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Time to Learn 360 Video

Greg Hung, Travel Videographer

Time to Learn 360 Video

Greg Hung, Travel Videographer

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19 Lessons (1h 3m)
    • 1. Intro to 360

    • 2. How to watch 360 Videos without a headset

    • 3. How to get started with 360 Video

    • 4. 360 setting up camera and timelapse

    • 5. 360 FLY APP photos videos

    • 6. No stitching

    • 7. Why use 360 director

    • 8. How to edit with 360 director

    • 9. How to edit 360 Footage in 4k Final Cut Pro X

    • 10. 360 footage in FCPX in 2k

    • 11. How to inject 360 files

    • 12. Intro to Samsung 360 Camera

    • 13. Samsung 360 Camera design

    • 14. Using mounts for 360 cameras

    • 15. Operating the Samsung 360 Camera

    • 16. Comparisons between the Samsung 360 Camera and 360 fly 4k

    • 17. 360 player Samsung

    • 18. Broadcasting Live - Samsung 360 Camera

    • 19. 360 summary

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About This Class

This course will teach beginners how to get started creating 360 Videos, time-lapses, and photos. Using the 360 Fly 4k Camera and Samsung 360 Camera Greg will teach you how to sift through the complexity so you can start sharing 360 videos on social media with your friends.We will cover full workflow from in the field to processing your footage.

As a bonus Greg will also look at the Samsung Gear 360 2017 (2nd generation) camera and compare the 2 camera's. Greg will introduce you to a business model to monetize on your 360 footage.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Greg Hung

Travel Videographer


Hi I'm Greg. I'm a South African Canadian Travel Videographer aka Global Citizen. I first got into video filming with a sharp camcorder in high school making my own short films and tennis video and editing on a VHS.  In 2011 in Simon Fraser University (Vancouver Canada) I rediscovered my love for video while filming an earthquake hiphop safety video for a Media Course. 

After I graduated from Simon Fraser University (BA Communications) in Vancouver Canada I went on to pursue a successful IT career working 13 years as an IT manager. I went onto to complete my MBA in Technology Management SFU and found my Entrepreneurial inspiration to start my own travel video business in 2011 during the DSLR video revolution. I sold my downtown Vancouver Apartment, bought an iMac, a Can... See full profile

