. And again, you can hold down shift to scale this right down my baby. Maybe you want to mess of this plane I know is called and, uh, the seven. Maybe you want to put up text online, okay, for live it Much as I said before, I do like a bit of an over a lot. So no, you can always drug but down. Do you know what? I'm gonna dio whole check it down again. I'm going to group right RV seven. That's not going all the way through that it wanted to. I just got that text on it. You can dio I'm not. They are pretty. That was a key ring. Simple is about a simple way to make a key ring on from an image or how to bring in image. Okay, on this work plane puts in the work playing on is a good idea. It it doesn't make life easier when you I want to, um, put objects to give her in a certain way. Okay. Now, if you watch, you could put work plane. It doesn't have to be hard on you put work playing like that. And then when you bring a boxing, it will sit there. Ok, so as you can imagine, with a complicated assembly, you could use these work planes all the time. Good. On a few. So what? I'm just super you've got this blue. And if you want to go back to the default work plane, you can probably see still, that is very faint. It's taken. You can select work, plane click on that and it will go back to your default workplace. Okay. Okay. Now, when you do move on or if or when you do, move on to more complex software such as Fusion Inventor. These work planes you will use all the time very big public's. It's quite good to get used to using these. Another thing we have is a ruler, so you might want when we when we remodeling with being setting things out with Russian reference to each other. But you might want to set things out with reference to a bass player toe a base point. Maybe you've got a sketch. Someone's measured everything off the same point when you could just put up. Okay, that's 100 point. OK, and now whenever a move, anything, you could see it as well as the dimensions of itself. It also gives you dimensions off this point so you can already take things around and that can come in useful. That's one of those things some people use it. Some people don't. It's coal. Also, a lot of it is down to the way you will. You'll generally find a preferred way of working and you'll stick to it 27. 27 Final Techniques and Wrapping Up : Okay, So the only other things I wanted to show you is appear. We have these some menus here. We have blocks. Service will turn your designs into something that looks like Minecraft. Now, I don't play Minecraft, um, a presumed Or I think you can maybe bring me into Minecraft. I don't know. Someone who knows man crossed Might know more more about that than me. Um, you kids probably. No, it does look like Minecraft, So I assume you can do that in some way. Anyway, that's also sisters. I mean, everyone he's Lego. So maybe you do a design and you want to see your building. Lego, um, maybe we have this airplane here. I would like to build, buy and Lego you compress that. I'm there isn't Lego Andi the mall This setting here, obviously that that's not very complex, like our model. But this setting here kind of gives it more detail. So that's the highest setting. So you could say it's still well as an automatic generation thing. It would get you started anyway, So that's what this does. Generally thinking cut is used a way of showing this course on like you say you have to do is cost. That's that. You know how to you think again. You might be thinking you might be sitting an hour and thinking, Well, I know how to draw cubes and circus and how to cut holes. How on earth to a model. Something like an aeroplane. Well, you you do know how to do it. It's just your imagination and the best way I for way. I like to tell people to go ahead and learn the software after we've got the technique is to his model model model Mobile as much as you can. And when you're walking around, even when you're not to be computer, look everyday items. I'm in this room now, and I can look at things like the air conditioning unit and I convinced alive. Okay, how would a model that thinking? Well, it's basically a cube. Hold on the front of another cube, Maybe put a circle. So in homicide for the Dale, that kind of thing with door handle. How would a model that, especially a pipe in a cylinder, okay, and try and model these things when your computer to random objects from more you do it from our better you'll get it. And as I said before this, that modeling skill off being able to model complex shapes from simple basic blocks if you can get good at that been thus that will help you with all of them are complex software and , while complex, suffer a lot more commands and easier ways to do things. But if you've got that ability to model complex objects from simple blocks and cylinders, that was that will help you throughout your whole modeling career or hobby. However you want to do it. So I think it cut is not something to be just shrugged off as too basic is actually a very good way off training in the fundamentals of freedom modeling. And I would never write off. Think a cut as two. Basic what? It's the kind of thing you hear people say on Facebook. Com things that I mean, I've been using free D modeling software. I've been doing it the top end of industry for over 25 years, all my working life, and I still think it's good software to use. So when I happy pollute being, do it, using freely software for maybe six months or a year shot right in office. No good, yeah, Just shows. So the main thing I like to see if I m playing someone. Therefore, if someone's doing some work for me, I can tell someone who was a good modeling background straight away. And yeah, that's that Comes of practiced, brought this practice practice. So there we go. I hope you've enjoyed the cost. I will add a section showing where our Facebook group is, once that's from running. And as I've said before, I would love to see your models just wherever you've done, whether it's exactly the same as I've done here, whether it's completely different. I'd love to see him on a homework to take away from this cause if you want some is just to come up with some friends and show me what it is. So yeah, please do up. Andi, I'd love to see you again. One of the more advanced courses learning more advanced software. So But you know