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Ian Norman, Photographer / Creator of Lonely Speck

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5 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Motion Types and Anchor Points

    • 2. Hyperlapse Shooting Techniques

    • 3. Stabilizing with YouTube

    • 4. Advanced Stabilizing in Adobe After Effects

    • 5. Explore Photo Classes on Skillshare

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About This Class

Welcome to Timelapse Photography II: The Art of Hyperlapse


Camera motion is arguably the most impressive addition to any timelapse movie. Where timelapse adds the dimension of time, hyperlapse adds the dimension of depth. Hyperlapse is the ultimate form of motion timelapse with camera motion that covers long distances.

Usually the addition of camera motion requires expensive equipment like motorized dollies or belt-driven camera sliders. Hyperlapse is extremely accessible and requires no special equipment. Anyone with a digital camera can create a professional, high definition hyperlapse movie. 

Timelapse Photography II: The Art of Hyperlapse is the second part of a three course series on timelapse photography. Students will create a hyperlapse, a specialized timelapse with camera motion over long distances.

In the prerequisite course, Timelapse Photography I: Introduction to Timelapse, students learned the basic professional timelapse workflow and created a timelapse of their favorite local landmark. 

In the final course, Timelapse Photography III: Seamless Day to Night, students create a sunset timelapse that seamlessly transitions from day to night. 

What You'll Learn

  • Hyperlapse Motion Types and Anchor Points.  Pre-planning motion and camera setup.
  • Hyperlapse Shooting Techniques. Executing the hyperlapse shoot and techniques for the smoothest motion.
  • Hyperlapse Stabilization Methods. Compiling and stabilizing frames into a high definition movie 


What You'll Make

  • Deliverable. Create a high definition hyperlapse movie of your favorite local landmark. 
  • Brief. You'll learn how to setup, shoot and edit a professional quality hyperlapse sequence with camera motion that covers a long distance. You will learn how to stabilize and compile your frames into a high definition movie to share with the world on Vimeo or YouTube. 
  • Specs. You'll use a digital camera or smartphone to shoot a hyperlapse sequence. You'll edit these photos in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and add background music. You'll share a stablilized sequence on Youtube or Vimeo.