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1. Intro to 360: Hi, guys. My name is Greg Hung. I'm a trouble videographer. And welcome to time to create 3 60 videos. This course is all about beginners. First timers to 3 60 video. I'm going to cut through complexity like most of my courses, to show you what you need to know. To get started, we're going to cover some of the cameras on the markets. The camera I'm gonna be using for this course is the 3 60 fly four k camera. This is highly recommended by me. If you want to learn how to create 3 60 videos very quickly, we're going to cover how to produce 3 60 videos, photos and time lapses and show you some tricks to get great footage as well as how do we work with that 3 60 footage in post production on our mobile devices as well as our laptops ? If we want to do more with it and I'm gonna show you how do upload and share to social media like Facebook and YouTube how to inject the videos if you're going to be sharing it on YouTube as well as an introduction to a business model to license and monetize on your 3 60 footage, so I hope that sounds interesting. Check out some of the restaurants and I hope to see you in the course. 2. How to watch 360 Videos without a headset: in this video we're gonna cover. How do you watch 3 60 videos on the Internet? Well, the first thing you need is a 3 60 video that's published either on platforms like Facebook or YouTube, and you can watch them from a laptop or mobile device. This issues my laptop as an example because I posted some recent 3 60 videos. So first I'm gonna show you what it looks like on Facebook here. So this is my Facebook page. Trouble with your with your lifestyle and you'll see an icon here. And sometimes you see an icon of a globe that looks like the Earth, and it says 3 60 on top of it. So basically, just need to click, and you can move left to riots up and down, depending on hard was shock. And I just think this is pretty cool. So you conduced for photos, Videos and time lapses also show you a 3 60 video which I could blow up, which will be easier to see and same thing here. So you have the ground. So you click left, click Hold it down and you've got a 3 60 view. Now, this is actually the video, but it's has been play yet. So here's a shot of me. I'm gonna press space bar just to play this video. So this is an example of a 3 60 video. You've got 3 60 photos, and while not but what's very cool is you can move around while this video is playing. So this is really interactive because has the person that's watching it? You can choose if you want the point of view that the cycles is looking at or you can even look from the side, enjoy the waterfront view or even just look at me. All right. Okay, so that's an example of how you can view 36 See, if you have a mobile device, you can even tilt it and, ah, move the device around to see the different angles. Eso That's 3 60 How to watch 3 60 in a nutshell. And in the next video lesson, we're gonna cover how you can get started creating 3 60 videos so other people can enjoy them on the Internet. 3. How to get started with 360 Video: Hi. My name is Greg Hung in this video we're going to talk about How do you get started in 3 60 video? How do you start creating those videos? The first thing you need obviously is a 3 60 camera. So what are those cameras, exactly? While this camera here is called the 3 60 fly four K. So it does 3 64 K videos. You've got other cameras, like thesis Samsung Gear 3 60 You've got the Nikon or Nikon Key mission. Also the Rico Fada, which has been one of the earlier 3 60 cameras. And they're actually not too expensive. This camera goes for about 700 Canadian or about I think, just under 500 us and most of those cameras are around that range. You've got GoPro 3 60 rigs, which I think it's going to cost about 10 times that much. But if you're just getting started in the 3 60 you don't need those expensive rigs. And later on, we'll be talking more about what I think about this camera, because I've had a chance to use it a lot lately. Other than the camera, the other thing you will need is a mobile device like a smartphone or and iPad, Nothing too special just because you may need to use an app to control the camera. You don't need a VR headset, but that would be ideal to get the most immersive experience to take advantage off the full 3 60 experience. And it will help you if you have a computer, because I'm doing four K 3 60 I have a laptop with a lot of Ram. This is a Mac book pro with 16 gigabytes of Ram. I can tell you the video size of these four K 3 60 fellows is pretty huge, averaging around 500 megabytes for a minute off video. So a lot up with a lot of horse power. And other than that, that's it all you need to create 3 60 videos, so I hope this video helps you and inspires you to get started. 4. 360 setting up camera and timelapse: Hi, this is Greg Hung in this video. We're going to set up the 3 60 video camera in the field at a coffee shop. First thing we need to do is be aware of the light. It's always better to film in the direction that the light is facing, and it's nice to have a window to give nice, good natural daylight. Here. I'm fixing the 3 60 camera to a mini tribe on. I like this because it's light to carry and you can fix any type of mount that fits to the standard thread at the bottom of the camera. And I just find this tripod is better point of view. So here I'm just connecting the app to the camera using the WiFi, and once we've connected the camera, we can then go ahead and select the resolution. Generally, I like to film with the highest resolution at 24 frames per 2nd 24 frames per second gives you flexibility to change it to other frame rates, and it's also the film look. First we're gonna do a one minute video and then we're gonna do a time lapse. I like to swipe the screen just to see what the actual picture looks like in a 3 60 view. And then we hit the big circular button to record The camera will flush a red light when it's actually recording. So you know it's in record mode as well. And there's a red bar at the top. Well, it's actually recording to let you know how long you been recording for. For a time lapse, we can click that icon. And the decision we need to make is what time Interval. So half a second is for fost auction and a second or two is for slower action. I'm gonna slit this to one second. And because this is a 3 60 video time lapse, I'm gonna put a link to the time lapse if you're interested in watching it on YouTube. So good luck on filming your 3 60 video and hope these tips help 5. 360 FLY APP photos videos: Hi, everyone. This crate hung in this video we're gonna cover how to adjust the photos and videos that you've saved on your 3 60 fly at. So to begin, we're gonna open up the up and click the icon for videos and photos on your phone or your device. Let's start with the photos by clicking photos and let's just pick a photo over here so I can just tap the photo and you can see you can adjust its. Now there's two icons in the bottom right hand corner. The first, with the scissors, will allow you to change the image ratio. We'll just sail like 3 60 view, which is by the fault. And then if you click the bottom right icon, this allows you to apply filter. So I'm just gonna put black and white and select apply. So after a select apply, a save button appears, and then I can click that and type in the title save. And now a share button appears so I can share directly to social media from here, and that's going to go through with that. But I think you get the idea now we're gonna go onto the videos. So click videos. I'm gonna work with this 44 2nd clip. Now you can see a share icon here. I have actually tried this and for some reason it doesn't work, which is why I'm abusing the 3 60 fly director. But the reason why you would work from the mobile app is it's just good for, like a quick share on social media. If you just don't have time and you want to just share on the fly. So this is a video clip here. Now we have some options if we click the scissors. All right, so let's just start with the far right the camera. So we click that select the image ratio again, and once we click that camera, it's taking a screenshot, and the screen is similar to the one we just went through on the photos. So I think he gets the idea there. If we click the scissors again, let's select the I. Okay, so this is called Watch me. This is if you want to control the angle that someone is going to watch, you're 3 60 clip. So to use this, we can highlight the I. So it's green And then we can press down with our finger and select the portion of the clip that we want so you can see the green highlighted area. That's where we're gonna capture this video out of the 44 seconds. So we got 16 seconds out of the 44 seconds. If you want, you can just play it to watch the clip, or you can just use your finger. Okay. After done, the next step is to click the I Icahn again. So it's not highlighted, and then an arrow appears on the top rights. So we click that we can preview it played back so we can see here. This is just 13 seconds and we can't move the angle around. It's fixed. So this is if you want to control the angle. And from here, if we click this icon, we can adjust the speed. Once you adjust that, we can apply it, and I have the option to add music. If I highlight that clip, I can apply it in just the speed of the music on the left, and then once we're done, we can just save. That's gonna process, and it's gonna be ready for sharing. So the thing just to be aware of when using this out busy need to select the buttons or the icons in a certain order for the next step to appear. Okay, so from here I can share it out and through through social media. So let's just council that I'm not going to do right now. The final option we're gonna do is just to a clip capture. The idea here is the user can still control the angle. So that's click the icon here. So it's green and select the portion we want. So we have 27 seconds after we're done, click that icon again. We compress the arrow to advance. You can preview the clip and you can see here I can control the point of view. And again we can control the music just as we did for the other video and save. And we can select a thumbnail by clicking the camera. Okay, description save, and we can share. All right, so that's just a quick walk through of the 3 60 fly up again. If you want to do more advanced stuff, you can use the 3 60 fly director or if you can watch some other videos if you have something like final cut Pro X video editor, I have a video lesson for that. 6. No stitching: I don't enjoy stitching 3 60 photos or videos together, but when you use the software the 3 60 fly director, it takes care of the stitching. There's no stitching required for the photos or the videos. You just need to make sure you use the software to get the rights orientation. You could use your video editor like Final Cut Pro X, which I've tried, and you can use the software to inject the 3 60 meta data, which is actually documented on Google Support Website, again to summarize whether you use the 3 60 Fly director software or your own video editor . If you're using the footage from the 3 60 flight camera, no stitching is required. And this is a nice perk because other cameras like the Nikon Key Mission thesis AM sung 3 60 2017 camera still require stitching because they do have two different lenses. But if you're going to use your own video editor, you do have to create a project with a custom resolution because of the unusual resolution that the 3 60 fly software creates 44 K As you can see over here, I'll create a separate video on that For those of you that are interested 7. Why use 360 director: Hi, I'm his video. We're gonna talk about the 3 60 director software. What is the software? So this is gonna be of interest to users on the 3 60 fly four k camera. It comes with an app that you can do some basic tasks on your mobile device. The problem I came across was I didn't have enough storage device on my member device for these gigantic 3 60 videos, especially if you're doing the maximum resolution and you're doing a minute or longer, which I think is quite normal. So I actually I did some research. And the 3 60 director software is the download for your desktop or laptop, and they haven't for Windows and Mac. So just check the rap side to make sure that you meet all the minimum requirements. But the software will lie you to work with the footage. Once you've copied it from the internal storage to your computer and you can trim the footage, you can add music and you can export them to full four K resolution ready to use in 3 60 for Facebook and YouTube. My experience using the APP was that it would actually fail when I tried to share it using my mobile device, So that's why I started using 3 60 director. I have had some problems removing the sound from the videos that would often fail. But so far I've been able to export the videos quite nicely. And there's some additional things you can do, like you can actually set the point of view that the view of your 3 60 videos is going to have. But I've just been exporting them as native 3 60 videos so the user can choose the point of view they want on their mobile device. So this software is pretty good. I'm going to cover some videos doing some popular work flows that I've used the software for. 8. How to edit with 360 director: in this video, we're gonna use the 3 60 four K fly 3 60 video camera and, um, ever any taking some shots in this video, we're going to focus on using their software to cut these clips so they can be used to do things like share them on Facebook or upload to YouTube. And I'm also experimenting with putting them on stock footage agencies, which is something I do almost full time. I take footage and a license it on the Internet. So is 3 60 VR, especially for K 3 60 VR is very interesting, and I've been trying out a 3 60 camera. It's called the 3 64 K fly, so let's go ahead here. So basically, the first step is to Donald the software from the APP store or the Google Play Store. Once you've done that, open up the software, go to the videos and then just dragging those video falls by plugging your 3 60 camera using a USB cable, and then you can just copy those MP four video files and get to this step. So let's go ahead and cut some videos so it takes some getting used to the controls here. So the way to do this is to play it when you first imported. Now, in this view, you can basically change the orientation. But what we're trying to do here is trim the video clip because I'm working out here. We have a very long clip, and I'm looking just to cut about a minute. Okay. So probably used end. There is as a gauge. It took me a while to get set up. All right, so we can just press this, click the trim, so I'm holding down on my button there. So this is the start of the video. So it's gonna start 32 then at 1 35 which is about a minute, I'll just trim the very end in case click safe. Now we gotta rename this 3 60 stare running machine on, say, 3 60 running machine side and then safe. Okay, so that is being created. Now, let's just say a video has ready being cut before example. One like this. Ontario 3 60 So what you could do is put your mouth over. Click that and then you can choose the resolution. In my case here, I want full four K three a 40 times 1920 click convert. So this will create a usable file que 3 60 and then choose the location. It's taking a little while, uses out quite a lot of resources. I have, Ah, 16 gigabytes of memory on my 2013 Michael Pro set plenty of juice, and it's still struggle sometimes. So I'll just show you what those files could look like over here. Starbucks for K 3 60 This is one that I've already exported, and this is ready to upload onto YouTube or Facebook. You don't need to inject it with any matter data to enable it to be 3 60 It's ready to go as long as you use the software, you can see the files pretty big this look of this one. This is almost 500 megabytes, which is pretty big for a video foe, and we have about a minute 20 so there's a lot of information in the minute there. That's why I think you can charge the premium for them because they do. You take a lot more work to make, so we're not gonna wait until this finishes converting. I think you've got all the steps. And after this you can watch my other video where I taught you how to, um, upload to Facebook and YouTube. You don't need to do anything special. Ah, here is one that I have uploaded. I'll just show you the video in action, so you know what it will look like. So you see this icon here, right? So if I hold down on the mouse, I can Penn this video time lapse, which is pretty cool, have to say incredible. Four k video time lapse. And 3 60 All right, so I hope that video helps. 9. How to edit 360 Footage in 4k Final Cut Pro X: Hi. In this video, I'm going to demo to you how you can use four K 3 60 footage from the 3 60 flight camera in your own video editor. I'm gonna be using final Cut Pro X. This is a 3 60 directors software. You'll need the software to convert the video fouls out of this camera to four K resolution by default. The camera records it at 28 80 times 28 80. And when you convert use to see here, you have a choice of these resolutions. And so I used the 38 40 times 1920 which is an unusual resolution. So when you work with these files, they're going to look like this. So the key here, if you wanna use your own video editor, is to create a project with a custom resolution that matches that. So you'll need to change this over here, and you'll need to manually type in the resolution here 38 40 times, 19 20. Alright, So I've already done that, and I just have a simple project here where I've taken out the audio. I've got two different video clips with the basic transition and some music and what I did is I just exported the project. So I have the H 264 Kodak. This is the resolution, and that's gonna create a MOV file that looks like this, and you can see it retains the resolution, and it's not quite ready for a 3 60 The last step is you need to inject this file using the special media matter data injector, which can download if you just Google Google support 3 60 This is the software they recommend and you open the file like so make sure this boxes check for spirit Kal Click inject meta data, and it's gonna create this fall over here to save you some time. I'm just going to show you the video fall that ever ready uploaded here so you can see we've got 3 60 there. And there's been some known issues when you work with 3 60 footage in your video editor that it creates this black circle, but that's not there and we can see here the quality goes up to four K resolution 10. 360 footage in FCPX in 2k: Hi. This is right Hung in this video, we're gonna cover how to work with four K 3 60 footage in final cut Pro X. To give you some background, I'm using the 3 60 fly four k camera. It does come with an offer. Basic editing. It does come with a downloadable program for your desktop or laptop called 3 60 Director 3 60 Fly director. And you need this program to convert the video files to four K resolution straight out of the camera. You're getting MP four files That are gonna be probably if you're filming at the highest resolution 2880 times to 80 toe, 24 frames. And then in the director, you can trim its you can see some basic editing, and when you're ready to convert it to and a queer rectangular four k file to share on Facebook and YouTube, you're gonna get 38 40 times 19 21st timers to 3 60 This may all be confusing, and in most cases, I'm just selecting the highest resolution because it gives you mawr, riel, ST Mawr toe work with when it comes to actually editing. So if you go through this step here, you convert it, you're gonna end up with the video file. That's four K in this resolution here. The problem is, if you put this into final cut Pro X, you uploaded to YouTube, I found. And I also looked in the forms for 3 60 that there's some problems with some black spots if you look at the very top angle off the 3 60 picture So this is just a sample of what it should look like, and this is what it looks like. If you edit the footage and final cut pro X and you injected, you still get this. So I've been doing some experimentation and keep this in mind. This is very early technology 3 60 videos. So I'm sure this may change, and I'm sure there are many different variations, but at least you'll have a working solution to edit your video footage in final cut pro X. Keep in mind that the end result is not going to be a four K video. First thing I did was to create a project in final cut Pro X that created two K project. All right, so over here you can select two K and in two K, a variety of options. I just selected this one over here. No, I'm sure you can use a lot of other video resolutions as long as it's less than the four K resolution. You'll be fine. After I put the project, I put the video clips in. So if we highlight this video clip here in final cut Pro X, you can see it's 38 40 times 1920. This is a four K video clip, and I put some various different video clips just to test it out. I put some music underneath I over late some text, and then I exported the file. You can see here this is the native video straight at the camera. 28 80 times 28 80. And I exported the file and I did have to inject it. I'll just quickly cover the injection process. Let's just quickly find the video file. So this is the program you need to inject your video with. So we just double click this and this is the tool recommended by YouTube to inject it. No, if you're just uploading a foul that you've converted from the software 3 65 Director, that takes care of the injecting for you, so you don't need to do this. But after bringing it in the final cut Pro X working with it and exporting the video, you need to re inject it. All right, so this is a file that hasn't been injected, so it's quite simple. What you need to do is open the file and open the file over there that you've exported from Final Cut Pro X. Make sure this box is checked. My video is spirit Kal and Click Inject Man Adana. It's gonna create a video file with matter data. I'm not gonna do that because I've already done that and you're gonna end up with the fall . Looks like this. Now, if you play back, you'll see it's not 3 60 because you have to, because you have to upload it to a 3 60 supported platform like YouTube or Facebook. And you can also view this in the 3 60 director. All right, so here's the finished product. This was the projected final cut. Pro X. I'm just gonna play this back so you can see it in action so you can hear the music. I'll just turn that down and you can see we've got the navigation for 3 60 We've got the overly text, which is a nice touch, and you can see if I scroll to the top. We don't have a black circle. So by following this process that cures this problem, and I also got a clip here. That's a time lapse, and I'll put a link to this video if you want to see it, because it's a little bit hard to see it as a screen recording. But I hope this helps you get your 3 64 K footage into final cut Pro X so you can do a little bit more with it. Combines some clips, overly, some texts and at some music. 11. How to inject 360 files: the guys Greg hung here in this video, I'm going to go through how we can prep a video for 3 60 on YouTube and also walk you through. The process for Facebook is pretty similar. The camera I use is called the 3 60 Fly, and I have problems sharing from the AP and that's ho. You view the videos, set everything up and record it, and then I try to share it. And then it was running out of device space. And I said, Come on, let me find an easier way. So I connected the advice using USB. I didn't need any drivers, which was nice, And we end up with these MP four files, and what I'm gonna do is just find the file that I want. I'm using Final Cut Pro X is my video editor. There is a program that you can download. It's called Special Media Mata Data Injector eight. So I went ahead and downloaded the link on Google's support website, and that took me to the software. Now actually found one sign zip this program and I tried install it. The security preferences actually prevented me from doing that. So you may encounter the same thing. So that's this, actually Stumpy for a while, So I'm just gonna cover quickly here. So if you go to security and privacy, you can actually bypass the setting and click open anyway. But it actually didn't work, actually have to click the padlock and trained my password, which I'm not going to do now and had to change the setting to anywhere and then open it again. It's a bit of a process. So I'm just trying to batch apply these 3 60 falls using special media injector while it's open. And I think we've got some files ready because this one could take a while. All right, so the process here is to just open the file the video follow you exported, and I think this one hasn't been done yet, so we just open it as dark mauve. And according to YouTube or Google, you just need to check Spiric als. All right, that was pretty simple. And then click inject metadata and as on to the file name that it's injected, which is nice, and we just safe. All right, so the final step was to go to you too. So We're gonna go to YouTube and then just upload this file and is basically ready to go. And for Facebook, it's same process. Click on here and then we just look for that file we injected. And then you can use the mobile device to tilt it's and look at the difference. Angles from the 3 60 So that's it. There we go. Make sure you choose the injected one. All right. Hope you enjoyed this video lesson. 12. Intro to Samsung 360 Camera: Hi. In this video lesson, I have a surprise. We have another 3 60 camera. This is the Samsung 3 60 2017 This is Samsung's second generation 3 60 camera. The first generation cameras suffer from poor reviews, but this camera is coming in at a pretty good price point at about 100 70 us. It supports four K resolution, live broadcasting. And one of the largest benefits, in my opinion, is that now supports some IOS devices opening up this camera to a larger set of users. So the Knicks set of video lessons were going to be covering this camera, the operation of it, how easy tissues and what I think of the results, so stay tuned. 13. Samsung 360 Camera design: Let's look at the overall design of the cameras. Fairly Light has caught two different lenses. It's got the big record button of the front and a menu, so at least you can see what Motorin, the 3 60 fly four k camera didn't have this and just has a light to indicate whether it's on or it's recording. There is a micro SD slot on the side here, whereas thes e 3 60 fly had internal storage. There's a tripod mounts at the bottom, similar to the 3 60 fly four k. So this is nice if you have other mounts because it just helps to get good footage if you stabilize it with mounts. So I have a little tripod, which I'll show you that I use just to get a little bit more heights when filming. I don't want a big tripod when I'm using this guy. Overall design is pretty cute. There are two buttons on the side, one is for power and the other is to turn on the Bluetooth and the connectivity. This camera also has the U. S. B. C connection that you used to connect the camera to your computer. You'll need to do this. If you're gonna be broadcasting live to the Internet and I'll cover that leader and it's supposed to be dust and water resistant, so let's actually look at the operation on the camera. 14. Using mounts for 360 cameras: Hi. In this video, I'm gonna talk about mounts Ford 3 60 cameras Both the 3 60 fly four K and the Samsung 3 60 2017 have standard tripod thread mounts. And what this means is that you can use tripods or amounts for GoPro's or a specific manufacturer to improve the footage on these cameras. Even though there may be some stabilization within the camera, you're not going to get anything close to the quality that you can get. If you do use these amounts, I use the bike mount with the 3 60 fly to attach it to the handlebar. And this is how I got fairly smooth point of view cycling footage going around the city, and it's pretty fun because you're actually just cycling while the cameras doing the work. You can also use the small tripod mount. These don't go for that much, and they're quite subtle, pretty stealthy, and they give you a little bit more height over the ground just to do some filming on a tripod 15. Operating the Samsung 360 Camera: All right, we're gonna cover the controls on the menu of this camera. I've got a dark so we can see it clearly. So to turn it on, we're going to press the power button on the side is gonna make a sound. Now, if you need to connect, used the menu button, hold that down and then is going to say connect Iowa snow. We keep pressing the menu button. We have an option of connector, moat, android or IOS. So we connect. I'll s by pressing record. It's going to give us a Siris of characters. What we do care about is the WiFi password, the Siris of numbers at the bottom. So that's the connection side of things. Now, if you need to drill into menu, it's pretty simple. You just need to press this record button here. I'm just gonna walk you through changing the different modes. So all we need to do is press the menu button to cycle through the menu options and to select any option press record to back out. You can press the power button on the side. Sony three buns we need to worry about. All right. So if you wanted to take a photo, for example, you can cycle through the modes and then press record to select the option. You need to be quick because it does change quickly. Now, in the photo option, you can see there's an icon of mushroom. You can see that all the camera in the top left if you're unsure. So just press that record button and that takes a photo. Now, if you need to see serial number, you need to format the camera or you need to change things like the photo timer or the video resolution or the time lapse interval. That's all done in the settings. So to access the settings, we press the menu and wait until we find settings. Then we press record to drooling. Then we keep pressing the menu to cycle until we see the option we want about The vice is where we're gonna find serial number and press record to find it, not to back out, to press the power button. And let's just say we want to change the video resolution. We can look for mode settings, so we got mood settings. I'm gonna slap video size, and this is where we can cycle between H D at 60 frames per second or four K at 24 frames for a second. That's a quick walk through of the menu. There's a lot of different options, but generally the main options you're going to need are to format, find the serial number and changed the different modes. And if you need to change any specific options in those modes, is going to be in the settings. 16. Comparisons between the Samsung 360 Camera and 360 fly 4k: in this video, I'm gonna give you my thoughts, comparing the sense on 3 60 2017 and the four k 3 60 fly camera. First of all, I think you have to look at the price point. The Samsung is coming at a lower price point, but then you also have to consider what mobile devices you have is the app supported with those devices. In my case, it's not so there's a hidden cost for me. If I wanted to get the Samsung device, I would need to upgrade my mobile devices so I can use the app, which is very important. You don't absolutely need the up because you can still use the menu on here to know which margarine and whether you're recording. But it is still limited on the post production sides. This is where the 3 60 fly camera excels. The APP is a lot easier to use, especially on the desktop, and it's a lot easier to get the results that you want. You don't need to spend a lot of time converting the files out of the camera just so you can view them with the Samsung. I had to download the gear 3 60 software on my laptop just so I could view and share the footage from this camera. And that's software itself is limited because you can Onley share to social media. You can't share the foul so he can work with it in your video editor toe. Work the files on this camera in your video editor. You have to convert it using a program like hand brake, which is quite time consuming for every single video clip. So you have to look at that as well. On the plus side, the four K resolution with this camera is closer to what stock footage agency supports. You got 4096 times 216 So at 24 frames per second, that's a similar resolution to what The DJ I found some three and up cameras confirm it. Four k and as a stock footage videographer. That's a plus, but you have to look at all the work that you have to do to be able to get those files online. Overall, I think this is a good entry into the 3 60 market. If you have one of those mobile devices that already supported by this camera, then this is a good price point to start working with 3 60 Overall, I prefer the 3 60 fly four K. It's just a lot easier to to use and you're paying a bit more, but you're gonna be saving a lot more time and headaches because it's a lot easier to use. 17. 360 player Samsung: hi. In this video, we're going to cover the insulation and also basic functions with Thesis Cyberlink Action director software for the Samsung 3 60 2017 camera and the software's also known as Gear 3 60 Actually, when I downloaded and installed it, you're going to see an icon that says Gear 3 60 So that's what I'll refer to as this software you can use to view and share out the photos and videos that your Samsung 3 60 creates. While the website says you can do things like at its and trim and create transitions in the current version that I'm using, I don't have that ability and it's pretty limited. Basically, Like I said, you just use it to view and share out videos and photos. So let's get right to it. Head on over to the website. The Ural is currently highlighted and select appropriate link. Depending on if you have a PC or Mac, I'll be covering the version for the Mac in this video. The next step is to get your serial number on your gear. 3 60 There's a video lesson on that covering the menu, but just to give you a quick tip. It's under the settings about device. You'll need it to activate the software, so we're gonna select 3 60 player. I have another video that covers the live broadcasts, and after you opened, the player will be able to import and then view. Some of the photos and videos were taken, so we're looking at the icons on top left. You can filter by photos or videos, or even both. So this one's for videos. That is for both. But the very first step that you'll probably do is to import. So we import by clicking the plus button and then try to locate your files. They should be MP force that you can copy over on the memory card. I'm just going to search for some over here, so I'm just gonna import this MP four file here. This one's not too big. While this video imports. Let's take a look at some that have already been imported so we can see all this works. Here's Ah 3 60 video taken in the tennis bubble, and you can just hold it down. Click your button to move the angle and you can zoom in and zoom outs using the controls on the top right bottom left. You've got your volume and ability to take a screen grab. If you want to just play the video plus play, you can move along the time line if you want to preview it. And these icons on the bottom right are just different views. That's the round view. You've got the deal view Stretch for you the Panorama view, and this is the 3 60 view, which is the default. The share button is on the top, right? When you click it, you're given the choice to share through YouTube, Facebook and Samsung VR. There are a couple of fields to fill in for title description, and then you can select the privacy level. Once you're ready, click start upload you'll be asked for in your account info. And then the magic happens. The software will take care of stitching and injecting so that you can enjoy the 3 60 photo or video on the social media platform you chose. Here's a little tip The software will create an MP four copy off these stitched and injected files that you can actually view on your Mac. You can view these unless their process by the software. So something for you to try. That I even had a chance to yet is to see whether you can work with these falls in your video editor. You may have to injecting before you upload. I haven't had a chance to test it, but here is the path of the folder. 18. Broadcasting Live - Samsung 360 Camera: Okay, we've covered the 3 60 player, and now we're gonna cover the live broadcast feature off the Samsung 3 60 So to start off, you need a fast Internet connection. You need to connect your camera to the cable, and then you launch the APP. Basically, once you select the live broadcast, you're going to get this screen, and then you can go ahead and select where you want to share, too. If you want single or dual lens title and description, the type of resolution and frames per second you want, and then click start. This actually took a while for me to kick off, and it actually failed several times, and I had to try launching this from two different locations, so the second time it worked once is actually live. You don't have too many options other than clicking the paper clip to get the share a bowl link. And the cool thing is, you can share this links so people can watch live. But if they are not available, they can watch it on your YouTube channel after. And the cool part is that broadcast or video on your YouTube channel is fully 3 60 compatible, so that, in a nutshell, is how you use the broadcast feature 19. 360 summary: Congratulations on finishing the 3 60 video course. I hope you enjoyed it. You learned a lot, and now you're ready to start creating your own 3 60 video footage. I think the stage that we're in right now is maybe late first generation or second generation 3 60 cameras. I was really impressed with this camera being my 1st 3 60 camera. My first experience with 3 60 was trying to stitch together aerial photos with my drone, and that was very painful. Thankfully, this 3 60 fly camera removes the need to do stitching and makes us very easy. So it's a great entry level camera if you want to start creating 3 60 the videos are pretty good from ah what I've created and I hope you think so, too. So the barriers to enter 3 60 fairly low you can get these cameras for 5 to $700 but there is some technical knowledge to get started, so hopefully the course covered that the limitations With 3 60 video, these lenses are very wide and they have the fish I look that GoPro made famous and some of the 3 60 cameras have to renders, so you get blind spots and it's just like again. The fish I'd look is usually not desirable. It's also a fixed lens so you can zoom in, but that may change in the future. But I think this is a good design, that small, stealthy, and it's terrible, and I like the fact that they have amount here so you can attach it to your tripod or even existing GoPro amounts. If you own a GoPro, I would have liked to see more manual control over the video to do things like adjust the I S O or even the aperture in the shutter speed. But there are some basic controls to adjust the video picture that you have. I would also like to seeing some filters that allow you to film in bright daylight. So I think it's a good idea to be aware of the time of day that you decide to film of this . Of course, the best lighting is always after sunrise or before sunset, so keep that in mind. I think 3 60 videos definitely and Knicks wave video, and it's here to stay if you looking at the amount of headsets that are available in the markets and the fact that Facebook and YouTube no support 3 60 video and Facebook has their own VR headset. The Oculus rift. I think this category of video is here to stay, and hopefully you get a chance to start creating 3 60 videos early because I think there are a lot of opportunities here myself. I licensed video footage for aerial footage as a lot of footage and also four k with my deejay Osmo, now 3 60 VR four K video is another category of video that can also be monetized on stock footage agencies. So I'm very excited about that, especially having my first clips shot with this thing being approved by Pawn five. So if you're interested in learning more about that, I have courses on stock footage. You can find them on your Demi or confined free tips on my website, Sheikh Railyards productions dot com. Or you can find my other courses in a bundle at Phantom three dot teachable dot com. Thanks again for taking this course. Hope you enjoying it and get out there and start putting some 3 60 videos